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Sexy new neighbor Kate!!

My name is Henry Bowman and I can hardly believe this has happened. As I am mostly a very private person there is a very good chance I will not finish this story. The only reason I'm starting it is that it's such an amazing thing and I'm hoping that writing it down will help me come to grips with my own feelings around the lack of guilt I feel about what I've done....and will surely do again and again!

My f****y and I live in what most would call an upper middle class neighborhood. The houses are all multistory single f****y homes on good sized lots. Everyone keeps their property maintained... Continue»
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The biggest cock I have ever seen

Like most people in January I felt obliged to have a new years resolution, so I decided to get in better shape. With that I joined m local gym. I work nights so it’s great, the times I go to work out the place is almost deserted and I’m left in peace. This was the case last week when I dropped in for my workout. I was there for about an hour doing some cardio when I moved onto the cross trainer. At this point anyone that was there when I arrived had left and I was totally alone. Then after 15 minutes I noticed someone come in. I turned to see if I knew the person , I didn’t and he wasn’t some... Continue»
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A mother's bond..Pt II

The bedroom door was party open as the sound of old bedsprings creaked and whined echoed into the hallway. Karen was fucking her foster son again..hard. The 47 year old was grinding back and forth bouncing rhythmically on top of her 22 year olds rock solid dick. Grunting noises and ecstatic moans could be heard as they both pummelled their respective bodies. As Karen occasionally shrieked and screamed into the air she yelled to her son “Paul I want your cummm deep in my womb.

Paul aggressively gripped her by the hair and pulled her to other side of the bed and positioned himself behind her ... Continue»
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lost bet

Hope you like comments are welcome

Well you lost the bet! It started by you asking me if I ever just stroked my hard cock just because of a random thought or text? This was totally out of the blue you should know by now that I think about your naughtiness all the time and I love just stroking my hard cock thinking about it! Well it went on from there and ended up with a silly bet that you lost LOL. Long story short NO TOUCHING while we were apart BUT we could heighten each others sexual frustration with pics,texts,phone calls during the day! No touching,playing,toys,fingers,stroking ... Continue»
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Neighbor MILFS

I felt like such a pervert, scurrying from room to room, peeking out of the blinds. Hell, I AM a pervert, for spying on a bunch of women old enough to be my mom. With my parents gone this Saturday morning, and several of the neighborhood MILFs out in their respective yards, it was the perfect opportunity to check them out. It's kind of funny that I've grown up in the same neighborhood as these women, and it wasn't until I turned eighteen that I started to notice that there are some attractive mature women right outside my window.

But the binoculars that I was using to peek under the blinds... Continue»
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God! What a sight. I was sitting on the edge of the Franklin's king size bed, my legs were spread wide and my semi hard cock was lying across Mrs. Franklin's face, as she sucked my balls.

"I've gotten used to this cock, Chris. I'm going to miss it."

She laughed when I croaked out a simple, "Yeah!"

Her head bobbed lower and she ran her tongue through my ass crack, circled my anus, before catching my left ball in her mouth and sucked again.

"Do you think those college girls will lick your ass?"

"I don't know."

Mrs. Franklin switched balls and answered her question, "They won't.... Continue»
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He Got Used and Didn't Mind. (Part 1)

I am getting back into the habit of writing stories. As I have done in the past physical features of characters are left to the imagionation. Please comment on this if you like to let me know when I need to write part 2.

Dave met Jesse online and they kicked it off well due to things they have in common. Since they lived in the same city they decided to meet in person at Jesse's place. Dave had been working side jobs and told his wife Lucy that his new friend Jesse wanted to talk out some jobs he may have available, and off he went.

Once there a conversation took place about common inte... Continue»
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The Day I fucked Three Cheerleaders - PART 1

So one day i was visiting my local green dealer David. He wanted to discuss some business with me so I was hanging out. It was about 1pm, and suddenly there was a knock at the door. David opened the door and let in three fine ass girls dressed in cheerleading uniforms. One was a tall, skinny, brunette with tan, beautiful skin. One was a short blonde with perky titties and an amazing face. And the other wore glasses, her reddish brown hair back in a pony tail. They were all sexy as hell but I didn't let them know I thought that. After all they were probably still in high school, and I didn't wa... Continue»
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me nd my mom

Hai frnds i am suresh. Age 15. I am a studant. Ithu 2011 varudathil nadantha unmai kathai. My f****y dad, mom and me. En appa contractions manager. Amma janaki age 36. 5' tall. Size 34 32 38. Nala sivapu niram. Amma Ladies club member. Appa companyki unmaia work panraru. So epavum busy. Engalidam ore oru car than irunthathu. Athai appa use seithar. Appa epothum vetileye irukamatar. Mor 8am ponal nt 11pm than vetirku varuvar. Athanal ammavirku velie poga siramaka irunthathu. Athanal appa puthithaka car onru vankinar. Ammavirku car ota theriathathal driver oruvarai velaiki serthar. Avar peyar ra... Continue»
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It was a Friday night and my boyfriend Conrad and I were at a sports bar getting wasted and watching games. Conrad loves watching me flirt and this night was no different and there were lots of men to flirt with. We were playing darts when we were challenged to a game by these two black guys. They introduced themselves as Travis and Kevin and in no time, we were having fun playing and drinking. Kevin was the larger of the two at about 6’2”, 250 lbs. He was really dark and the quiet type. Barely spoke, just smiled. Travis was light skinned and tall and thin, the outgoing/player type and instant... Continue»
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meeting an old friend from my clubbing days

meeting jackie after 15 years was strange she still had long auburn hair and she still looked sexy even though she had put a few pounds on not fat but curvy she still wore red lipstick after a chat she asked me to go for a few drinks saying she had to go to debehams to change something as we where outside it i agreed and said i would go with her she said ok saying i could look around as she did her exchange she went to the ladies floor as i looked about then went up to see what was keeping her she did not see me as i watched her looking at sexy underwear walking over behind her i said saying s... Continue»
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My wife wanted to become pregnant

First, before the story: English is not my mother tongue. When working on this story there were occations when I could not find the exact words I was looking for - but I guess you'll get the general idea.

My wife Helen is a petite blonde beauty. We started dating when she was 16, ten years later, when this took place, she still acted like a teenager from time to time. Maybe because she still looked like being a teenager.
People who did not know us could assume we were closely related. We are both blonde and slim.
We married when she was 20 - I am one year older - and we both wanted to ra... Continue»
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Hamster Hook Up #1


Last night, I met a local guy from hamster that ive been talking to for a while, for a casual get together at a bar near my apartment that I never go to. I've met AOL guys before but never a guy from hamster. (He didnt want me to include his name in the story but if you want his user name private message me) Thinking about how the night might go made me nervous, excited and a little scared all at once. What if he was an asshole? What if he was gross or really immature? I tried not to focus on the bad, and decided it was time to get ready. We agreed that I'd dress slutty if he paid for a... Continue»
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A treat for my slave slut Wendy. Nx

I meet you from the train station, walk upto you kiss you passionately and order you to the toilets and get your knickers off and make sure your cunt is wet! You come out the toilets a bit flushed and it's obvious to me you've cum whilst getting your cunt wet. I pick up your weekend bag and take your hand and make you follow me. We walk for about 5 minutes and come to a flight of stairs that halfway down have a glass walled part which can be seen by people passing by. I get you to stand there looking out of the glass and come up behind out pull your skirt up open your legs and start fucking yo... Continue»
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Best Friends Forever (that Fuck)

Brianna was one of the most popular girls at her high school: an outgoing, blonde cheerleader with straight-A’s and a personality everyone seemed to like. She also had a tight, well-toned body that was the product of countless hours in the gym. After losing her virginity at 18 to a classmate, she was disappointed in guys her own age and began fantasizing about older guys and girls her own age. Looking for a great fuck became a sort of obsession.

One evening, she was at the grocery store when she ran into Dan Jacobs, a former friend and business associate of her father’s. She remembered him ... Continue»
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My first Woman in Bed, my Neighbour

My first Woman in Bed, my Neighbour

This is my story of my first intimate relation with neighbour aunty a the age of 18 when i was doing my graduation in Vizag.Her name is kala. she had one small k**, the women in the above pic is kala only. that was clicked when our families went to agra together.she is fair and young but her age is 30.Though i call her aunt,she doesn’t look like that but looks like a hot 25 years lady because of her well maintained physic.Yes i can tell her physic as 34-24-34 isn’t that sexy enough for a 30 year old lady who is always d****d in a... Continue»
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My GF and Her Male Housemates

My girlfriend Twyla moved into a house with two guys. This was all fine to me as I knew both the guys she was living with. I’m 3 years older than Twyla - who just finished highschool - and we had dated 2 years by this point. Max and Blake were both chill guys - pals of mine before i met Twyla - and I secretly fancied them both. My fantasy was pretty half baked: we’d get stoned and then i’d suck their cocks. Once i’d finished they’d both dress and we’d go back to getting high.

Twyla had no idea of my fantasy with Max and Blake. As I came over to visit her and them during the next few we... Continue»
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Grab a granny night

On thursdays some of the lads & me go round the town, its what was called grab a granny night years gone by, anyway we started off at 9pm in the pubs chatting having a laugh & drinking we then more on to the night club, we had been inside about a hour, then I so a gang of about ten women when I looked harder I was surprised to see I know all of them from my job, I said to the mates I would be back in a minute, one lad said where are you going, I told them that, I know all then I just going to say hello, well lads being lads of course I got the reply but you can't get to fuck one I just laughed... Continue»
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Best pit stop ever

I was on a long road trip, and I had to make a pit stop. There was a picnic table just up ahead, and I knew there was no other place to park for miles. It was late, and the road was deserted, so I figured that would do. I'd pull over, do my business, and be on the road. Unfortunately, when I got there, there was already a car parked there. nobody was visible, but still, somebody had to be around, right? My bladder was screaming, and since I didn't see anyone, I figured I could head for the woods and be on my way...

Apparently I wasn't the only one who thought that, but for slightly di... Continue»
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Slippery Susie My MILF: Her Adventures Begin

An amazing story written by an online friend about my sexy wife Susie, her adventures are just starting !

Slippery Susie
by RedHairedandFriendly ©

Author's Note: This story was inspired by a request from michael_stcroix
that he posted on the Story Ideas Forum, found on Lit's bulletin boards.
This is not his reality; this is a fantasy. This is a cheating wife story
and if that offends you, don't read any further. It was my pleasure to
write it for michael_stcroix and I am glad he enjoyed it. I hope those that
do enjoy this type of stor... Continue»
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