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Molly,Tom &Carmel


Molly held Tom’s cock and started to rub it up and down, it was the first time she had wanked Tom’s cock his shaft was real thick and a huge cock head, she was scared to have it in her, Tom and Molly had been together for 2 years and wanted to take their relationship to the next stage they had done the preliminary fondling and had made Molly have a small orgasm, she so wanted to have Tom inside her but still being a virgin she was scared it would hurt, Tom groaned as she rubbed it a bit faster, she wet the head to make it easier to rub she looked in amazement as Tom’s cock got bigger every tim… Read more

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Fantasies can come true,, : )


It all started for me when I joined this site and met another nice guy from Calgary who I discovered shares my panty fetish. I'm calling him JT and his wife Jess. He is married and his home page here is full of awesome videos and pictures of him and his wife with the sexiest collection of panties in the world. Most of the videos have Jess in a sexy pair of panties, legs spread wide so I can imagine what her pussy looks like. Some of the vids show her pussy slit through the fabric of her panties, in some she pulls the crotch aside so I can see her shiny wet pussy. I can tell she's not faking it… Read more

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Pious hijabi bhabhi

First TimeHardcoreTaboo

My brother Ali married Aliyah a year ago. We all lived in the same house. I was still not married back then as was staying with them in Islamabad while I worked there on a contract. Aliyah was a very shy girl. Always praying or reading quran, she used to wear hijab, jilbab and even niqab when outside the house though in the house she would take off her niqab. She was really pretty with lovely big eyes. She also had a really big pair of tits which poked through her jilbab and their shape could be seen even though her jilbabs were not very tight. Her ass too could not be contained by her jilbab… Read more

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My cuckold marriage (part 3)


Continued ... Back home Sally was out about 3 nights a week on a date and often she would have dates in the day and evenings at the weekend. She told me that there are about 20 men now who "service" her. Sally told me that the young rugby playing stud had asked her if she would put on a show for a mate of his Stag night do. She said there would be about 20 other rugby players there and it was at the rugby club in a month's time. She said it would just involve stripping off and giving the stag a lot of attention by sitting on his knee etc. Plus they would pay her, she did not say how much but… Read more

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Boss/Worker Roleplay


It is the end of the day on Friday, you call me into your office and i know its for sure to give me more work for the weekend. Everyone is already pretty much gone home… I walk into your office and you start telling me about all the things ive done wrong this week. You are being a bitch and i stand there and take it. After a few minutes of belittling my work and me, you tell me i need to redo all the reports i did this week. I look into your eyes and say “no”…you are shocked that i am standing up to you. You ask me to repeat myself and I do. I tell you that I wont be your bitch anym… Read more

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My neighbor


50 SOMETHING NEIGHBOR I have a neighbor who is 50 something. Very successful in her career and very good looking. She is always wearing these shirts that are cut just low enough to show just enough of her breasts to get attention. Usually in tight jeans that show her ample butt. She has this habit of always either bending over in front of me and letting her breasts roll almost out of their bra. I have seen just enough to see that she has enormous auras. Then other times she wiggles her ass when no one is looking especially if no one is outside. So anyway my wife is away on busin… Read more

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DINNER WITH DIANE Tom and Diane are out to dinner one evening. The place is busy and fully packed. They are at a booth setting across from one another. They had been friends for many years and had never been anything more. They had recently become very close friends and can and do talk about everything and we were talking about our k**s and she asks if it would be OK if she came over and set next to me for a change. I said sure. They are setting there talking and her leg starts rubbing against his. After a bit of this she reaches over and takes Bens hand and puts it on her leg and tel… Read more

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An offer I couldn't refuse ... part 2.


My head was spinning, full of all sorts of weird thoughts. I'd just agreed to fuck a man to please a woman. June was playing with my cock, purring like a kitchen as she told me how wonderful it was going to be to feel my beautiful cock pleasuring her long neglected pussy and her never before fucked virgin ass. ''Oh Peter it's going to be so good to have a real cock in my pussy. ''Yes I have my toys that I pleasure myself with, but it just not the same. I need a man. A man with a real cock. I want to feel flesh and blood in side me, not a plastic toy''. ''I'll do my best to make you feel… Read more

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Happy Holiday – Part 2


We had been in the holiday resort on a Spanish island for several days, as a sixteen year old I was hormone ridden. A ten day holiday with my Mom and sister, as Dad had to pull out at the last minute. The only female close to my age was Becky my sister, who was a little more than a year older than me. I spent the first couple of days of the holiday with a hard on, fantasising about a German woman I had seen by the pool. Things went a bit unexpectedly and I ended up having sex with Becky. The two of us had just returned to the pool, with some food and a couple of drinks, our Mom had been aslee… Read more

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Daughter Gives Herself to Me


The morning after Diane and Carol had hosted my poker game, I waited for the girls to get up. I fixed them a big breakfast and watched them to try to read their mood. When breakfast was nearly over, I could wait no longer and asked the girls what got into them to cause them to do what they did. They smiled at each other and Diane answered first. She told me that they knew I had their mom’s leaving me for her lesbian lover pretty hard and as far as they knew I hadn’t dated or been with another woman since. I started to say something and Carol cut me off and added that they had always wanted… Read more

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The Laundrette


I went to the laundrette to do some big items that wouldn’t fit in our washer, when I got there, there were two other mature women doing their washing. The lady that runs the place came over to me and said “I’ll do that for you” “Thanks” I replied. I’m just popping out for half an hour she said she’d watch my laundry for me. Upon my return she’d dried it all and it was neatly folded, as I sat down she came and sat next to me, we were talking and I could tell she was flirting with me. She was short, shoulder length black hair, a little plump and on her own admission 49. She was wearing black… Read more

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Adventures of a bored Dublin wife. Part 2, Joe the

HardcoreSex HumorTaboo

It had only been a month since I fucked Paul next door for the first time.I had fucked him 3 more times since,but I had already grown bored of it.It was great sex,but always the same.Last night Jack came home with what looked suspiciously like a love bite on his neck,probably from Caron his secetary.I asked him about it and he had just laughed in my face. So today I had planned to fuck Paul,just to get even.But he wasn't at home.His dad said he had moved back in with his girlfriend.Damn.No more sex on the side.Just to make my day worse, there was a leak under the kitchen sink.I had asked Jack… Read more

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Donna's last day


It was Donna’s last day at the store and Steve the manager of the store asked her to come into the office, as Donna knocked on the door Steve opened it and asked her to sit down. He was sat behind his desk as he talked her through all the stuff that Sally had talked to her about. He did say “You’ve done a really good job here I hope in the future we can get you back”. Steve then said “What time do you finish?” she answered “8pm” and looked at the clock it said 7:25pm. Steve smiled at her, got out of his chair and walked round to where Donna was sitting with his hand out, as Donna shook his… Read more

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First time Black

First TimeHardcoreInterracial Sex

Growing up around the army i spent lots of time with blacks, right before my husband and i married i was spending the day with a good friend Robin she was a lovely black woman, we spent the afternoon at the swimming pool with her k**s, before we left we both went into the showers to wash and change, I slipped out of my swim suit and got under the shower, Robin did the same she was standing right next to me, I started to wash my hair with my hands over my head she had a good view of my boobs, Robin said to me that I had some nice tits, I got a bit red and thanked her but could not help myself a… Read more

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Asian Women

First Time

Yuko is a beautiful single Chinese woman, 33 years old seeking a older American man for a husband. A Chinese business associate talked to me about these young Chinese women. The business associate arranged for Yuko's legal documents including her visa. Yuko flew to New York where she was meant at the airport and taken to my Long Island estate. I love Asia, women there are so gullible and willing to believe a stranger. Always a kind smile and a gracious host, China is a country full of neive virgins and horny women. The average young Chinese woman is single, a virgin and usually completely ign… Read more

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I knew from then.

First TimeShemalesTaboo

hi. I want to write about what happened after that they I knew I'm different from the other boys. Since that day I'm afraid to go in their house but I couldn't tell my family what's going on that's why I couldn't completely don't go there because my mom would find out something is wrong and I didn't want anyone else knows about me and them. One weekend my parents wanted to go to a party and I needed to stay at home I didn't know they are told Jacob( X,s brother) to come check if I needed anything. When I heard door bell and open door. I saw him standing and smiling I scared of him but he aft… Read more

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Victoria-72 yr old hottie part 3 MARY

First TimeHardcoreMature

If you're reading this and not parts 1 & 2 you should read them first to follow the story line. Thanks! After reading the card Vicky had given me I couldn't wait until I hooked up with her friend Mary, but decided to play it a little cool and called her two days later. She sounded sweet on the phone with a little southern accent that I fell in love with from the start. She said that she knew all about me from Vicky; that I was 6'1, a little heavy but not fat; handsome with brown 'bedroom' eyes that attracted Vicky and my cock was just the right size for fucking and sucking. Oh, I also knew… Read more

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dominate me. control me.


as you steer at me, you see the bulge growing in my pants, your eyes widen with excitement, as the bulge grows with every glance, you decide that I should be punished for showing no control, and flaunting my cock Hard and stiff hidden from sight, beneath my pants, at once you demand, what good is it there if I can't see it, and what good is it that because your cock throbs and moves for my affection and touch, does not mean it gets it, no matter how big, no matter how hard, and for that, I'm going to torture you for thinking like that, Mmmmmm she groans, this only causes my cock to get stiffer… Read more

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A weekend with Lori...Part 2

First TimeHardcore

Part 2....weekend with Lori.... I got down stairs and still did not see Bob, he must have been having some hot times with the blonde! I went back to the couch and sat with Lori. She asked where her drink was and I told her I got side tracked. She said I got “Barb” tracked. She said it was o.k. And she had gotten another on her own, actually several. She wasn't feeling any pain but she said she felt sleepy and put her head on my shoulder. I asked what was wrong and she said “nothing”. When a woman says nothing, I knew I was in for a long talk... So I asked her if she wanted to talk and she… Read more

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My First Time Cuckolding with an Old Girffriend

AnalGay MaleMature

An old girlfriend recently contacted me over Facebook, just to say hello and keep tabs on how our lives were going. We struck up a renewed relationship, and things were going well, very cordially, although there was always something in the back of my mind that had me asking myself what it would be like to be with her again, despite my commitments to my current partner. Then, during one chat session, she asked if I would call her. I did. We spoke several times over a few weeks-- she lived in a city a few hours from mine-- and, eventually, decided to meet for coffee (I would be passing thr… Read more

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