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Friends desire

...........You tell me to go upstairs and lie on my back on the bed, arms and legs spread. You come into the room, tie me to the bed posts and kneel over me, forcing your cock in my mouth for a few minutes. Then you move away and i watch as you light a candle. You leave it lit on the dresser and turn towards me with a plastic bag in your hand. You put it loosely over my head and face and then as you gently stroke my body with one hand, you place your other hand round my throat and start to gently squeeze. You increase the pressure until i'm thrashing against my binds and my gasps for breath ca... Continue»
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My Virginity Lost To My Aunt

Let me introduce myself.I am Shibli studying in +2.
From earlier days itself I was staying in my grandpa’s home when ever I got vacations.Because I love that place.

My grandpa has two wife one my grandma and other.Its happened with his 2nd wife’s daughter(my aunt).
The story happened during my vacation at her house.My aunt’s husband left her 6 months after marriage.She was 27 when it happened.I used admire at her boobs and cleavage. She never noticed me.I used to masturbate thing of her.She was very open to me.And she never felt shyness toward me.She even used change her paijams in front ... Continue»
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nikmatnya abg

“kamu dari mana rul?” tanyaku kepada nurul ketika dia baru kembali.
“dari jalan-jalan.” jawab nurul singkat,tanpa ada menoleh sedikit kearahku.

cerita dewasa ya sudah aku pikir,nurul sedang males cerita dan lelah kali ya sepulang jalan-jalan..dan aku pun akhirnya memutuskan untuk tidur,setelah membersihakn gitarku, hingga pada tengah malam itu,badanku digoncang-goncang oleh orang disebelahku,dengan sedikit setengah sadar,aku bangun dan melihat siapa orang yang berani mengganggu tidurku yang
sedang nyenyak ini. dan ternyata adalah nurul

“ehh,kamu rul.. kenapa sii?”tanyaku kenurul sambil... Continue»
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nurul jilbabers

Namaku Arif, aku bekerja di sebuah kantor BUMN. Aku sudah menikah selama 3 tahun dengan istriku. Walau kami belum dikaruniai anak, kami sangat bahagia karena istriku adalah orang yang pandai sekali menyenagkan suami. Sepertinya tidak ada habisnya sensasi, gaya, dan teknik yang istriku peragakan setiap kami bergumul di ranjang. Aku 7 tahun lebih tua dari istriku yang kini berusia 28 tahun. Beberapa waktu lalu, rumah kami semakin berwarna ketika adik bungsu istriku yang kuliah kedokteran di salah satu perguruan tinggi negeri tengah menjalankan Koass di salah satu Rumah Sakit negeri yang kebetula... Continue»
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My slave and My New submissive, One very proud Dom

This is part 2 from the original post. I was asked by a few people about the chat & questions that the 3 of us had, so I will do the best I can to put those forward, plus explain some of the questions and answers.

I wanted my slave Alice to start off with any questions or thoughts that she may have. So these are some of the questions that she put forward.

1. Will I be treated any different than I am now ?
2. Will I still be able to have sex with you the way we do now ?
3. Who will be responsible for cooking all your meals ?
4. Who will be doing the housework ?
5. Will our playtime an... Continue»
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Energizer Bunny

Energizer Bunny

There has been a nice young Vietnamese guy staying her for the past 4 days. He’s 25, a little on the ‘fleshy’ side but not fat, I’d say medium height and build. He’s alone and using the dormitory. His English is pretty good and he is friendly. Yes, I was attracted to him after the first day and started quizzing him on his life.

Things have been a little slow and we haven’t had many guests in the past week; that gave me more time to spend talking with him. Being my normal horny self I kept a video cued most of the time and open on the PC just in case. The time presented it... Continue»
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Hospital visit

I injured my knee and needed surgery on it, the Doctor set the date and I booked a private room. Not liking a roommate with a bunch of noisy visitors.

The date came and I checked in at administrations, and was taken to my room. My nurses came in and introduced themselves and said if there's anything I need just push the button. That afternoon a nurse came in with a hospital gown and said I need to completely undress and put it on. I waited for her to leave, then I stripped down and put the stupid thing on. No matter what you do you can't keep from letting your ass hang out. I wrapped it be... Continue»
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lust and desire

i have been with someone that i love and respect alot and we are together since i dont even remember ,someone that i see my self with under the same a futur husband, father ,life partner.
but after years passing by i discovered that we dont have that sexual chemistry that i was looking for .
maybe cz i am fucked up mentally ,maybe cz i have my own fetishes that my partner dont like..such as being a dominant tho i can go both ways dominant and a submissive .

i met a guy over social media he's cute,handsome,smart and young my age also
he had something in him that intimidates me ea... Continue»
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"Mid-Life Crisis"

So I'm lonely and having kind of a my midlife crisis. I'm hornier than I can remember any time in my life and my husband is away at war. I am so hot and horny after 7 months without getting fucked. I am an attractive woman 5'8" tall with blonde hair, and stay in good shape 36-30-36. I love my husband but what's a girl to do?

I can't deny the ache that creeps into my clit. The ache to have my hole filled with his dick, thrusting away. I love it when he fucks me and it is delicious. He pounds me the way I like it, my head thrown back just taking it over and over, steady, with my juice... Continue»
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Would you like to fuck me asked Hina.

Huh, what did you say I asked shocked by the blunt and unexpected question?

Well, we have been working on this damn project for 3 days straight, 12 to 14 hours a day. We have breakfast, lunch and dinner together and have spent more time together this week than we have with our spouses, she said.

She was right. Monday morning at 6 we had started on the preparations for the Sales Conference. 2 late sittings on Monday and Tuesday, clocking 14 hours a piece at the office, Tuesday night we flew to Dallas and checked into separate rooms at the Hilton. T... Continue»
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Fucking a married Hijabi coworker

All names and locations have been changed to protect the identity of the individuals involved.

Wow, where to begin. My name is Ahmad. I am 5’9 roughly 155lbs and this story happened a few years back. I had recently graduated from University and secured a position in the Risk department of the bank I had been working at for some time. The position involved working with the compliance, Risk, Finance and was a great opportunity to learn and grow. I thought I was excited to start my full time position and was always upbeat and happy to get to work. I soon learned that most of the people working... Continue»
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Indian Nerd

Nirmala stood at the coffee shop counter reading her favorite computer magazine and waiting for her shift to end. She worked until noon every Saturday even today – her 19th birthday! No one had even said Happy Birthday! Not her dad, not her mother. Her parents wouldn’t even let her have a party. Her friends all had parties! It was so unfair!

Straightening her over-size, crooked glasses again, Nirmala sighed looking at the pathetic cupcake with a single candle; a birthday present from the girl on the last shift. After work she had to go home and phone her parents to let them know she was saf... Continue»
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Mrs K Pt2


I woke up after a short sl**p of an hour or so. My head had moved from its resting place against her big soft breasts and was now against her tummy. Mrs K was stroking my face; it felt good. Better still was my memory homing in on what had happened.

"Hello sl**pyhead, looks like I wore you out," Hazel said, laughing, and then smiling broadly.

"Hello my beautiful lady," I replied.

I wriggled up her body and we shared a deep kiss. Then I gently nibbled her ear-lobes, kissed her neck and moved my mouth down over one of her huge pink nipples and sucked. It hardened beautif... Continue»
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Mrs K Pt1

Do you find that in this sometimes painful sometimes wonderful world of ours that life's pleasures are best enjoyed when they come unexpectedly? I do. That's how it was with me and Mrs Kellerman. Unexpected, and fine, very, very fine.

I met Mrs K when I was staying at my aunt's house one summer. At the time immediately before I met her, I was in a kind of down-hearted frame of mind. Shortly after I met her I was flying high on my own personal cloud. Now, I have a precise, precious memory of this beautiful, curvaceous woman of, I'd guess around her mid-fifties (it is rude to ask I've been to... Continue»
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Maryam - Brown Eyed Girl

As I close my eyes for a second, I flash back to an extremely lucid vision from my past. Maryam is kneeling naked in front of me. Her huge, beautiful dark eyes are in piercing, mischievous contact with mine. Half of my rapidly re-hardening cock is inside her full, soft lips. She is sucking it clean of the remnants of cum from our recent fuck, as her soft right hand fondles my balls. The sweet aroma of sex floods the bedroom…. Blissful memories indeed.

The beginning:
I first set my eyes upon Maryam in the warm late spring of 1999. I had just been enrolled onto a computer skills course at a... Continue»
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LaWhore in Lahore

Shazia awoke by the sound of banging iron gates, she opened her eyes staring at the lizard above her mattress, the small beam of sunlight shining through a letterbox sized window, Shazia had to adjust her eyes to where she at. The gate banging became louder as finally a brighter light came into her cell as the door opened. The police officer, with his thick moustache and grimy grin standing over her whipping he ass with his cane whilst instructing her assertively to get up.
Shazia jumped off the mattress in shock and fear, she looked down at herself and her new prison attire which was simply ... Continue»
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My teacher

Growing up I was never a fast learner. My grades were nothing to sing about, but I did pass each year, but if not by the skin of my teeth. When I made it to middle school, it wasn't much better, in face some clown put the alphabet in math. Guess someone thought it was funny.
My first semester was a nightmare, I couldn't make heads or tails of it. The teacher asked what the problem was, I told him I just don't understand it and math is my worse subject. Half way through the semester he called me to his desk and asked if a tutor would help, I said I hope it would but my mother couldn't affor... Continue»
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Big titty hijabi Indian / paki / Muslim at Costa,

So a few weeks ago I was at my local Costa coffee just doing some work I had to finish on my day off work, as I looked up from my laptop my mouth sprung open as the barista brought my latte to my table, she wasn’t the girl who served me she must have just started her shift, she was wearing a bright pink hijab, which attracted me even more to her, her costa shirt was tight and I could see she had big tits, she wasn’t petite she was about a size 10-12 and short around 5 feet, she didn’t have much make up on but she had a cute face, I couldn’t take my eyes of her tits they was so big and I wasn’t... Continue»
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When he wants me

I'm a pretty assertive girl. But, like most people, I have another side.

And I let him take me, when he wants me. I let him take me how he likes to. Even though sometimes it hurts. Even though sometimes is scares me a little bit. I'm such a rational and careful person. I have my life in such good control. I think that's why sometimes I like to surrender control. Let me tell you about last time, to give you an idea of what I'm talking about. You can take your dick out if you like. You can stroke it and picture him doing this to me if you want to- because it's all true.

The cursor blinke... Continue»
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My First Doll Sex

Long story short, I got my hands on a pair of little bratz dolls. I had seen the doll cumming vids here on xhamster already, and certainly didn't dislike them. I also like how many doll lovers you can find on here.

I'm not talking about blow up dolls, or simulated faces with mouths, not that kind of thing. Nothing wrong with it, huge turn on... and if you look at my list of faves you will still see dolls like that as well as devices that don't look like anything human but that provide friction in some way shape or form to be applied to the shaft of the needy man's penis.

I love to cal... Continue»
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