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Romance Comic Cover Stories - Chapter XXXVII


Chapter XXXVII – Country Lust (based on Sweethearts No. 95 cover, Charlton, October 1967) If you are a man of the country, love is a tough thing to find, and tame. It’s not like cattle or a horse, which you can take care of it if you learn about it. Love is different, you can’t really tame it or put inside a bottle. When it comes, you never are ready for it, and when you feel you already tamed it, it goes away. But there is something that adds insult to the injury: falling for your boss’ daughter. The one you weren’t… Read more

Posted by Victor2K 3 years ago 477

A new fur slave - The next day

FetishGroup SexShemales

A new fur slave - The next day "Wake up. Time for breakfast" I say opening max’s door. "What time is it?" he asks rubbing his eyes. "8:00 AM" I tell him. "I’ll be down in a few minutes" he says getting up and getting dressed. I leave heading down stairs and starting the bacon and eggs. Ten minutes later max enters the room "I thought you’d have the women cooking" he says seeing me in front of the stove. "I like to cook, but usually the women do the cooking in the afternoon" I tell him putting the bacon and eggs on a plate and serving him. "Aren’t you having anything?" he a… Read more

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"What the hell are you doing!!?" I heard my s****r scream. My eyes snapped open, my hand flying away from its grip around my cock. With our parents away and my s****r out I'd thought I'd be alone for the evening and decided to have a wank. Now Michelle had come home unexpectedly and discovered me. It got worse. "Are those my knickers you're jerking off into?" She screamed again. I nodded shamefacedly. "You little shit. I'm telling on you." "Please don't Michelle; I'll do anything you want." I pleaded. She looked down at my lap where her panties were still wrapped around my now wilting… Read more

Posted by sparkyking 3 years ago 8 8,766 97%

The Making of Mistress Michelle


“Are you crazy Michelle? You’re not gonna put that shit on the internet, on a porn site?!” Michelle pulled back her long blonde hair and looped a squishy around it to get it out of the way. She was sitting cross-legged on her bed in a black knee-length t-shirt, computer in lap. She looked up over her shoulder at her girlfriend Stacey and blushed bright red. “Yes, why not? I’m never get asked on a date, never know what to say when I am. Boys only looking for one thing. Why not put my fantasies out on the internet, get someone to talk to me.” When Stacey didn’t say anythin… Read more

Posted by edintx99 3 years ago 23 2,766 100%

Mom went away for the week end we had fun

Group SexHardcoreLesbian Sex

Mom went away for the whole week end. I wrote my experience with my s****r in front of her friends (girls) I am going to share my experience with sis,s friends with the help of s****r. I have had sex with s****r,s friend for few times but the time use to be short. One Friday when I came home from work. sis was home. She made tea for us we sat and drank tea and talked. sis said mom went to see aunty her s****r she will be back on Sunday evening. I asked if every thing is ok at aunty? Gogi said aunt is not feeling good so mom went to see her. Gogi said we have the house for our self f… Read more

Posted by sam-kumar 3 years ago 1 3,202 80%

with the help of sis I fucked mom

Group SexHardcore

Fucking mom help of s****r. It has been about 2 years since I been fucking my s****r and her friends. It has been great life of I an my s****r. s****r love that I am here when she is honey. I am happy that s****r is here when I get erection. Many times sis suck my cock while mom is in the kitchen cooking. We find every opportunity to fuck. s****r's friends started going to different school in far away city. We do not see then that often. One day s****r was looking for a book that she could not find. She went to mom's room to look. While loking for book she open the end tabe n… Read more

Posted by sam-kumar 3 years ago 3 6,771 79%

A new fur slave


A new fur slave I’m laying here fucking another hooker, a rabbit hooker, and I’m about to cum and this is where my story begins. "Take my hot horse cum, slut!" I grunt as I cum in the rabbit’s pussy. My cock grow bigger as each string of cum stretches my cock and her eyes widen as her pussy is opened wider until my cum reached the head and flows straight into her womb. Three more strings shoot out and her belly grows bigger with each one until she looks four months pregnant. I lay her down on the bed having fucked her in a chair and pull my cock from her tight pussy watching my cum leaki… Read more

Posted by pinki-husky 3 years ago 1,110 88%

Sister and her friends

First TimeGroup SexLesbian Sex

Hello all. Hope you enjoyed my last post my first time I use to go home once a month to see mom/dad and my s****r. I saw my sis being changed in body. She started to grow tits bit fuller body. She always hug me when I go to home. It has been like that for 3 years. s****r had 3 girls friends from school. They all were Indian like us. Those girls were very flirty. They seen my s****r hugging me so they too started to hug me when ever they come home. We all get along fine. I had no intention to do any thing with my sis or her friends. But when sis hug me hard I get the feeling in m… Read more

Posted by sam-kumar 3 years ago 4 11,619 95%

Condom Compromise - (An alternative to cream-pie s

FetishHardcoreInterracial Sex

Condom Compromise. John Kavanagh My wife and I had been swinging with other couples, groups and selected singles for some time and very much enjoying the experience. Being nudists our main criteria was to have all naked and just let it all happen as we all felt comfortable. Bernice, my wife is lightly bi as am I, though her preference was for cock and lots of it in all holes so we often entertained an extra guy at our “gatherings” to keep the women happy and the only thing that I liked more than watching a guy fuck her, enjoying the contrast in skin tones (she is b… Read more

Posted by yorknudeguy 3 years ago 5 3,173 100%

جلنار جردلي Jilnar Jardaly X-Rated Interview


"Today we're talking to one of the world's favorite, beautiful, talented and, dare I say, sexually open newsreaders in the world, the one and only Jilnar Jardaly. Welcome! [Interviewer] "Thanks, sweetie." "Let's start by asking if you weren't a famous television personality and much-loved evening news anchor, what do you think you would be doing?" [Interviewer] "Oh, that's an easy one! Definitely either a hooker or porn star or both! I can't think of any other occupation that would give me the amount of kinky sex and number of sexual partners on a daily basis that I'm accustomed to, a… Read more

Posted by JilnarJardalyLustCum 3 years ago 3 2,858 100%

Real Life Masturbation Experiences - Episode 02

FetishFirst TimeMasturbation

Our time at the summer house was always pretty fun and full of ecting moments: lots of people came visitng us, lots of occasions to admire dangerous curves and tanned bodies, sometime even an occasion get more physical. A freend of my father came to stay with us for two weeks, bringing with him his wife, his son and his daughter. We knew each other since c***dhood and I always had a soft spot for Laura, the daughter. She was a bit on the chubby side but that made her curves just more explosive: her breasts were really gorgeous, her shirt seemed to burst open at any moment filled with such… Read more

Posted by bountydog 3 years ago 2 7,310 80%

Anal Bonanza

AnalFirst TimeTaboo

Anal Bonanza “Mmm that was fucking brilliant” Kate sighed as she pulled up and buttoned her jeans. “I’ve just had the horn for days now, I needed that” Kate had just been fucked over the dinner table after a candlelit dinner with her hubby Dave, a regular Saturday night occurrence – the dinner not the fucking. “And the meal was good too” she laughed. “Thanks very much” replied Dave who like Kate was straightening his clothing. “We certainly know how to bring a night to a good end. Let’s leave the plates I’ll sort them in the morning. Coming up?” Later in bed Kate was sti… Read more

Posted by bbwsforever 3 years ago 8 11,666 100%

Punjabi Princess

FetishHardcoreInterracial Sex

The sun begin to set as I arrived to the Sarai household. I reflected on my first time meeting Anwesha and her husband, Saran, at annual company party. Instantly I feel in love with Anwesha the first time I saw her. She was the perfect example of Punjabi beauty: Long black hair that was braided and pulled into a ponytail, oval amber eyes, A red and black Shalwar kameez, and she was wearing fancy jewelry that made me wish I married her instead of Saran. Throughout the night both Anwesha and I playfully flirted with each other. I couldn't believe how much of a tease she was, but loved playing… Read more

Posted by Johnny916 3 years ago 1 3,675 100%


Gay MaleInterracial Sex

It was a dark and stormy night, the wind howling down the almost deserted streets shaking the signs of businesses that tried to remain open. We hadn't seen a customer in over an hour and a half and there was little indication that anything would change soon. Barry, the Night Manager at our little burger joint kept looking at his watch, no one said it but each of us on the crew were expecting him to send us home. We didn't have to wait long a strong gust of wind howled by outside there was flickering of lights, a loud bang, and the store went black. We could see with the light coming i… Read more

Posted by Keith_Walters 3 years ago 3 4,302 100%

First Time Sucking Dick

First TimeGay Male

Just to be clear this is a true story. (I was 21 and the other guy was 23 so it is legal) I have always considered myself straight and I still do. I was always the manly man in school: hot girlfriend, ripped, popular, football player type deal. And I am still straight, but sometimes sucking a dick is alright. So my very first time sucking a cock was New Years Eve a few years ago. I got home from work late and the house was empty. All of my friends were out partying and I was stuck home alone. With nothing to do, I started to drink and before I knew it I was dead d***k. I got really horny… Read more

Posted by noblesix79 3 years ago 5 9,759 98%

Lesbian with a Four Inch Tongue

HardcoreLesbian SexMature

I woke up Sunday morning and remembered the cute little feminine French girl that I had last night. Like the hundreds of other women I had met she was just another who had experienced my four-inch tongue. She had left my house with a well satisfied smile on her face. You see, since high school. I first noticed that my tongue was growing longer and longer. I was a soccer jock in high school and college so I had plenty of opportunities to date lesbian women. By the time I was nineteen, I was a committed lesbian. My tongue grew to a full four inches so this endowment of nature made me very desira… Read more

Posted by captjim51 3 years ago 2 2,352 95%

Masturbating for Candy


Candy came into the den while I was watching TV and plopped down on the couch across from my easy chair and started talking. I was surprised at her a little, since at her age she barely ever notices I’m around. “My volleyball coach says we should be aware that our dads masturbate over thoughts of us,” she said. “She said they even get our dirty panties out of the hamper and sniff them. Or they’ll put them on their faces or even wrap them around their penis when they ‘do it’.” I just sat there and didn’t say word. What could I say anyway? She wasn’t content with just telling me tha… Read more

Posted by _PussyManiac_ 3 years ago 4 5,920 96%

Phone calls late at night


1am “It’s after midnight!” she complained. Her voice was sl**py, irritated. “Connie’s gone on a trip.” I said. “Oh, … well then there’s only one reason you’d call me this late.” “….Yeah.” I tried to sound shy, but not too pathetic. “Oh … alright …” she said in a mock exasperated tone. “Do you remember that first time with me?” she asked. “Do you want that?” “yes, … please.” “How I sat on your bed and reached under the sheets?” “uh huh.” “How I touched your little cock and made it hard?” “yeah.” “How I masturbated you? It was your birthday. You were so surprised.” “Uh huh.” I said.… Read more

Posted by _PussyManiac_ 3 years ago 1 2,211 73%

Dominant Black Tales and Submissive Ch. 02

BDSMInterracial Sex

It had been two weeks since Bryan's adventure and he hadn't been able to keep his mind off the events of that memorable night. During meetings at work, he would drift off in fantasy to the words that Desire last said. "Know that tonight was c***d's play compared to what you will experience again" He had flashbacks. Was it possible that he did the unspeakable things his mind's eye recalled? Eating black pussy, sucking big, black cocks . . . real and unreal, begging to get fucked and craving humiliation and abuse. At times, he could pretend that it was all a dream, that it hadn't really happened… Read more

Posted by bi_hengst 3 years ago 3 2,824 79%

my First Night with Sir (pt 2)


me i come out of the shower feeling nice and clean, and of course still basking in the afterglow of my utterly amazing orgasm. The shower has removed the rope marks from my arms and breasts. After drying off and fixing myself up, i wander back into the bedroom but find it empty. Without any directions, i do what is beginning to come naturally: i drop to the floor and assume my presentation position – sitting back on my heels, straight posture, knees on the ground and legs wide open, arms behind my head, chest outthrust, eyes to the ground. i don’t make a sound. It’s only after i've m… Read more

Posted by passiva 3 years ago 3 2,314 100%