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Dartmoor Pussy Adventure

A true story of early experience; all details, except the girl's name, are as accurate as my memory allows.

When I was 13, I went on an Adventure Training Holiday, in a remote area of Dartmoor, England. The course was supposed to be for ages 14-18, but they made an exception for me because I was fully grown. Most of the people on the course were around 16, including 'Andi', a fit girl who you would describe as 'Handsome' rather than 'Pretty'. Imagine the lead female character in the Harry Potter movies, aged 16, and you get the picture.

If I even had a preferred type, at 13, An... Continue»
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Divorce, Debt & Sex

Hello there my name is Kathy and this is my story.

So this is what happens when you get bored with the same old things day after week after month. I was divorced two years ago. My husband left me and just had my 30th birthday. I was alone and my work was just just clocking in and out. I also started spending money. Credit cards. Store cards. Cheap loans to buy.. Stuff. Clothes. Shoes. A new kitchen. New Tv. Stuff..

One day my boss Mrs Collins called me into her office. She said my work was crap and that things better change in the next couple of weeks. I broke down and told her everythi... Continue»
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Our Game

"I've seen the way you look at me," I whispered in her right ear, my body brushing against her back, my nose flirting with her straight hair, my mouth hanging an inch away from her skin, my own flesh surprised that I had the will to halt its road to her neck and achingly begging me to tilt forward just a little bit more.

It had taken me six months to muster up the courage to say those words, six months of internal struggles over the nature of my feelings, of debates on how she'd take it and of covering the broad spectrum from wonderful to near disastrous consequences. But as I leaned into h... Continue»
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Male to Female Transformation

Male to Female Transformation

Genre : TG SOS or Surgery/Transformation Male to Female
Story : Cristine Carter
CH - 1

The last thing I could remember was walking out of the Bank
and crossing the road to my car. I had just been to see my
bank manager to discuss transferring some money from one of
my accounts into a high interest savings account.

I had won quite a bit of money on the Lottery, enough to
change my life. I was unaware just how much my life was
going to change.

I had just reached my car door when I felt someone bump
into me. Then everything went blank...
... Continue»
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Cockslave Bruce

Cockslave Bruce

Story from the perspective of a college boy who is abused by a dom master and turned into a sissy faggot pussyboy whore, who learns to love his abuse.

This is my story of how I was turned into a cock slave. I'm 5'10, 165 lbs,
with a smooth, almost hairless body. I'm in good shape with a baby face and
barely any beard. I grew up around New York as a straight male, but I did
have a few experiences with other guys when I was young.

I dated and slept with girls and was straight in appearance and actions.
Like most guys, I thought being queer was the most embarrassing... Continue»
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An Encounter With Me

Chapter 1

We start out with some kissing soft and sweet at first but as our hands begin to wander, it excites our minds and is reflected as our kissing becomes more passionate and vigorress. I have my right hand messaging your large breast and my left hand moves up to your hair holding the right side of your head while we generously sample each other's saliva and pleasure each others lips. Just then I gently but firmly tighten my grip on your hair and pull your head back a bit and I immediately dive in and start kissing your now exposed neck. You let out a small "ooo" as the goosebumps bo... Continue»
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A Girls Sexual Growing Continues, by MarieL

I have finally lost my hymen and experience a man's cock inside me for the first time, now as time has moved on I need to explore all avenues for sex available to a girl willing enough to try anything, by now I have had experiences with many man, so now for something different.

Please read on and relive my experiences and please dont forget to get involved, I need to know you so please comment.

After Grandpa Gardener, I became an uninhibited girl, returning regularly to the scene of my surrender, there was no stopping my unquenchable thirst for that exquisite feeling of being penetrate... Continue»
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Valerie part II

So she calls me to come into the bathroom a few moments later and I remember feeling a little embarrassed to go in there but after that mind blowing blow job there was no way I could say no to her. When I walked in she was sitting on the bowl with her perfect pussy hanging over the edge of the seat. With one hand she was playing with one of her titties and the other one was playing between her slightly spread legs with her red pubic hair. She was pulling it and stroking her fingers through it and I was turned on instantly because I had never seen a woman touching herself like this up until 3 s... Continue»
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My Girlfriend's son Pt. 4

Contains subjects thought to be taboo..if such bothers you...don't read plz..all others plz enjoy

My Girlfriend’s Son Pt. 4
I slept through the night, no dreams. I awoke to a quiet house…everybody else was asl**p. I silently got out of bed, Lily lay there asl**p wearing nothing but a pair of light grey panties. I watched her for a bit, thinking about the last few days and wondering what the future held for the three of us. I almost crawled back in bed to rub my half hard cock up against her wonderful chunky butt, instead I headed to the shower.
... Continue»
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Turned into a Ladyboy slut Chapter 1

I was visiting Bangkok after I graduated High School I had met a cute girl named Sui Lee, we were fucking when the cops broke in, it seems Sui was u******e, I was thorn in jail over night, my case was 2 days away,My lawyer said he was hired by the local thugs to represent me, I couldn't figure out why. My lawyer and the judge had a private meeting and I was released into the hands of my lawyer, we got into a limo where these Asian thugs were waiting for us, The big guy said "If you don't want to die just follow our orders"!!!. I started to cry and my face was covered with a wet napkin, when I ... Continue»
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Two curious friends part 2

Two curious friends #2

This part two of two curious friends. I didn't know if I would do another story but more than one person liked it so here goes. Hope you enjoy. Please read part one to catch up.

He asked me to play with his balls and he would give me a blowjob. How could I ever refuse that, I mean I've never had a blowjob yet and have always fantasized about getting one. I whispered yes that's a deal. So he switched his position so we were technically in a 69 position but I was just playing with his balls. He first began just teasing me.

Colby was slowly jerking me and playin... Continue»
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My Ladybug (an Omegle chat)

You: asl?
Stranger: hi
Stranger: f 19
You: 21 m. into?
Stranger: my b*****r
You: how old is he?
Stranger: 24
You: have you ever done anything with him?
Stranger: no, this is kind of a thing i just started lol
Stranger: he doesn't know i like him
You: lol me too. When did you figure it out?
Stranger: i dunno. i was just thinking about stuff one night and randomly realized how much i was turned on by him
You: My s****r doesn't know I like her either. Do you think you'll ever try something?
You: btw do you have kik?
Stranger: i dont sorry. this isnt really something i want people to... Continue»
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James' Cheating Styory

So I am sitting outside this meeting. Sean just went in, and already my mind is racing. What is my slutty wife up to? I can just imagine the truck had barely left the driveway and I know you were looking for some "strange". I can see this guy on the porch and you already know he has what you need. He grabs you and shoves you to your knees with the door wide open. You love being this cheating slut. You gasp as he takes out his cock. Fully ready to go standing out at ten inches, you laugh to yourself and remember when you thought your husband was big. You take his huge cock into your mouth and ... Continue»
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I was sitting in the bed decorated with flowers, awaiting my husband's arrival. I never ever dreamed even in my wildest one that I would be married off to a old guy, who turns 60, within a few months. My eyes were swelled up with the tears that I cried after I got engaged. It was my fate, a young girl who turned just 19, a few weeks back is now someone's wife. I am not against marriage but with a old pervert, I just can't digest it.

I am really not in mood now, to tell my past nor how I look. I know the night about to follow will be filled with his manliness filling up my femininity. T
... Continue»
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Older Man Teaches Me How

This is not story about sex but about the first time I experienced what sex should be like.
I hadn't had much sexual experience at all. It wasn't that I wasn't interested - I was really, really interested - it's just that I'd always been training for triathlon, and between the running, swimming, and biking I didn't have time for much at all outside of school. My parents always thought I was going to be a champ, but I really didn't have what it takes to be one, and I really only ever competed at a regional level. It kept me in pretty good shape though. At 5"9", and 120 lbs I was always ... Continue»
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Omegle chat with

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You both like sex.

Stranger: Hi

You: hi

You: asl?

Stranger: F 20

You: hi m 26

Stranger: Ok

You: what you up to?

Stranger: Nothing

You: what do you want to talk about?

Stranger: Whatever you want to talk about

You: well i'm game for anything

Stranger: How long is it?

You: 8 inches, how big are they?

Stranger: My boobs?

You: yes

Stranger: D

You: hmm nice

Stranger: u hard?

You: getting there

Stranger: Ok

You: you getting wet?

Stranger: Yeah

You: you playing with your clit?
... Continue»
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Rendezvous with Cheryl

Pulling up to the motel my cock was already rock hard just thinking about Cheryl. It had been a few months since my last trip to Baltimore and I so wanted her. We had met on craigslist about a year ago and rendezvous a few times. Now it is kind of a regular thing whenever I am traveling through. Cheryl always grabs a room at this seedy super 8 and then text me the room number. Cheryl looked so sexy today she had dark brown shoulder length hair that curled at the end, nicely lined eyebrows, long and dark eyelashes, her cute cheeks glowed matching her light pink lips. Two long earrings dangled f... Continue»
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I am the DJ in a very cool nightclub in the early 80's. I am 21 and a fox. Every girl that's sexy or not that want's me to play "Her" song is fair game to me. It's almost too easy for me because the DJ is a God in a nightclub. Every night that I'm working I'm either getting a blowjob or fucking some young chick or setting up getting laid or blown with another. One night a week we have male strippers come in and do a show till midnight which was always a wild night. The crowd of chicks was different because there were "Old" ladies in the mix not just young chicks. Now when I say old I mean 35-4... Continue»
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Mom Takes Five

This one had no author so credit goes to "anonymous", whoever that is.

I find that being 21 years old and living with your single mom can be sexually tense sometimes. Particularly when your mom looks like mine and is still very sexually active. My mom Jackie is 45 years old. She’s about 6’1” built a little thicker than others. She has large breasts and a nice bubble butt that would make any man drool. She’s got dark black hair down to her shoulders and a beautiful Irish face. You wouldn’t know she was 45 from looking at her. Now, I’ve heard my mom in her room getting down and dirty with her... Continue»
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I felt strange coming to the small health clinic that my physical ther****t had recommended. It was obvious that I'd reached a plateau in my athletic performance, so it was time for some new exercises that also involved mental training. The limo drove me all the way to The Almond Modern Medicine Institute, where I was met by a young, enthusiastic woman. She showed enormous strength even though her body was much smaller than mine, and just not strength, but flexibility and dexterity as well. I was amazed at her attitude and performance. Her entire appearance was simply glowing.

She showed me... Continue»
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