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Taxi driver

First Time

As a girl raised in a big city, I had my first sexual experience very early. For women, losing their virginity can be very uncomfortable, and I was a little disappointed in my first "attempt" at sex. But as time went on, and as I went through several relationships, things have begun to change. I also realized that if I took the initiative in the beginning, I could very easily let my partner know what I liked. Sex was slowly becoming my favorite pastime. I wasn't afraid of experimentation, in fact I wanted to try it all. I fell in love with oral sex very early, and for anal I needed a little mo… Read more

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Marie's Mom

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Marie's Mom For the past two weeks Marie noticed when she got home that her mother was already there, locked in her bedroom. She could hear sounds on the other side of the door but was unable to clearly hear what was going on, and it bothered her that Mona was keeping something from her. The next week, when she got home from work, again she heard Mona in her room, and this time the door was not locked. Quickly moving to the end of the hallway, she turned off the hall light and returned to the door, quietly opening it and slipping into the darkened room. Since the door was in a recessed noo… Read more

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38 year age gap


THIS HAPPENED IN 2013 Over the road from us were a really young couple, they were renting the property and had done for about 12 months. This particular day, it was sunny and she came over, carrying a toddler and asked me if I could do her a favour, I’d rarely seen her before only from a distance, she asked me if I could lend her a fiver for a taxi, I gave her £5. Three days later she came back to see me, Donna was at the store, the day was beautifully sunny and the temperature was rising. She knocked on the door which was ajar and as I entered the kitchen she was stood there smiling wi… Read more

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The Voice Over - BBBBTS


Buck's Big Boob Bed Time Stories.... The Voice over.... I am always looking for ways to meet, hot voluptuous women. I love bigger women with curves. A nice perfect hour glass figure. I had a great idea last week. I would take a few weeks off, from my regular job. I would put up some help wanted posters around town. I rented a small office, near my house. I put in a big oak desk. A big brown leather chair to sit in. A big brown leather couch and two fake plants in my office. A small computer chair, with no back in front of my desk. A reading lamp, phone and some note pads on my desk. I… Read more

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The Fairy God Mother - Happy Halloween - BBBBTS

First TimeMatureTaboo

Buck's Big Boob Bed Time Stories.... The Fairy God Mother - Happy Halloween... My parents were going out of town. My Dad always starts his vacation the week before Halloween. They won't be back for a month. I didn't ask were they were going this year. I was just happy to have the house to myself. I had just graduated High School a few months back. I was still looking for a job. I was in no hurry to get started in finding one. I don't think my parents cared if I got a job or not. I went to bed late. Got up in the afternoon and was a slacker most of the day. I was just putting on a pa… Read more

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Me, 2 BBW's and a Strap On - BBBBTS

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Buck's Big Boob Bed Time Stories.... Me, 2 BBW's and a Strap On.... I had just moved into a small town house, about a month ago. There were forty units that shared a pool, workout room, and small laundry room. All were free to use. It was just based on first come, first serve. The hours were from 9am to 9pm. It was close to 7pm on Friday night. I gathered all my dirty clothes from my town house. I placed them in a big canvas bag. Grabbed some laundry soap and headed to the laundry room. I was wearing a blue t-shirt and a pair of grey sweat pants. I slipped on some flip flops. It took m… Read more

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Masseuses Buck - BBBBTS


Buck's Big Boob Bed Time Stories.... I had only been on the job for about two weeks. It was just part time. I went to college during the day. Two nights a week I helped clean office buildings, banks and shops near campus. The pay was pretty good. I usually worked with two other guys. We get a text on the way to work. Where to meet. Then we divide the work up. One person would vacuum, the other garbage, and one would dust. Nothing to hard. It was just staying up all night that was difficult. I through my lunch in the back seat. Followed by a big vacuum cleaner and a small feather duster.… Read more

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Island Fantasy

First TimeShemales

Part 1 My ship arrives off shore at about 10 in the morning local time. We drop anchor about a 1/4 mile out and busy ourselves with getting ready for some shore leave. I'm very excited because I've only been on the ship for about 3 weeks and I'm already getting to go to a new and exciting foreign country. As I look over the sides of the ship I see a large crowd of small vessels starting to appear. They're locals, fishing boats, runabouts, and all of them loaded with people staring up at us.... at me.... I wave and they wave back. Friendly. When its my time to depart the… Read more

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Daddy’s Lil Darling Gets BC

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This is a continuation of “Daddy Gets Brown Sugar” where Ashely has just watched her dad fuck Tasha the black mom from next door. The story can be found on my profile. I quickly slipped out the back door after watching my dad fuck Tasha. What I had seen was so sexy! The sight of black and white lovers tangled together was so erotic. My pussy was soaking wet and was begging for some attention. I looked up and noticed I was walking towards the neighbor’s house. Then the thought of my brother Brad and my friend Jasmin filled my mi… Read more

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FBMO-Club: "For Black Men Only"

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(subbi42© gefunden bei literotica.com und leicht abgewandelt) So hatte ich mir mein Leben nicht vorgestellt, als ich von zu Hause in die Großstadt in eine eigene Wohnung wegzog und endlich frei sein wollte. Schnell waren meine Ersparnisse aufgebraucht und vielfach vergeblich hatte ich mich um einen Job bemüht. Jetzt stand mir das „Wasser bis zum Hals" und meine Lage war mehr als verzweifelt. Ein Job musste her, egal was auch immer. In dieser Stimmung sah ich in der U-Bahn als ich einstieg ein zusammengefaltetes Magazin auf dem Sitz neben mir liegen, auf dem eine fett gedruckte Anzeige, die… Read more

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Both of both - the next day


After a few minutes Scott lifted his exhausted sweaty body from his parents bed, he said night to both and made his way first to the bathroom to clean up and then onwards to his bedroom. He collapsed into bed, his mind racing had the last hour actually happened, what would the future hold? Waking the next morning, Scott slowly got up and nervously made his way downstairs and into the kitchen where both parents were sitting eating breakfast. "Morning sleepy head" he mother said. Both acted as if it was any other normal morning. "Morning, is there any breakfast?" Scott enquired. "There cer… Read more

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Honey I'm home


It had been a long day teaching, as she drove home her mind raced over the many things she would need to do when she got back to work in the morning, she could feel her shoulders and neck tighten. As she pulled up outside home she took a deep breath and decided it could wait, time to relax. Swinging her long legs out of the car her pencil skirt rose up her thigh slightly as she got out, turning to reach back into the car to pick up her bag, she could feel her black lace panties rub against her clit - hmmm she loved these pants. Standing up straight and smoothing down her skirt she locked th… Read more

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Camping With Mom - by robert_lean

First TimeMatureTaboo

True Story, Boy, Cheating, Cuckold, Erotica, i****t, Male / Older Female, Male/Female, Masturbation, Mature, Wife, Young Introduction: Boy and His Mother Go Camping Note: I am not the Author of this story. I recently read this much of the story on this website (XNXX) with less grammar etc. I searched the web for the rest of the story and will be uploading them part by part at some point during this week. The reason for the delay in uploads is that I am editing Grammar, Paragraphs, and re-typing sections of it. So consider this story Camping With Mom: Remastered. It was January 19… Read more

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Massage While Sunbathing by Hutter James


True Story, i****t, Male / Older Female, Masturbation Introduction: Best to read Football Physical then Dry My Back as way of introduction I spent the summer when I was twenty at home in Eastern Washington working six days a week in the feed and grain store in town. We lived outside of town on land that was farmed, but my mother leased it out to other farmers. She just enjoyed being way out in the country. Now Eastern Washington has very cold, windy winters and hot, dry summers. My job always saw me sweaty, dusty, grimey, and hot by mid-afternoon at quitting time. This day was no ex… Read more

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It all started when p*****nage Zoe & I were watching late night TV (I was lay on her bed & she was in bed wearing p,j's) We Both fell asleep! & like all males do(I woke up with a massively hard cock?) but because I only had shorts on had managed to "force its way up & out top of shorts!" Zoe woke up before I did & saw me lay there with my rock hard(8") cock pointing skywards? As I woke up I began to realise about my situation (trying to cover myself & make it go soft(er) "predictably it wouldn't!" Then Zoe just said "can I touch it so I can see what it feels like?" "I know I should h… Read more

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Real life fucking all of hubby's friends in g

Group Sex

Omg it was so fucking good!!.. I got fucked by the one guy he was probably the biggest out of all of them at first in the center of the room he was maybe 8" i felt so full.. everyone's eyes were glued to me getting pounded hard. My pussy was so creamy from leaking out the first creampie... he kept saying omg your so wet and I kept saying cumm in my fuck me harder... I could see others rubbing them selves off preparing to ride my pussy some were definitely pitching a tent under there sheets... so I some one to fuck my ass now well that made him blow his load into me screaming so loud and we wer… Read more

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I'm a user and abuser (part 1)

FetishFirst TimeVoyeur

I've been married to the same woman for 25 years and its been fucktastic. A quick note here, we were both in the Navy together and she could out cuss others. One thing that got me started using and abusing (not physical abuse) my wife, was how she always said some hot shit while we were having sex (her word was sex, mine was fucking). And afterwards she would say she was just talking and not to take any action on it. Well I got tired of the talk and decided to take matters into my own hands. Whenever we went out clubbing I always got us a very nice HOtel room. The wife would take a hot bubb… Read more

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The Ultimate Swiftie

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The Ultimate Swiftie I had no idea what had just happened to me. I had just woke up after a long day at school and at work. My head was pounding like a drum. I felt weird as I tried to get up and out of bed. I almost fell over a couple times. I don't know why I was losing my balance, it just felt like there was something holding me down. I was still very sleepy so my eyes weren't completely open, at least until I realize what had happened to me. So I eventually find the bathroom and I turned the light on. So I approach the toilet, lift the cover, and pull down my pants to… Read more

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ProfNigma Stories #8: Blame It On Me #9

CelebritiesGroup Sex

iCarly/Victorious: Blame It On Me #9 – One Last Night "Well, in less than 12 hours, you guys are going to leave me behind for the bright lights of LA…" Carly sat on a beanbag in the iCarly studio, now looking more like a storage room than a web show base, facing Sam and Freddie, each on a separate side of the room. Ever since he went to see Jade, Freddie had been a different guy, and it seemed like he and Sam had a falling out and they definitely weren't fooling around anymore. Carly hadn't been able to sl*ep well in days, her mind obsessed with losing her two best frien… Read more

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M.M.P.R: Kimberly Becomes "Katty" Part 5

CelebritiesLesbian Sex

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Kimberly becomes "Katty" Part 5 It was amazing to even Kat, who masterminded the whole thing, how quickly Kimberly being gay totally ruined the fabric of the Power Rangers. Kimberly wanted to be honest with her fellow Power Rangers and after ripping off a couple more massive orgasms with Kat, and learning how to give as well as take, she and Kat went to the Juice Bar to tell everyone they were now a couple. Tommy was devastated. He had suffered the ultimate humiliation for a man, his girlfriend had not only dumped him but the whole male s… Read more

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