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The History of Kim, Part 11

We had, several months earlier, gone to the Justice of the Peace, and were married, UNDER VIETNAMESE LAW. I went to personell and had our papers, so they could be put into my records. The clerk, a good friend of mine, told that the papers weren't any good, and that I had to get permission from the Military Command to get married and take her home with me. I had never thought about it until I was told I would STILL have to leave her behind, that I WAS IN LOVE WITH THIS GIRL. I felt as if someone had kicked me in the gut. I asked him, then, what I would have to do. He told me that, as I ha... Continue»
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ANYONE FOR DESSERT name is Cat and I am always on the go...rushing here and there and loving the buzz...I live in an apartment block..surrounded by trees and the fresh smell of newly cut grass from the field behind the apartments..There are six apartments ..all single, 50 year old and over 'young' professionals...all with a zing in their step..and a lust for life...but lurking.. each one of us...has a past...

It was a beautiful day out..and I decided to go and sit in the park and read my Ernest Hemingway 'Old man and the sea'...and the park was comfortable...not overly crowded...Mam's with their babies... Continue»
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My Friend

Sal came over to have coffee as she was hurt thinking her husband may be having an affair. I knew what she meant becasue I have fucked him many times but it was just sex nothing more. I gave Sal the coffee and we sat out on my deck. I was wearing a t-shirt and shorts and Sal had on a halter top and shorts. It was a bright warm day. As we talked Sal got teary eyed and began to cry. I went to her and put an arm around her and told her not to worry as I knew he loved her. I told her to be more open, dress sexy, show off her tits. Don't wear a bra." She smiled and said "Do you think I can be sexy?... Continue»
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(To Julie, the inspiration for this story…)

(Listen to Angel by Massive Attack for an enhanced read!)

She posted another set of pictures, or as he called it, frozen moments from her mysterious life. She was his new found curse, no… sickness… Do you compare someone so divine to such vile acronyms? She had somehow become a slow breath for his life, if you would call being submerged into the abyss of work six days out of the week, and the only one not surrounded by paperwork and misery, left alone away from the non-existent, or rather non-important world.

Last onli... Continue»
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Naked at the beach

Naked i front of f****y:

This happen to me last summer. While out with the f****y on a small island beach on the river I decided it would be fun expose myself. Everyone was taking turns knee boarding behind my Grandfather's and Uncle's boats. They kept asking me to do it since I never had. After watching and seeing them almost losing there bathing suits. I decided it would me fun to have my suit pulled off by the water. So I went out in to the water to wait for a turn. While waiting I reached down and load my pockets with rocks so suit will sink if it comes off. I also untied my sui... Continue»
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It was late on that Tuesday night. Dee and I were visiting our long-time friends Michael and Mari. Dee was in the guest bedroom asl**p for more than an hour. Michael was in their bedroom also for more than an hour. Mari was playing solitaire on her computer across the room from me where I was surfing porn on mine. From time to time I would glance at Mari. She was wearing her silk pajamas and I was in my flannel pants and a tee shirt.

I got up to get a drink of water, sipping it as I moved next to Mari. We had this long unresolved thing for each other. It was unresolved and unspoken... Continue»
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Luci was a dark haired beauty. She had a great figure and a lust for sex. She didn't care who it was she just loved to fuck. She had fucked most of her friends husbands more that once. Yesterday the cable man came and she wore just her silk robe and was naked underneath it. As he was down on his knees checking out the TV Luci dropped her robe and went to him and asked "Are you married?" He nodded that he was so Luci said to him "Do you get enough pussy? How would you like to fuck my pussy?" She then grabbed his face and pulled his mouth to her tits. She rubbed her nipples all over his face and... Continue»
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My wife and I were on holiday in south-west England last summer in our motorhome. We pitched next to a bigger motorhome occupied by a couple who I guessed were in their late-50s, just a few years older than us. During our first evening at the campground we soon got chatting and started to get to know each other over a shared bottle of wine. David was the quiet one but Jane was very chatty & open. She happily filled us in on their lives, telling us that at 62 she was a few years older than David, that they were both retired and she joked that she was a "fisherman's widow". David apparently like... Continue»
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Time with my wife and no chastity on me for now

I spent one night, over the weekend, with my key holder. Just her and I. She said she was proud of me still in chastity. A lesser man would of cut t off she said. So today was my day of treats.

She had me stand naked before her and I watched as she removed the key from around her neck and inserted the key into the lock on my chastity. I looked down at her, with her on her knees before me. She looked up and said hands behind your back. And keep them there until I tell you different.

I clasped my hands behind my back and watched as she unlocked and removed my chastity cage. She checked the... Continue»
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Heather Preston gets Done by the Neighbours

Heather Preston struggled playfully at the bonds that held her. She lay naked in her back yard. Her arms and legs spread apart bound to metal stakes buried in the ground. She had been left this way by her husband, Jim, as part of their game. Heather loved bondage a ****-fantasy and Jim loved being dominant, so the two made a good couple in the bedroom. One of their little games was to have Heather bound and exposed outside. Where she would be 'f***ed' to give Jim a blowjob before he left. She would remain bound for two or three hours while he went to take care of some task at work then ... Continue»
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Carin's continuing adventures February

So I haven’t been able to tell you all about my adventures lately, mainly because I’ve been having so much fun I haven’t had time. But you should all know that I’m enjoying my new found sexual energy. My best friends Dawn and Darren have been expanding my horizons, and I have been less stressed and more willing to let them teach me than I ever expected.
It might have something to do with the fantastic orgasms I get from the two of them. Together, they can get me to pass out from the excitement, something that has never happened to me before now. What’s more, the confidence I have gotten from... Continue»
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Neighbor’s Daughter

Henry had a lot of spare time on his hands. His wife of 30 years had passed away a couple of years ago. The insurance settlement had left him well off, but lonely. He was in his early fifties and balding, but he had maintained a reasonably fit body with just a bit of a belly bulge. His dogs had become his f****y. He favorite pastimes were watching TV and the girls across the street. The oldest, Candy, was a cheerleader and practiced her tumbling and cheer routines on a trampoline in their front yard. Her younger s****r, Cynthia, played on the trampoline when Candy was not using it.

Henry h... Continue»
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Anal Virgin, But Not For Long

I've always been open to trying new things when it comes to sex. I see it as, you don’t know you don’t like it unless you try it. The one thing I have always been against is anal sex. I have never been interested in trying it. There are many reasons why I haven’t. I just don’t see the reason to.

My husband and I have been married for six years, and I want to finally give him the one thing I've denied. That of course is access to my ass. I've put a lot of thought into it. I have even done some reading on it. If done right, it can be just as pleasurable for a woman, as it is for a man. I wa... Continue»
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The Sales Trip

I was working up north last summer and I had a very interesting experience in a hotel near Nottingham.

I arrived late one afternoon and it had been a really hot day and all I wanted was a beer and a relax. I went to my room and came down to the bar, as I was approaching the bar this really attractive girl turned round and bumped into me spilling her drink all over her chest and down my shirt, she was really apologetic and insisted on buying me a drink! She then asked the barman for a towel and the proceeded to dry off her top in front of me. This top I have to tell you was quite revealing a... Continue»
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Sara's Awakening Part 4

This first paragraph starts with Sara still in her bed remembering the last few weeks. After that it jumps back to her in their present time

The next few weeks brought much of the same. During the week she went to school but on the weekends she waited for daddy to go to work so she could continue learning about sex. She studied the videos and read forums. She was learning fast how to make a man cum and was desperate to try it out for real but the only man she wanted was her father. *

Sara opened her eyes to find her door was closed again. Daddy must have headed back to bed. She wondered ... Continue»
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Ashlynn:Daddy’s Little Girl Part 9

Daddy’s Little Girl
Part 9
(Team Spirit)

Ashlynn lifted her ass with each stroke, trying to get every inch of the big offensive tackles cock, I had thought it was a shower, but, it was a grower too.

They had the game jerseys laid out on the bench, later today they would be washed but right now they had another use, as padding for Ash. Five weeks in and we had the routine down pat. When they win the boys that scored, and the Defensive line men that made the most outstanding plays, got Ash on Saturday morning.

Of all 8 of them, seven had fuck Ash before. But the Fifteen yea... Continue»
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my diary 3

My Diary, 3


After quite a busy/sexy week I decided to relax this weekend,
so first thing this morning after showering to get rid of the dried cum hubby left on my boob’s I did a quick check on my son-in-law’s room (David ) when he left to go to his mate’s. On the floor next to his bed was my best black wonder bra and by the sticky white mess in the left cup it was obriouse David had been jerking his big cock into it and near filled the cup, it was still very thick and wet and I just had to have a little taste. You can tell he has ... Continue»
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She's a Dentist but She Didn't Pull My T

On a return flight after a week of business, I was seated next to a very lithe, lovely woman in 1st class. She immedately engaged me in conversation, and I was flattered to receive the attention.

Our discussion began before push back from the gate. We eventually became airborne, and before we knew it, we were landing at our destination. During the conversation, I discovered she was a dentist. I was fascinated at her life story, and how she chose her profession. It was clear we were connecting nicely.

As we landed, we said our good-byes - sharing common pleasantries. As she was visiting f... Continue»
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My Son Is My Wife

This is a story I made up so I hope you like it.

Hello there and welcome to my story on how my son became my wife. First let me tell you my name and it’s Sam White and I'm 46 years old and as i said in the beginning I live with my son/wife and his real name is James White but his new name is Jenny White and he is 26 years old and we are happy but that wasn’t the case ten years ago when his mother found out his secret and mine. She found in my son’s room a box of women's clothing that I brought for him when I found him in his mother clothes at age 11 and saw me looking at him when was dress... Continue»
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Sarah discovers masturbation

I grew up a very normal k** or so I thought, I don't remember being curious or even caring about anything that had to do with sex until this one day when I was playing in the garage and as I was going through some boxes I found a dirty magazine hidden way at the bottom of one of the boxes my dad kept there, I was a little shocked to see a naked woman in the cover but being young and naive and also like most little girls very curious I just had to see what was inside, I opened the magazine and right away in the index there were pictures of naked people having sex, I immediately closed it a litt... Continue»
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