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Monica's beginning.

My wife Monica is as slutty as any porn goddess, and it took very little coaxing to get it out of her. She is 31 years old and a very curvy lady at 5'6" 160 with the most gorgeous DD breast ever placed on a woman, and with hips that can make any man beg. 2-3 years into our relationship, our sex life had started to become a little scripted. We both were dying for some excitement, but I never realized that she wanted it more than I did.

She had started a new job and was glad to be working again after a 5 month period of unemployment. She works at a large campus style facility, and one d... Continue»
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NYE Change of Plans

My wife, k**s and I were supposed to go to a party out at the home of friends in a nearby state that a number of her old friends from school would be attending. We hadn't been to their party in several years and wanted to reconnect with everyone we hadn't seen much since the last time we attended. Unfortunately, with inclement weather forecasted and due to the full-strength cold my wife developed she decided to nix the travel plans. Imagine, she felt it might be rude to stay overnight and spread rhinovirus everywhere!

She opted to stay home with the k**s but encouraged me to go to a diffe... Continue»
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Anna's help in hand...

It was late after noon when i had finished helping Anna move into her newly acquired flat in Leicester. She was a pleasant lady and we had chatted most of the after noon whilst i had been bringing in box after box of her household wares.
"Thank you Phil." Anna said as she sat down on ta chair in the kitchen.
"Your welcome. It didn't take as long as i thought."
"Is that it for the day or are you working this evening."
"No more today Anna, think i'll just nip home and have a bath then bed." I replied.
"I will have to thank Sue for letting me borrow you!" Anna smirked.
"Oh right, yeah... Continue»
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My dad shocked me with my aunt

Like most boys I thought dad had the cock of a horse. In this case he did. One co worker told how men refused to stand beside him at the pee troth. We had a farm and farm a****ls. One was a small horse we stabled for a f****y in town. When horse was borough in to breed her, wee all watched. The fellow suggested my dad take the job he was larger than the stud.
I brought home my girl friend for Christmas and new years. Mom being religious made her sl**p in my s****rs room, I slept with my younger b*****r.
We would slide to the barn or take a ride, just a chance to have sex. Dad told me she ... Continue»
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Best mates cock

About 8 years ago now, I reacquainted with an old friend that Had been my closest mate during our wild years. He’d returned from the UK, after being away with his fiancé for 15 years. In our heyday, we were non stop party a****ls . We would party all night, sometimes longer, and then we’d crash at some ones house for the night. It was usually mine, seeing as I had spare beds and no k**s. Nothing ever happened sexually between Andy and I, despite us being pretty open with one another. We showered together at times, just being silly buggers and it seemed strangely normal to our “care free” lif... Continue»
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Kim 3

Life for Kim after the home reunion was she'd go to work at 7am and get the office ready for the day then at 9am her dress came off and in high heels and collar only she would take her place behind Helen's desk ready to server her at a moments once. The staff were all women that Helen picked all young pretty and lesbian Kim also took care of them too. then at 5pm. she would go to the home and Sue's needs her life was one pussy after another in her face and she loved it. After the reunion one of the powerful women she met got her daughter a full ride at the school she wanted so life w... Continue»
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Young Cuckold

Young Cuckold

Just a little background before I begin my story. My ex-wife and I got married young. I impregnated her when she and I were only 19, we married shortly after we turned 20. We had little experience with sex,which partly explained her pregnancy. She had only one lover before me and she was my first.

Our parents insisted on the wedding,so it happened. Six months after our hasty wedding, Mary gave birth to our first c***d, a beautiful deep brown eyed boy.

I fell into a good paying job at a defense plant just outside of our ho... Continue»
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Better than work

She sits in her office, the sun streaming through an open window.
her phone vibrates under a pile of paperwork. She ignores it for a while as she continues to concentrate on the work in hand.
She looks at the computer screen in front of her as she feels for her phone, glancing at the phone screen, her concentration moves to from her work and a smile covers her face.
her whole body tingles as she reads the message, slightly twisting in her chair, her pussy pumps slightly and juices run into every crevice in her cunt.
She smiles as she reads and her nipples tingle, her breasts swell a littl... Continue»
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My Frist Adam4Adam meeting...Wow!

I am posting this true encounter from just last weekend. I met this wonderful man on A4A. It was recommended to me by another of my friends here.

Bill and I emailed for a few days prior to him coming to town for business. I was not sure of this kind of meeting so I wanted to meet in a public spot, and if things were wrong between us then no harm....just out a cup of coffee.

I walked into the coffee shop and there he was...a good looking man, with a short trimmed beard, and a great smile...I was in heat instantly.

We talked for about an hour and then I had to leave, but we made plans t... Continue»
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Sissy tasks

Your First Sissy Assignment

This is your first step on your journey into femininity. A journey that will change your life. You will be humiliated and embarrassed. Most of all, you will be feminised. If you don’t intend to follow all of these assignments to the letter, then turn away now.

Your first assignment is to buy yourself a pair of panties. Be sure to measure your hips before you set off. You will go to a smart department store or, better still, a specialist lingerie shop. How exciting – a whole shop dedicated to women’s underwear – bras, panties, suspenders/garters, slips, camisol... Continue»
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A Slut is born 4

A Slut is born 4
I could hear something being moved and after a few minutes felt someone sliding underneath me.
“Didn’t think I’d get left out did you, bitch?” Jim said in my ear.
I could feel him rubbing his cock against my ass as I realized what he was going to try and do.
He was going to put his cock in with Stan’s!!
I wiggled wildly trying to escape as Charlie held my head firmly and pushed his cock
all the way into my throat again. Stan reached down and spread my ass wider for Jim. I was helpless as these three men ****d my mouth and ... Continue»
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Me and my friend

Mel and Me were best friend; they hung out everyday, stayed over at each other's houses every weekend and knew each other's secrets. They have known each other ever since they were young.
It was a week before they both started college, one going New York, the other to California, so Mel decided to throw a party while her mother was away. Five hours later and the party died down, people have left and both girls were d***k. After cleaning up they decided to go to bed. I started to feel a little sick so she decided to stay in Mel's room just i case anything happened.
"Awe lovie, how are you f... Continue»
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Hi, those who read my posting, u know am an avid anal sex lover, male female no bar. This isn’t one with anal, but much cherished one. Last year I go to SG for a thorough health check. Few DAYS back I reached 6 in morn, checked in to hotel and left for checkup. Tm was given at 8:30; I had to reach in empty stomach and without poop. Once reached I was given container to poop and pee. Then get naked I was on the checkup. A real beauty lady doc of SG origin appeared. She kept on asking different things and noting. Unknowingly I had a hard-on. She smiled saying that’s not expected. I said travel s... Continue»
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The Kitchen Bench

I had the local radio station turned up loud on the radio as I chopped vegetables in preparation for our dinner. One of my favourite songs came on and I started singing along with it...what I lacked in musicality, I made up for in enthusiasm. My hips swaying to the rhythm as I sliced the carrot in time to the beat. I was having a wonderful time when I felt something brush my shoulder. Startled, I dropped the knife and turned around.....It was you...arrived home early from work...wanting to surprise me. I was so carried away with the music that I didn't hear your car in the drive or your ke... Continue»
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Big b*o helping me out

My b*****r and I have been very close, although we are over 15 years apart he's always been there for me. Unlike most of my friends, my b*****r and I never had the whole sibling rivalry or fought my b*****r. Frankly I always looked up to him. He seems to do well with girls and drove a nice car when he was in high school. He was someone I wish I could be when I get older.

A few months ago I decided to go camping with him and while sitting by the fire we started talking about girls and our experiences. I listened to his mostly as he described his most recent experience with this lady he met ... Continue»
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The teacher and the student - Part 1 (A loving tri

Looking for fresh flesh I enrolled myself in a summer class at a local school as an English teacher.
The purpose was to help those students struggling with the regular programs, and feast myself with the view of young nymphs.

Nanci was my first.

She appeared in my office just as I was about to leave for the evening. She was dressed in a red wool sweater and tight denim shorts, white socks and sneakers, and I could taste my mouth watering as I ravaged her body with my eyes.

"Professor, can you please spare me a few minutes?"
"Of course. Come in, let me guess...Bonnie..... Continue»
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The teacher and the student - Part 2 (A loving tri

I didn't realize how successful, until the following Saturday.

I had been tutoring Nanci for two weeks since our first meeting about grades.
She was now doing extremely well there, but she was desperate to improve her standing in as many courses as possible.

The tutoring was inevitably boring and Nanci was having difficulties drawing the right conclusions, I found that she’ll get easily distracted, I would often catch her looking at me rather than at her books, and was obviously developing a crush on her brilliant, patient, caring Professor - me!
But now, after the recent successes... Continue»
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Girlfriends mom catches me jerking off part 2

So my hot little tomato girlfriend winks at me and says "uh huh" and I don't know what to think. Does she know her mom and I were just fucking our brains out back at the house? The way she is looking at me I can't tell what the hell she's thinking. Anyway I lay down on the blanket next to her and she starts rubbing sunblock on me and asks me how I slept. The next thing I know she is whispering in my ear how horny she is and how her and I are going to get away later so we can fuck like bunnies. She was saying things like "I can't wait to have your cock in my mouth" and "I want you to fuck me re... Continue»
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Confessions of a Horny Housewife I

Perhaps I should explain something. I have never been a “bored housewife” but I have always been perpetually horny! There is a simple reason for that and it’s mainly physical rather than anything to do with my fantasies or sexual thoughts. The physical reason is that I have a very chubby pussy with a rude pouting clitoris that swells to the size of the end of my little linger. That naughty clitoris is always there, rudely protruding so that it rubs on my panties when I walk. I am ALWAYS sopping wet because of it and if I wear tight jeans or any outer clothing with a seam that rubs me I am unbe... Continue»
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Uncle Joe Comes to Visit his Niece Chrissy

I had just turned 18 two months ago and now that I was 'mature' enough, my parents had decided I could stay home while they went on a second honeymoon. Of course I was ecstatic! I always been a very popular girl, but I did see it as the perfect time to bring a few guys home! Plus, I was dying to have some time alone in the house without my parents, they could be quite controlling and this was my chance to be naughty for once!

There was a catch, however. My Uncle Joe would be coming over to keep an eye on me and the house. Well, that was the excuse this time. Apparently his girlfriend had ki... Continue»
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