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OHGirl & Velvet: Slut Queens

Both hands spread my butt cheeks and held my huge, gaping asshole open as one of my fans pulled his spent cock from my just fucked behind. I had just taken two loads and my third fan was moving up behind me so that he could slide right into my cum filled creampie. The two camera men shot the scene up close as my ass was stuffed again. I had been fucking between two to five fans almost three times a week for cam shows and my e****t business was keeping me extremely busy, while I tried hectically to schedule all of my clients, sometimes fucking or sucking 3 or 4 a day if the time permit... Continue»
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Sweet Sunday Loving.

You asked about our sweet Sunday loving .....

It begins with me arriving home to find you in the pool...lying on my Aqua Duck, eyes closed, just bobbing around on the water. You haven't heard me arrive...silently, I remove my clothing and slip into the water. Luckily you're in the shallow end and I can just walk up to you. Quietly, I take hold of the side of the Aqua Duck and push you into the water!!! You yell with surprise...almost a squeal! Surfacing, you look at me and that cheeky grin that I love so much crosses your face. I know that I'm in for it now! I swim away but your long... Continue»
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Christmas Holidays

I was halfway through my second year at uni and was looking forward to getting back home for a f****y Christmas. I was going out with a great girl; a good laugh and great looking but not very filthy. I was hoping to be able to train her up a bit. I’d experienced some very dirty women, including my mate’s mum who I had fucked with my dad. The training would have to wait until after Christmas now though as I was on the train back to Derby.

Lorna was the name of my mate’s mum and she’d been keeping me entertained on the journey with some dirty text messages. She had a real way with words ... Continue»
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My wife's last gift

This is a true story

I met my wife when she was 17, I was 36 we dated for a year then married 3 days after her 18th birthday (Her first gift). She had only been with one person before me. A boy about her age. So the first time I lick her pussey she went wild. Now I travel in my work and she would travel with me. We got home from Ohio and she had a sore lump on her arm. I took her to the doctor he took one look then sent to a specialists. He ran a whole lot of test. They all came back the same. She had cancer. I could never pronounce but it was rare. (Only 3 known cases in the state) Now s... Continue»
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Wife met her BBC friend alone - her perspective

I met my M-man at the door with a kiss. We talked very little. He doesn’t waste anytime when he first gets there. He sat down on the edge of the bed and pulled me down on top of him. We both love to kiss a lot! He plays soft like I do and uses his hands to touch me all over. We kissed while he ran his hands under my blouse and inside my pants.

I wore a low-rise pair of black pants with a lowcut blouse with matching bra and lowrise briefs. I told him I was wearing more this time so he had more to take off. I love being undressed. He slowly lifted my blouse off of me and took my br... Continue»
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She asked for help and gave me something else

I have this friend who is a sexy young 30 yr old, an AMAZING natural body a little extra, but the best curves and enough ass, hips and breast to grab on to. She loves it all kissing oral anal. She became a teacher and asked me to come by her classroom one day for some help with hanging something. I show up and she is wearing a dress just above her knees and a sweater, she looks stunning and she has glasses on, I have never seen her in glasses, they are just on the edge of her nose. She has the bad teacher thing going on, in my mind. She shows me where she would like this item hung and I... Continue»
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Fitting Room Surprise

I had no idea that I could be so easily seduced. All it had taken was a few glances, a couple of touches, and here I was, in less than five minutes, spreading for a total stranger – why, I didn’t even know her name!

In truth, I was simply gagging for it, and perhaps it showed somehow, radiating subliminal signals to anyone attuned enough to pick them up. I was sixteen and a half, a lesbian without a lover or any prospect of one (in fact, with no sex life at all), and I would have gone with any woman who made a pass at me – I just wish some of them had known that!

So here I was, a demure-... Continue»
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Snow Day But A lot Of Hot Chocolate

It is Saturday December 14th and it is snowing outside. I woke up this morning especially horny, so I posted an ad on Craigslist. I titled it Want To Be A Slut Today. I received several responses and I scheduled 2 for the day since I figured each of us would spend a couple of hours together. The 1st guy called me and we set up a time. I couldn't tell from his voice but when he got here I saw he was black. I was so excited because being bi I never had a black cock. He was 6'2" and 250 lbs. When he took his boxers off there was a 7 inch cock that was the fattest I have ever seen. I took it in my... Continue»
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My Wife's 1st Trip to Adult Theater

This is a story of the first time I took my wife to an adult theater. I had been asking her to go for years, but she always said no. This was our anniversary. We went out to dinner. She was wearing a short dress with a low-cut top showing some cleavage. She had on a pink bra and panties. I asked her to wear a garter belt with nylon stockings and semi-high heels. She is a mature woman and looked very hot for our anniversary date.

While we were having dinner, she drank a lot of wine and began to get d***k. I asked her again to join me at the theater on our way home. She said, "What the hell... Continue»
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The Best Tip I Could Give

I had just moved to the city and I was staying in a hotel alone until I could find a place to live. One night I was bored and very horny so I decided to order pizza and give the pizza guy a tip that would benefit both of us. I showered and put on my sexiest lingerie and heels, then sprayed perfume on my hot skin. After I had fully prepared I called and put in my order and waited the whole 35 minutes or so for the delivery to get to my room. He arrived and looked instantly excited to see me dressed as I was. I invited him in and asked him to put the pizza on the table, I then got bold and pre... Continue»
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School Fun

I am the luckiest man in the world. I am a teacher at a school that only has three males teachers. I have been there for about four years and from time to time I drop a couple of sexy comments but usually got nothing but a smile or two in return. This particular day I commented on a co-workers gray stockings with a black seam down the back, she pulled her foot out of her shoe to show me her toes through the sheer stockings. Without thinking I told her I wanted to kiss her sexy toes, she giggled a little and continued on her way into her classroom. The administrators at my school likes to ... Continue»
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A night to remember with G/F and a sweet little tr

At 52 years old i have had a extensive sex life. I have always been impressed by and i will use several words to describe Shemales, trans, Gurl, Traps, cross-dressers. I guess I like the fact that they take some time to look and or change into a better person and going from male to female can take some time and tricks.

Boston MA 1997: My G/F and I decided to add some spice to out very adventurous sex life. We went out one night to a alternative club that had a fashion show. Most will call it a drag show, this was a little slice of heaven for her. She played with my cock through my pants as ... Continue»
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Friends with Benefits

"What do you think?" my best friend Tasha asks. My heart races as I try to rack my brain for an appropriate answer, shit what do I say?

“Evie?!” Tasha exhales impatiently.

“You look lovely” I say smiling at her, her eyes lighting up, I wasn’t lying she looked beautiful but then again Tasha usually did with her flowing mane of fiery red hair and piercing blue eyes, what wasn’t to love about her.

My eyes look over her slender pale body stopping on her pert breasts, her nipples showing through the flimsy fabric.

Obviously aware of my gaze Tasha giggles, “I had to take my bra off; the ... Continue»
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Changing Destinations (Husband leaves for airport,

"Dammit! Another big week planned with Susan, another 'emergency' call from the boss!" thought Darwin as he hefted his big portmanteau in one hand, his suitcase in the other. Out of hands he swung his hips against the door from the kitchen to the garage. It crashed open, rebounding off the stops and coming back hard, catching him on the shoulder. When he got back home he was fixing that damned catch. He just wasn't getting enough time at home with his f****y to do routine chores.

Shoving his bags in the trunk of the Ford Taurus Darwin slammed the trunk then yanked the driver's door open. It... Continue»
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Slutty Sarah is back !

I didn’t think I’d hear from Sarah the Slut again, after this blog caused her to break up with her boyfriend, but last week she rang me and said she needed someone to talk to. She came over to my place and obviously wanted to talk about something, but couldn’t find a way of starting the subject. I gave her a few drinks and she started to talk. She’d been up to her slutty ways again. She said…..

‘I just have to talk to someone. I must tell someone, I just must. I’ve been so, so bad and I can’t sl**p just thinking about it.

It was a couple of weeks ago. You remember Maria, the Fren... Continue»
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Caught by my older sibling

Waking up in the morning thinking I'm home alone, the night before I stole my older sibling (Mark's) cum drenched boxers, I have always found him so hot and thought about fucking him many times.

While laying in bed and still thinking I'm home alone I strip naked and put on the cum drenched boxers. My tits flat on my chest, one hand pinching my nipple and the other rubbing my pussy over the boxers smearing the cum all over my soaking pussy. Still thinking I'm alone I begin to moan quite loud.

"Oh Mark, fuck your little sibling so hard and deep!"

Mark in his bedroom right next to mine ... Continue»
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Boss's Daughter

Since this is a true story and I want to keep my job I changed names to protect my ass...everything else is accurate.

I work for a large company in Austin and my Boss is a really big asshole but I love what I do so I put up with her. Last year I decided to have a small party out at my house and decided to invite my Boss and her f****y to attend. Now I didn't think they would attend but to my surprise she came out and brought her husband and daughter with her. Her husband was a nice enough guy but when I saw her daughter, Dana, I thought holy crap was she beautiful. She had long flowin... Continue»
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Time at Home

My room is small, but comfortably furnished. A small desk and chair in the corner, a large wardrobe opposite. Its mirrored doors reflect our image as we sit side-by-side on the black sheets of my large double bed.

I hold you, my right arm on your shoulder as we rest our heads together. Behind us, sunlight streams between the trees outside and through my window. The gentle heat caresses our backs and for a moment, we enjoy the sensation as warmth spreads through us.

I turn and look into your eyes. I kiss your lips, gently, I kiss again and you return it hesitantly. The third time you retu... Continue»
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Fucking My FWB in the Office...In Front of the Win

If you have read my other posts you know that I only write 100% true accounts of my Bi life. Here is another time when John and I fucked right in front of the office windows on one of the cities busiest streets.

I had made a text to John, my wonderful FWB, and we made arrangements to meet after work on a Saturday at my office. You can read about our other session in my other story of us having a quickie at the office.

I was beyond excited that John was going to take care of that burning need I was developing in my boi pussy. I could hardly wait for the store to close, me to lock it up ... Continue»
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Story of a cheating wife caught by husband

This is the story of how I caught my wife cheating. Kate and I have been married for four years and as far as I knew I was the only man who she had been with. Before I get too far I will describe her. She is 5'10 with an athletic build, brown hair, and perfect tits, not too big not too small just perfect.

It happened about a month ago when I was out of town on for work. I am in the Air f***e so I spend months away at a time. This time I was only supposed to be gone two weeks. After one week the job was done and we were packing up to head home. I decided to call Kate to see what she was ... Continue»
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