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a post conference meeting


Chapter 1 The time has finally come. Weeks of thinking, imagining and anticipating are finally coming to fruition. What began as a simple conversation with a tinge of flirtation between two virtual strangers may very well indeed transform into a time to remember. The highway markers fly by as Benjamin’s hands grasp the leather of the steering wheel in his hands. The miles pass quickly as he heads into town. His palms flatten against the smooth leather as his mind wanders from the radio to his own thoughts of what lay ahead for the eve. It was nine weeks ago that they were both sp… Read more

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Is Internet Porn DESTROYING your marriage? chapter

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Chapter 4 Monday, I called Levant, to talk about everything and how wonderful everything went. I was about explode with excitement, and just had to talk to someone! I felt like I had water poured all over me when Levant answered his phone in a dejected tone of voice. I asked what was wrong. He said, “I am so sorry Kathy. I dropped the ball. The professor is planning to reassign you and Joe to another case worker.” I yelped, “No, why? We did everything perfectly!” He said, “Kathy, it wasn’t you. It was me, my fault. I remembered to tell you about the change up so you altered the pattern fro… Read more

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Is Internet Porn DESTROYING your marriage? chapter

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Chapter 5 It’s hard to believe we’ve been in the program for right around 2 months now. It’s hard because in one way it seems like it hasn’t been that long that we’ve been doing this, while on the other hand it feels like it was ages ago that Joe and I had such a bad marriage, and I turned to that business card in that bar that read, “Is Internet Porn DESTROYING your marriage?” I remember way back then, going to the disco bar with Amy. Joe and I had already started the program and he had been in chastity, I think about a week at that time. His attitude seemed to change overnight, and so did… Read more

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MIle High

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As I left my house I continued to bitch and moan about how I did not want to take this trip. It seemed useless to me to be flying back to LAX again to learn a skill I already knew. No matter how I protested, my boss was not going to be dissuaded on the idea. I was going to San Marcos whether I liked it or not. I packed enough clothes for 4 days although I knew I was only going to be gone for 2. I liked having options when it comes to my appearance. What if I decided to go out? What if I met someone? What if diner was in some "Jacket Required" joint? The last thing I wanted to b… Read more

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A Wild Ride to Vegas


We set out going north from Phoenix in the late morning. It was already hot enough to be uncomfortable. My car had air conditioning, but I preferred the 'natural' version of just rolling down the windows. Heidi wasn't a big fan, but she put up with it anyway. She says I'm cheap, but I like to think it's easier on the engine. She'd planned ahead for it, dressing in few clothes for the ride and bringing a change of clothes for once we got into Vegas. It was a rough start, but once we got out onto the open road we blasted the music and relaxed a little. I'd noticed she was adjusting herself a lot… Read more

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A Wilder Saturday Night in OKC


"Are you sure you want to do this?" Ray's words startled me. We had been driving around for the past twenty or thirty minutes and I had slipped off into a bit of a trance. I had reclined my seat and had one foot on the dash as I slowly massaged my pussy. Circling my fingers up my slit to my clit then down to dip into my wetness then back around again, I had slipped off to a dreamy (creamy) state of mind. Occasionally I would bring my hand to my mouth and taste my juices then swirl down around my nipples, pinching them and pulling on them, then once more between my legs and inside my snatch.… Read more

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son wants back in moms pussy


I have written an read so many stories of taboo. For years the words and images of Mom being fucked silly by her baby boy have made my seaman boil, My x wife was my mom's mini me for 10 years and it was the next best thing to fucking a younger version of my own Mother. That was until my Father died 5 years ago leaving Moms all alone inside my c***dhood house. The old neighbor hood went to shit and I started spending more time with mom to look out for her. The more time away from the wife the less sex we had. The less sex we had the more time I spent away from her. A year after Dad died I mov… Read more

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A Young Witch Meets Her Maker


All beautiful young women believe they have a power over men, but just for that reason it is the man who has power over women to whom they will surrender. Men must struggle to win or create or find that power over the women he desires. As a man loses the simple but powerful lures of youth and looks, he must fall back on his wisdom and experience. My stepdaughter, Sara, was a young woman I had come to desire. I had married her mother, Beth, when Sara was only 11 and her s****r Ashley only 9. Beth was 28, a beauty, and a widow, her husband Peter killed in a traffic accident only five years af… Read more

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Aaron's New Stepsister


Aaron Sanders was shocked when he heard that his father had remarried. His mother had died when he was young, and it had always just been him and his dad. When he was going to college at Pitt, his father told him during his senior year that he was dating a woman, but getting married only three months into their relationship was a huge shock. Heather was a woman who had been divorced a long time and he guessed they just fell into a mindset of hurrying up because they were both in their forties. Aaron just hoped that his dad had set up a great prenuptial agreement because he felt like this was r… Read more

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A Wet Night at the Spa


"Do you think they have good sex?" My wife asked me. "It's a tough one, they look pretty into each other now, but maybe its all a show. Maybe in the bedroom he can't be bothered, or maybe she's just someone he takes to swimming pools to play with and they've never had sex." I watched as the two kissed, their bodies wrapped together. "She's got a beautiful body though, that dark skin. It looks so sexy in the water." My wife said, pointing out exactly what I was thinking, "I did notice her legs when she got in. And yes, she looks pretty good in that swimsuit." My wife looked at me, a… Read more

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Caught by my son's wife pt 3

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A new twist that I think EVERYONE who has read to this point will enjoy!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Tamara opened her eyes and glared up at the dark gray heavy cloud that was stealing the warm sunshine from kissing her nearly naked flesh. Aside from the small triangle of cloth covering the bare naked slit of her pussy, almost none of her brown flesh had not been kissed by the sun these days. Now that she owned the f****y jewels of both men in the house, she just ignored Barb… Read more

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Another Night In The Strip Club, by Nepal's f

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"A Night In The Strip Club" by Bindu Pariyar. ( A sexy true short story about Nepal's only naked stripper in Dallas USA) It's Saturday night in America, my BIG money night as a "stripper" (naked bar dancer) in Dallas, Texas. I arrive at Baby Dolls strip club by 8;00pm, check in, and go to the dancers dressing room. Its already busy on the main floor, maybe 200 guys and 50 strippers. I touch-up my slutty make-up, check my hair and belly and puti piercing jewelrys. I'm ready! I hear the DJ call out, ""Sonali" (my stripper name) will be next dancer on main stage guys!" So I walk up… Read more

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My first strap on experience with my first crush


A little about me: I have been interested in strap-on sex for about 8 or 9 years. As a black male in his 20s, finding a woman who is interested in doing this is very difficult, as they are always quick to jump to conclusions about your sexuality. However, my best female friend apparently had the same interest. One day in 2008, while talking on the phone, she says to me randomly " how would you like if I lay you on your back and fuck you with a 12" strap-on?" I was caught off guard, but I immediately was horny. Not knowing what to say, I said "wow...I don't know about that...". She p… Read more

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BIG changes happen on Fridays ;) continued


Friday 11/4/07 Continued After doing my duties around the house I moved upstairs and lying on my bed was something that took my breath away it was a dress my first proper dress (Mistress Isabella had given me many dresses before but they were never very ladylike they always carried a message with them that I was her plaything a doll to be played with and fucked at the drop of a hat) a real dress I picked it up and held it against me it was a soft red satin Square Neckline mini Cocktail Dress with long sleeves it was perfect I knew what to wear with it instantly I grabbed my favourite pair… Read more

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more than expected teaching a neighbour to drive

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It was a glorious summers day and I was chatting with my neighbour. he asked could i give her husband some driving lessons. Well I've met him but he is very quiet and so I thought this would be a good way to get to know him, so "yes, when is the best time for him to go out" I asked "He's home now if you've got the time" she said. "Yes i'm not doing anything. Give him a call and i'll take him now" So out he comes and I introduce myself and ask if he's driven before. "yes" he said so I gave him the keys and off we set. His driving wasn't the best and I had to help him out quiet a bit. We… Read more

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My Fantasy Nights - Part 3


This is the third installment about how many of my fantasies have come true for me thanks to my loving wife. As noted in previous stories, my sex interests tend to be more kinky than my wife's, but she has been willing to try out some of the wilder things with me. As I stated in the second installment, we had tried out some very mild bondage and domination recently, with both of us assuming the submissive position at various times. I really prefer that my wife dominate me and I wish that she would get into it a little more. I trust her and know that she would never hurt me. However, I do wi… Read more

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Teen Yummy Mummy 1st meet

First TimeHardcoreVoyeur

All my stories are based on my experiences I was in my early 20's at the time and like most using chat rooms in my spare time to chat with local girls. One girl stays in my mind.. Jen. We started chatting in open chat and soon instant messaging away from the main room. We used to chat for hours about everything and started to build a connection. Jen told me she was a young mum and 3 years younger than me, she lost her virginity on a one night stand and 9 months later had to bring a c***d into the world. I also had a c***d young so we had loads in common apart from Jen lived with her… Read more

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Fun on a hot summer's day

Group Sex

The 3 of us were heading out to the cabin in the Jeep. It was hot so we all had shorts on, but I was wearing a small tiny strapped t-shirt. Since it is a few hours’ drive. We were learning allot about each other. What we liked, music, food, a****ls, etc. We finally arrive at the cabin and toss our things in the bedroom. You wanted to go fishing right away. So, off we go again heading to a remote spot on the river that you found. It was pretty, a lot of trees and shade and secluded. We baited our hooks and set up and tossed in our poles. You were whispering how nice my breast looked and t… Read more

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The Goodbye Party

First Time

M/F, Teen, Despite the fact that the party was being held in my honor, I knew only about half the people who showed up. We had just graduated high school and while my friends had all chosen to attend nearby Penn State, I was setting off across the country to go to Stanford. And so the party was born and while in theory it was to say goodbye to me, it had quickly turned into an excuse to get d***k and hook-up. Tired of being ignored I took my beer and went outside. As I stood leaning against the side of the house sipping my beer, I heard a man's voice calling my name. "… Read more

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My Fantasy Nights - Part 2


This is the second installment about how my wife has made my fantasies come true - at least to this point. I surely have others that she can help me live out as well. As I stated in the first installment, typically, my wife is less inclined to be kinky and stretch the bounds of our sex life. She is perfectly happy to have me fuck and suck her to orgasm regularly. Fortunately for me, she is usually willing to try some kinky things that would probably be considered totally wild and crazy by most people. We had recently bought a new bedroom suite. While we had been shopping for the new bedr… Read more

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