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Getting Involved - Emma’s Awakening

I introduced you all to my wife Emma in the story - The First Time. Let me tell you a bit more about her before I carry on with our tale. She is around 5’9 in height, brunette hair of medium to short length, and has a nice pale curvy body with quite large breasts. She is also in her mid thirties. The First Time was a story of sexual awakening in a marriage of 10 years. This is the backdrop from which the rest of our sexual exploration will take place. Its starts again with us inviting him back two weeks later on a Saturday afternoon.

We had already decided I would be closer to the action th... Continue»
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Jenny could not believe her luck when it came to finding submissives
and her ability to sense latent subs. She could sense it in this guy,
Malcolm, ever since he turned up on her show tonight. She had been teasing
and trying to pull him up. She even got the participating girl to ask
him a really humiliating question and his slight blush while answering
made her even more sure.
She was feeling really hot tonight and she was sure she wanted him. He
had admitted he was a virgin and she would love to teach him. She could
almost feel him trying to please her with his tongue while ... Continue»
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The Pick Up

Sasha was raised by a whore mother and she was no stranger to sex. She learned early that sex can get you many things. Growing up she saw her mom fuck many men. Her mom was not worried about Sasha seeing her fucking and sucking these men all night long. Some of the sex was very kinky and her mom even would fuck several men at the same time. Sasha had even seen her mom with women. Her mom loved to be with a man and woman together. Sasha would stand at the door to her room and watch as her mom had a couple in her room. One man and woman came often as he tied his wife and she watched him fuck the... Continue»
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The Bar Ch.1

Disclaimer: This story is a complete work of fiction. None of the described events happened(as far as i know). This story is not meant to harm any of its characters. Do not read if you are younger than 18/21.
PS:English is not my first language

A few years ago i decided to move to the US. I chose to live in LA to become an actor. Didn't actually work. To earn money i worked in a little bar in Beverly Hills. It was a small comfy place for normal people like you and me. Sadly Jerry,the owner,died. To my surprise he changed his testament to make me inherit the bar,because he had no f****y.
I... Continue»
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Used By My Man And His Son

"The Story you are about to read is most definitely a true story as told by a longtime and close lady friend of mine. She's a white female in her late 40's, about 5'10,a very shapely BBW. Light freckles on her face, and one of those smiles you'd see on a toothpaste ad.thick shapely hips and ass, and thick firm curvaceous thighs and calves. Years ago this incident took place rather unexpectedly from what was explained by her. And for sometime it kinda weighed on her because she had never had any out of he ordinary sex or sexual encounters after being married to the same man... Continue»
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a*****ing the Bride

a*****ing the Bride

by Black Demon

Bride & Groom where whisked away by the five black men. On their way to the hotel, they now had been taken to a hideaway in the mountains. The beautiful bride, in her pure white wedding gown was surrounded by the black captives. Her husband was tied to a chair next to her. Julie was a virgin bride who had never seen or handled a cock before.

This was not a chance happening but a planned k**napping. It had been a chance sighting for the blacks a month ago, when Julie had gone to the bridal shop to try on her wedding gown. The blacks had been ... Continue»
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Happy Ending from a Girl on

I found an ad in for a gal who gives a nice massage with a Happy Ending; and she does them in her own home. The best part is the regular massage for 60 minutes was only $40 and the 90 minute Happy Ending massage was only an extra $40. Not a bad deal at all. But, I've never had one at a gal’s home before; they have always been in some “massage parlor” shop. I wasn't too sure about getting a Happy Ending massage if there might be someone in the house who might be listening or watching, especially since I don't know if they might the local LEO's hiding. Well, my fears were wasted. Sh... Continue»
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"Pete? Where are you?" Gloria cautiously entered the dark room. She had flipped on the light switch, but it didn't turn on. Maybe it was burnt out, she thought to herself. Carefully she felt her way around the furniture. When she felt the light switch in the hall, she flipped it on; still nothing. "Pete! What's going on! This isn't funny! You're scaring me!"

Suddenly she felt an arm grab her from behind and cover her mouth. She jumped, but then relaxed when she heard Pete's voice softly whisper in her ear. "Did I scare you?"

She turned and playfully smacked his arm. "Don't ever ... Continue»
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Step b*****r! Or should I say lucky step b*****r!

As well as my other stories from school this is my side stories of which is still true and which happened later towards the end of school and after I finished school. These stories will be known as the step b*o stories.

Firstly you need to know my f****y without going into too much detail. Its my mother, s****r, step dad and b*****r. Now my step dad works away for long periods of time and mother works all different shifts. My step b*****r is a few years younger than me and my s****r is also young. Boring part out of the way!

Over the next few stories you will realise that my step b*****... Continue»
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Don was fifteen and had four younger s****rs. His father was gone a lot because of his government job and thus Don still nursed his mom's big DDD tits. His dad was only home long enough to knock his mom up and then he was gone again. Don would climb into his mom's bed and nurse her every night. His mom slept naked and he loved cuddling next to her and sucking her long nipples. As he sucked one huge tit he would rub the other. His mom stayed full of milk and loved her son nursing her nightly.

This year it changed a lot as he nursed his mom. She told him when he got in bed to be naked too. D... Continue»
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Paying her bills with her pussy

Hi my name is Alan Holmes im a 38 year old business man i have a few business i run a garage repair shop a couple of snooker halls and a money lending service .A manager looks after them on a day to day base)s and i just keep an eye on the money lending business which can be quite interesting .Most people pay the money back on time but you allways get a few who dont if its a guy who owes me i just send the men round to teach them the error of there ways they pay up quick after that .But if its a women i get them to come to my office most are only to happy to pay the money of with there pussys ... Continue»
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A morning with my co-worker

Pre story
i have a online mistress since 5 years and we play on Second Life, Skype and write emails and send pictures.Then a few months ago i startted to meet as well with my co-worker. a very hot, slim, naughty and amazing woman 13 years older then me. After a x-mas dinner we started to meet once in a while and play in her apartment when her k**s are in school. this is the story of one of our playtimes.

its 8:30 am i ring at your door. you buzz me in. i go into the door and find a little note saying" go to the next room and undress yourself, take 3 cock rings on over your ba... Continue»
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Oh that inc*st


It had been two years since Tommy Ritter's father died. Tommy was sixteen when the tragedy occurred. While Tommy missed his dad a lot, it was no more than his mom did. Their life had been ideal--living in the suburbs, two-car garage, and nice schools. Everything was just about perfect until the accident. Bob Ritter had been driving home from work late one night when a d***ken driver crossed the centerline and hit his car head-on. He never had a chance. The police said that the other car had been traveling at almost one hundred miles per hour. The funeral was difficult for every... Continue»
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Flashing the Maid During Her Interview

Though I am retired and stay at home all day my wife and I discussed hiring a maid. We had wanted to hire one that was somewhat young, strong, and most of all quick to do her work as long as she was also efficient; not some old lady who would take all day long to do one room.

I had already seen 4 or 5 other girls but didn't hire like any of them. Being an exhibitionist I was having fun and flashed the gals to see how uninhibited they might be. A few of them immediately avoided looking at my crotch again while a couple actually looked a few times but never took the situation any further.

... Continue»
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need a lift...

In a tall building near you, we meet as strangers in a lift. Between floors 4-5 the lift breaks down. you've just been for an interview and are dressed smart but very sexily, we have some small talk about our predicament, after raising the alarm and being told via intercom that an engineer has been sent for, but will be over an hour.
As we chat, you catch my eyes, slip from your eyes, down to your tits and perky nipples, you return the compliment of such blatant lust by unbuttoning a couple of buttons on your blouse, then drop your eyes to my cock, hoping for a reaction from my groin.
On th... Continue»
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The Empire Cinema visit and my Wife well used.

We had been to a Saturday lunch-time function at a town centre hotel in Huddersfield (which for those who do not know is a pleasant Victorian town on the Yorkshire Pennine Hills). My wife had a little too much to drink - she usually drinks in the evening - and as it was still early decided to visit the Empire, an independent adult film theatre, not far from the station.

The membership formalities completed we were shown around and left to our own devices. As we entered the theatre we noticed that the movie was in already in progress, and on the screen was a beautiful young women in the thro... Continue»
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As I have been asked on several occasions HOW I lost my virginity I figured it’s about time I told how it really happened. I grew up with fairly broad minded parents and my Mum and dad are nudists, even still they go to a club regularly but since I got married my guy Troy is not really into public nudity so although we have been with them to the nudist club it’s not a regular thing.
We had our own cabin at the club which we still own and there was an old guy at the time that had the cabin next door but his wife had passed away some years earlier but he remained a member which was allowed as h... Continue»
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Bus Load of Grannies and Matures Part 2

As I said in Part 1 of this experience I had met a mostly older female tour group at my hotel. After dinner and dancing with about six matures and grannies I found three hotel room keys in my pocket. I had just fucked Alice, the petite little minx in Room 440 and had two more rooms to go. I was hoping one of the two keys led to Jenny, a sixty year old statuesque six foot tall athletic blond with a pair of tits and long legs.

I knocked on the door to Room 435 and to my surprise Kathy one of the other women I had danced with that night answered the door. Kathy had short brown hair was kind ... Continue»
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a job with benefits

I didn’t like my new job. I can’t say I hated it, but stocking grocery shelves at 5AM was not the lateral career move I had hoped for when I was terminated by corporate America. It had its perks after all. It was close to home and the hour commute became a 20 minute walk and it was nice to wear shorts all day. I was making money and the job had health care benefits, so I was OK with it.

I soon came to realize that the walk had lots of benefits too. The walk took me by a small house with a large garden. As the spring progressed the flowers in the garden began to bloom and a lovely lady... Continue»
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My heavenly experience...

It all started off as a normal day, me and my friend who is the same age as me, 20. We were both hanging around but his aunty called him down to her house. It was nearby so he invited me around to see her. Such a beautiful Asian aunty this was. I wish my aunty was like his. She was the definition of beautiful. She had that proper Asian look to her but out of respect, I tried not to think about her in that way.

There was a new game coming out, so we wanted to go to town to get it, but since something had came up and my friend had to meet someone on the way there, he told me to hang back at h... Continue»
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