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A new Apartment – Part 2

Group SexLesbian SexVoyeur

I had moved into an apartment with 2 girls, one Amy a very slim petite boyish looking, but very attractive looking lesbian and the other Debs, about 5’6”, fairly plain and a little over weight. On my first weekend in the apartment I ended up having sex with Debs while Amy masturbated watching us. Our Sunday fun left an air of relaxation around the apartment, none of us had reason to be coy or be embarrassed about anything. Where appropriate we would walk around naked, the bathroom door was rarely locked, although we all made sure we knocked before barging in. the girls lounged around the apa… Read more

Posted by trindriver121 3 years ago 2 3,241 92%

Bad girl on a train


My first effort. I wrote this For a friend, she knows who she is... :) You still don't know if you've done the right thing, getting on this train. Although people seem to understand your English, most everyone speaks either French or something sounding like Dutch. The carriages, that were full with students when you started the journey south, are now populated by business men and women, blue collar workers, and some odd characters. An older guy in a business suit passes by your compartment, and you wonder if it is me. You don't know my face, my voice, my name. Only that I am older than y… Read more

Posted by jtrintas 3 years ago 1 1,211 100%

Dad and Son Bonding

First TimeGroup SexMasturbation

Greg is, to be frank, the most beautiful and sexy b*y I have ever seen. I have to admit, however, that I am a little prejudiced, because he is my son. I have watched him grow from a scrappy little k*d into the teen stud that he is and I have been proud of him every step of the way. Greg is a soccer player. I have attended all his games and have marveled at how all that running and kicking have helped him to develop beautiful, well muscled legs and a perfect butt. His blond hair and blue eyes, his dimples, and his smile would melt even the hardest heart. It is hard not to fall in love with a… Read more

Posted by bradthedad75 3 years ago 8 3,546 96%

Pepper’s Honeymoon – Part 3 - Dumitru

Group SexHardcoreMature

Pepper’s Honeymoon – Part 3 - Dumitru and Ioana Tuesday, September 4, 1985 I don’t know if it was the sea breeze, the total sense of relaxation or the previous day’s activities, but we slept in. All three of us had an appetite and hoped that the breakfast bar was still open, so we hurriedly got dressed and made our way to the restaurant. We were pleased to see that it was still open and was full of fruit, pastries and other breakfast delights. While we were eating, Rafaelo asked us if we were enjoying ourselves and if there was anything else they could do for us. I told him everything… Read more

Posted by jdwhitings 3 years ago 1 965 100%


First Time

So I'm almost eighteen and still a virgin! Not by choice but by design... My mother doesn't trust men guess my father really did a number on her! I don't think I'm bad looking at all but I hide my good looks behind these book worm glasses and baggy clothes well not me my mother hides me I think she thinks if I don't look attractive then the boys will leave me alone! Well its working! Not a date or a flirt in all this time! I watch the other girls making out in the hallway's getting groped up against cars in the school parking lot and I fantasize all the time that its me getting this att… Read more

Posted by laceysgirl 3 years ago 4,286 100%

The Weekend

Group SexHardcoreLesbian Sex

Back in high school and college I dated a BBW redhead name Kristen for about 4 years. Her bright orange hair matched her flaming bush. Never seen a more flaming pussy.. She was my first and was always a hot fuck. She had a friend that was a year younger that we always hung around with. Her friend Jenny was a blonde, a little taller, and curvier with large DDD cup tits and great hips. I always found her attractive, but I never really thought of her as other than my girlfriend's little friend. That changed one weekend night. I was a junior in college at the time, and my girlfriend was a… Read more

Posted by txjohn975 3 years ago 2 4,532 93%

Andrea knew she was in big trouble!


Andrea left work, thinking it will be nice to get home and take a bubble bath. Brandon, her boyfriend (she's to call him Sir, in private) won't be home for another hour or so. She'll still have time to make dinner after her bath. But as she made the final turn onto her street. She saw Sir's truck in the driveway, this was odd. But that's all she thought. She parked and walked in the house. Sir was standing in the middle of the living room with his arms folded in front of him. Plus, he looked pissed! At that instant she knew she was in for it! "Sir, what are you doing home!" Trying to pl… Read more

Posted by spanksalot 3 years ago 4 4,668 100%

My Super Orgasm


I am lonely and really horny at the same time. Have been for the longest time. But if I had a choice to mend just one, I would choose the loneliness. I need a woman to hold me all night. And when I wake, her legs and arms would still be wrapped around me in a full body hug. I try so hard everyday to be humble and sincere in every second of my life but there is no substitute in the way a woman's embrace can raise a man spirits into the heavens. Ok with that being said, lately I have been getting so aroused and usually masturbation calms those urges. However, this morning, I woke up and had m… Read more

Posted by myfairywings 3 years ago 1 2,817 100%

The Meeting 2


Opening the door, I am immediately captured by the site of her. She not only understood the instructions well, she followed them just as well. As soon as I opened the door the smell of her desire permeated the scent of the candles. Her legs were beautifully spread and her pussy was glistening so much so that it seemed to sparkle. I could see her move a bit as I walked in and she called out seeking confirmation that it was indeed me. But I did not answer. Instead I just let the door shut behind me and then locked it. Turning back toward you I wondered what you were thinking with my silence.… Read more

Posted by darkfey 3 years ago 2 946 100%

The Elevator


As I walked into the building my master had told me to come to after school, I looked around hoping nobody was noticing how i was walking or that I looked out of place here. Everyone around me were wearing suits of some kind or uniforms while I was dressed in my short black dress with all black converse, collar wrapped tight to my masters liking and hair half up and half down, while my bangs covered some of my eyes. 'Out of place indeed' Waiting at the door of the Elevator that would take me to where i was instructed to go to, a man walked up behind me with a small bag in his and and the… Read more

Posted by darkfey 3 years ago 2 1,811 100%

In the Movies


Nervously she looked around trying to look non-chalant so that no one would suspect that there was anything unusual going around. His directions were spot on though. She quickly found the box and opened it. Her heart began to race as she removed the movie ticket and paused to look at the two small egg shaped devices that lay underneath. She handed the attendant the ticket and headed straight to the restroom. She seemed singularly focused as she went into a stall and closed it. She sat down and opened the box, staring at the devices without touching them. He was here. Somewhere in that th… Read more

Posted by darkfey 3 years ago 3 4,127 100%

Gym workout

First TimeGay Male

This day started out like any other day at my local gym, it was a 24 hour gym and I was there in the late hours due to my work schedule. It wasn't filled with no more than 3 guys, all working on various equipment. I first started out my routine on the treadmill for an hour and then the hit the weight bench. My workout was a little on the intense side, I built up a nice sweat and funk If I might say myself. I went to the locker room, took off my workout clothes, grabbed my body wash and went into the shower. I took a glance around and there was only one other guy in there, I went turned on… Read more

Posted by slamitdown 3 years ago 12 6,410 100%

Blackmailed by Grandfather

AnalFirst TimeTaboo

Blackmailed by Grandfather By billy69boy During the summer, when we were young, our grandmother used to invite her many grandci1dren to stay over for a few nights. She would host two of us at a time. Her five grown chi1dren were all married and had several chi1dren of their own, so there were plenty of us to go around. One summer, I was paired up with my cousin Cindy, who was a couple years younger than me. Cindy was a pretty little thing, blonde hair and blue eyes that always seemed to be hiding some secret mischief behind them. I didn't know the word back then, but I would call… Read more

Posted by billy69boy 3 years ago 22 18,845 97%

The Meeting


Your phone buzzed to life as you say at the lunch table at school. You jumped a bit as you had been anticipating a message from Him and when you did jump your friends started laughing and poking a bit of fun at you. You look at the message and stare at the screen. In fact you do not realize that you had been staring at the address as long as you did when your friends jerked you back into reality. Your heart was pounding and face flush with embarrassment. No one knew this side of you. They knew the princess, they did not know the princess who longed to be fucked like a whore. You joked it… Read more

Posted by darkfey 3 years ago 1,181 100%

He Got Used and Didn't Mind (Part Four)

Group SexHardcoreInterracial Sex

This may be the last installment to this story unless I get ideas of how to continue. Just havent been getting many if any comments, but do love and appericate all the views. By the way with the problems I've been having with xhamster putting the wrong catagories the are Interrical Sex, Group Sex and Hardcore. A couple days after all the play, Dave was busting his ass off at work just waiting to get home and spend time with Lucy because it was their anniversary. Lucy loves the fact Dave is a little old fashion and feels the male of the relationship should be able to allow the female of the… Read more

Posted by mrman1982 3 years ago 4 1,693 100%

my sexy old neighbour


some time ago I moved house and after a few days had to return to my old residence to get my mail and I was expecting a few parcels. when I got there the house was still empty and after collecting my mail I noticed that the parcel I was expecting had not arrived or had been stolen. I decided to knock on next doors was opened by my old next door neighbour whose name was iris. this is how I would describe her. about five foot tall, sixty five years of age, slim, with big heavy breasts, she always flirted with me, and I can remember talking to her one day when a wasp went down her top. no… Read more

Posted by davidkemp246 3 years ago 8 9,808 89%

Our recent strapon session


While the Mrs. loves to see me dressed, she doesn't like me sharing but I have to recount our most recent strapon session... We hadn't "played" in a while, so I told her that I was going to look for some new clothes, a new wig and a new toy for her harness. I figured it was time to move into more intermediate dildos. I went on to Adam & Eve and bought something called the Legend Anal Pleaser. It came a couple days later and we just had to try it out. I wanted to be really clean for her, so I asked for an hour to get ready. I gave myself a good enema, shaved (face and cock) and showered.… Read more

Posted by NCogNeato 3 years ago 3 2,691 100%

Goddess Manuela - Part 5: Stag Night


When my eyes opened, I saw Goddess Manuela sitting on the sofa next to my bed. She stood up without a word and took out a seringe from her handbag. I just had the time for a last glance at her beauty and smell of her delicious fragrance before the product she injected in my right arm did its effect and I fell into a deep sl**p... I woke up in complete darkness, naked in the freezing cold, hearing Manuela's soft voice talking to me. Severin, Severin, you must wake up now, we have a lot to do as tomorrow is the big day for us! I could hardly understand where I was. As I was gaining back my se… Read more

Posted by claradomx 3 years ago 539 100%

Great things happen in hot tubs.

First TimeLesbian SexMature

I was fortunate in my formative years to have a pretty open minded set of parents and thus the rules were pretty loose as long as certain lines were not crossed. So spending nights out late we common as long as I was forthright with my whereabouts and companions. It was on one these late night adventures that I will never forget. It was mid summer, school was out I was with my girlfriend and her best friend, who happened to live just down the street. My girlfriend Amy was a wild one, half Cuban half Irish and all fire. Her best friend Kate was a hot little number herself. Amy was 5'8" nice… Read more

Posted by bigr6584 3 years ago 2 4,652 87%

Home Alone Imaging your cock


After cleaning up the kitchen after breakfast, I turn to check my email. Then I turn to check our xhampster account. I see a couple of friend requests and couple of comments. I smile. Then I check some of my favorite videos and pictures. I so enjoy seeing all the wonderful cocks available. I let my imagination wonder and enjoy. Sometimes I do this at the kitchen table or take the pc to the bedroom. I often wonder why I am so fascinated with the wonder of a man's cock and balls. His strong chest, arms and hands. But I am so drawn to look at a man's cock. To see them move and… Read more

Posted by john5516 3 years ago 5 1,391 100%