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Enjoying some lingerie purchase

That afternoon I was home alone and then I decided I could go on shopping. I just needed sexy lingerie to receive the next night my loving Victor back home after his boring and stressing business trip.

Then I went to the local mall and when I entered the lingerie store, a seductive and impressive business woman approached me.
That lady greeted me with a warm welcome to her shop and enquired how she could help me. I was very impressed with the way that woman looked.

She introduced herself as Odette and then I was sure she was the owner. She was a sexy and beautiful mid-forties woman; lo... Continue»
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A bad wild revenge on me

My loving husband had a business conference in Cancun and he invited me to share a couple days with him there.
As we checked into the hotel, I could notice many young people milling around the lobby. When I inquired at the desk, I was told it was the last week of spring break for the colleges and it had been a wild one.
Once at the beach, I spread out a blanket and relaxed reading a good book. It was quiet and peaceful. It was all what I needed there…
The peace was suddenly broken up by a loud group of college students coming down to the beach. They were carrying blankets, towels and coo... Continue»
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Male Carer Gives Well Hung Patient A Handjob

After a few years flitting from one job to i needed to find another career and decided to train to be a carer the money was poor but it was a stable job and after a few redundancies I knew I'd never be out of work.

Ill be honest I didn't really fancy it at first but the hours were steady and it was secure, and when I saw the smiles I brought to some of the old people I looked after, I soon got over the hard work and initial messy and uncomfortable situations that the job brought with it.

When I say I brought smiles to some of the old people I mean some really were pleased to see... Continue»
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Kelly and Max

Kelly and Max

Kelly comes home from school and ends up with more
than just petting from her friendly f****y pet.

It was a hot June day and Kelly had just got in from
school, she was welcomed by her pet dog max who jumped
up at her as she came through the door.

Kelly fussed with him before she let him out into the
garden, he came running back inside after a minute and
followed Kelly into the kitchen.

Helping herself to a coke and a biscuit she threw a
piece to Max and then went upstairs to her room.

Kelly opened the windows and pulled the curtains... Continue»
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My beautiful wife Gail and I were driving back from a trip to California last month when we stopped to stay at the Holiday Inn in St Louis. We got a room right off the pool next to the Jacuzzi. It was perfect. I opened a bottle of wine and got her a little tipsy before I showed her a thin white bikini that I had bought her in L.A. She protested that it was way too revealing, but I convinced her that the Jacuzzi was just outside our room and no one would pay her any attention. Man was I wrong.

She put the suit on and it looked great. I could tell it would be transparent once wet and couldn't... Continue»
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The Bribed Fuck Toy...continued

Benny, Carl and Raymond(Ray) dropped out of sight as they reached the lowest field and I watched anxiously to see if they would reappear or if I had gotten a reprieve. My heart dropped and mixed feelings went thru my body as I saw the three of them appear just beyond the bleachers and cross the track/football field.

I started my journey to meet with them knowing that my nightmare was not going to ever be over. The more people knew the more I would have to do. I kept saying to myself that I needed to come to realization that this would be my life from now on.

I did not consider my self... Continue»
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My friend Phil and I met the couple (I've been with them before) around 8:15 at the embassy suites hotel. We sat in the lounge and talked for a while b/c "Terri" (the wife) wanted a drink. She also wanted to go out dancing first so I thought I would get her mind off that subject.

I continuously got up and "squeezing" by her making sure I rubbed my cock against her body. She was ready in about 10 mins. We let them go up and get ready while Phil and I talked. OK, we're ready now. Knock on the door and Terri opens it, she's wearing a peach colored outfit and she looke... Continue»
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His Little White Bitch! Gay

I used to only be able to watch lesbian porn. I don't just stream a movie and finish in a few minutes, though, I like to take my time. I search through a lot of videos as I play with myself. I always go a little outside of my comfort zone; I don't only search lesbian porn, even though, until a few years ago, that was all that I really liked. I like to go for a little variety even though nothing compared; just because I hadn't found anything nearly as good didn't mean I wouldn't. I always came back to lesbian porn in order to get off, however, no other genre really did it for me. That was the c... Continue»
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Here's a little about my ex wife. I always thought she was a prude when we were married, and she loved to be in control of things. After years of little or no sex and other things, I left. Been gone over three years now. Then just recently I received a letter from someone that knows her. A black man. In it he told me how she had been set up and now loved black cock. Here's part of that letter. And no, I don't have pics, but he told me enough about her that I believe it. She has a mark or two on her that he identified.

He told me this. Said that he ran into her at a college football game and... Continue»
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I wrote earlier about my Mother's long term affair with a Black Man while we lived in Virginia in the early 70's. Despite my Mother's affair with a Black guy I never imagined that my wife would ever do anything like that. She was very conservative as a young women having grown up and attended college in Kansas. She had only been intimate with 3 guys before we met and married. I met her after I moved to Kansas City to take a job with a local television news show. Susan was a reporter and I was a weather man. She was 29 when we met (36 now). She is 5'6" 118lbs with long re... Continue»
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Dominated by Two Cocks Gay

Like most guys, I turned to the internet to satisfy my urges. For as long as I could remember I had fantasized about being f***ed to serve a dominant man, suck his cock, be degraded and humiliated; basically I wanted to be treated like nothing more than a cum slut used for a real mans pleasure. Recently I had found a site that allowed you to post ads searching for other guys who were into the same thing I was into. I posted an ad saying that I was a younger (26) white submissive guy looking to be dominated by a larger, older man. I also added that I was about 5'9, 160 pounds and smooth. I did ... Continue»
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Cuckolding From The Wife's Point Of View

(This interview follows an earlier series of interviews I conducted with a number of cuckold husbands. In this new series, I will be speaking with a number of wives who have cuckold their husbands and find out something about their original motives, as well as how they feel the experience has turned out for them both.)

Thank you very much, Brenda, for allowing me to set down with you and talk about how YOU feel about being the wife of a cuckolded husband. I've spoken with your husband, as well as with a large number of other husbands about their take on it, but now I'm interested in f... Continue»
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When hubby gets home, he is surprised that I am sat in his living room at your invitation and you introduce me as EDDY just that, no explanation, nothing. He knew I was your on-line lover, and you could see his mind racing as to my presence
“I`m going to have a very relaxing bath with my favourite bath fragrance then I'm going to present myself for a full body massage boys so amuse yourselves till I call you. It will be a pleasure to invite you into our bedroom later Eddy to assist and supervise where necessary to add a new dimension to your married sexual pleas... Continue»
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Creative Teaching Methods

Summary: My first day of creative writing class would change my life in ways I would never have believed.
~ ~ ~
In the Fall of 1983 I was beginning the first semester of my senior year of uni. With most of my core classes long since completed I ticked off electives towards the 136 hours I needed to graduate the following May. While flipping through the course catalog, I noticed that Creative Writing 1 was not only 3 credit hours, but could also count towards my Humanities requirements.

Grinning at my good fortune, I signed up for the Tuesday and Thursday track at 2pm.

As I... Continue»
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First Day at Adults only Resort

We had been invited to spend three days at an adults only nudist resort in Spain last summer. We jumped at the chance to go because we had never been to Spain and the resort was first class all inclusive, everything was includes in the price. We arrived on a Friday morning and once we checked into our room we went to the restaurant by the beach for an early lunch. The food was great as were the drinks and the Spanish beer. The entire resort was clothing optional and from what we could see most people opted to go naked. The bartender was wearing shorts, nothing else and the waitresses were topl... Continue»
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My name, is Leyla, I was 26 years old at the time, I am Turkish, and I was a manageress of a boutique in England, Ludmila, ( MY BOSS ) and I we were at a hotel in Milan for the fashion week, during the day we were buying dresses for the boutique, that evening while we were having dinner, next table were two very good looking, tall, mature African men having dinner, while we were having dinner, they were looking at me, and I was looking at them, one of them, he winkle at me, I winkle back, as we were going to our rooms, I told them to wait for me, I will be back in half an hour, Ludmila went t... Continue»
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Sucking Cock for Girlfriend

She said "tonight you're going to do something I know you've been waiting to do for a long time".

"Like what?" I asked.

"You're going to suck a dick" she told me.

"No fuckin' way" I said right back.

"And just what are you going to do about it?" she asked. "Look at you, you're tied to the bed!".

I had to admit she had a point, and she knew I really did want to suck a dick. She said rather loudly into the hall "We're ready". A few seconds later a handsome naked man walked into our bedroom.

"Who is this?" I asked her.

"Honey," she said " I would like you to meet Jon. He's the... Continue»
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african takeout

Suzie and Steven have been married six year and are enjoying a sun drenched holiday in the Mediterranean. with just two days left they look for a new restaurant to try and they happen on a lovely looking place by the ocean.

Suzie... look at this place it looks amazing and its not to busy.

Steven... wow its just right I wonder why it's not full?

Suzie... never mind that let's get in.

They walk in and are greeted by a waiter who shows them to a romantic looking table overlooking to bay and harbor. Steven was handsome to a degree, taller than his wife but was average in many w... Continue»
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Vacation trip

The vacation trip
This trip we decided to go up north and have fun so we packed all our sexy cloths and took off for the north. We arrived at our hotel and checked in and brought our stuff to the room unpacked some of it and then got dressed. We both put on garter belts nylons panties and bra and put our heels in a bag. We put some loose cloths over our outfits and went down to car and took off for a secluded area to have some fun. We drove for a while and found a nice little picnic area with nobody around. We got out of car took off our stuff over our outfits put on our heels and started to ... Continue»
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cheating again

This is a story of the 2nd time I cheated on my hubby. It was 8 months after the first time I

He left for a business trip on the Thursday morning and was only returning the the following Friday, leaving our daughter and I home alone for those few days. Friday morning I got up and got my daughter ready for school, dropping her off at creche and off to gym I went. Once again after gym I went to the shops, getting groceries for the weekend. I went home unpacked the groceries and then decided to have a hot bath. Running the water I added foam bath and oils. I got myself a cup of tea before g... Continue»
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