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the birthday present

Group SexLesbian Sex

Helen, Jane and Sam were the ladies in the front office, I was a technology teacher in a large secondary school, and secretly lusted after all three of them. Helen was a curvacious brunette in her mid-thirties, beautiful breasts, intelligent, bubbly, flirty. Jane had long black hair, her breasts were freckled on the parts I could see,and I imagined that the freckles continued downwards.( I fantasised about seeing just how far). Sam had long blonde hair, a slender figure and small, shapely breasts. I'd taken Helen out for a drink a few times,-we'd got to know each other when I'd fixed her… Read more

Posted by ilovegill121 3 years ago 1 3,154 100%

A little teasing at the gym can do wonders for you


Walking into the gym all eyes cannot help but stare at me. I dressed to kill, hoping to tease. My black yoga pants barely covering my round curvy ass. My breasts are held up by a black tank top that is bursting at the seams. I scan the room looking, ah, I notice her from across the room. Before I came in I bet every cock in the room was straining with the thought of her. She is walking on the tread mill, we lock eyes. I look her up and down, assessing my competition. Her breasts are full and bouncy, and that ass, mhmm. I make my way over to the tread mill next to her, every… Read more

Posted by miss_milf 3 years ago 11 1,446 100%

The boss

AnalFirst TimeMasturbation

Michelle had just left college and had been lucky to be working in a typing pool for a large insurance company, it was her first day and was real nervous as she entered the building she looked around it was huge and very busy, she felt real small, she spotted a security reception and went over to the desk “excuse me it’s my first day and need to go to section 331 and report to a miss Ellison”, the young lad on reception smiled as he directed her to the lift and told her where to go. As Michelle arrived on the 20th floor there stood a well dressed women speaking to a man in a suit “excuse me c… Read more

Posted by rodma 3 years ago 1 1,743 100%

After party with Jeff and Thalia

Group SexMatureVoyeur

We came off stage and Thalia sat at the table I the far corner they reserve for guests of the band. As she scooted out from the table, I got a quick glance up her short skirt. Her thick thighs were shaven, and they were fat and juicy. The dress was form fitting with a low neck line that revealed her slightly saggy tits. “ Thalia, “ I said holding her hands out as I “jokingly” eyed her over, “ if this man EVER treats you wrong, or doesn’t treat you …erm, right. You give me a call.” “Flattery will get you nowhere young man!” she said in her best school teacher voice, “I’m nearly twenty years o… Read more

Posted by rory_mason 3 years ago 965 100%

watched my sister become a whore


home from school sick when I heard my s****r and some guy. I did not say anything and figured she knew I am here. Heard her say in my moms room we can fuck on her bed. now I started to worry. From my room I can see into moms room using the hall mirror. No idea who the guy is but he is nice looking and my s****r is sucking his cock. Set up my phone camera and filmed a few minutes to use later if mom blamed me for being in there. I started filming and could not find a good place to stop. She sucked him until he came in her mouth.. I have sucked my boy friend will NOT let him cum in me. I… Read more

Posted by hardnutjr 3 years ago 2,820 100%

True story

First Time

Back when my life was much more exciting and my current boyfriend and I were separated, I was in the best shape of my life and wasn't getting laid nearly enough. So I did something wild. I'm an 18 year old girl 5'5 with long blonde hair and I had the perfect tan. I weighed about 130 with a curvy build. I spent must of my time at the gym dealing with a fresh break up. A good look man approaches me at the gym. I was new there and he had talked to me a few times before. He's a good look guy nice build, tan, tattooed. He told me he was in the military and he looked the part. Clean cut and fi… Read more

Posted by AntGeisha 3 years ago 8 2,229 100%

young cuckold

First TimeGroup Sex

Young Cuckold We drove home pretty much in silence, each lost in our own thoughts. I would have imagined I be in a state of sexual arousal after seeing another man kissing and fondling my wife. This is what I wanted, this is what I dreamed of and masturbated to, time and time again. Getting to watch a younger man holding my sweet Catholic wife close on the dance floor, his manhood pressed hard up against the thin shear material of her summer dress,his hands smoothly and sensually fondling her soft willing flesh as they swayed to the music… Read more

Posted by tunemaker 3 years ago 6 3,034 93%

Trolling for Vengeance- Chapter 1

HardcoreInterracial SexVoyeur

Another story I wrote for Literotica. As always, I retain copyright. Please enjoy! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Trolling for Vengance Ch. 1 It all started one Saturday, when my husband was out playing golf with a friend. I decided that it would be a great opportunity to do some early spring cleaning. I went through the house like a white tornado, the kitchen, the bathrooms, and the rest of the downstairs. I took a short lunch break, munching on some celery and carrot sticks, along with a tall, cold glass of Diet Coke. The… Read more

Posted by satinlvr_mwf 3 years ago 1 1,423 92%

Rene 2

Lesbian Sex

Leaving the gym with Anggi and Greg Rene found herself in the backseat her legs spread wide and Anggi's tongue deep in her twat and that stirring in her that means a strong orgasm was soon coming her head tilted back the a****lized moans coming from her were driving Anggi on to ravish Rene' cunt. The car stopped and after she regain control of herself Rene saw a home of a rich couple the house was so big and the cars were fancy inside it was so pretty and big she thought her home was big but, she could put her whole house in the living room alone. She was taken to a room where the bed a… Read more

Posted by shotguner 3 years ago 1 746 100%



Ellie She was waiting on the landing as I came out of the bathroom, a finger to her lips to indicate silence, her other hand on her partially open bedroom door handle. She smiled and raised her eyebrows in a silent question but my flushed cheeks must have given her the answer before I smiled back and nodded. My lips framed a silent “Thank you” but she shook her head as her smile widened. “OK?” her lips moved but no sound was forthcoming and I nodded. “Wonderful” I mouthed back. She looked pointedly at my crotch and made a little masturbating movement with her hand her eyebrows still… Read more

Posted by sandhilman 3 years ago 7 2,098 100%

My Sexy Russian Yummy Mummy

AnalFirst TimeHardcore

I have been back a few days to my apartment in Moscow. Things seemed to be going as normal, business meetings dinners out with friends my eyes falling out of my sockets at the endless stream of beautiful Russian babes. However things changed yesterday with a very nice encounter with a lady I have know for three years. Irina a lovely yummy mummy my neighbour invited me for coffee as we travelled up in the lift to the 7th floor of our block. It was early morning I had been to the shops she had just returned from taking her daughter to school. Irina is your typical mid thirties Muscovite lady,… Read more

Posted by bi-stud-master 3 years ago 1 2,907 100%

First Time Adult Theatre Cum Pig

First TimeGay MaleGroup Sex

As I put my clothes back on, the Hispanic man, who just dumped a huge load in my ass, watched me. He would randomly call me a slut or a whore and ask me if i was ready for more cock than I could handle. I smiled at him seductively, I couldnt wait to see how great this would be. We arrived at the adult theatre about 30 minutes later. It was in a real shady part of town, and I was a bit nervous. We went inside and it was setup almost exactly like an old movie theatre. We walked in and there was porn playing on the screen. I looked around in the dark theatre room and could see men playing with… Read more

Posted by swallowurload203 3 years ago 15 5,786 99%

32 birthday of nima aunty


32 Birthday of Nima Aunty As I Write this story I’m 25 years old and my sweet love 32. Not so time ago we went for vacation to cox’bazar at saint Martine Island of the Bangladesh. She is a chef account officer from a private company and I’m just freelancer. I have visited many countries and not so clever with girls so far as I join a company as a independent contributor I met with “nima choiti” a beautiful woman with slim chubby body. I was flown when I saw her. She has goddess ass, breast and sexy hand, feet. So project needs to complete with her. As we mat at coffee shop… Read more

Posted by giverboy 3 years ago 1,480 100%

Body Servant


It was the day after we’d slept together for the first time that Tom told me he was a real magic user, not just a stage magician. Of course, I didn’t believe him… so he showed me. That first time was something simple: levitation. He sat down on the floor, cross-legged, and then floated up to my eye level. It was a neat parlor trick, I admitted, but I was still unconvinced. So he waved his right hand over his left arm, and then removed his left arm at the elbow. I screamed, but he kept on smiling. He put his left hand on the floor. Then those disembodied fingers started dragging the arm a… Read more

Posted by ironrodd 3 years ago 875 100%

STORY of SkyDancer

AnalGay MaleShemales

Let me tell you a little bit about myself I'm five feet 10 inches tall around 220 pounds, brown hair and eyes very muscular, I'm an ex-professional boxer. Around 10 years ago I I was working as a bouncer erotic a nightclub in Fort Lauderdale, when one night I heard a commotion in the parking lot. There were several men beating up a beautiful woman, when I tried to break it up I ended up getting very banged up myself. Her name was misty, she thanked me for helping her and asked if I need a ride home since I was so beat up. I told her I was just doing my job but since my glasses we… Read more

Posted by ClassicCockx 3 years ago 3 1,802 90%



The morning traffic passes below the hotel window sun light d****s in through the thin curtains that gently blow in the warm summer air. A man lies asl**p on top of the bed naked with a small portion of the duvet covering his chest.A gentle knock at the room door does not disturb him the handle turns and the door slowly opens a petite maid peers round the door she spots the man on the bed oblivous to her presence a coy smile lights her face and her hazel eyes brighten slowly she walks into the room the sound of her high heels echo across the room she carrys a duster in one hand the… Read more

Posted by slunkydunky 3 years ago 2,996 100%

Mutual masturbation leads to a great fuck


Mel and I had worked together for a little while. It was a part time job for both of us. Technically I was a boss since I had keys to the place, but really we both had tasks and we did them well together. Mel was blond and petite. About 5 foot nothing with a sweet tight body to match. The place was really slow one night and we were trying to kill time. Mel had never talked about a boyfriend and quite honestly I thought that she might have been gay. So I was intrigued and interested when she suggest that we talk about something we had never talked about before. Sex. Sure, I said, so what d… Read more

Posted by slapnuts69 3 years ago 1 2,052 95%

Stella and Marina: SM in Spain #4

BDSMFirst TimeVoyeur

Third day of our role play I'm finally Master first time, over servant Marina and slave Stella Maris We wake up from our siesta as hungry as horny. I imagine to combine: Let us get some sexy sea food! Both my servant of the day and our slave shall only wear short summer dresses, for our mutual arousal We drive down to the fresh fish market at the shore to get the ingredients for our chosen tasty tapas Oysters as appetizers with white wine for a start. Served at our slave's body as our table and plate. Rings of ink fish for the calamares fritos, which will decorate my dick, se… Read more

Posted by petdyke 3 years ago 4 9,736 66%

A Cold Day in Hell.


How much longer would he make me wait? Kneeling, naked and blindfolded, on the bathroom floor. I could argue with myself that I didn’t deserve this but I did. Being tired is never an excuse to question him or to refuse to do a set task, but today the brat reared her head and that was that. The look came out, then the order and now here I knelt, waiting for him and his displeasure. I could hear muffle sounds from the bedroom for a few minutes before the bathroom door open. “At least you can follow some orders.” I half opened my mouth to make some smart reply but snapped it shut;… Read more

Posted by bellewench 3 years ago 1 1,283 83%

Another true experience with mature white wife

First TimeInterracial SexMature

I picked up a load of tires at a warehouse in S.C. last weekend. It was on a Friday afternoon and the shipping clerk asked if I would like to come home with him and have a nice home cooked meal with him and his wife. He was an average white guy probably in his 50s, overweight with a big belly and I knew what he probably had in mind but I had been on the road for a couple of weeks and a home cooked meal sounded great and the other possibilities didn't sound bad either. On the way to his house we made small talk and I asked him how long him and the wife had been marries? He said 35 years and I t… Read more

Posted by jameshung27 3 years ago 2 3,971 100%