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Amelia's First Time with Jason

As Jason tidied the piles of pillows Amelia removed her new thick jumper and quickly tugged down her new tight blue jeans and then slid under the sheets of the large bed. Jason without much thought or hesitation began to remove his jumper and trousers along with his socks and slipped in beside her. As Amelia fumbled to remove her socks she automatically went to get him out of his boxers and in to her waiting special place. While she threw her socks on to the floor she was a little surprised as he took her hand away from within his boxers and placed it above her head. Amelia was not sure what w... Continue»
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Tricking Out Andrea

I was once had a girlfriend called Andrea, she had long brown hair that went down her back, long legs that were silky smooth, thin body, small perky tits, she was pretty, a smart dresser and had a killer ass.

She was the kind of girl who liked to please and loved to fuck whenever I wanted to, in fact she wasn't a girl at all, as at the time she was ten years older than me and would please in anyway she could.

I could fuck her however I wanted and do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted, she liked it that way and we had been dating a while so she knew what I liked and how to get me to bus... Continue»
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Fucking Becky

Becky or Rebecca as was her name that she didn't like to be called, was a young girl who used to chill at my apartment now and then and she was sexy as hell, curly brown hair very good looking and a great body with nice tits and big blue eyes.

She was the kind of girl you would wish was your girlfriend and would fantasies about fucking, everyone wanted to but she didn't sl**p around and was actually a clean good girl, most times

She also had some class in the way she dressed and presented herself which made her look even sexier with the playfulness which was a bonus and always well made ... Continue»
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The first time....

Way back in High School my best friend,Kevin and I were in his pool one night. I sat on the steps while he swam laps.Kevin`s body was so sexy,hard and rippling with muscles. I watched him as he started to slow near me.
Kevin stopped and removed his baggy swim trunks. He told me it is easier to swim nude and I bought it. Kevin stated to swim and I watched while removing my own trunks.
When Kev was near the shallow end he noticed I was nude too.I could look through the water at Kevin super body and very thick penis.My cock was also hard as I looked at Kevin's sexy body,hairy and ripped.
... Continue»
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Lingerie Shopping With the Wives

Lingerie Shopping With the Wives
This past week, I had to spend a couple of days in Washington DC for some meetings and I took Ginger and Pepper with me. We had a day to spare before flying home and I promised them I would take them shopping. They decided that they wanted to go lingerie shopping for some sexy see through nighties for themselves, their s****r Rosemary and the six daughters between. (Three of the daughters are 26 and the other three are 24 and they all look just like their moms.)
Ginger and Pepper had mapped out several posh stores they wanted to shop at so after breakfast o... Continue»
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Gary,Bobby and I

I was between his legs sucking his thick,throbbing penis.My fingers were touching his very hairy body, I touched his chest his hair was so soft.As I sucked his penis and without touching myself I shot a load over the bed.
Gary though it was funny that I came without being touched. My mouth was sucking his thick cock, sliding up and down his shaft. Gary was moaning and I knew he was close. I tried to get all of his penis in my mouth when it happened. Gob's and gob's of Gary`s tangy cum filled my mouth. I swallowed all I could, watching his face as I did it. Gary was very pleased I did not loos... Continue»
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My wife's fantasies

My wife and I have been married for about four years.

She slept with about fifteen guys before we met, but was always a one-guy girl. She has never had a threesome. We don't talk about threesomes and, usually, never role-play about them. To the best of my knowledge she doesn't want to be with anyone else and expects complete fidelity from me. She has never been with another woman in any way, and has always said she doesn't fantasize about or have desire for other woman at all.

Her fantasies tend to involve acts that demeaning or disempower her. Before we married we occasionally tied her... Continue»
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The Dream

As you can imagine by the title of this story, the following events are what I would have to say is my greatest, most unbelievable sexual encounter of my entire life. I have to remind myself constantly that it was not a dream and did in fact happen. I have never told anyone this story because I thought it would get people in trouble, but that is no longer an issue (I will explain), so here we go.

it all started when I was 16 years old. I was an assistant coach for my younger b*****rs baseball team. I also played baseball and was always and elite player, so I decided to try to hel... Continue»
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Mom takes a ride 2

Rick tried to concentrate on fucking his mother, but he was concerned about his Aunt Jean who was watching from the kitchen door. On the one hand it made him hotter to know that his mother's s****r was watching his cock driving into his mother, but the look on her face was one of shock. He wasn't sure what she was liable to do next.

"What if she tells someone" he whispered to his mother.

Terri was too busy bouncing up and down on her son's stiff rod to want to talk, but she could tell Rick's heart wasn't in the fucking because of his concern.

"She doesn't dare tell anyone," she gru... Continue»
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Suprise cocksucking in the basement

It was a late spring evening, I was helping an old friend that I had threesomes with him and his girlfriend long ago. I hadn't seen him in a few years but he still had my phone number. He called me to see if I could help him clear out an apartment a friend abandoned, I said sure, and arranged a time to meet him. Later on, I met him at the brick house that he needed help with. We both had gained weight since we had seen each other last. He unlocked the door and we went in. He mentioned that he managed to get all but the basement cleaned up. So we enter the basement and start moving a few remain... Continue»
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My Birthday
I was wearing a pair of cut off shorts with a shirt. Then Jill said “let me take your clothes off”. She pretended to have trouble preceding. So she got a 3” switch blade and with it's assistance my clothes fell off. After her work was done she said “Ahhh that's better. You can breath again”. As she looks at my equipment as if for the first time.
Then she took my hand and slowly her sheer robe fell on the floor. Then we went into the living room. Where we sat nude relaxing in front of the TV. Sitting side by side, necking and making out like two hornie teenagers.
Jill said “Hap... Continue»
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rossy madam ki chudai

Mera nam sahil hai, M/28/delhi, , Love to enjoy my life with every bit of second. Mai Delhi mei rahta hoo aur aajtak New Friends Colony, Sarita Vihar mei lagbhag 15 houswewife ko chod chukka hoo aur we meri chudai se bahoot satisfy hoti hai kyunki mai chudai sirf chudai ke liye nahi karta balki pura satisfaction dena meri aadat hai.Sath hi 100% Secracy meri mai maintain karta hoo.Yadi aap call/phone talk/chat karna chahe to mujhe e-mail Karen, mai jawab dunga. Dosto aaj mai aapko ek aisi kahani bata raha hoo jo bilkul real hai, aap sune…….

Meri Teacher Radhika mam mere class XII mei Science... Continue»
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Fucking best mate's brother in law

My postman is gettin married to my best mates s****r, Karl, a 29 yr old fit scally fucker, who is always on the prowl for a hole to destroy, met Racheal through his early morning deliveries a few years back. I've always known he was a slag due to the amount of times he's been nicked on various chat sites and his stories of the women he has smashed when on his rounds. Am out to everyone as a homo and this has never bothered him. Our sessions all started when he found out I was e****ting, and when he knew the money that can be made he messaged me kne night pissed saying he would be up for it as ... Continue»
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OHGirl & Velvet: Expecting More


I landed in Columbus in the early morning and caught a cab back to my condo. I spent a few hours catching up on all of my mail, emails, messages and general work before I decided to head back to our country house. I needed a little rest from the long flight and afternoon of work, so it would be easier to relax at my house. When I arrived the house was quiet and it appeared that no one had been home for months. A message on the door from our mail carrier let me know that there was quite a bit of mail to pick up at the post office. I drove down and picked up two large boxes of old mai... Continue»
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my best friend

Ok so i remember when i was a teenager, i was always very horney. I wanted to fuck the brains out of anything. anything. Also im christian so my parents would of killed me if they found out that i was fucking my best friend, Nick. Nick was one of thoes guys with a MILF mom, an ugly biker dad, a slutty s****r, so he loved coming over my house, because he hated them all. I usually said yes, but he was very annoying. He liked things i didnt like and vice versa. So one day, when he was sl**ping over, (btw were both vergins) he told me that his s****r had sex with some nigger who i only saw o... Continue»
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Sharing and caring

One morning Scott and I were going to town and passed Steve’s house, Scott said he need to stop by on the way back. I asked if we can have some fun when we stop back by. Scott said sure if I wanted to get fucked we could.

Of course I said I do want to get fucked. I couldn’t wait! After some shopping we started back home and pulled into Steve’s driveway. We went in the house thru the back door unannounced as we always do. Once in the living room there sat Steve totally nude with a hard on!

I quickly sat down beside him and started to rub is hard cock. He said “Well Hello to you too” I l... Continue»
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3 month installment loans - 3monthpaydayloansnocr

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You can borrow the funds for its repayment in 12 months. This means that your any single paycheque will not be under the stress of paying the whole of the ... Continue»
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Jerkin’ game! Cum Slut or Pee Whore? Choose

Game details.

Time Span: One week or to make it harder extend duration as much as you wish

Jerkin’ allowed: as much as you want

Edge Breaker: Yes

Blue Balls Modality: Yes

Cum Games: Sissy lipstick, Loser/Sissy cum eating position, Sissy Anal lube

Cumshots Allowed: twice over time span choosen

Cumshots Type: in your face and your own mouth, make sure to lift those legs over your head

Pee Games: Golden Lipstick and swallowin’. If you do not like pee, substitute it with your own cum.

The Game
Over the t... Continue»
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From Online Slut to Real One...

From Online Slut to Real One...

(I wrote this story and originally posted it on Literotica years ago... I still retain copyright. I hope you all enjoy!)

As I readied myself for what was to come, it only took a moment to flashback to how it all started. One night, during a night out with the girls, one of our group blurted out about how she was getting a little satisfaction on the side. She went on to tell us how she learned about internet chat rooms from her son, who used them to keep in touch with his friends.

She started out as an innocent person in the room, and over the months... Continue»
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I knew I had been invited to meet a divorced woman. Per our many chat's it was not a happy divorced. The break-up began long before we started talking via the internet. When he started to spend more time with his “office bimbo” (in her words). The marriage became unsaveable. She describe herself as a lonely (in more ways than one) school teacher.
I got her address and one day staked out her house. It was dark when she came home from food shopping. From what I could see, wow what a women. I like my ladies to be older than me and a BBW (more better). The more I saw of her that night the more ... Continue»
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