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The Lake

Rob knew his friend Jake often came down to the lake woods in the warmer weather for nude dip in the water, among other things. Once certain that he was alone, Jake said, he would strip down completely and enjoy a swim, then masturbate naked in the open air while he dried off on the rock. “No one’s ever there.” he told his buddy.

"And it keeps me from going crazy in this world", Jake smiled, "Especially when I don’t have a lover to help out with those fundamental release kinds of things. You should try it some time."

Rob was pretty sure Jake was mostly straight, though he knew his friend... Continue»
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Gay Fantasies At Work

All I had to do was make it three more hours. My boss stands in front of us chanting "blah, blah, blah" at me and about twenty other co-workers, pointing a metal rod at some graph that makes absolutely no sense to me right now. This will be the third day I've had no sl**p. I'm dizzy, starving, bored and beginning to hallucinate. The white walls begin to warp and twist into humanesque faces. My boss' height begins altering slightly. The boardroom seats start becoming carnivorous, noshing slowly on my butt cheeks. I giggle aloud for no reason, and it takes me a few moments to realize that my bos... Continue»
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The first time ( a meeting )

This is a true - ish story, but the names have been changed to protect the individuals.

His wife didn't understand him, she was too vanilla and he hated it. He wanted more passion, more excitement and he knew he was never going to get that at home. John had found something to keep himself, or his hands occupied too. I'm not sure, maybe he wanted to feel more wanted.
The sex site he had found had great video's on it, plenty of choice, and a world away from anything he had ever experienced ever.
John and Sara had mutual friends and had started dating, and as one by one their friends go... Continue»
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Sharing my sister part 4

The first 3 parts are here

Part four Sharon gets shared
I had been sl**ping with Sharon for just over 3 months by now, the Saturday mornings were a regular fixture as she came to my room after both parents had left for work. Occasionally if we had time after school (Sharon had now left school after finishing her exams) we might fuck in the living room or her bedroom.

At he end of the road where I lived was a scho... Continue»
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suck that cock bitch

My x wife and I had been wanting to explore our sexual boundries after our encounter with her friend camille! I said I tell you what, since camille was here last week I will call wess and we can both fuck your pussy tonite you know what I want daddy? I said what baby? she said well you know you are his idol and he will do anything you ask him to rt?I said I guess she said I want you to fuck his mouth and then fuck his ass while he fucks me,I said put on ur school girl skirt and top and get ready for us! She said I'm gonna turn on the cameras in here yes I said do that I told her when he gets h... Continue»
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MISS. WRESTLING (Erotic Fiction)

Disclaimer: This is an erotic fiction story I found online about Tammy Lynn Sytch. I am not sad to say the one who wrote this story. This story was written by Wonder Mike. Sole credit goes to him for the writing of this story. I read it and afterwards I knew it just had to be shared with all of you. Enjoy...and thank you Wonder Mike for such an erotic tale of hot Tammy fiction.

MISS. WRESTLING   (Erotic Fiction)

By Wonder Mike
Rob Black was determined to move X P W from an Indy federation
to a ... Continue»
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I had rented a rustic cabin, up on snowy Mount Rainier, for this past weekend. Tatiana and I wanted to get away from neighbors, friends and f****y. And spend some quality time alone together, in a remote and intimate environment.

Saturday morning, while we were making love, we decided it would be fun and exciting, to continue our amorous efforts in the hot tub out side the cabin. Tatiana didn't need much convincing, she ran naked, out the door, across the deck, and jumped into the hot tub. I was right behind her. Tatiana is eleven years younger than me. Anyway, that's my excuse why she ... Continue»
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All about me :-)

Hello everyone:-) Well everyone has told me to write a story on my fam*ly adventures so here goes.Please keep in mind that Im not a writer of any recognition but I hope you find it both entertaining & arousing.
First off I want it clearly known that I have never considered myself a victim & don't now. So with that being said here goes.
I was blessed with being born into a rather large fam*ly. I have 3 s****rs & 1 b*****r, all older so I was the baby of the crowd & got to see
& do pretty much anything. I guess I was a little spoiled.
My sis*ers & bro*her were playing before I was old ... Continue»
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Am I a Bad Aunt - Part 2

Am I a Bad Aunt - Part Two

By billy69boy

(Part one ended with young Ariel's face just inches away from her Aunt Eve's trembling wet pussy.)

I could feel my entire body shaking in anticipation of what was to come next: my precious young niece sat poised in front of my vulnerable, quivering pussy, and I thought I might just spontaneously combust right then and there. I kept my eyes shut tight, and put one arm over my eyes for good measure, as I held my breath and waited. And then it happened:

Ariel's warm slick tongue gently licked up and down my labia, slowly and teasingly, causi... Continue»
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Army Boot Camp - BBW STYLE! [Re-post!]

Army Boot Camp - BBW STYLE!
Chapter 1

Back when I was in the army, I spent a few years as a boot camp instructor. It was always an interesting experience watching a group of completely disorganized, scared, and naive group of strangers turn into a cohesive, trained platoon of soldiers.

Cohesion and teamwork are key, and as a drill sergeant, I always emphasized that they would only get through the course together. If they chose to argue, bicker and work against each other, they wouldn't make it through, plain and simple.

Like I said, it was always an interesting experience. It was a... Continue»
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The Fishing Trip

We met Jo & Krissy a few months earlier and we were now established as fuck buddies. Krissy & I often met at remote locations for lunch time sessions and the 4 of us had played together occasionally. The girls were loads of fun and we all loved partying hard.

It was a beautiful morning warm, sunny and the water was like a mirror. Mick and I were looking forward to our "fishing expedition", as we have been planning it for a couple of weeks. This gave us plenty of time to build up the excitement and expectation.

We launched the boat and were soon underway, the boat sliced through the w... Continue»
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My Boss and Me

my boss was sitting at his desk as i cam into the door. I was kind of nervous since I've never done anything wrong before.
"Yeah Boss?"

He took his eyes of his ipad and set it down. Im not going to lie to you...he was sexy alright He had that black glossy hair and those blue eyes that go with it.

"shut the door and come sit.."

I did so and went to sit. As i sat down i looked straight into his eyes.

"Amy,...i heard some things about you.."

My heart started racing. He eyed me.

"I've made a decision...... to promote you to my secretary.."

My lost my breath. Then it all ca... Continue»
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The hotel voyeur

The hotel voyeur.

I had a job about 15 years ago where I had to do a lot of business trips. When possible my wife joined me and at these occasions our sex acts were always very “pornographic”. My wife had this fantasy that she wanted other people to look at us when we had sex so we mostly let the curtains stay open so that people in buildings on the opposite side of the street could see us through the hotel window. It was of course not easy to know if somebody was looking but that didn’t matter. It was the feeling that someone could if they wanted that turned us on.

On one trip we... Continue»
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Adult theater fun

It wasa warm Friday night. I decided on khakis and button down shirt with sweater. I was staying at local hotel but was making arrangements to visit local adult theater down the block from Old Town location in San Diego. showered and shaved and fresh off nice nap, I took brisk walk over to one f the nicest and biggest adult bookstores around southern California. I perused the topics and videos with movies getting my balls boiling hard. I tried to size up the different characters around the store. There was a 2 couples looking at clothes, another couple looking at movie titles, and an few g... Continue»
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My Son My Lover Part 3

so that night after dinner I told my son that tonight he's in for a bit of play time and he look at and smiled and kiss me and said see “you tonight then mum” and he went to his room and I put the plates in the dishwasher and got ready for tonight and I went in to my son room and he was ready for me with his big hard cock and I told him to stay on the bed and close his eyes and he did and I put a blindfold on him and handcuffed him to the bed and he said “mum what you doing I can’t see” and I said “this is what you get for making me cum early when you rammed your cock in me and I said wait for... Continue»
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Me, Alia and her Mom!

My names D, I'm a pretty lucky guy, I've been blessed, as they say, with a cock most guys would give their left arm for, and most women, and so I know I have a duty share it with as many ladies as I can, and I want to share with you some of my favourite fuck sessions.
I was an 18 year old college k** when I met Alia and at that time sex was like candy, so many flavours just not enough time, the girls where every where and just horny as me.
Alia was a hot 18 year old Asian girl in one of my classes, she had shoulder length brown hair the cutest petite body and big brown eyes that could melt y... Continue»
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My aunt and my girlfriends mom

As I told you guys in my previous stories they were good friends. My aunt told my gf mom that we had been fucking, my gf mom took advantage.

My aunt had been training me since I was very young. She taught me how to eat pussy, and fuck like a crazy person! My aunt was very dirty talker during sex! She said things that would make a porn star blush! Lol. She would love to cum on my cock two or three times then have me put my cock in her ass until I came. Then she would suck me back hard and start all over. When I couldn't go anymore she would take the last one in her mouth.

She had m... Continue»
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My second bare bottom spanking

My apologies to whoever was waiting for me to continue about Mr. Walker. I mentioned near the end of my last story that I was humping the bed shortly after my friends dad left my bottom sizzling. I didn't understand why that spanking had evoked erotic feelings in me, all I knew was that the feelings were very intense and confusing.

I won't bore you with details I can't remember clearly. I do know I had no one to talk to about what was going on in my head. Was I gay because I was bared and spanked by a man, and I was masturbating thinking of it? Was I mentally defective because that terrif... Continue»
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Birthday Spanking Fun

On my stepdaughter Melissa's 21st birthday I allowed her friends to throw her a birthday party at our house. My son had been deployed overseas and obviously could not attend. Her mother and I divorced a few years before and she has not been involved in our lives since she left.

Everyone was drinking and getting high and the party was a lot of fun and I did my best to stay in the background so as not to cramp anyone's style.

At a point where everyone was feeling good and the party was getting loud Melissa's friends decided it was time for a birthday spanking. They wrestled her... Continue»
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My first meet.

My first ever meet was with Mark up in a hotel near London. I'd been chatting to him on webcam for quite a while and thought he was very sexy and had a nice body and cock! He'd wanked for me while I'd played with myself lots of times so I knew he really wanted to meet me. I got up there a bit early so went and had a wander around M&S where I bought myself some new lingerie. Mark had already told me he wanted me in my school girl outfit so I wasn't sure if I'd get to show him it. I met him in the carpark and was very excited when I saw him. We went for a drink, where I showed him that I h... Continue»
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