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The Hydrant- a.k.a. Squirter Slut Annette Vuygent


Since the day she moved on North Parson's s*******n years ago she had the opportunity to witness many crazy things. One of the first was a house fire a few houses down from her home on the same side of the street. The house at the end of the block was a cute bungalow. It was eggshell white with navy trim. It was actually still on the market when Annette and her second late husband moved on North Parson's Blvd. A few months later it got snatched up. As she was checking her mail one day Annette noticed the Century 21 Rep pulling up the 'For Sale' sign. From that moment she... Continue»
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Madame Butterfly

Madame Butterfly

In my last story “I Found a DVD”, I told of how I had witnessed my work colleague, Jane, getting cum splattered over her face from her husband and how this made me so horny everytime I saw her that I had to find ways to achieve desperately needed orgasm at work.

I decided I should expand on this part of the story.

So, as I mentioned, I had found videos of Jane getting cum squirted into her face and it made me sooo horny. Every time I saw her at work, we would stop and chat, usually by the photocopier, coffee machine etc. As we chatted, all I could think about was the ... Continue»
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Learning from my SLUTTY MILF Neighbor

I was still learning to drive a car, dating a few girls and really enjoying high school like most guys my age. I had very little experience at anything really and after going steady with this one girl, kissed her only a few times and once got to stick my finger in her pussy. I thought that was just great but after several repeated attempts to do it again, she told me to fuck off. I was really bummed out about her not letting me do it any more but I figured that maybe something else would come my way and I would eventually get to do it with another girl at some point in time.
I kinda just
... Continue»
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A Birthday Lesson

Hello, my name is Clara, and I am going to tell you about the time I learned what it really was to be fucked. I was adopted at age 7, by my mother Nina, and now I am eighteen... On the say of my 18th birthday, my mother threw me a huge bash, invited all the f****y and my friends, and let me tell you, it was something I will never forget.

On the day of my 18th birthday, it was hot and humid, the kind of humid that makes your clothes stick to your skin. I came out of my room dressed in a white cotton midriff, no bra, and white jean shorts, almost so short they barely covered my firm ass cheek... Continue»
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New Year Party Jan 1st 2014

First of all I'm not a good story writer and it isn't a story. I'm writing my own real experience which I had in my life.

Lets begin..
Last year everyone in my company including me was invited to new year party 2014 at a popular resort. I thought this would be normal new year party since it involved only my office colleagues.

As usual as every girl wishes to gain more attraction in the party, I decided to wear some skimpy clothes but I wasn't bold enough to wear them. Then I went to my mom and asked her about this, she said " come on, you're already close to 25 or 26, you need to lea... Continue»
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Barbaria Act 1 Chapter 9

Main Narrative
The Whip at Work

„Do you feel excited?“
The raven-headed young woman, sprawled in a deep armchair, smiled at the question, looking across at the fair-haired girl seated opposite her.
„I suppose I do, my dear Zena... a little anyway,“ answered Karena, Lady Helvetia's youngest daughter.She looked down at the thhird figure in the luxurious chambers, that of a naked slave girl who was diligently engaged in painting the toe-nails of karena's foot with rested on a low stool. „Anyway it will make an interesting change from having female slaves.“
„Interesting?“ queried Zena. She ... Continue»
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I became totally his pet

I was waiting at bus stand to catch Bangalore bus in bus station.It seemed to be very few people at that time in bus stand.After some time, one aged person may be above 50 years with dhoti came and sat on the bench before me.It seems he was looking at me I turned my face .Here I have to say about myself.My name was Raghunath, aged about 23 studying Engineering couse.I used to see sex movies at internet cafe. Gratually, It turned to gaysex movies. I was much attracted towards it.I used to like mature persons with strong body , male dominatig.As there was no chance, I had controlled my desires ... Continue»
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I am From Hyderabad presently working in Pune. This is the story which happened 3 months back I am an Engineer 26years old 5″6′ Tall normal body,

Once i was on the way to Hyderabad my home town from Pune on 5 days leave. I reached bus stop at 9:30 pm . I got a last second left side Window seat. Before Bus starting a Lady Came and sat beside of Me. Bus started moving… After 10mins she asked me for the window side seat. Its was first time that i was traveling in bus so i thought once not to give but she was a lady how can i resist.I offered the seat to her immediately without saying any answe... Continue»
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Elevator Elevations At The Hotel

Hi, I am Lisa. I was really happy today for my night duty. I worked as a receptionist at a 4 star hotel. I had recently met Vikram, who was also receptionist in same hotel. He was handsome and we instantly connected. We had great chat yesterday and both ended up looking into each other’s eyes with lustful looks. I had been single for some time, so was really excited with him. I have good figure and pretty face. Being a receptionist allowed me to use my make-up and dressing skills to full extent. Today, I was in sexy mood and decided no short skirt and format coat with just bra inside. U
... Continue»
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My Husband’s Transfer

I am Meena from Bhubaneswar, Odisha. I was very simple and loyal wife since few month back. But for transfer of my husband who was working in a remote district Kalahandi of our state to Bhubaneswar city I turned a slut. My husband Rakesh said to me, “I have to figure out a way to help him for transfer”. For transfer purpose he came from his service place to Bhubaneswar since one week but all of his attempts were in vain.

His department director has clearly denied him for transfer as no any other substitute available to join in his place of posting. His intention was bad, he had given hin
... Continue»
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massage to mature lady

Introduction: Radha, a lifelong friend and neighbour has hidden feelings toward her massage ther****t Radha is a long time friend and neighbour. I’ve known her and her husband and her daughter Sharmila for more than twenty years. They moved into my neighborhood when I was around seven years old. Sharmila had just been born. My mother used to send me over with cookies and fresh baked pastries. It was her way of welcoming our new neighbors. Through the years, our families became almost as one. But, as I grew older, I developed other interests and didn’t spend as much time at Radha and Hari’s h... Continue»
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maid in banglore

i am rahul from Bangalore age 20.this story is about me and my maid.her name is rani.age 18 stats 32d-30-34 height 5ft. Coming to story. this incident happened 2 years mom and dad hired a maid from take care of household my parents work in gulf and come once in a year. Coming to story i was in 11th when this incident happened my parents had provided me a computer.i used to watch lot of porn and masturbate in my room.once my maid came in to my room without knocking the door i was moaning and masturbating. She did not know what was going on as she knew nothing about sex... Continue»
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The maid of the mannor

Ann worked as a scullery maid; all of her memories involve working in kitchens, cleaning pots, scrubbing floors and preparing a****ls, her mother had become ill and was bed ridden. Ann stood scrubbing the pots from Lord Thompson’s dinner; she heard his deep voice as he spoke to the doctor watching over Ann’s mother. Ann began to hear them both walking down the stairs and the front door open and close as the doctor left, she was deeply worried about her mother and started to scrub the post as hard as she could to take her mind off it. Ann scrubbed harder but her elbow smacked into the clean po... Continue»
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My BDSM Extreme Fantasy Day One Part One

Him and I walk into a hotel room. It is on a top floor, no one surrounding us, just me and him. As soon as we walk in the door, I kneel in the corner, waiting for my master's command. He puts the "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door knob and closes and locks the door.
My pussy trembles in expectation, my butt squeezes the butt plug that I have in my ass under my panties. He puts the bag with toys and our luggage on the floor next to the closet, then he takes off his leather jacket and his T-shirt.
I sit on my heels, waiting, getting more and more aroused and I moan without realizing. He hears... Continue»
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Life can be very exciting and challenging

She was married with 3 k**s, aged 35 but with a husband who preferred his 'beer' ( most of the time) get d***k immediately want quick sex.
Once a very pretty lady, nice figure, long hair, but the lack of finance over years some of that engaging appeal had been covered up and deep inside her.
Having been friends for many years I had noticed the strain.
She was standing at the sink doing the dishes after making a lovely dinner, when I approached and asked could I help. ( Hubby d***k and asl**p)
She smiled and said 'no thanks'
Being single and having studied this lady for years I made my mov... Continue»
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I danced with him THEN he FUCKED me........

So roughly around Sep 2013 I went to a beer tent with my girlfriend for a few drinks & music. While we were sitting at a table, a young guy around mid 20's started talking with me. I didnt show much interest but he kept it up.... After a few beers, I hit the stage to dance & after a few songs he was behind me talking to me again. I kinda took the flirting in stride as I already have a man at home. He ended up grabbing my waist and I said you can dance but no touching... He said, Awwww cmon.. As I danced he got closer behind me & started telling me how great my ass looked. I just kinda smiled &... Continue»
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A fucking in John's office

Life goes back to normal, after all the sex sessions: John informs me that he's got a lot of big business meetings on the schedule and I have got to get back to the store for the spring remodel.
After slipping on a snug grey pencil skirt, a tight pink sweater and my black heels, I head down to the garage to get my car. I see something on my windshield. It's a note from John telling me how much he loves me and that he has never had a woman who loves to have sex the way I do. He also asks that I give him a call close to lunchtime. I get in my car and head off for the store.
The back parkin... Continue»
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Matts Adventures - April01

Bill's Adventures - April01 by Bun2bch

(mf, cons)


This work should only be read if it is legal for you to do so. This is a work of fiction, please do not read it if you may be offended. Comments are welcome at the above email address. Pursuant to the Berne Convention, this work is copyright with all rights reserved by its author unless explicitly indicated.

This story is set in the UK where driving is legal at 17 and sex is legal at 16.

I sat at the kitchen table with an envelope in my hands, on the back was printed DVLA, Swansea, SA9... Continue»
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train sex with elder woman

I am a 50 years old chap retired from being a Manager in a Tea Plantation in Assam and Darjeeling. I am from Mumbai. PROLOUGE. The narration begins on the day I got married. It was an arranged marriage though we went out a few times. My wife was from a very well to do old landlord f****y. My Father was a senior Officer with the railways. I was the only c***d.
After the customary Exchange of garlands, my wife and I were put on a stage like some specimen for exhibition and the guest one by one came and offered gifts to us and posed for photographs as a mark of attendence. With some of the guest... Continue»
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My first time real sex

It was december 1999 when a distant cousin of mine came to live with us for about a fortnight. I was living in an annexie at a short distance from the main building so that my studies may not be affected. I was then aged about 23 years and student of ll.b. classes in a degree college. My cousin was a little older and was about 28 years of age but still unmarried and had established a prosperous business. He had come in connection with his business to recover his dues from various businessmen to whom he had supplied goods manufactured by him.

Although he was my cousin but we had not met e... Continue»
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