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Lunch Break (Mff, Voyeur, IR)

Interracial SexTabooVoyeur

After some seriously hot action, I left Beebee (Balthazar Brown for those of you that do not know him) and his twin daughters Sam (Samantha) and Tam (Tamara). Beebee gave me a lift home and we agreed to see more of each other before he left for home. It was still early evening so I prepared a quick salad and a crisp, French baguette for dinner, which I ate in front of the TV before going early to bed. You can only take so much action in a day. On the following Wednesday, just before one in the afternoon, my doorbell went. I was working on a contract for a major public tender but managed to… Read more

Posted by allaccept 3 years ago 1,317 100%

Carol and 1 No 5


Story 5 Chapter 1 There was a knock on the door just as Carol was settling down for a relaxing afternoon with a book. She had just showered and was relaxed in casual gear and was going to ignore the door. The bell rang again so she put the book down and went to see who it was. She was not expecting anybody and the girls were away again for the weekend. Under her breath she cursed the caller as Carol was looking forward to peace and quiet. Rudeolph had decided he was fed up and wanted to spend some quality time, and this had resulted in his getting into the car and driving some 90 mi… Read more

Posted by rudeolph 3 years ago 1,746 100%

An Impossible Scenario

BDSMGroup SexLesbian Sex

Leah's delicate, caramel hand met Jen's firm pale ass with a hard, authoritative slap. She loved being on her knees in subjugation and this situation was just tops. Leah had been a fantasy of hers for quite some time and her ever-loving Dom had come through in a big way. Jen was being toyed with by one of her biggest crushes to date. Her flushed complexion wasn't from pain, but from her strong and repetitive orgasms. She couldn't stop cumming. "Your Master says you like the c-word? Are you enjoying this, Cunt? Hmmm? Do you like my hand across your bottom?" Leah whispered the taunts into Jen's… Read more

Posted by sinisterpleasure 3 years ago 1,133 100%

Carol and 1 no 4


Story 4 Chapter 1 I was a warm early morning in May, Carol was resting in her bed, drifting in and out of sl**p. Rudeolph was flat out next to her and both were naked having spent the previous evening in yet another sexual encounter that had left both of them spent and exhausted. Carol had an additional twinkle in her eyes this morning, she lay there recalling her shopping trip the other day, she had eventually built up the courage to go and purchase the items she had spent weeks thinking about, Her shopping trip was for one purpose only, and that was shortly to be fulfilled.. Ever si… Read more

Posted by rudeolph 3 years ago 871

My first time with a woman part 1

First TimeLesbian SexMasturbation

I woke up that morning quite excited but very nervous. My best friend knew my fantasy and had arranged for her friend and myself to "hook up" and that day had come. I started the day by visiting this site, talking to my lesbian friend about how nervous i was and how the girl i was going to be with had sent me a text saying she'd be an hour, she's finding a double ended dildo and got a surprise for me. I didn't even know they existed so my nerves grew even more. By the end of this conversation i was actually quite horny and a small wet patch on my blue panties so i threw them off and began to p… Read more

Posted by fingerlickinggood22 3 years ago 4 3,037 92%

Working Kelly part 4

AnalHardcoreLesbian Sex

This story contains lesbian and anal themes After we left her friends house Kelly suggested we meet again there tomorrow night. The following evening as I made my way to meet Kelly! I text her to see if she was there and she replied that the front door was open and to shut it after me. I walked into the hallway to hear grunts and groans of pleasure! Then I heard Kelly called out "in here Hun!" As I walked in to the living room I was greeted by the sight of Kelly and another girl naked in a '69' position. "Hi sweetie! This is Ali! This is her flat that we were looking after by the wa… Read more

Posted by goofiegumdrops 3 years ago 1 1,287 75%

My Ex-daughter In Law (Part 5)

FetishFirst TimeMature

In the last tale it finished with me and Debbie being on the floor cuddling in our spunky mess. As we both cuddled she smiled at me and I went in for a kiss. Debbie said "No, Stop, I'm covered in spu....." but it was too late my lips met her lips and we kissed. I have to admit, the thought of eating my own spunk never appealed to me but seeing it on a Goddess is a different kettle of fish! We kissed and I personally thought it was a bit tangy/stingy even, and I didn't see what all the fuss was about with girls loving the taste of it, I thought "What the hell!" Although it wasn't… Read more

Posted by illdoitforyouinhull 3 years ago 2 3,983 100%

Next Girl Door Turned Me Lesbian

Interracial SexLesbian SexMasturbation

This is Poonam from Bangalore. A incident with a girl next door has ignited the lust and crave in me for a women’s body. I was not a bisexual before, just few incidents when I was 18. I have always been crazy for sex right from my c***dhood when I use to see my parents mate and few times I had seen house maid’s making love with driver. For my introduction, I am poonam married and settled in Bangalore with a businessman. I am over satisfied with my sexual life, as my hubby sanjay satisfies me 2 or 3 times a week and he is just awesome in bed. I am 32year old and am on leaner side. People… Read more

Posted by bava12 3 years ago 2,281 89%

First Night With Sister-In-Law

Interracial SexLesbian SexMasturbation

Since the moment Kanchana has seen her little s****r-in-Law, Lalitha, the bride of her newly married younger b*****r, Kanchana has been longing to bed with her, by any means. Kanchana has slept with many hired e****t girls in US, Europe and Africa during her business tours. Kanchana is a seasoned lesbian. She could seduce and deflower some virgin staright girls also, but has never slept with any traditional Indian virgin. Kanchana usually liked her women younger.… Read more

Posted by bava12 3 years ago 5,780 73%

An Unwanted Gift



Posted by bava12 3 years ago 3,839 80%

Seduced Mom with the Help of Stranger


This is Kumaresh from Chennai and I would like to share my true experience with you all. I lost my father when I am studying 10th standard and we were suffered very much financially but somehow managed with the help of my grandparents and my mom unable go for any job since she is very innocent and not have much exposure to outside world. This makes life very difficult and I managed to join college after my 12th standard where my lust for my mom started. My mom name is Padma and her age was 39 at that time. She was medium in height and skinny with no sign of boobs but has very well naval an… Read more

Posted by bava12 3 years ago 5,440 93%

Hot Experience With Newly Married Bhabhi

AnalMatureSex Humor

my name is Aman, i am 23 years old and i live in Gurgaon, Delhi. I am a good looking guy, 6 ft. tall. This is my first story so sorry for the mistakes. Getting to the story now It was a hot afternoon in Delhi and i was at my bhabhi’s place as she had invited me for lunch. She was recently married and she had all the curves a woman could have. She was wearing an orange color kurti and black skinny fit leggings. She was looking very sexy and like a newly married woman her face was glowing. She had a fair complexion and her size… Read more

Posted by bava12 3 years ago 1 1,484 33%

Horny Mother Fucked By Dicky Son


Coming back to the real incident, let me explain you the scene what had happened when i was at 26. Let me introduce my dear mom, her name is Sudha and size is 34, 32 and 34. She looks gorgeous and sex appeals like old heroines. Literally many of uncles was looking at my mom with their horny hunger. Those who come to my home to meet my father tried to touch my mother with their hand when my mom was serving tea. Coming to me, i never had feeling of looking at my mom at that angle. It was started when i was at 15 and completed my 10th class and got 565/600 marks and got 1st in class. My mom… Read more

Posted by bava12 3 years ago 5,252 88%

aunty and my mom


I am 20 years old. This story happened when I was 11. My mother was 36 years old then. She is a tall woman with a slightly bulky body and average looks. Her name is Mini. She is a loyal wife and a conservative lady. Her figure is 36-32-34. she always wears saree and that too above the navel covering her belly properly. Once my moms s****r, Smitha paid us a visit. They decided to go for an English movie. We booked tickets for the 6. 30 pm show. Saying about Smitha aunty. She is a 29 year old spinster. She is slim, tall and is a beauty. But her tits are too small. She has a very good body… Read more

Posted by bava12 3 years ago 4,621 76%

Fun With A Friend

Group SexMasturbation

I have known her since middle school. Unfortunately we ended up losing touch after high school was over. We ended up finding each other again on a social site and rekindled our friendship. She was in a long-term relationship, worked constantly, and went to college; which basically sounded like my husband’s and my lives, except we had c***dren added to the mix. After a couple months of chatting and messaging each other, we finally got to hang out a couple times. After the last time we got to hang out, her and her partner ended up moving to another state and it was going to be over a year bef… Read more

Posted by nawtymtcpl4u 3 years ago 3 2,503 80%

First Time Pleasure Sex Experience With Bhabi

AnalFirst TimeTaboo

I’m Anil from Hyderabad 22 years. This story is about my cute bhabi. This incident happened 1month back in this year. I enjoyed the great sex with her daily she gives me a great pleasure in sex. I enjoyed with her every day and experienced different types of positions with her. Coming to my bhabhi she is a great body she is 27 and her boobs are perfect in size and her ass is awesome she is average in color but she is very attractive. Coming to the story i was completed my graduation and i was enjoying my holidays and i have a cousin b*****r he is working in software company living in Hy… Read more

Posted by bava12 3 years ago 1,500 70%

cinema 5

First TimeGay MaleMasturbation

walking back to where I was sitting i could feel my face very hot , and was feeling like feverish all over , i didnt worry about feeling like this because i recall the same feeling the day I met Ise , I sat down and I felt more secure here in the dark at least my expression was not easy to see . A couple of minutes later i saw Ise walking up the aisle towards where I was sitting , here , brought you a coke , he said , ah thanks , I replied . the coke was very cold and this help putting down my temperature and with small sips waited for the movie to start . i have stopped judging all this sit… Read more

Posted by gugawino 3 years ago 1 1,969 86%

my evil black dick splits white pussy!

Group SexHardcoreInterracial Sex

your king read whole story and checkout my profile! Bride & Groom where whisked away by the five black men. On their way to the hotel, they now had been taken to a hideaway in the mountains. The beautiful bride, in her pure white wedding gown was surrounded by the black captives. Her husband was tied to a chair next to her. Julie was a virgin bride who had never seen or handled a cock before. This was not a chance happening but a planned k**napping. It had been a chance sighting for the blacks a month ago,… Read more

Posted by blackiecs 3 years ago 3 4,826 88%

Pepper’s Honeymoon – Part 4 – Ch

Group SexHardcoreMature

Pepper’s Honeymoon – Part 4 – Chuck and Margie Wednesday, September 5, 1985 We slept in and almost missed breakfast. The three of us felt lazy today and decided to stay at the bungalow and perhaps spend some time on the beach. After breakfast, we took a casual walk around the resort. It really was very well laid out and very pretty. It reminded us of what you would expect to see at a Hawaiian or South Seas resort. On our stroll around the resort, we saw the older couple we had seen at the beach a couple nights earlier. We smiled and said hello and the husband was just starting to say… Read more

Posted by jdwhitings 3 years ago 1 1,919 100%

fun with bhua in Agra

Group SexHardcoreLesbian Sex

Fun in Agra . We left Gopals house to go to Agra to see Taz Mahal one of the beautiful building. The King made it in the memory of his beloved wife who died giving birth. One the way we stopped at Mathra- Vindravan. The place of Krishna. It is said that Krishana hade more then 360 wives. Wonder how he managed 360 women? We stayed for one night. We seen many places there. We reached Agra in the afternoon. Checked in hotel and rested. Pari and bhua (aunt) started to do 69. I was getting excited watching them licking each other,s pussy. After few minutes Bhua said beta (son) we are r… Read more

Posted by pari4aj4pari 3 years ago 1,243 100%