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Year of fear

First Time

This is not really a sex story I involves sex, it involves a destructive year with my husband. But here goes Last year my husband of three decades caught me in an affair, because of f****y concerns about his mental stability, it was decided many years ago that if I let my husband enjoy being married he would not be compliant with other peoples wish, he would be wanting to get off work and come straight home. This was a plan that was developed by my father in law, I found out it was developed by a committee, my husband was need to be controlled and put in a societal slot, my husband would use t… Read more

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The GF and the stripper

AnalGroup SexLesbian Sex

My long time girlfriend, Tina and I had both gained some weight. We decided that we needed to lose it and as motivation we set a goal. With the goal set we needed a reward. One weekend we were with another couple in the car when we passed a dive strip club. They mentioned how they had gone there and some of the things that had happened. Later that night my girlfriend said that she wanted to make us going to a strip club together as a couple to be our reward. A couple of months later we had both met the goal. Some time went by and we talked about it, but nothing came of it. One day Tina tol… Read more

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Neighborly fun part 1


So there i was laying out on my padio as i was fantasizing about malin my best friend whos been giving me what my boyfriend cant. Our relationship was good at 1st but he doesn't eat me out, I'm 26 6'2 125 pounds and very athletic physique with 36 dd breasts long black hair grey eyes, he doesn't get me off its like my sexual needs dont matter ive faked orgasms so many times i forgot what its like with a man. I started seeing malin bout 2 months ago and things were good she rekindled my desire for women and satisfied me i missed her she was on a business trip the whole week and i was really ho… Read more

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I got to meet Peter North - Part 3

FetishGroup SexHardcore

My wife and I were taking a vacation in Canada. We were staying at a beautiful hotel, and they upgraded our room to the presidential suite. The first night we were there we ran into Peter North. That night was the most memorable night that Stacey and I had. After getting some much needed sl**p, after all that fucking, sucking and cumming that went on, but when I awoke, but Pete was not in the bed and Stacey was curled into a ball like usual. I crept out of the bed to not disturb Stacey. I went into the living room area I heard water running in the other bedroom. Peter must have gone to the… Read more

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Random Taxi Fuck


The trip had been long and I was on the last leg of my book signing tour. I was going to have to talk to my assistant about setting up so many cities in such a short timeframe. What was she thinking? All I had seen the past week was hotels, airports, taxis, and bookstores. Well, at least this was my last city and she had booked a suite at the Waldorf Astoria which was a nice touch. I was exhausted and all I wanted to do was climb into a hot bath with a large glass of Chardonnay. By the time I reached New York, the sun was long gone, the sky was smoky black, and the rain was coming do… Read more

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Nailed the son's new girlfriend

Group SexLesbian SexMasturbation

One evening as my wife and I sat at home our son arrived home with his new girl friend Lucy, as we all sat chatting I couldn’t help notice Lucy’s legs slightly open showing me a pair of white lace panties, her long slender legs set of her curvy figure, I could feel myself getting hard and made my excuses going upstairs and beating a quick one off in the bedroom. As I left the bedroom our son was coming up the stairs, “well what you think of her dad” “stunning son totally stunning” as I returned to the living room sitting opposite Lucy again getting a good eyeful of her sexy body. We all sat d… Read more

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He's All Yours

Group SexLesbian SexTaboo

You walk up the path to Bradley and Jenny's house, bottle of wine in hand. You're wearing a little black dress that reveals slightly more cleavage and leg than societal norms would normally allow. This is for Bradley's benefit. It's his birthday. You've lusted after Bradley Lambert for ages, but he's in a relationship with Jenny and she's one of your good friends. So you would never make a move on him. But you know that he likes it when you flirt or tease him, and it excites you to do it. You're determined that that's as far as it will go, though. It's only a bit of fun. Jenny answers… Read more

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Coming of Age Part 1

Group SexMatureTaboo

As a birthday present for our eighteenth birthday, our parents decided to send my twin b*****r and I to an all-inclusive resort on a Spanish island. It would be the first real holiday abroad we would have as adults. On the flight we agreed, that whatever happened while we were on holidays would never be told to anyone at home. Rob my b*****r, had a girlfriend, and if the rumours at home were to be believed, things were not going too well for them, the in joke was that he couldn’t get her panties off, which he always denied. At the time we left I was single, but was generally in some sort of… Read more

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Bathroom Fuck!

HardcoreInterracial Sex

My husband and I had been invited to a party at a neighbor's that lived up the road. Dan and Janice were new to the neighborhood, they lived in a home with a large pool in the back yard. We arrived about 7 pm, the crowd was a mix of neighbors and friends of Dan and Janice. We had a few drinks and mingled with many people, there was this one couple we talked to Darnell and Keesha, he worked with Dan, Darnell was a Big Black man 36 years 6.4, short hair and very well built. I'm 45 stand 5.2 F size tits long dark hair and a thick waist, I was wearing denim cut off shorts and a blue T shirt as the… Read more

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always ready to help

FetishInterracial SexVoyeur

The ladies at my wife's office where planing a night out. They do this about three times a month. Of the five ladies my wife and two other cuckold their husbands the other two are in love with the idea of having sex outside the marrage but haven' t had the curage to do it as of yet. There is only one male in the office his name is Brad and he is gay. My wife has told me about some of the breakroom chats with him and how she said it makes her wet hearing about how he has sex with very well hung men. I'm a good listener but gay sex isn't for me. Any way Brad is the groups DD on these nights out… Read more

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A Cruise Ship Story


We are lying out on the deck of our cruise ship by the pool. It’s a beautiful day and we are enjoying ourselves. You are in a bikini lying on your back. You decide you need to turn over and ask me to apply some suntan oil to your back. You get up from your chaise lounge and stand up. I sit up in my chair and look up at you. I spread my legs and put my feet on the ground. I motion for you to sit down on the chair between my legs. You sit down at the end of the chair with your back to me and scoot yourself back towards me. I scoot forward a little bit. You feel my hands on your hips th… Read more

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Chapter 4 FemDom pt9


positioned on the "fuckseat" (i love that Baroness calls the loveseat a fuckseat) in a sitting, but laid back position, Baroness rode my cock fully. Baroness rode every inch of my cock, taking all of it on every movement she made. it turned me on to to think that Baroness got as good as she gave. without saying anything, Baroness lowered herself down onto my cock deep. Baroness then reached under my left leg and in a slow but very precision movement,was able to remove herself from on top of my thigh (Baroness had her shins on my thighs while riding my cock), by simply straightening her l… Read more

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My mum's holiday part 8


Final Day Mum was more or less comatose with alcohol. She woke me up in the early hours struggling to get out of bed, crying: God, I'm bursting. She only managed to get as far as dragging her legs over the side of the bed before she let fly with an enormous fountain of pee. I rushed to get the metal waste paper bin and held it between her legs. I thought the noise of her power hose hitting the metal would wake the corridor. She was peeing for so long I began to wonder if the bin would be big enough to hold it all, but the flow finally eased and stopped. I emptied the bin in the toilet,… Read more

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Never Bet With a Witch


The day began like any other, nothing out of the ordinary, just an average day, but that was about to change. I went to work that day expecting to be busy, with Easter being that Sunday, so I was ready to do what was needed. There was a new girl there, I introduced myself to her, she said her name was Stephanie. We talked a little throughout the day, weather, work, and whatnot. I’d say that we hit it off. Later that day, while I was on break, she sat at the same table where I was, and she asked me an unusual question, do you believe in magic? I was not sure what t… Read more

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My auction prize. was my wife, now my sexual serva

First TimeGroup SexInterracial Sex

Once she realized I had purchased her and now was her master, fully knowing what she had done behind my back. She began to resist, until I told her I had the Arabs phone number and a standing bid of 6 thousand. First we went shopping, evening gowns with long exposing slits and deep cleavage,lingerie, garters. Then to the sex shop for many kinky accessories. I put the collar and leash on her immediately. Saw three young black guys watching closely and nodded toward the back. I got some tokens and made sure we got a booth with gloryholes. I put tokens in the slot and took a seat, unzipped and p… Read more

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Kim Kardashian's Ultimate Footjob Experience


(experienced from your POV, starring Kim Kardashian. Kimmy's POV is noted by - or ~ brackets.) PART 1 I grab the back of your neck and pull you close, kissing you passionately. - Kimmy is dressed in a red, silk bikini that contrasts beautifully against her caramel skin. The fabric of her thong sinks deep into the crack of her large a… Read more

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The Masseuse 1

FetishFirst Time

So, I got a call from a beautiful woman just south of me. I loaded up my massage table, oils and candles and headed south for my appointment. I arrived at the house. My beautiful client showed me the way to the area I was to set up my table and prepare for the massage. I told be beautiful woman to undress to her comfort level and lie down on the table. Luckily for me, she undressed totally. Nude, she got up on the table, face down, and told me not to worry about dr****g. I totally agreed, looking at her gorgeous body upon my table I was speechless. Her beautiful peach colored ass looking s… Read more

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Kelly's neglected Mother


I'd been going out with Kelly, a blonde, curvy, "it" kind of girl for a couple of years, but more about her another time. I want to tell you about her mum, Kelly's mum Kim was in her early forties, a great body (especially after 4 k**s), long blonde hair and a great rack which she also passed on to her daughter. Kim was quite posh on the outside, the wife of a police man, always well dressed and done up, even when just driving one of her sons to football practice in her Mercedes on a Sunday morning. But she didn't come from money and was quite the party girl in her day, a side that would show… Read more

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My first glory hole blowjob

First TimeGay Male

My first glory hole visit was very interesting to say the least. I had stopped on my way home to pickup a few things for my wife and to watch a few movies before I headed out on my almost 2 hour drive home. I thought I'd first watch a movie and jerk off the tension that had built up over the last few weeks of being away from home. I stepped into the first booth that was opened and fed a few dollars into the machine. The movie that came on was showing some guy sucking an average sized cock. I unzipped my pants and started to jerk my cock. I noticed the hole on the side wall and as I looke… Read more

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Britney's First Time

CelebritiesFirst Time

I couldn't believe it. I was actually backstage at a Britney Spears concert. I could see her on stage from where I stood. She was performing "Boys" with Pharrell Williams. Talk about breath taking. Her body moved with the music as if she were the music. I knew she was going to be a star. I knew from the first time I watched "Hit Me Baby One More Time." And here she was now, exceeding what I felt her potential was. Here she comes off stage for a costume change. "Come on." She said to me grabbing my arm and dragging me with her. "Where are we going?" I asked. "Costume change. You… Read more

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