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A Night of Surprises for Lauren

It was Friday afternoon and like any other regular college student, I was really looking forward to the weekend. Luckily for me, I had a party lined up at my friend Adam's apartment near school. He lives with two other college guys, so I knew pretty much what to expect: a bunch of guys sitting around, a keg of beer, a few bottles of hard liquor, a few skanky girls, and probably some pot. Usually, I wouldn't get too excited over a night like this, but tonight was completely different.

Tonight I was planning on finally nabbing a guy I've been wanting all semester, Jason. Jason is about 6`1, d... Continue»
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A Prayer for Mercy

Mercy truly wanted to become a slut. Her chosen role model was Paris Hilton. She wanted to be able to fuck any man any time she felt like it. She wanted them to swarm around her like bees after a pot of honey, eager for her signal that she was ready for them. She knew how to act like a slut, and she sometimes did, dressing like a cheap whore and cruising the singles' bars. She knew how to pick up guys and get them to buy her drinks. She knew how to get them to take her home before they got too d***k to get it up. She even knew how to rip their clothes off and pull them into her bed on top of h... Continue»
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Aroused by Men

I will never forget that day when all of my inmost dreams came true! While Rolf was still asl**p, I left the phone to get charged and hit the showers...

I'm soaking up under the caressing sprays of hot water now, my hands sliding all over my wet body foaming up the fragrant shower gel. Behind the tender whisper of water, I hear my cell phone ringing. Weird but no one has ever called me while my phone was getting charged before. Damn, that's bad! I'm playing with myself right now and don't really want to answer any calls.

'Nicole, that's some Jack calling! He says he's got a new role for ... Continue»
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You Can't Put Your Finger In There!

There's just something about goth chicks. I don't know what it is, but they do it for me. It could possibly that they scare me a little.

Kara was a barista, kind of. She worked at a coffee shop, but it wasn't a chain. The coffee wasn't that great, and I think her duties as a barista were to squirt the flavor syrups into the coffee.

She was slight with perky a-cups, but she when she spun around the coffee station, she would betray some deadly curves behind her apron. She had tattoo sleeves and enough piercings on her ears to add at least a pound to her head. She had short black hair and ... Continue»
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Two curious friends pt 3

Two curious friends #3

This has gotten a lot more attention than I could have ever imagined. I know it's not much for a story but I'm rather trying to tell it as how I remember it as if I was in front of you telling you.

It's kind of fun thinking back on these times. I wouldn't do it now but hey it happened when I was younger and so what can you do.

Here goes....

Friday rolled around and I had already begged my parents to let me stay the weekend at Colby's and they said yes! I couldn't wait. School dragged along because we both couldn't wait to hang out again.

We had alr... Continue»
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Friends with Benefits...PART 4

Before you read..check out Parts 1-3...

And now...PART 4:

“Joe, honey, can you grab me a cold beer from the cooler?” Diana asked me.

“Sure,” I replied.

My best friend’s wife, Diana, was on the cushioned rear platform of the ski boat, laying flat on her back in the sun, totally nude. I was also naked, and had been sitting on the bench seat in the back of the boat right... Continue»
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fucking my aunt at village lake

In my village my uncle and aunt were staying. I was very close to them as they don’t have any c***d and treated my like one of them. My aunt was seeing me since I was a c***d. She was married at very young age. Now she was around 33-34 years. But she maintained her shape and figure. She still was looking very young. But I never had any bad intention towards her. She loved me like a k** and I also loved her for the love and affection she gave me.
So it was a village and people used to go to lake or pond for water for house hold activates and also for having a bath. My uncle was quite wealthy a... Continue»
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Husband loves showing his wife off, especially to

We have been married for 5 years and the last four, we have had some great times, but in the last year it has
been incredible! Not only does my husband like to show me off, he has become really involved with me going
even farther than just flirting, giving hand jobs, and blow jobs to young boys. He has wanted me to even fuck
them. I'm horny, all of the time when I see a teenage boy, especially if he stares at my legs or breasts. When
they do, I stare at their crotch and lick my lips. Sometimes that causes them to cum in their pants. I love when that happens. So, does my husband.

... Continue»
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"Let's go get some cock, Baby" said Michelle, all painted and dressed as an absolutely flaming drag queen; she flipped up her short miniskirt as she wiggled her naked ass. "Check my pussy, Honey". She bent over, legs spread wide thrusting out her ass, parting her cheeks with long red nails as she pulsed her pussy open and closed, her smooth balls glistening with her dripping pussy juice, her sissy cock dangling. Lori was at the mirror putting on even more lipstick and gloss. "Ummmm, I love it Baby, you are such a nasty bitch going out with your cock dangling" she giggled. Michelle licked her g... Continue»
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After twenty years of marriage my husband had been begging me to try swapping. He just kept pestering me to do this. He said he wanted so bad to watch me take another man. I had vvery little interest in this at this time in my life. Don't get me wrong, I am not half bad looking as I get hit on alot. And over the years I have had a few affairs. I gave in to my husbands pressure and he found two couples on craigslist. We went to the bar and had drinks with these people. Both couples were older, both men were chubby and hairy. The women looked to have a few miles on them also. The men were eyeing... Continue»
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Customer catches me smelling her underwear part 2

Farrin and I lied there for a while not saying anything. I don't know what kind of pheromones she had working on me but I was hard again now and she was playing with me with her fingernails now. Her hand was going so slowly and with each twitch I made her nails were digging in harder and harder. As she played with me she started talking to me. Asking me more questions about what I do with my wife in bed and other sexual things. I was answering her honestly and she was suggesting things my wife and I should do to keep things fresh. I was just saying yes and mmm hmm to the things she was saying ... Continue»
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Strap on Virgin - for Maxi

It’s Friday night and you are rushing around your apartment cleaning up stray bits that just need to be put away. You've made the bed with fresh sheets and added some roses to vases around the room. Your anticipation growing as every minute of the clock ticks by.

I am standing in my hotel room, looking in the mirror, admiring how the wrap dress looks on me. Knowing that you are anxiously awaiting my arrival today, I am excited to have traveled to Austria to meet you. I've always wanted to see this beautiful country and finally found the perfect reason to make that trip. A huge smile sp... Continue»
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What a question in private brings

Here, is a story you will all enjoy hopefully.
A very sexually looking young lady, long blonde hair, standing around 5' 6" tall, slender waist, tight ass, and breasts around the 36 cup size and very firm and exciting puffy nipples.
During a quiet time at work she came to my office and asked if we could talk.
Granting her permission she came in and shut the door behind her and settled down in a visitors chair.
Well. what is it that you want to talk to me about.
She remained silent for a moment and then she said "could she come out to my home for a weekend soon? She wanted to get away from ... Continue»
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Maya Loves Boys -= Part 1 of 2 =-

-= Part 1 of 2 =-

About us, most of you who have read some of my other stories, know about my cum loving, Maya.

Me Sam, 35, married for 21 years to Maya. its been ten yrs now, since she now has passed away. we made a fine, if sextordinary couple. If you like guys and girls next door types, not too overweight, not too short, nice faces then that's us. Middling jobs too. I was in Newspaper editing and still am. Maya was a stay at home mom, we had 4 k**s, that are all grown up, and we had other middle-class friends and we would meet them, go for pizzas, have nights out, have guys' night... Continue»
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Maya Loves Boys -= Part 2 =-

= Part 2 =-

"Are you OK about this?" asked Maya.

"Maya for some reason I love you more when a good looking guy is getting his rocks off fucking you.
Don't ask me why as I have no idea." "I saw another side to you last night," she said. "Oh what was that? I asked. "You were getting turned on by him too weren't you?" I told a little white lie when I responded to tell her the guy only turned me on because he was having her. I had some fantasies in my head and wouldn't have taken much persuading to turn around and give the hunk my cock in his ass hole as well as Maya's. I didn't want to ... Continue»
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The Most Savory Sin: My s****r In-Law part 1

For privacy purposes I will withhold all names.

This is a story of a fantasy I have kept to myself for some time and I hope it's as exciting to read as it is for me to daydream about...

I'm not what you'd call far from your plain vanilla norm. I'm 27 with a slim build that I sustain by going to the gym three times a week. I work a brutal desk job and as I got older I found it's getting harder and harder to sit all day and still look fit. I thank every god that soon i'll have some reprieve with an upcoming getaway with my girlfriend and her f****y up to their lake house. She was the best ... Continue»
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Ronnie:The Aunt Krista Situation

I couldn’t believe it! Someone found out about us… and it’s Stephen’s fucking aunt! I hopped off of Stephen’s cock and ran my naked ass to the bed room. FUCK! Where are my clothes?? Did she hear me proclaim my love for her nephew’s cock? I’m so stupid. I should have known we were gonna get busted sooner or later. We were waaay to careless and care free. What is she going to do? Can she call the cops? Oh my God will she tell others about me ? She’ll probably tell anyone who’ll listen about catching her nephew pounding some black fag in his apartment.
I was deep in thought that I ... Continue»
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5 Cheerleader Sex Slaves (Chapter 7)

This is the story of 5 high school cheerleaders who get lost and have their car breakdown, only to have a friendly garage owner "help" them out and turn them into slaves. Thanks for reading...

Chapter Seven

When I woke up I could feel Monique's soft hair on my prick. I could feel her breathing gently as her lips just barely touched my cock. I stared down at her for a while, she looked so peaceful with her head on my thigh.

My thoughts suddenly turned to Emily and I wondered how she'd slept during the night? I'm sure not well given what I was going to do to her today.

Monique stirre... Continue»
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A Roommate

Just before coming to college, my girlfriend and I ended it. Though I had slept with a few girls since then, I still couldn't get over my ex.
At college, I live in a dorm room, and have a few friends on the same floor as me. Seeing me upset over my not so recent break-up, one of my buddies asked if I wanted to have a few beers and watch a movie. Thinking that it would take my mind of things, I agreed.
After a few beers and much searching, we finally agreed to watch a comedy movie, he told me that he had seen it just last week with his girlfriend but would like to see it again. As the movie ... Continue»
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Mr. Harrison & the bet

Monique entered her first period class late again. Before she could sneak and ease into her seat, her teacher said as he wrote on the chalk board 'I'll see you after school Miss Always-late-and-never-on-time Monique.' 'Damn!' Monique said under her breath. 'What was that?' 'Nothing Roy..' 'Excuse me? It sounds like your undermining my authority as your teacher by addressing me by my first name.' Mr. Harrison said with rage in his voice. 'No Mr. Harrison.' 'Thats what i thought, now back to the lesson that was in process before Miss Always-late-and-never-on-time interrupted the flow.'

When... Continue»
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