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My Exhibition Obsession Part 1

My obsession with exhibitionism started when I was about 14. It was 1976 (my freshman year of high school) and a Saturday so I was home from school and my parents were both at work for most of the day. I knew where my dad kept his porn magazines (mostly Playboy) but plenty risqué for the 70s. I had been into dad's stash for most of the morning and I just had to pull out my cock and start pumping away like a mad man.

My bedroom had sliding patio doors for the only window in the room. I had regular curtains with one of those translucent inner curtains. The see through part was the only part ... Continue»
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My First Session with Sir

Well I am going to do some back ground. I met my new DOM on line from a site that DOMs and subs can find each other and we had coffee twice in public before we spent any time in private. Before our first play meet he asked me not to masturbate from the Saturday until we met on the Monday. He also asked me to wear a g-string on Monday. I got to choose what else to wear.

We met at a convenient coffee shop; I ordered an ice coffee with whipped cream so I could drink it through a straw. I had plans to tease him, pretending the straw was his cock; I was going to lick it and suck on it.

He d... Continue»
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Me for Dessert

Tonight I prepared for what I thought would be just a normal evening on a double date with me boyfriend, his best friend and his date. Little did I know I was walking right into a yummy situation. I dressed in black stockings, garter belt and panties black bra and a slinky black dress. My boyfriend really liked this outfit and I liked wearing it knowing it turned him on.

I showed up at the appointed time at my boyfriend’s best friend’s house. They answered the door together and they had this look on their faces that caused a wet spot in my panties. I knew something wa... Continue»
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South Carolina for the Summer pt 2

Pam and Ethan's sexploits continue... Chapter 25

The train was rocking along, and the rhythm was pleasant, almost soothing. Pam dried her hands, slung her bag over her shoulder, opened the door and stepped out of the tiny lavatory, turned around to head back to her seat and found herself mashed up against somebody.

"Excuse me," he said. It was a man. They were face to face and their bodies were pressed together, jammed on either side by the tight walls of the narrow train car. She could feel her breasts flattened into his chest. She looked up at him. He was older, but handsome.
... Continue»
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Thunderstorms always gave Edward Adams the frights. Even now, at the ripe old age of
twelve, he became frightened at the claps of thunder and the sudden bright flashes of light from
the lightning. In the dark of his bedroom they seemed to take on a more frightening quality. He
was ashamed to admit it, but he wanted the closeness of his mother. She would comfort him with
soothing words and hold him until he went to sl**p or the storms would pass as they always did.
Tonight was no different than any other story summer night. The lightning flashed and the
thunder rolled in great, ... Continue»
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The Neighbor's Daughter

Pam and Ethan's sexploits continue... Chapter 23

Summer break was just getting started and Ethan was raking up the grass clippings at his Moms home. The sun was bright and high over his head. He had removed his shirt long ago, and the drops of sweat were running down his back. He stopped to wipe his brow and saw Mrs. Philips coming toward him with a tall glass of lemonade. He rested for a minute and watched her come closer. She was a widow, he knew that, and she had a daughter who was eighteen, but he had never really paid much attention to how she looked. Probably because he consi... Continue»
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South Carolina for the Summer pt 1

Pam and Ethan's sexploits continue... Chapter 24, this one is a series within the Pam and Ethan series, Enjoy!

Pam looked around the backyard, but Mom was nowhere to be found, and neither was her new boyfriend, Eric. She went inside and checked the kitchen, but she wasn't there. A few people were getting food at the buffet in the dining room, but Mom was not among them.

Pam headed upstairs. She was not in the bathroom, but she was surprised to see Mom's bedroom door closed. She listened carefully and heard moans from the other side. For a moment she thought Mom might be in troub... Continue»
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Caught on xHamster

Caught on xHamster

I got out of the shower the one morning to hear the door bell peaking through the curtains I could see my husband’s friend’s van at the top of the drive. So I quickly put my robe on and went down to answer the door, He smiled and said I haven’t come at a bad time have I grinning I was in the area quoting so thought I’d pop in and see the gorgeous Beth for a coffee, so I said come on in then and I’ll put the kettle on.

We went into the kitchen and he sat at the table where there was a pile of washing to be put away and loads of washing up to be done I made the excuses I... Continue»
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Ten Years Today

I am writing today to tell you about my first time with another girl. It was 10 years ago today and today I am 31yo, so you do the math.
I had been baby sitting for a single mom for about a year, and I had a crush on her. She would have me sit for her about twice a month while see went out with her friends. She had been divorced about three months when I started sitting for her, and she said she would rather hang with friends than date guys right now. On nights when she would be out after 11pm I would spend the night so she wouldn't have to drive me home, and also wake my mom when I got home.... Continue»
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the taking of wife finally he agreed

Well like we planedhe went out for the day took the k**s with him and he setup all the cameras in his bedroom and lounge. Oh ja I told him to call me when he left so I could suprise the wife while she was still in her pj's and like a real sport he did ofcourse I knew where all the cameras where so I was aware of wat I should and should not do cause if I were to fuck her I didn't want it ito end.since I f he found out there would problems between them and it would indirectly effect me and my sexual desires as well as his wifes.

So I rang the bell acted like normal asking for her hubby and ... Continue»
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Masturbation is not only fun but it is healthy for you. But according to your mother it will cause you to go blind, right? Well, I grew up hearing that all the time and I found out after jerking off a helluva lot that I never went blind. Of course I do have to wear glasses now but that has nothing to do with my jerking off. I also found out that if you jerk off while someone else is watching you it is a lot more interesting and a lot more exciting. And I also discovered that when I jerk off when someone else is watching I also cum a helluva lot more.

The first time I ever did this was actua... Continue»
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A Job In The Theatre

A Job in the Theatre
Chapter 20 -- Gary becomes Gayla
"Be a dear and get that bag from the car," Paula winked.
"Sure," Billy said stuffing his erection back inside his leather pants. He stood, and for just a moment,
was right next to Gary, almost touching. Gary could feel the heat waffling off of Billy. He looked so
obscene with that erection dominating his leather pants. You could see it a mile away. Gary could
never go outside looking like that. Billy could care less.
Billy looked Gary in the eye, had that crooked little smile of his. Gary couldn't believe what he had just
agreed to.... Continue»
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CD And Trucker

CD Adventures Truckers Ch. 02a
Part 2A: Portland to Bakersfield
I turned....
At least four things went through my mind the moment I heard Hank ask me to go along with him.
- One my wife was gone for at least 2 weeks so that was no problem.
- Two, with wireless connection and my laptop I could take my job on the road.
- Three, I had hardly any clothes in my bag that I was carrying. All the clothes in the bag were girl
clothes; my boy clothes were in the back seat of my car.
- Four, my ass (oops, my pussy) was on fire and now stinging a bit from Hank's big cock taking my
virginity just ... Continue»
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Regretful Cuckhold

My wife, Lisa, and I have 2 daughters aged 8 and 10. After our youngest was born, we decided that I would get a vasectomy because our f****y was complete. However, about 4 years later, we both realized that we wanted another c***d. I had a vasectomy reversal and had my sperm tested and it appeared I was ready to make another baby. We tried for 2 years with no results.

So we started looking at other ways to get a c***d. Both adoption and in vitro were out of our price range. We were so dissapointed, especially my wife. She became very depressed which in turn depressed me. So one nig... Continue»
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Is She Seducing Me

My neighbor knocked on my door asking if her daughter could stay with me for a few hours because her other daughter cut her hand and she needed to take her to the hospital and it may be a few hours. Since it was late she wanted to make sure she gets to bed in time and is safe. I let her know no one else was home and if that was okay she is more then welcome to stay.
She walks in dressed for bed as far as I can tell. She had on a somewhat sheer yellow night shirt that came just below her mid thigh. She must have had on some colored undies since I could clearly see them throug... Continue»
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mfm sex and dvp my first time

i was naked, waiting laying on my back when the callgirl was came with her frend in room. Both look very well and girl was dressed very sexxyy. Ive messaged where the key is. her bf say he must stay in the room for here safe:) i was littlebit nerveus but say ok. we wer fuckin on this way further and i see he was naked too? he says i wanna fuck her too. I say i would cam after feuw minutes, but same time she clamping me. He said, no i dont mean ThAT, pleeaase take your time sloweley i can fuck her now too, she acccordine and moaning also. I thouht he will entering her anally (from behand he say... Continue»
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Theatrical,,,,,,,, 22

Theatrical…… 22
4 days before the trip to Newcastle he called me, I hadn’t seen him for a couple of weeks and was pacing the floor thinking the worst again I had tried calling the number that he gave my but it went straight to Voice mail,
I had prepared the ground telling Roy that Mary had asked me to go to Newcastle with her as her s****r was gravely ill and she wanted someone to share the driving and that she felt she could confide in he had offered to come so that he could drive for me saying that if anything bad went down I would be too busy consoling Mary to be able to concentrate on t... Continue»
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PVC Honeys

I was standing in a covered bus stop in my home town waiting for a bus obviously, the stop was old and only had a glass front the sides were advertising boards and it basically had an open front, now it was raining so I was glad of the cover when I saw a woman and her female friend walking towards the bus stop, they were talking away to each other and gave me a nod as they came up to the bus shelter.

I stood back slightly so they could both stand in out of the rain,I would say they were both in their 50's and were really deep in conversation,anyway the lady closest to me was about 5 foo... Continue»
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Debauchery, Drama and an increadable amount of pus

I have a friend I call Sammie. She is a petite little spinner with tiny A cup breasts, and a firm squeezable ass. She is a sweetheart, but life has been bad to her in the past year. She bought a car from a shady character, that was stolen, and its just been down hill since.
I sent her an e-mail a couple of months ago, but didn't hear back from her till the other day. She really wanted to see me, so I hopped on over to where she was staying.
Its a local no-tell motel.
I knew that she was a part-time e****t, to make the ends meet, so I wasn't too surprised. She met me at the door w... Continue»
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Art Student

It was the beginning of the semester at the Art Institute and I was pretty excited about my new schedule. Professor Ludovian always brought interesting nude models to his classes, and his tips on how to draw the human body were most useful. I had learned a lot in the intermediate class but now in this advanced class, I knew the professor was going to be more demanding.
Ludovian greeted his students with a grin and a wave of his extremely thin and graceful hands, the hands of a maestro, someone who had mastered the art of drawing the intricacies of the human body. "Hi Daniel, good to see you ... Continue»
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