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Petra's 4th sexy secret about Alex #1

BDSMLesbian SexVoyeur

Petra tells us all kinds of sweet secrets about Alex in her hot sexy series of dirty disclosures Petra secretly seduces sweet sexy Alex in her dream, which was very real - in fact in her own bed Petra knows now the second secret side of Alex: her submissiveness to her girlfriends in real sex Petra soon discovers her third sexy secret: very slutty foxy fantasies often playing with herself Petra has a special sexy pervy plan for the occasion to learn the fourth foxy sexy secret of Alex Petra knows that tasty teenlike awesome Alex has a hot sexy slogan at her private page Petra r… Read more

Posted by petdyke 3 years ago 5 10,472 60%

My Ex-daughter In Law (Part 10)

First TimeMatureVoyeur

It was the day after, the night before and as I woke all I could think about was the surprise I had planned for Debbie tonight. As she laid at my side, still asl**p, little did she know that tonight her wish would come true, not only of having sex with a black man, but also of having a threesome. To top it all, it secretly was something I fantasised about too. 7.30am came and the alarm went off, We quickly got up, had breakfast and Debbie showered first as she had to go out to help her Mam with the weekly shopping. "Catch ya later darling......" as she gave me a quick kiss and ran… Read more

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Uncut Gym Encounter

First TimeMasturbationVoyeur

Just got back from the gym I go during the middle of the day because usually there is no one there at that time and I have the steam room to myself. I was working up a nice hardon in the steam after my workout, rubbig my dripping precum all over my glans, corona, and frenulum. I knew I had gotten my cock to a point where it was going to be nice and swollen when I walked out into the shower. Usually after I get a really good hardon in the steam room I can start to control the bl**d flow to my cock a bit better, making it as easy as a couple quick pulls to bring it right back to attention.… Read more

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HardcoreInterracial SexVoyeur

Brooke finished unpacking the last suitcase in the extremely large walk-in closet which had been provided for her by her new employer. Brooke had a completely new wardrobe due to the fact that she and her husband Kevin lost everything in Mississippi during the hurricane and flood Brooke had been working as a waitress for one of the floating casino's and lost her job to the total devastation along with her husband Kevin who had worked for the same casino. That's how they met and got married exactly a year before the big hurricane came through and destroyed their rented home and ruined their… Read more

Posted by MarkJenny 3 years ago 1 2,537 89%

i had sex with my first cousin, after 20 years sin

First Time

. Summer of 1987. She moved back to Toronto. My cousins and I and my siblings one night at parents house were watching tv together. I got up, went to my room didn't say anything to anyone. I went to change my shorts. As I was changing my bedroom door opened. There I was half my shorts on, and my cousin her being 2 years older than me watching me change. She wanted to come in, but it didn't happen. Two weeks later we were at there house, she asked my mom if she could stay a week with us. AFter hours of yes/no from her parents, they agreed to let her come home with us that night. Now my c… Read more

Posted by hornybiguy88 3 years ago 5 4,965 100%

Thai guy preying on white girls and got mine

First TimeInterracial SexTaboo

This was posted in Facebook and seems a fair warning to put in here: Having spent many years on the larger islands in thailand and observed the ways of the thai beach boys from a cultural and habitual perspective, i feel it might be helpful to put out some advice for those new girls to thailand who find themselves interested in a thai beach boy, as i am so tired and depressed at seeing these young, beautiful, naive girls come to thailand with no knowledge of the cultur… Read more

Posted by RainerH 3 years ago 2,457 48%

The Photo Shoot At the Mansion - Part 2

Lesbian SexMasturbationVoyeur

I was staring out the window toward the lush greenery surrounding the pool and the hot tub.  The realization of just how lucky a bastard I really am was running through my mind.  I am fit, strong, decent looking… but I am 51 years old.  How many 51 year old men in the world were ever going to stand a yard away from two twenty somethings, who were as hot as these two, nearly naked and get to take pictures?!?!?  I am lucky!!   The sound of the doors to the Master bath opening, caught my ears and I turned around and almost died.  Saranya was on her hands and knees like Cheri’s pet, perfectly fr… Read more

Posted by imornery81 3 years ago 6 1,716 93%

The Professor's Assistant


Kaitlin was late to class again, coffee spilled down her wrinkled t-shirt that may or may not have been clean. As she closed the door behind her and took her seat in the back of her Science class, her professor gave her a glance over the dark frames of his glasses and shook his head, marking her tardy. She was embarrassed; this happened for too often, her being late. It wasn't her fault the bus never ran on schedule and the guy beside her managed to knock her hot mug of coffee out of her hands and down her shirt for the third time in two weeks. She paid attention in class, taking notes on… Read more

Posted by fishyninja 3 years ago 4 2,123 100%

Birthday Spankings from Mike

BDSMFirst TimeMature

Well, where to start. I have been getting birthday spankings for the past ten years from a wonderful f****y friend, Mike Wellby who lives just down the road. My Mom has asked him to give me my birthday spankings every year and every time I get more and more excited to see him come to the house, knowing that I will soon be over his knee feeling his stinging hand on my bare bottom. This year would be different though because this year I turned eighteen and Mike hinted to the fact that since I was a big girl now I should get big girl spankings. I asked my mom what this could mean but she onl… Read more

Posted by spankingjenny 3 years ago 11 2,589 100%

The Unexpected Visitor


i was in my room, masturbating to some random hentai. suddenly i heard a knock at my door. i quickly get dressed and go to see who it is. i open the door and see it is a woman with long purple hair and a huge bust. she was wearing a shirt that covered her breasts, but did little to cover her midsection. she also wore pants that were tight on her, so i could catch the slight view of cameltoe. my eyes widened and my dick hardened. then finally she spoke. "hello. i am new to the neighborhood and thought i would drop by." her voice was that of an angelic southern belle. "my name is Rarity." i kind… Read more

Posted by adonislordofchaos 3 years ago 2 1,578 33%

Parlor Tricks with Kellykins2u


kellykins2u Its my first day on the job at the new day spa in town and I have been told that I will the new masseur. I try and tell they that I have never done that before but they tell me it will be okay and it’s just for the day. It was a hour before we got our first client of the day. In walks the most beautiful woman I have laid eyes on. Your sundress flows around you as you walk through the door. You tell the girl behind the counter that you have an appointment for a full body massage. She leads you to a room so you can get ready. When she comes back I tell her th… Read more

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Interracial SexMature

I have been married for over 20 years and have a wonderful relationship to my hubby, Jim. We have to two c***dren who now are away at college. It was hard to raise two c***dren and keep our marriage a happy one. Lucky for us that both of us love sex! Even when we went through some rough spots, we still managed to make love. Or at times fuck each other hard. It was our outlet for our frustrations. Sometime when things got real heated, we would fuck each other like it was no tomorrow. One time during a heated argument, Jim turned me around, lifted my skirt, leaned me over the kitchen table and… Read more

Posted by happy_manwhore 3 years ago 2,462 78%


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My wife and I had a great sex life. We made love at least once a day, often more than that. We have been together for almost 10 years and married for six. Since we met we had not been with anyone else, but sometime during foreplay we talked about how it would be to have sex with someone else. It was normally my wife who said she would like to try a big cock and feel two cocks at once. She often talked about how it would feel to have a large cock fucking her pussy, while she sucked my cock. My wife has always had an easy time to reach orgasm. when we talked about this she was always extra horny… Read more

Posted by happy_manwhore 3 years ago 1 1,524 69%

The Photo Shoot At the Mansion - Part 1

Lesbian SexMatureVoyeur

This is the first in a set of quick little stories that show the “Hardship” of being a professional photographer on a private shoot. I hope it helps you to shoot your own…scenes..   I did photo shoots for High School graduations, weddings and anniversaries for about three years before stumbling on the idea of also going to youth athletic events and shooting players on the field and then charging for downloads of the shots I took.  Once I started doing that, I began making some decent money and quit my 9-5 job and bought some better lens and started having fun.   About a year ago, I was ap… Read more

Posted by imornery81 3 years ago 8 3,482 98%

Babysitter Takes the Wife Dogging

Group SexLesbian SexVoyeur

Not long after the student house party, another phone call from Danielle set a new scenario in motion. “Hey stud, you up for watching her get gangbanged?” As usual from Dani, no preamble. “Yeah, where, and when?” As usual from me, no hesitation. “I’ve asked around, found us a dogging spot. For some reason, Wednesdays are best. Dress her slutty, pick me up about 9.00 and we’ll arrive after it gets dark. Park up and watch her take loads of dirty stranger cock like the cheap little milf whore she is. Bring plenty of rubbers, these guys are gonna want to fuck her again and again. I’d bring a to… Read more

Posted by kingmickyb 3 years ago 3 7,777 94%

Pool service masturbation

MasturbationSex HumorVoyeur

It was the summer before my senior year of high school. My parents had given me “the ultimatum”, either get a job or take a class but don’t just lay around and waste my summer. It turned out not to be so difficult since a neighbor guy down the road had parents that ran a pool cleaning service. He was off from college and was given the same ultimatum- he was expected to work over the summer in the f****y business. I did my sales pitch and promised to work hard and they took me on. Joe, that’s the guys name, took me around to several expensive homes and showed me the ropes of pool cleaning an… Read more

Posted by trevor100a 3 years ago 5 2,688 100%

Best Friend ? part 6


As we drove off sam asked me if i had any idea about what was happening ? i said i didnt, well let me explain i have now taken you and linda over, she loves my big cock and enjoys the way i treat her rough, as such i intend to keep her as my own fuck toy, you are now a plaything i know all about you going to the toilets etc and as you give a good blow job i will be useing you for that, but i will be sharing you with some of my special friends, i have shown people your photos and you are popular ! but wait till they see ones of you dressed as you are now,today we are going to peter and annes ho… Read more

Posted by loopylinda 3 years ago 1 1,419 100%

Just A Little More


The old man came home d***k again. Michael could hear him clumsily closing the front door and dropping his keys on the floor. The he trudged up the stairs and down the hall. He could hear him mouth breathing as an out-of-shape old bastard does. He was probably sweating, too, as usual. Michael knew what was next. He leaned his ear on the wall in the place he knew he'd hear the best. The old man stepped into the bedroom and Michael heard the bed squeal in pain from the mound of d***ken flesh that dropped its weight on it. Michael pressed his ear against the wall more as he made out their voic… Read more

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FetishFirst TimeMature

MY STORY - OLD MAN ON THE BUS - BY HANNAH[/image] For as long as I could remember, I have wanted to fuck a really old man of like 60- 80. Wow turns me on!I always thought I would seduce him on the bus, and he’d be a shy fat old man of 76 or more. Just the idea of it makes me wet. I often touch myself and think about it, and I always have a huge messy orgasm. One day I got to try it. I was riding the bus next to a dirty old man with a box on his lap. I sit down by him and subtly flash my cleavage, and then my panties at him. His eyes got big when he caught site of my nipples or my clean s… Read more

Posted by knowingheart 3 years ago 28 7,771 99%

"Seduced Boy"[ENG]

Gay Male

This work is legally protected under the Copyright Act. protection of copyright is protected by law. I invite you to my account:GayStoriesPL Below, you can read the story "Seduced Boy", I wish you a pleasant reading. Seduced Boy Krzysztof met on the street. He saw his motionless, stuck in the sidewalk and looking grim. He knew that he is a man devoid of will, which is not subjected to any passions, which digests melancholy. He also knew that such people easily manipulated. Asked him: - Hi, I'm Daniel, do you know me? Also live in the neighbo… Read more

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