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Night with my aunt


It was saturday evening, it was getting late when somebody knocked to our door. Mom went to open the door and she found my aunt quite drunk. She was in some anniversary of her co-workers. She asked if she could stay for a night 'cause she's ¨tired¨ and it's far away to her home. I was in my room when she come in. She was in the good and horny mood so she began to flirt with me. ¨How are you today? Do you feel to taste my pussy again? It's long time since we did it last time¨ ¨Are you mad? With my parents at home? No way!¨ I replied. Even that idea was interesting, still it was too… Read more

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Skinny dipping leads to sex in public place


Back in the late nineties and early noughties, as you may have figured from my other stories, I was a student at the University of Surrey. I went to Uni as a mature student and was in fact 27 when I started in 1998. Anyway, as you will imagine, it was a bit like picking fruit in an orchard as far as hooking impressionable young girls was concerned. Given their new found freedom and since they're all away from home for the first time, I felt it was my duty to help them gain as much confidence and experience as possible in the bedroom department. In fact, there's probably a good few guys a… Read more

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Walmart Changing Room Flash


Some days I get bored kind of easily. Today was no different but at least today I found something to relieve me of some of that boredom. I was out running errands when I decided to stop in at the local WalMart. I was strolling around the men’s clothing department looking for some new shorts. I love to wear those boring but practical gray cotton shorts. And when I do I am always commando. They are very comfortable and they also have nice loose areas around the thighs. It's something that comes in handy when I do a little flashing. Yes, I am a pervert of sorts but I don’t fuck around with k**s,… Read more

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Me And My Mom


This Is All True, when I was younger I never once thought about having sex with my own mother, my friends moms sure but not my own, never even thought about any family member that way. my mom is 5'3 155lbs not fat at all a little extra meat in the right places {tits, thighs, ass} she has dirty blonde hair, hazel eyes huge DD tits so very sexy. she is now in her early 60's we first had sex 20yrs ago and still do to this day. nobody knows, not my family, wife no one. when I was 19 I came home one night to my parents having a loud fight, my dad was caught fucki… Read more

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College life 31 (the final chapter of the first se

Gay Male

To start my Sunday here in December, I headed down to do some laundry and have it done before finals began here on Thursday with Wednesday being `dead day'. I was nice and threw in Kris's towels along with mine even though he still had a lot of laundry left. While doing laundry, I did carry my laptop down and studied for some tests. I got a call from Dad wanting us to meet at his house for an early Christmas. I told him Tuesday night would be best for me. He agreed and gave me directions. Basically, all I needed was an address and my phone would take care of the rest. For a Sunda… Read more

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Jemma's dance contract - chapter 1

BDSMHardcoreLesbian Sex

Jemma was delighted when she opened her email telling her that she had been chosen as a dancer for a three month contract in Cabaret at The Pavilion theatre in Bournemouth. She had never been there before but was soon looking forward to it although she knew it would be hard work. Also she would have to leave her girlfriend behind – oh how she was going to miss those intense orgasms they used to give each other. Being there for three months she knew that she would have to get somewhere to stay so she got the latest trade magazine and started looking through the ads for places to rent. One tha… Read more

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My Best Friend's Br*ther...


"My Best Friend's Br*ther..." (part 1 of a two-part story with Victoria Justice and Ariana Grande) As soon as her friend walked out of the house Victoria ran back up the stairs and headed to her bedroom slamming the door behind her. She stood at the window as her friend and co-star Ariana Grande got into the car while she caught only glimpse of her br*ther Frankie with whom she had been secretly infatuated with since they first gotten to know each other. She liked everything about him specially his newly grown facial hair, she had a crazy moustache obsession that sometimes made pe… Read more

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100% Genuine! Slut wife used by random strangers b

Group SexHardcoreVoyeur

I adore my wife, Sofia. She is a true British hot girl. Tall, long, fit legs, Has a round, firm arse made for slapping and squeezing and firm, natural breasts. She is pretty in a hot, sexy way. I see how other guys look at her and I know what they’re thinking. (I bet she’s a good fuck!) She oozes sex appeal. She is one hot girl but is modest with it. She doesn’t know it (or so I thought). We have a great sex life and we like to keep it fresh. Sexy lingerie, toys, porn and filthy talk. We share each other’s fantasy’s. She confessed once she fantasises about ‘’getting ruined by more than one… Read more

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Used and cuckolded

FetishHardcoreInterracial Sex

Used, abused and cuckolded I had been locked in my chastity cage since last weekend by my wife. She told me I would be released on Friday which was yesterday. When I got up yesterday she told me she would release before I went to work. I showered, got dressed and had breakfast and she said, ‘right, now let’s get you ready.’ ‘Take your trousers and underpants off,’ she said. Then she bent down and unlocked my cage. Relief after a week of being locked up. Then she handed me a pair of her black panties and showed me the gusset with a thick white cunt seepage stain on them and said, ‘sniff and… Read more

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Priston Stories - A cruel Summer Night

Group SexHardcoreMasturbation

It was a warm summernight in Pillai, the town where Falara raised up and where she lived the most time of her c***dhood. Now she wen't back to her home town and everything reminds her of the old times. While Falara is in memories she tries to hold her blond hair back which gets blowed my a calm wind. For the travel she took wears her purple-goldish robe which is tight to her breasts and hips but gives her a strong feeling, same with her goldish boots which go knee-high. The skirt of the robe is slighty waving in the wind and Falara closes her eyes to enjoy this warm summer breeze. She i… Read more

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Beech Mountain 4 --Donna


Introduction: Donna The Cherokee The day passed quickly as I stayed busy working on three more guests.. They were older ladies, who had spent as much time on their butts as on the ski's.. They were bruised and sore so I done my best to help them.. My Hot Stones gave some relief , and I used my TENS unit to temporarily numb a few nerve endings.. I left at 4pm and showered ,changed and headed for Sandra's place. As soon as I got inside Donna motioned for me at the juice bar.. I seen her page Sandra.. “Sorry, but she told me to let her know the minute you arrived.. Can I get you a dri… Read more

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tricked into bbc gangbang

Group SexInterracial Sex

It’s great to be gangbanged by several black cocks! This guy I was seeing called Marco asked me over one night to “watch a movie” the night after I let him fuck me in his car! He said my pussy was the best he had had in a while! So he picked me up and we went to his apartment which I knew he was sharing with his two friends Rider and Slim Jim. We went to his room and pretended to start to watch this movie. He took off all the lights in his room and it was pitch black when he took off the TV and started sucking my breasts and fingering my pussy. I was really enjoying it when I felt another mout… Read more

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Beech Mountain 5 -- Debra


Introduction: Debra -the red head I left Donna in the sauna to soak away the exhaustion .. I planned to stay at the resort till the weekend.... I arrived and had a shower, and dressed for a late dinner. With an unaccustomed amount of cash in my wallet, I felt I deserved a steak dinner, which I had. I tipped heavily, and made my way to the bar in the next room. The young lady I had met earlier took my order.. "I"m Debra -- Wha'cha having ?" " A double please, Black Jack over ice. I remember you.. I'm Dano.. We met at the buffet, right?” “ Yeah! You're the guy that pissed Stanley o… Read more

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True Stories --Winter At Beech Mountain Chapters


It was mid-winter here in Western N.C. --- and I had cabin fever. Looking at the same places- same faces - had given me the 'itch' to travel.. My income also suffered now because of the Christmas season. People would rather buy presents than have a massage. I had watched the discovery channel lately, and hit on an idea. In winter, caribou would migrate south to their winter grazing areas and be near a water supply. In summer, they moved back north to stay cool and be near food and water. I would be like the caribou-- 'migrate' to where some real money was this time of year-- to the nearby s… Read more

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First TimeGay MaleMasturbation

This is inspired by a true story. Unfortunately it happened to me... Watching porn gave Dave such a huge swelling hard-on. Every time he watched hairy men he wished it would happen for himself. He felt like he has sucked a hundred cocks, given endless hand-jobs, and listened personally as men screamed passionately. He felt he made those men shoot their loads and he loved every fantastical thought about it. There was one guy he heard was a godly man. His name was Jay. Such silver-touched hair the guy was probably forty but to Dave he was "hot as hell." One time when he went to a r… Read more

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Two best girlfriends discover new dig-things 1

FetishLesbian SexTaboo

On a warm sunny day two best friends named Tami and Greta trekked through the valley. Both girls lived out in the country and unlike most girls their age they loved to explore the valley. It was nothing but grassy fields and occasional trees for miles. At the age of 18 the two girls could be mistaken for sisters, both had heart shaped faces, were 5’8, had beautiful c-cup breasts, and perfect perky asses. What set them apart was the fact that Greta had red hair and shimmering green eyes and Tami had black hair and ocean blue eyes. It was a hot sunny day and both girls were dressed in tanks and… Read more

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HardcoreInterracial Sex

It was a gorgeous Saturday morning. Paul just got out of the shower and saw Amanda out on the deck laying in her bikini. His dick started to get hard again as he began thinking back to last night. He cupped his hand over the crotch of his pants feeling his hard dick swell even more as he watched Amanda applying the suntan lotion over her gorgeous white thighs. Paul and Amanda met in college. She was a cheerleader for the football team. She grew up in a strict Catholic family and was so inexperienced when it came to having sex when they first met. Paul remembered how it to… Read more

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A Big Black Cock Adventure

HardcoreInterracial Sex

PART 1 "No, I'm not doing it, now please shut up," said an exasperated Sally Collins to her husband who for the hundredth time that day had asked her to fuck a black man so he could watch. "You're fucking sick, do you know that, now leave me alone and let me get on with dinner." Sally was a very attractive thirty four year old housewife, she was married to Bruce, a successful businessman, they had two c***dren, Aaron fifteen and Annmarie, f******n. Sally and Bruce had an open marriage, both were having affairs, Bruce liked her to fetch her boyfriend's home so he c… Read more

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A Big Black Cock Adventure - 2

HardcoreInterracial Sex

Part Two "Bruce, stop whining and do it. Stick the dildo in my ass, but make sure it's well lubricated. You know what my master said, my ass must be ready for him to fuck, now shut the fuck up and push that dildo in." "You would never let me fuck your ass, but as soon a fucking black man asks you're all eager, it's not right," whined Bruce as he shoved the dildo in bit by bit into his wife's ass hole." "I wish you wouldn't call him your master, it's so demeaning." Sally turned around with the dildo half in and half out of her ass hole, "Bruce, either you stop whini… Read more

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whitedogs lucky lotto series (best cuckold story e


it should be noted i am not the author....whitedog is.. Lucky Lotto Chapter 1 My name is Tim and this is a story of how the lottery can change many lives. My wife Sara and I have been married for twelve years, she is thirtysix and I am fortyfour. I met her through a blind date and even though she was much more attractive than me what they day about opposites attract in our case was quite true as Sara had a very outgoing, agressive dominant personality compared to my meek, shy kinda wimpish personality. For some reason we hit it off and I was in heaven, most young women of her awesom… Read more

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