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Whip me till I cum...

It's amazing how hard it is to find a guy to really whip you – to get good welts to show across the back and bum, to whip with real rhythm, - at least 25 to the minute…to let themselves go and make themselves cum doing it…to make it all a delicious sexual pleasure…hot-bl**died and passionate….weird but wonderful.

On some dreary so-called S&M website a group once attacked me for pointing out that whipping had everything to do with sex…..and if not, said I, then they should all go and join the prison service or something. I may have over-argued the point by referring them to judicial punishme... Continue»
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A new life (part 4/7)

Judi didn't remember much about how she got home that evening or even what she said to her husband. She went right to bed and slept through the night and late into Saturday morning. The light of day Saturday brought back the reality of what she had done. She tried to keep busy Saturday with shopping and errands, trying not to think about her situation, but it kept coming back to her. She would never have believed it if someone had told her that she would be letting one black man, let alone three fuck her. It would have been even more inconceivable that she would eventually participate willingl... Continue»
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best night at a glory hole

so i went to my glory hole a few days ago, was horny and i needed some cum.i had recently seen something on pornhub, a chick had a stool with her in a glory hole and she got on it right next to the hole, and had some friends help her sit up, and the guy on the other side was able to fuck her. now i had figured i could replicate this using two stools, and i was right. i had some weird looks bringing stools with me, but it didn't bother me. when i got inside the room, i'd stripped down, and set the stools aside, wanted to get a little warmed up before i got to them. i sucked two guys off, and ha... Continue»
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Selling mums pussy part 2

Hi part 2 begins in the flat i am renting so i can sell my mums pussy mum had just serviced a cock and was waiting for the next guy to turn up to fuck her .You may think it weird im selling my mums pussy for money but it goes back a long way mum never baught me up it was left to a nanny to look after me i hardly ever saw mum when i was young so did not realy now her .Dad was at work all the time so it was my nanny who looked after me .She was a 45 year old she gave me hand job when i was about 12 i had had a bath and she was drying me when she felt my little cock get hard .So she said whats th... Continue»
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Заказал в сексшопе несколько пробок,разного диаметра для своей попки. Все они были довольно маленькими, с вибраторами, присосками, пупырышками и т.д. Потом заказал пробки большим диаметром, и прыгал на них в любое свободное время, получая чумовое удовольствие!

Со временем растрахал свою задницу и привык к пробкам настолько что практически не вытаскивал 8сантиметровую в диаметре штуковину из своей попки. Ездил на машине гулял и практически все делал с ней! Несколько раз знакомился с девушками, но все заканчивалось при первом сексе, когда я просил погладить или засунуть одну из игрушек в мою... Continue»
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Beautiful Brunette - Sexy Start - Fast Forward
One night, completly unexpected, cute Kristina wrote me a message: "Do you like tee girls?"
T-girls? ... "If it's teen girls you mean, yes please dear! Why do you ask me here, now?
How did you fish my profile out of this ocean of weirdos? You know, you make me curious!"

We started to talk a lot, like a hundred hot lines in two hours time. I like her honesty.
As always with all girlfriends, I do most of the messaging. She reacts fast. I like that.
In between she uploads a few more photos to a gallery of five photos I started to comme... Continue»
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Sable In The Stable

I'm in the house taking a small break. I happen to go to fetlife and read that Sable, my sub, read and interesting story (about texting while driving and being punished for it) and commented that she speeds a lot and does text while driving! I also see she was texting on fetlife. As we all know the text is much smaller than regular text messages. Thus making it harder to drive correctly! I am NOT pleased.

We live in a beautiful house with many acres of land. I have some farm hands that I've sent to fix some fencing on the outskirts of the land. So I can have some uninterrupted quality time ... Continue»
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Slave angel's wonderful ass!

Every morning my slave Angel wakes me with a morning blow job. She's a petite blonde, not natural. Oh so spankable ass, small breast but sensitive nipples, lots of fun!

She gets up and makes coffee. She drinks two glasses of water. She needs lots of saliva for my blow job. She climbs under the covers on her hands and knees. She starts by licking my shaved balls. Angel must always have a bald pussy.

(Yes, I shave them to keep them smooth and hairless. Because, Really! Who wants hair in their mouths? I also trim the pubes short).

This alone gets me hard. She starts to stroke my cock now... Continue»
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Pregnant Workout

"Are you nuts? You want ME to lead the pregnant women's

Harold, the owner of the fitness club where I work,
shrugged and leaned back behind his desk. "Fred, you know
that Mimi went in to have her own baby last night. Her
students will be here in half an hour and there's no one
else." He pointed to the door. "Go on, get ready. It's
only for a few weeks, and it won't hurt you."

Fuming, I stalked out of his office and headed for the
instructors' locker room. Damn! A roomful of pregnant
women, and Harold expected ME to lead the exercises.

It wasn't that I objected ... Continue»
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Reluctant Kimberly

My name is Kimberly. I'm a thirty-two year old mom,
married eleven years, with two c***dren. I work for a
financial services corporation where I commute to work
from our quiet, conservative little town. I'm active in
my church group as well as our civic organizations.
I've always tried to uphold the values of my religion,
and to be a good Christian wife and mother. This is how
I became corrupted, and betrayed myself, as well as my

It started at my job. There was a man there, named
Tony, in accounting, who had started several months
earlier. He was about seven o... Continue»
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Sex with my father in law

Sex with my father in-law:
After putting up my story (My husband was holding my arms while his best mate fucked me) I have been asked about certain parts of that, especially the part about my husband’s dad fucking me, so I guess I had better explain how that has come about hey.
My husband Troy being in the Army is way most of the year, but on one particular occasion he had an overseas mission and he could not write to me for security reasons, so I didn’t hear from him for almost two months, one particular day I was feeling really depressed and all sorts of things run through your mind, coul... Continue»
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Elevator Slut

I had just left my father's office after bringing him
lunch while I was downtown shopping. It was one of those
tall skysc****rs and his firm's office was on the 48th
floor. When I got on the elevator there were only three others
besides myself, just some business men. I had my purse on
my shoulder and my shopping bags in my right hand. I was heading
home for the day. As the elevator descended, it stopped
every few floors and more people entered.

On the thirty-fourth floor a group of people crushed in
and our elevator was completely full. I wasn't quite
squished, but the rearrangi... Continue»
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Fun in the Dark....

In my little college town is a place near the warehouse district, it's very discreet and exclusive. On the outside it looks like any other building, you enter through an ordinary door into a lobby. You present your invitation and show your Identification and then you are admitted into another room.

In the second room you are told to read the wall, where you find the rules of the house. To summarize it says that you will submit to sexual acts and refuse no advances, no one speaks except in very hushed tones so that the sounds of ecstasy can be heard. The next room is totally dark only ligh... Continue»
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Sweet transvestite

Sweet transvestites from transexual transilvania.......sweet transvestites..... I don't know about you but I love Rocky horror picture show and in particular I really love that song, why you ask? well for starters it has to do with the fact that I myself am a transvestite a crossdresser if you will and yes I am still one even though I have not dressed in a couple of years, see the thing about being a TV/CD is that you will always be a TV/CD. No matter how straight you try to act, how many times you purge that feeling will never go away and it will creep up on you again and again, and this is b... Continue»
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I take you in the shower (a story for women (and g

I would love to have you in there with me, standing just in front of me, my back to the water, its spray gently crashing over my back and dripping down my chest and abs.
I grab you tightly around the waist, and pull you in tight with me. Feeling the warmth of the water finally hit your sexy body, and the warmth of my cock, pressing between your legs, just touching the outside of your most beautiful pussy.
We hold each other close for what seems like an eternity. Just feeling the water, feeling the warmth, feeling the friction building between our legs,.
My cock has slid now perfectly bet... Continue»
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The Intern

I was doing interviews at my office for new interns. This next interview was with a young female. She 17 years old, fresh out of High School and no experience. My secretary let her in. I got up walking to her to meet her. I put my hand out to shake and as we shook hands she put her other hand on top of mine. She introduced herself as ,lets say Kathy. She was dressed impeccably in a beautiful knee length dress and high heels. I noticed a small rose tattoo on her ankle. We sat and I looked at her application. She was turning 18 in two months. She was very mature and very well spoken which I lik... Continue»
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The Meet

We meet at a hotel room, you’re there already and I knock at the door. You let me in and close the door behind you. I kiss you, deep, long, hard pushing you up against the door. My hands moving slowly up and down you body, from you hips, slowly up your sides to your breasts, squeezing, holding and then back down your sides to your hips. You have a skirt on and I slowly pull it up. You’re wearing nice lace panties and thigh high stockings. I run one hand slowly up the inside of your leg, to the flesh of your inner thigh up to your panties, slowly brushing at you pussy, feeling your panties mois... Continue»
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Please Punish My Teasing Tits

Tit Model Is Given To Older Man For Rough Sex
Anyone who looked at the furious movements in the bar's dark corner could see the girl's lurid activity. The slut on her knees in the tiny black dress was frantically jacking-off a SEXUALLY-EXCITED older man.

She had torn open the fly of his trousers and was attacking his protruding cock. His head was thrown back. He was groaning in ecstacy from the slut's ferocious handjob. The more she aroused him with her hands and showing him her tits.. the more he punished her.

The SUBMISSIVE slut had been tugging at the spaghetti straps of her t... Continue»
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Please Punish My Big Tits For Being A Tease

In all his years of understanding women, there was none on earth like this one. She had no name, no name anybody used. Good girls had names. She wanted to be just enhanced tits for him and his friends. She was simply whatever demeaning name men used for her.

The girl was an object, just flesh for them to take. She was there for any cruel whim of theirs. After a long evening of HARSH f***eD SEX she would no longer be beautiful. Her hair would be twisted into cum soaked ropes men would use to direct her head and face. She would be reduced to twisted and elongated breasts.

Her... Continue»
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As parents drift apart, a b*****r and s****r get c

However thick my parents thought the walls in our house were, they weren't thick enough. I'd lost count of how many times I'd lain in bed listening to mom and dad fighting when they thought we wouldn't overhear them. I was at a point where I almost didn't care anymore, but I couldn't say the same for my little s****r.

Once the yelling started it was usually only a matter of time before Monica would be up and looking for something to take her mind off of our parents' increasingly obvious issues with each other. Most of the time that distraction was me since I was the only other person in the... Continue»
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