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I Love My Hairies...

Written on December 30th, 2009

I have ALWAYS loved females who NEVER shave their armpits or any other body hair, in fact the hairier a female is the better, at least for me...

There is no other feeling in this world to me like cuddling a really hairy BBW and I have been married to or had relationships with females who didn't shave and also to females who did and the marriage/relationship lasted longer with the non shaving females.

I use the term females most of the time because young girls also have the choice of shaving or not shaving and as they are barely old enough to be desc... Continue»
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Fun in the Sun

Fun In The Sun

It was the fourth day of our holiday in Majorca we had been round the pool all morning and after lunch Paul said shall we go for a walk this afternoon instead of frying in the sun again. It was a very hot day and I couldn’t decide what to wear and decided on my light coloured patterned summer dress as it was nice and thin and being quite short I thought it wouldn’t be too bad, I couldn’t find my white bra to put under it but had a white bikini top that I thought would be ok but Paul said that looks stupid well I can’t find my bra, well don’t wear one he said, its not very th... Continue»
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Finally meeting wendy

I had been on the sex site for a few weeks (myfunbuddy) when I found wendys profile she was a single mum just looking for a little fun, so we started to message each other having little chats about what we were doing on the site and how things were going, talking about the nice people we had talked to and about the total creeps that were just weird, we were getting on well so decided to swap mobile numbers so we could chat more easily.

We would text each other and flirt getting each other worked up, I got wendys e-mail and started to send her naughty stories just to tease her through the da... Continue»
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Fun Fun Fun

Subject: Auntie, Mom's Friend and Mom
From: Clue Master <>
Date: 1997/01/29

Auntie, Mom's Friend and Mom

An erotic story
written by Anon

The first awakenings of my sex drive happened when I was about 12.
My first memories of experimentation's with sex were over my Aunt
Mary. This woman was my uncle's ex wife, a woman I always recognized as
an undeniably beautiful woman, in a plastic sort of way. I never seemed
to recognize that her body was probably never... Continue»
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Vogue Photo Shoot with Miley Cyrus

I just found this very sexy Miley Cyrus Story at the internet

Copyright goes to "I Love Miley." I hope you guys like it!

Allow me to begin telling this story by giving you a background about myself. I'm a 32 year old British photographer, residing in Los Angeles, California. I've done numerous photo shoots for Vogue, Victoria's Secret and Guess, along with some other high end fashion magazines. I've photographed a legion of celebrities, ranging from the likes of David Beckham to Angelina Jolie. Nevertheless, meeting those people don't hold a candle to Miley. The events that I'm about t... Continue»
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Theatrical…… 16
I woke with my husband kneeling beside the couch shaking me gently, I had disposed of the evidence the night before during a toilet visit, “sweetheart” he said, “yes” I said sl**pily, “I’m sorry about last night, I was being a prick and I know it, I know that things have not been good for a while but I will make it up to you, I promise, I had thought about taking you out this weekend but you seem to have scuppered that with your own plans” he said, I, leaned forward and kissed him, “why on earth didn’t you say, I have promised Mary and Julia now, if you had mentioned it I cou... Continue»
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My birthday sex party part 4

My Birthday Sex Party Part 4

…………………..shall we go get another drink lads and leave the girls to recover and clean themselves up they laughed as they walked out. Jo said right that’s them out of the way lets clean you up, leaning towards me and kissing me again. Then pushing me back on the bed she started to like above my pussy at all the cum that had been spilt there. She made sure it was all gone before saying its on your stockings too hun, and removed them too so for the first time I was completely naked like her. She move round and positioned herself over me so her pussy was above my fac... Continue»
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Redneck twink fuck in the field.

Fucking outdoors was always my thing since the first time i had done it. The traditional sex in bed just did not really appeal to me unless i needed a quick fuck and that was the only way i could get it. Even then i would use my perverted imagination to think up something kinky. I was in the mood one night for getting fucked. I had seen some guys earlier that day with their tattoos and piercings driving their trucks...made me imagine them taking me out to a field and taking turns fucking my hole. I wasted no time and set up an ad to try to collect for older tops as always interested in outdoor... Continue»
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Slave boys 3rd meeting

it was nearly a year since sams two experiences with his master Domdadd, and life was growing ever the same at home with his girlfriend.
He fantasised daily over his past meetings with his master and he felt an urge to contact him again, strange enough Domdadd was thinking exactly the same and the next time sam logged into his pc there was a message waiting

Domdadd - "Hi boy, its been a long time! have i opened a whole new world of sex relations for you since we last met?"

sam replied

"Hello sir! i was thinking about messaging you today! i havnt done anything since we last met, apar... Continue»
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Threeway in Reno

(Sorry dear reader. This is not a gay story like I usually write)

I was 19 and in college. For spring break I went to Reno NV with the intent of going to a brothel and getting laid by a pro. It was early evening when I made my way to one of the brothels. The girls were busy so I was waiting at the bar in the lounge drinking a soda. Also in the lounge was a man who looked to be in his late 50’s with mostly red-ish brown hair on his head. He was talking with the madam of the place. He pointed at me for a brief instant. The madam walks up to me and say “Another customer was wondering i... Continue»
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Margaret Needed To Cum

The night was stifling hot and humid, and sl**ping was mostly out of the question. I laid in my soaking wet sheets as the small fan on the dresser pushed hot humid air over me. I tried my best to sl**p, but kept remembering my encounters with Margaret. Masturbating didn't work because the heat was too distracting. I tossed in misery until 1:30 A.M., and sat up in bed directly in front of the fan. Quietly, I walked to the bathroom in hopes the activity would break my sl**plessness, and as I came out, looked into Margaret's open bedroom door. She was sl**ping on top of the sheets wearing only a ... Continue»
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Wifes DP adventures now that i know all

Since i started posting my wife's secret journal, i wanted to share in her fun,acting as if i knew nothing, but wanted to introduce her to something new. So far her passion for threesomes has kept me busy and revealed a totally differnt and sexy woman than i knew.

We had arranged to meet some new male friends at a local pub. and if the chem was right. we would move to a local hotel for drinks and more.
Alyz clearly shown approval of our two new men friends. And her flirting and teasing gave me the wink that she wanted to leave the pub. the hotel was nearby and our male friends and i met ... Continue»
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A Night on the Town

This is my first post, hope you enjoy. May continue the story if I get positive feedback.
It was my 21st birthday, and my friends were taking me out for a night on the town. We had been going from bar to bar, getting d***k and trying to pick up women. Finding no luck with the woman at the bar we were at, we decided that it was time to move on again. We wandered down the street, looking for the next bar. We found one called the Dollhouse, and decided to go in. We found a table and immediately ordered our drinks. I had the need to go to the restroom, and excused myself from my friends.
On my ... Continue»
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I was Just A Sex Slave...5

I was whimpering and crying softly as they talked and could feel my anal muscle rings respond to his penis as it throb. I couldn't help it as his penis was so far in my rectum. With him on my back and me impaled by his penis I drifted off again into exhausted slumber.

As I slumbered I drifted off into deep dreamland, I was kneeling before Bruce, he was the most attractive of the three and far better looking than his uncle. We were about the same age and Bruce body was some what fit and tight.

I could see Bruce rigid phallus waving before my face and my lips slip around his bulbous ... Continue»
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Special institution for naughty girls 18 to 22


Eventually Albert said now kneel on the bed reach back spread the cheeks of your bottom.

He then tonged deep into her bottom and inserted a small probe after some time a larger prob eventually using a large dil do O please Mister it hurts not so hard. Janet whispered.

. O please mister stop no more gasped Janet.
Alberts answer was you have a small hard round bottom like a boys so need a good hard bum fucking.
Albert then strapped on a small 6" dildo grabbing Janets pig tails he fucked her up the bottom. As Janet gripping the cheeks of her own bottom tried to sp... Continue»
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Me wife and Husband have first threesome with his

Ok well first me and my husband were watching porn then he said that we should go on a webcam and let the public and our friend I want to fuck watch. So I was chatting online with him and I was getting so wet. I kept saying I didn't think I was hot onough for webcam but he kept insisting I was telling me how hot i was. So 1 told him he should come over and prove it. Well he agreed after we made a plan to pick him up. Once we got to the house we all three had a few shots. Then I told my husband 1 wanted some alone time with him so it wasn't awkward. My hubby agreed and then waited outside the b... Continue»
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The Stephanie McMahon Story

Me and my friends had just finished viewing the Smackdown tapings and we
were really excited because the WWE has been here 3 times in less than a
year, so we get to see a lot more than other towns around us! I’ve been a
WWE fan for forever, and every show that’s in a 100 mile radius is one that
I attend. On this night I went with a few friends from school, and it turned
out to
be a lot more fun than I originally planned on having!
Well, anyway like I said, we were done with the... Continue»
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Me and My Cousin Alex pt2

My cousin Alex had finally graduated high school so everyone was coming to celebrate for her. Of course I had a special reason I wanted to visit her. I walk into the auditorium where the ceremony was being held and I can't find anyone in my f****y. So I search around for a few seconds like an idiot and find a place to sit. The ceremony starts and I see Alex waltz by in her gown and high heels. DAMN!! Even in that thing she looks incredible. My dick starts shifting in my pants and for a moment while she is looking over the crowd we make eye contact and she winks at me!

My dick shuddered and ... Continue»
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Just Another Sunday Funday

So I just got back from one of my favorite days: Sunday. Most people hate it because it's the day people go to church. But that's exactly why I like it. You see, every Sunday, one of my oldest and dearest lovers invites me to his home while his wife is at church. He also invites several of his friends…who invite their friends…and who invite their friends ;-) We call it "Sunday Funday".

While I usually travel very discretely, these men want me in full drag, in the sluttiest outfits and highest heels imaginable. This time, I was wearing a cowgirl outfit with a brown pair of boots, comp... Continue»
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Sneaking Up On Margaret

It was Sunday, and Pst was up early to help the minister with the morning service. Margaret made breakfast for the three of us, and told me I could stay home an relax due to the fact I wasn't a member of their religion. Pat left, and Margaret poured herslef another cup of coffee, and sat down at the table with me. In a soft and warm tone, she said, "Trev...what has been goin on between us may or may not be strictly moral, but I want you to know that it has made me feel more alive than I've ever felt in my 56 years of life - and certainly since Pat's grandfather and I divorced twelve years ago.... Continue»
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