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Farming Bhavani

HardcoreInterracial SexSex Humor

I had an eye on my mother's body eversince I was 16 and the culprit is my own dad! We own a small farm in my village. I am Anand and I am 18 now. My mom Bhavani is a housewife and I help dad in handling farm activities. My dad got me out of school two years ago to look after the farm business. My mother was never a sexual object for me until two years ago, one day my dad took me to the cow shed. We have a nice bull and it was always a sort-after one by other farmers for impregnation of their cows. The bull was born to one… Read more

Posted by bava12 3 years ago 1 2,209 88%

She Made Me Down And Have

Interracial SexLesbian SexTaboo

This is incident happened to my close friends. They were friends from c***dhood and we been always share everything in our life. There was one moment that changed their lives. The moment was: As i was heading towards my friend house i saw her. She was gorgeous and makes a beautiful dimple. She always in my c***dhood and i never seen any difference until now. As i gone towards her and speak continuously without break. I like her smile, cheeks and lips. She never hesitates to speak frankly and that made me confidence. Whe… Read more

Posted by bava12 3 years ago 1,072 100%

My First Nude Dare In Public Place

Interracial SexLesbian SexMasturbation

Hi friends; I work in an MNC and I stay in hostel here. It’s a 3 member sharing room, spacious and good. Our hostel is an apartment. So, there is another room just opposite to ours. My roommates often go home during holidays and weekends. So I will get plenty of time to stay nude as no one will be there in our room. But I have never tried to be nude in the morning times as I was scared if any one walks into our room or if any one looks in through the window. The thoughts of people seeing me naked makes me aroused and I am ea… Read more

Posted by bava12 3 years ago 1 1,134 63%

My first blowjob -- a true story

First TimeGay MaleHardcore

I started to go to jackshacks when I was about 20 — I was taking classes downtown and the bus stop was right in front of one, and my girlfriend was away at college in a different state, so I was one horny motherfucker. One night after class I had time before the bus came and decided to go in, heart pounding. The routine was a little different than in today’s video arcades — you had to get tokens and choose a single film loop you wanted to watch — no channel hopping to find the best cumshot. Chose something, went in the booth and jerked my cock like a crazed rabbit, shooting all over the wall… Read more

Posted by libertine66 3 years ago 8 4,103 100%

Lovely Looking Leah Lesbian Love #1

First TimeLesbian SexVoyeur

Lovely looking Leah feels very lonely after the long Summer of Love with her secret first lover. Lovely looking Leah feels so alone in her bed, she misses cuddling up together as spoons in love. Lovely looking Leah is a smart girl. She decides to apply her lessons of love to get a fresh love. Lovely looking Leah develops a big crush for Lucy. She often wonders, how juicy Lucy will be? Lovely looking Leah secretly looks at Lucy under the shower together after their ballet classes. Lovely looking Leah loves the looks of the cute short hair brunette and her secretive sweet smile. L… Read more

Posted by petdyke 3 years ago 4 1,299 67%

Ned in the toilet

AnalFetishGay Male

my first go at a story enjoy Ned (CHAV) in the toilet Total fiction just thought id give it a go ;) So I’m up in Glasgow for a few days ( country boy from the west coast) so ive got 3G !! so I take a look on grindr and find a few hot guys near where we are staying and get to chatting with them. After about 30 minutes I get bored and decide to go for a walk in the park near the hotel. I decide that maybe taking a walk in Glasgow in the middle of winter is not the best idea as it starts to rain I see some trees and what looks like a Victorian toilet block so I run over to get… Read more

Posted by comradea 3 years ago 2 2,874 100%

Aimee's Cute Pink Socks Lead to a Footjob!

FetishFirst Time

Aimee was a average girl, pretty and blonde, but what was great about her is that she had the feet of a goddess and even better she was my cousin so we had regular visits. One day my parents dragged me into the car, I was surprised and shocked by this but it turns out that they were having relationship issues and I was going to stay at my cousin Aimee's house for the weekend. My mind instantly thought of her cute socks and feet, I had more of a sock fetish than a foot fetish but I enjoyed both. I was very close with Aimee every time we would visit each others house we would have dinne… Read more

Posted by Dan-boss 3 years ago 2,110 100%

Just a lil something


I crawled closer to her and met her with a kiss. As we kissed she followed me down to the mattress. Tongues entwined with one another as her hands slid down my arms and her fingers locked around mine. I Kiss the side of her neck as she allowed me to place her hands above her head. One by one each cuff secured around her wrist. She closed her eyes as I slid my hand up and down her body from her shoulders to her ankles. As she laid there bound to my bed I got up and closed the curtains in my room making it pitch black. At that moment that feeling you get when your going to the highest point on t… Read more

Posted by ieatpussy96 3 years ago 840 50%



A student gets caught cheating on her test. "There she goes again, looking at her neighbor's paper! She is so obvious. She has to be the worst cheater ever. Now she is looking at me and acting nervous. If she looks at her neighbor again, I am taking her exam away," Joe thought to himself as he sat at his desk, pretending to grade the previous period's final exam. Hailey, the student in question, was sitting a mere three rows back and her nervous eyes kept darting to, and then staring at, her neighbor's paper. Out of the corner of his eye, Joe saw Hailey check to make sure he wasn't lookin… Read more

Posted by fotisampini 3 years ago 3 1,946 100%

Daddy's Little Girl

First TimeTaboo

Sarah's surprise for Daddy. It was one of those lazy Saturday mornings perfect for lying around and doing nothing. It was slightly overcast and there was a chance of rain. Sarah came up from downstairs and crawled back into bed with her dad. She cuddled up next to him, dressed only in one of his large t-shirts, and rested her head on his chest. Her hands came up to his stomach and she lightly ran her fingertips over her dad's stomach. She tilted her head up so that her eyes met his. He kissed her on the forehead and she smiled. This felt right. Even though it was so wrong, it still felt so ri… Read more

Posted by fotisampini 3 years ago 10 17,942 100%

Watching Mrs with 3 Friends

Group SexVoyeur

As with all the stories that we have uploaded, this is absolutely true and other than name changes everything is as it happened. We are swingers and therefore could say that we don’t always find ourselves in new sexual situations by accident but we always get a bigger buzz when it is not planned and with strangers or normal friends. I am 39 and Jane is 34. We are an attractive couple and Jane exudes sexiness. She is slim, tall with long blonde hair and legs to die for. She is also very dirty and likes to be used like a slut – these combinations have allowed us to have a lot a sexual ad… Read more

Posted by welshcpl05 3 years ago 3 2,415 88%

After Class in His Office

First TimeMature

She has a few questions for her professor after class. He was losing control of the situation quickly, which unsettled him. He had been teaching for the last 13 years and of course he had been attracted to students before, but he had always managed to keep himself in check and under control. During this semester however he was having quite the struggle. If 19 year old Victoria Lewis hadn't been his student it would have been like any other class, but the damn girl wasn't just attractive she had to be intelligent and slightly outspoken too. To him it was a lethal combination. She walked i… Read more

Posted by fotisampini 3 years ago 2,548 100%

Her Other Cherry

AnalFirst TimeMature

He already took her virginity, now she offers her ass. John had been stood up. He had been meant to meet his friend David for a drink, but just as he was arriving at the bar, David called and said that he'd managed to get a date with a girl he'd been trying to screw for months. Obviously, John could hardly begrudge him that. He decided to go in for one drink anyway. With his drink in hand, he sat at a small table by the wall. He surveyed the girls at the bar. One in particular caught his eye. She was about 5'8, slender but curvy, with long blonde hair and a beautiful behind, wearing a tig… Read more

Posted by fotisampini 3 years ago 1,262 100%

Dr. Dorhring

First TimeMature

My name is Dr. Matthew Dorhring. Samantha's father and I met almost 25 years ago while working as teaching assistants at the same institution where I am now a tenured professor. A few years ago, I took a sabbatical from the university during which I traveled and lived in different parts of the world and had missed seeing Samantha develop from c***d to adolescent. It wasn't until just before Samantha's high school graduation that I moved back to the states, and for the first time saw how beautifully she had grown and transitioned from a gangly adolescent into a nubile, sexy young woman, eager f… Read more

Posted by fotisampini 3 years ago 880 100%

Like A Good Neighbor

First TimeMature

Young woman older man enjoys summer hook-up. The school year ended almost two weeks ago and my folks were about to embark on an extended vacation to Europe. They were looking forward to their trip, but they were hesitant to leave me alone for the entire summer. Their solution was to have me stay with my older b*****r Bobby for the summer. Of course, I didn't want to do that, but finally relented when they offered to finance a Cancun vacation for my nineteenth birthday. Little did I know when Bobby picked me up at the airport, this would be the most memorable summer of my life. It was… Read more

Posted by fotisampini 3 years ago 2,191 100%

Happy Birthday

First TimeTaboo

The entire weekend was dedicated to celebrating her 18th birthday and the beach house was full of f****y and friends, all wishing her a fabulous birthday and the best in the years to come. The group had headed down the coast to Mariano's for dinner, but she started feeling queasy after too much cake and too much wine so I offered to take her back home. By the time we got to the house, she had fallen asl**p. Rather than wake her or carry her all the way into the house, I put her on the bed in the cabana and I stretched out on the chaise by the pool, intending to finish my last beer and go to be… Read more

Posted by fotisampini 3 years ago 2,582 100%


First TimeTaboo

Maggie Pintero was a beauty. The first time I saw her, she was wearing what I guess could best be described as a sundress, made of soft, light cotton with small pink and green flowers against a yellow background. Small cap sleeves, a low bodice that displayed the warm soft blush of her breasts, and a full gathered skirt that when she walked fluttered, whispering of the treasure beneath. I remember the dress so vividly because as a young man just graduating high school, our neighbor lady down the hall, with whom I'd had my first sexual experiences that summer, had a similarly colored dress.… Read more

Posted by fotisampini 3 years ago 3 3,738 100%

Dirty Rotten Schoolgirls

First TimeGroup Sex

My life changed the week before Christmas last year when I lost my virginity. I'm sure that many might say that not having sex until I was twenty-five was unnatural, twisted even. And, to be fair, knowing what I know now, I'd have to agree. But of course before that fateful lesson I was perfectly happy in my celibate state; perfectly happy waiting until I was married to my longstanding fiancée, Bethany. Perhaps I should give you a little background so you understand just what a life-shifting experience I went through. I met Bethany in the college library almost seven years ago on the… Read more

Posted by fotisampini 3 years ago 2,244 100%

Swiss Girls School

First TimeGroup Sex

He is used as practice in a sex-ed lesson for rich girls John had been in Switzerland for six months, after his dad had got him a job with his company, but now the project was coming to an end. He had a week left on his flat, and decided to use the time to relax before heading home to London. He was having breakfast in his favourite little cafe, reading the paper, when he came across a small advert in the classifieds. "Male life model required for health class." It gave the name and number of a very exclusive girls' finishing school in the city. John had heard of these Swiss finishing s… Read more

Posted by fotisampini 3 years ago 1 2,271 100%

Babysitter Makes Me Lose Control


The k**s were screaming, and my wife was out back, smoking another cigarette. Sometimes I can't wait to get out of the house, even if it means spending more time with Shelley, who's been growing meaner and colder as we age. It was going to be about ten more minutes until our new babysitter came by. The last one went to college last week—we'd used her ever since our oldest was born about six years ago. The old girl was so sweet, and was going off to study educational psychology. She was great with the k**s. We found the new girl on Craigslist. She just graduated high school and she's 18… Read more

Posted by fotisampini 3 years ago 10 12,763 100%