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s****r caught me stroking

I'm an 18 yo senior in high school. Will be graduating this month and going to college in upstate NY in August. I have two previous experiences that I have posted on here recently. One about my neighbor who shows me pics and vids of his wife and daughter and another one with my sexy gf's f****y who like being nude around their pool. This next incident happened 3 years ago when I was fifteen and my s****rs were younger.

I was laying on my bed listening to music with headphones on, and jerking off and naked. My baby s****r walked into my room and saw me laying there with my hard on in ... Continue»
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BBC and submissive cuckoldry

I am an open minded, nice looking guy in Texas. I have been known to be bi in years past, although selectively. You see, I have no attraction to most guys-except black ones. Especially hugely hung ones.

When I was married, I loved to watch my wife fuck our black friend, James. I eventually got comfy enough with him to suck my wife's cunt cream from his magnificent black cock. I did not understand that I had become what is known as a cuckold husband.

I only rarely venture to suck a cock, maybe once every year or so, and when I do, it is a black one, or I do without. This year, as my birt... Continue»
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Glenelg meet.

I was on my own for two weeks as Anne was off in England visiting her parents for probably the last time as their health was failing, for my part I still had to work plus her father and I never really got on with each other,
By the first weekend I was bored and when I got bored my thoughts turned to sex and being on my own I was thinking a bit of cock was in order. I jumped in my car and drove down to Glenelg there were a few public toilets in the area that were often frequented by guys looking for a bit of cock fun, both gays and bi's. The toilet block I chose had been successful for me in ... Continue»
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We had now left the hotel and as the road from Davo to CDO was pretty good as far as traffic and weather problems were concerned we made good speed and Renelyn sat as close to me as the front seats would allow for and just made sure that her new mini skirt was showing as much leg as she could manage without me seeing her new pink panties too LOL I was doing my best NOT to become distracted by the way that was sitting? but it was difficult to say the least.

Her hand was running up and down her right legs and I could see that every so often it would go right up under her mini skit then rest t... Continue»
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Attacked in the woods

This is a story my master wrote for me, printed with permission from zerocal xxxx

A walk at night, even in the best neighborhoods, isn't a good idea for a lone female. She didnt care though - the danger just made her walk faster, and she was enjoying the new tone to her legs. The men at work seemed to enjoy seeing the shape of her legs too, and she made a point of wearing increasingly shorter skirts each day. Tonight, however, as she quickly strode through the dark pathway through an isolated nature preserve, she was wearing workout clothes; a tight, spaghetti strap tank that didnt hide her... Continue»
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My boyfriends mother

Stephanie was on her knees, her arms stretched out in front of her. She gripped the cotton sheet of the king sized bed. She was naked, her D cup breasts swayed under her, her nipples brushed the sheet. The sensation made them tingle. They were hard, erect. Behind her, and between her legs, was Tony, his hard cock fucking her both fast, and hard. So very hard. He was really hitting the spot, the tip of his cock found her G-spot every time he plunged deep inside her. She was almost there. She was coming, any minute now, just a little more. Her nails clawed at the sheets.
She had moved in with T... Continue»
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The beginning of life

At 16 years old my school life came to an end, I'm a fat, lonely boy leaving school with no life experiences of merit to speak of.
Here begins my voyage into the unknown, adult life.
Luckily for myself, my father was friends with a local electronic retail owner, who happily took me on as a trainee floor worker. Not great money but at my age it was more than enough.
My first day began with Dean, the owners son and lead salesman to show me the ropes.
I picked it up quickly and began to make the company money. Sarah the owners wife was my
boss, she was well dressed and always polite, con... Continue»
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(TRUE STORY) The Day I walked on my friends doing

So I was over at my friends house for lunch. They are a couple who I have known for a few years now. Once we finished lunch I decided to leave. So I left but 10 minutes later I realised I had left my phone behind so I decided to go back and get it. I knocked on the front door but nobody came to open it. I knew they were still inside so I opened the door. Immediately i could hear moans coming from the sitting room. I walked to the door of the living room and peeped through the slit in the doorway. There they were my friends fucking on the sofa.

At first I was gonna leave and just come back l... Continue»
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My Kimmy..

I wrote this as a blog entry for Kimmy, but after reading it, thought it made a good story so posting it here too:

We met and the first thing that struck me about Kimmy was her big eyes.. and short blonde hair. We had talked about our fantasies and what we would do if we met, and decided that we would make our fantasies come true.

She arrived at my place and we were polite and slightly nervous as we got over the first moments of meeting. I saw her pictures online, a young hot girl of 19, and now I knew I was going to get that chance..

After a while of chatting, I decided to end the c... Continue»
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Dirty sex in an alley

This story was inspired by a cyber fucking I had last night...xxxx

we are in a night club on the crowded dance floor. I'm dancing my ass off, in a clingy dress, my bra is showing, im sweaty. the drinks have been flowing all night as its so hot in here. I take my water bottle and pour some on my chest to cool off. Showing my very ample chest for everyone to see, I have my back to you grinding my butt against your crotch. i can feel your cock growing againts my ass cheeks, your hands are caressing my hot sweaty body. I feel your hands move around your waist as you kiss and bite my neck. ... Continue»
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Honors Anatomy Class

This story is a fantasy. All those described are of the age of consent. The story includes nudity (naked male, clothed female), adolescents engaged in sexually provocative activities with adult supervision, detailed description of the male anatomy including the reproductive organs and male ejaculation. If you are offended by any of these elements or concepts, please do not read this story.

Honors Anatomy Class

As Timmy dressed in the locker room his mind was focused on the note he had been sent by the Science teacher, Miss Springer, that morning. Right after gym, he was to rep... Continue»
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Vacation 3some

Sarah, my wife came out of the bathroom just wearing a hotel robe. Darren and I were just finishing up our drinks. She climbed on to the bed and laid there looking at us. She then untied the robe and opened it up. There was my wife, in a hotel room laying naked on the bed, trimmed pussy and pert B cup tits with nipples very hard.
Darren was a guy we had just met the bar down stairs, he was here in business from Detroit, married with 2 k**s he was just the sort of guy we were looking for. During our time in the bar we Both Darren and I teased Sarah about having a 3some, always in the back of ... Continue»
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Old man thomas

It was just a normal story day, me and my s****r sunbathing in the front garden letting lads ust stair at us, felt good, the next door neighbor came up hes about 50-60 plus walking his dog wearing joggers and a top, any way my s****r and i was talking to him saying we look sexy and that then i noticed that in his jogger pants he was getting hard, i was inpressed and i couldn't blame him for that, but what got to me the most is that it never stopped growing i mean it kept getting harder and it came down his pants, i mean it was serious length, so i whispered to my s****r kayleigh and told her b... Continue»
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An Unintended Seduction (pt 2)

Donna gets to look around my house.


Monday came around and I found myself, rather to my surprise, somewhat excited by the prospect of showing Donna around the house. I wanted her to be impressed and to like the place and I even spent some time helping to tidy up over the weekend.

I had seen Donna again at the shop since arranging for her to come around and we had agreed that she should visit before her usual trip to the shop after lunch. I could even help her with the bags afterwards if she needed a hand.

My wife went off to work as usual and I settled down to some ... Continue»
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My First Times

This is a work of fiction. In it, a young girl relates her 'first time' sexual experiences.

My First times:

I won’t give you ages here as these were first times and we were younger and I don’t want you to think I’m trying to pass along k**die porn or anything. Let’s leave it that at the time of these experiences I’m relating, we were old enough to do what we did and we were all about the same age – no older people were involved. I'm 20 now, and most of this relates my experiences in high school, so you can figure out how old we were. How old were you in Junior year of high sch... Continue»
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vidya balan

This is an incident
happened between me
and my cousin vidya
balan. Am sure that the
name rang a bell in all ur
minds. Yes, am one
lucky guy to have her as
my cousin. This incident
happened after she
became an actress. I
used to visit her at
times and mostly after
her becoming an
actress. Though I found
her attractive before
too it was after her
film stint that I started
seeing her as sexy. I
dont remember how
many times I have seen
the love making scene
in parineeta. She
started ruling my
dreams after that.
I used to visit her
whenever I got a
chance. I even used to
... Continue»
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An Unintended Seduction (pt 1)

An Unintended Seduction (Pt 1)

This is a story of an accidental and unplanned seduction and of a man’s struggle with his feelings. It is, I hope, a sensitive yet erotic tale of unlooked for passion and irresistible desire aroused when two kindred spirits meet.

Meeting Donna.

About 70 yards from where I live is a convenience store, very useful for those little things you forget when you do the main supermarket shop or items like milk and the daily newspaper that you need on a regular basis.

Bottom line is that I am normally there at least once a day for something or ... Continue»
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The ugly girl i so badly desired

I work for a city agency which helps women who suffered from domestic v******e relationships in helping them get housing and jobs. My preference in women is not too picky but the one thing thats a must for me is all my girls have been is pretty i do like nice thick tight bodies on my girls but have giving up the body preferences as long as they had a pretty face i was willing to accept a not so great body. Ok so the reason why i had to explain that is because as i said i lve always been attracted to pretty women all my life and as many times as i had to trade a beautiful face for a not so n... Continue»
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A Mom's Sexuality Is Awaken

A Mom’s Sexuality Is Awaken

Sally could hardly believe what has happened to her just during the past 24 hrs. Her whole world had been turned upside down. If anyone had told her she would be sucking her son’s cock and drinking his cum she would have slapped them silly. But, now here she is sitting at her kitchen table, nervously wanting, no needing, to do that very thing, again!

This all started four days ago when her son, Josh, had been hit by a passing car that jumped the curb and knocked him against a wall. As it turned out the driver was d... Continue»
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MY b*****r In-Law took me hard.

In response to my original story I will tell you how and why I let my b*****r in-law fuck me, as in my previous stories I have explained about my hubby being away in the Army for long periods of time, well one day his b*****r Josh had called in to see how I was coping as he often did but usually he brought Helen with him ( his wife) but this day he came alone, we chatted for a while and I cannot remember how but in joking the subject came up about fantasizing during sex, He ended up asking me did I have any special fantasies and I told him that I really only had a couple, one was a good gang... Continue»
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