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Losing my wife in a bet- true story

It has been a fantasy of mine to bet my wife. Lately I have been sending her to work in short dresses with no panties and telling her to subtly flash her pussy and ass to her coworkers to see of they would make a move on her. She came home the other night saying that earlier that day, josh had touched her pussy when she was on a short ladder. She asked me what I thought she should do and she was surprised when I told her I would bet him and she would be the prize. After I ate her pussy and turned her on she agreed to it. She texted him and said that she would fuck him, but only if he won a bet... Continue»
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I remember my first getting my first time blow job

we lived about two blocks from the rail road tracks and i had to cross them on my way to school and back home.I was bout 14 yrs old at the time. i had gotten out early and was my way home. I noticed that there was these big bushes that one could hide in, i stopped by to check it out and I saw a hobo there and he was drinking a bottle of wine, he asked me if i wanted a drink, i said yes and sat down on a milk crate and took a big sip. we just talked a while, then the wine was gone, but he pulled out another bottle from a bag, off ered me another drink and i a took a drink. after awhile, he was ... Continue»
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Last Night

So I was at a friend's birthday party last night wearing a suit with eye glitter.
This short, youthful looking,tomboyish girl called Mel and her really hot, tall, glamorous friend Katie started talking to me and getting d***k.
Eventually Katie came up and said "Can I make out with you?"
I said "Um...OK."
A second later, she had her tongue in my mouth and was full on pashing me.
Not long after, Mel said "Apparently I have to make out with you, cos you're
a really good kisser."
I thought she was really cute so I pashed her too.
Pretty soon we were having a three way kiss on the couch an... Continue»
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My first crossdressed cocksucking (true story)

It happend few years ago. My ex gave me a "hall pass" to explore my sexuality although she didn't like me dolled up and looking like a cheap slut.

I was chatting for some time with this man on the IRC. He liked crossdressers, boys on the way to become fem sluts. He was mature, around 50. And he was also travelling through Europe.

One day, he caught me online and told me that he will be passing my town and stopping by in the hotel. I was supposed to meet him on friday night at the hotel. He gave me only one day warning, so i had to prepare the next day for the meeting. I didn't tell my ex... Continue»
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Living in a duplex has is benefits.

This is one of many stories I have from when I lived in this house...this happened 20 or so years ago.

I lived in the upstairs portion of the house and a woman and her 2 adult c***dren (boy and a girl) lived with her. For the sake of obeying the rules, let's say that I was "18" and "Carol" was 49. Anyway, in a weird sort of way, she would always stare me down when I was in their portion of the house. She was a little "off" because of how much LSD she did in the 60's and I was told that she actually had a nervous breakdown so, for her to stare off into space wasn't anything out of the norm. ... Continue»
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The First Meeting

He went to the mall looking for a piece of ass. He always found either a bored housewife or a horny college girl. Today he noticed a forty something woman looking his way. She had on a tight t-shirt with no bra and a short skirt. He only imagined her panties were just as sexy and very little of them. She had just the ass he was looking for. He smiled and walked up to her and said "you are lovely. Are you lonely?" She replied "Yes, I am all alone today." He leaned close to her and said "Want to play house or doctor or maid? How about some sexy fun with me?" She told him "How can you ever guess ... Continue»
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The Wedding

My wife were laying around watching TV one night when the phone rang, when she answered it was shocked to hear HELLO AUNT KAT IT'S WENDY I'M GETTING MARRIED WELL PLEASE COME HOME TO HELP OUT? Well sure honey when is the day? WELL TWO WEEKS FROM SATURDAY BUT I NEED YOU NEXT THURSDAY NITE. OK great we'll be there uncle Tony and I have some time stored up so that's find see you then. After hanging up we talked cause we have never let any of are f****y know our lifestyle.

That following Thursday at 3pm we pulled in Kat's b*****rs drive in Mishawaka, Indiana Wendy and the rest all came r... Continue»
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Tim recalled the conversation as though it had happened yesterday.

"Jesus," Paul had said. "Man, I just don't get you. You let a golden opportunity slip right through your fingers."

Walter, the third member of the group, had nodded a knowing agreement.

"Opportunity for what?" Tim had asked.

"Are you k**ding? I have told you about the time Carolyn invited me in, right?"

"Many times," Tim had said, but his friend wouldn't be stopped.

"Man, we left a trail of clothes from the front door to her bed."

"I kinda doubt that's why she invited me over."

Paul had shaken hi... Continue»
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The Classroom Foot Boy

It was a hot summer day and we had just came in after lunch into math class. I sat down in my seat behind two girls, Hailey and Caroline. I got out my books and looked down and all I saw was the sweaty, sexy feet twirling around out of their shoes. I slowly felt my cock rising as I continued to stare at the perfect feet. The teacher began talking but I didn't listen, I just fantasized about sniffing and worshiping their sweaty, wrinkly soles. I couldn't help but to reach down my pants and begin to secretly jack my cock off in my pants. A minute or so passed and with the cum beginning to fill m... Continue»
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Starting to Become His Women - Bowling Buddies

Bowling Buddies – Starting to Become His Women
Don and I last experience really cemented our relationship, his sex with his wife is about zero and his visits to my house are more frequent. We now meet two times a week at our local gay bar. Everyone there knows we are a “couple” by our frequent solo visits to the back room. No anal sex is allowed at the club so everyone knows Don is getting a nice blowjob that night. When we emerge from the room and rejoin our friends at the table my lips are a little red and swollen. Don has a happy but spent look on his face.

Usually a bar blow job is sh... Continue»
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Rachel and Stephanie (part 6 - The Phone Call)

The Phone Call

When we came into the house from the patio we had both started to shiver a little, it was a warm evening but eventually the rain had started to chill us both. It was almost 10.30 now and Stephanie should have been in bed half an hour ago.

I still intended to get her into her bed soon but after our fun and games outside I had no intention of leaving her alone there to sl**p. First however we both needed to warm up and then dry off.

Stephanie took me by the hand and pulled me through the house towards the bathroom. We made wet splashing noises as the rainwater ran ... Continue»
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first experiance with a guy

i wont say the age ill just say we were young. me an my friend from school hung around quite alot with each other when we were younger i don't see him any more which is a sad thing lol. he used to sl**p over alot at my house we made tents out of sheets and slept in them an what not. i cant remember how it happened but we measured each others dick size by putting are dicks together i think mine was slightly bigger but his was a bit thicker. we started from there we only did it a couple of times then it stopped we rubbed the heads of each others dicks together an maybe have a little stroke of ea... Continue»
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Chevy in the Barn

Once there was a traveling sales man named John, selling his wares on the back roads of Iowa. One evening, he was lost, driving down a deserted country road. When he hit a pothole in the night, it threw him across the ditch and into a tree. John got out of the car, he wasn't hurt but the car wasn't going anywhere. He looked up and down the road. No one would be traveling these roads this late at night he thought. So he picked a direction and started walking.

As John walked in the dark, he could hear all the sounds of the night. "What was that?... "He startled, "Oh just an owl." Then a coyo... Continue»
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Nothing Like A Granny

I've always imagined what it would be like to have sex with an older woman, a Gilf, Granny, Mature, Cougar. Nothing turns me on or makes the bl**d flow towards my cock faster than a thick older woman. I've always fantasized about how it would be to have my young, long, hard cock filled with so much stamina plunge itself into her fat wet experienced pussy. I would often look at the ones with the large, full thick fat breast that nearly overlapped their monstrous bellies and withheld myself from playing with my cock when I would see their pleasantly plumped thick legs and large round saggy asses... Continue»
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First Day Working at tj Parlour Bolton

I started on trial at the massage parlour on Thursday the 6th June 2013..Took my chance at the parlour by turning up, and Candice the receptionist was rather nice, this parlour is for your more mature and experienced e****ts, various different girls and sizes...

They do have one or two ts/tv but I not seen any yet has they work on different day....I was asked to get changed into my gear, to which I wore a black fishnet dress stockings black underwear set and knee high boots..

Has I was getting changed another girl turned up, her name was darcy a very attractive mature slim tanned lady...... Continue»
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Fun with My Mother in Laws Sexy Feet

Continued from my Future Mother in Law.
In the 5 years since I first met my future Mother in Law Kathy, I had had many opportunities to admire her sexy feet in her support tights and had built up a nice collection of her tights, knickers, bras and even a pair of her shoes. Whenever I got the opportunity I would wear and wank into her soiled tights and knickers.
Things had moved on and I had married my girlfriend and we had moved into our own place which meant that I was seeing less of Mother in Law. Apart from calling in at the weekend I hardly saw her. Then one weekend I was chatting wit... Continue»
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Alley Fuck

J was a kinky slut, a divorced mother of two, she loved being semi naked at every turn. She lived in flats in Pretoria and often we did it at her request in an alley between the garages which apart from the three enclosing walls was visible to anyone who walked or drove past. The chances of being caught were always there. We called it alley sex. On this particular day, I arrived in the evening as the sun was setting to visit her to find her at her flat door dressed only in a white knee high jacket with a white suspender belt, black sheer stockings and black slut sandle heals. She advised she w... Continue»
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The Deal

I was being very reserved about the whole idea. Normally, I would have been in his bed long ago, but I felt the need to prolong this one, savor the flavor of the chase. It had been a few weeks already, and I wasn’t sick of him in the least bit, which was a whole new world for me. I’m a hit ‘em and quit ‘em kind of girl. Assuming it ever even gets to that point. I’m very self-conscious, which makes me very picky. If I’m not completely comfortable with a guy, I’ll just cut off contact.
So anyway, back to the point. It was Friday and I had promised my little cousin I’d go see her play at halfti... Continue»
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when i m 18+

I am Reshmi. My sexual experiences started during ragging in 1st year at college. I was a virgin till this happened. The first experience was lesbian in ladies hostel with senior girls. But first something about me. I am 5'3"?, have a very fair complexion. I have a figure to die for 34-26-36 & I like to tease boys. Now enough of me...

This happened as a part of ragging in the ladies hostel. It was one Friday evening after two weeks from the start of college. As next two days are holiday, most of the girls from nearby places went to their home and will be returned back only ... Continue»
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A new life (part 7/7)

It took Judi a week after she arrived home to get the nerve to confront Don. Judi had met Derrick at his apartment after work and had engaged in another round of incredible sex. Her more than satisfied pussy gave her the strength to have the discussion she had been avoiding for so long.

Judi walked into the house at 8 p.m. and found Don at his computer as usual. "Don, we need to talk," she said in a very serious tone.

Don picked up on the tension in his wife's voice and turned to face her. She looked flustered. Her hair was messed up and her clothes looked like she had had a hard day. D... Continue»
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