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My glory hole fun..

it was works trip to London and my hotel was near Soho,i was talking to the wife on the phone and said to her i would not make it home for the weekend and i had to stop down here,she said that's fine just enjoy but don't do anything i wouldn't??

i was in the hotel with a lad called Jack from work,i didn't really know him and he wanted to go into Soho for the night and get some drinks and some action,i told him i was married he said that's OK we are away from home so she will not know!!

we got into Soho and Jack seemed to know where to go for a decent pint,by the end of the night he said ... Continue»
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part 2

When we woke in the morning, Daryl thanked me for last night, and quietly let me know she wanted me to help her live out one of her fantasies, when questioned all she would say about what it was is, was nothing, not a hint, she just smiled and blushed, but she did say that she hoped I would enjoy it, but if I wanted to back out it was now or never, and after last night how could I resist, no matter what she said now I would be going to go along. After breakfast we got ready to go out, but before I got dressed, she wanted to measure me to make sure we got the best size, I still had the panties... Continue»
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"A Soldier's Boy".

A re-posting of a good old British classic.

A Soldier's Boy.

by pete (

A young boy's first sexual experience encourages him to
find his real sexuality.

(Mb, 1st-gay-expr, oral, mast)


With acknowledgements to ‘RafSarge’

Chapter 1

I let out a stifled moan and took a man's cock into my
wet mouth, in one single graceful movement of pure
lust, for the first time in my life. I didn't even gag!
I must have been born a natural cock-sucker, I thought
wildly to myself, as my lips cl... Continue»
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Caught Cross Dressing by my daughters friend

I stop suddenly as I here a noise downstairs. No-one is home I am thinking whilst my heart races. Everyone is away for the day. I have phoned up to check. Both my wife and daughters are in London shopping so who the hell is that in my kitchen. I look over into the full length mirror and catch a glimpse of myself. The door is over to the corner of the room and as I walk I pass the mirror properly. Even in my panic I look at myself and think. Hell I look good. The reflection is myself dressed up in my wife's Lingerie. A cute crop top with a black strapless bra underneath all padded out. Looking... Continue»
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Well it's now three months into the mother daughter affair and Tori has settled into her role well each morning after hubby goes off to work she goes to her daughters bed and wakes her with a intense tongue lapping providing her daughter a mind shaking orgasm., then drives her to school has a normal day picks her up after the track workout and in the locker room tongue baths her sweaty cunt clean.

Mom Yes honey tomorrow you are going to service one of my teachers not for grades but cause I want in her panties I want her to be mine to fuck as I please when I please.. Oh honey I... Continue»
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Gooooooood morning

I woke suddenly. I’d felt something on my arm and when I opened my eyes I was startled to find someone vaguely familiar standing over my bed. She was stunning, red hair the colour of Dawn, eyes as green as emeralds, skin as pale as the moonlight streaming through my window, with a delicious spray of freckles, cheeks as sharp as a knife, a nose that would be the envy of any Hellenistic Sculptor, and a chin with a dimple that was so innocent yet held danger. However what held my attention about her face were her lips, they were generous, ruby red, and they were saying something....

“Good you... Continue»
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Enjoying the night

One night I went to Captain Hornblower’s, a local jazz bar, with a female friend named Jan. She knew I was bi. We had drinks and enjoyed the music. There was a guy sitting close to the quartet that was playing. He was pretty. My friend admired him too, and we both complimented on how good looking he was. He had straight, dark-brown hair and a nice tan. Since he was sitting alone at a table, my friend suggested we join him. We did, chatting and enjoying the music. He was gay. My friend nudged me under the table and smiled knowingly when she noticed he and I were connecting.

He asked us if we... Continue»
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Packing and Shifting Services - A Necessity These

This company regarding Packers and also Relocating Companies with Delhi supply a unique practical knowledge to every one it's customers. The real reason for the wonderful providers given by all of them is usually that they can place his or her life bl**d into your total going encounter. That they handle every shifting knowledge seeing that his or her consequently they will fit more endeavours inside separation go.

That they be aware that the many house items are generally cherished assets of folks for that reason many people carry added treatment coping with these people. Fortunately they... Continue»
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mom and son Marriage

a big hello to all of you. My name is Deepa, a 42 year old housewife from Jamshedpur Jharkhand. I am new to this site and story writing. I used to be very innocent and very conservative Hindu lady. I am here because of my son who is now my husband too. Strange isn’t it, but it is true. I married my son under his tremendous pressure and unconditional love which I was missing since my husband’s untimely death.

Now to coming to the story, which is a true story I hope you all will enjoy it. My husband died 10 years back in an accident leaving behind me and my only my son Jaydeep who was a 10
... Continue»
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my bbc gave her white pussy the deepest fuck!

hello this is james and i have to give thanks to cindy for helping me wright this story!!

quick add looking for couples and single women!


enjoy the story now!!

I have had the distinct pleasure to be married to one of the most beautiful and hottest women on the earth. Renee and I have been married for about four years now and ever since we first started dating we have enjoyed an erotic love life. Renee has always been very sexually adventurous. Her 5' 8" 120lb frame has been blessed with a fantastic set o... Continue»
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My son got seriously hot

Well, life sucked after divorcing my little sheboy, he was everything to me, but I had to let him go see the world, he went to college, after leaving his job as a freelance babysitter to find himself, he was very good at his job, he worked as a babysitter for a filthy rich f****y, he used to make over £400 in 6 hours spread over a whole week, sometimes he takes overtime, however this overtime was more like parentsitting than else.

He would stay for a further hour to take care of the parents by getting into naughty games together, the couple were rather young, the man was just midway through... Continue»
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Making Julia fuck her boss The first time I brought it up, Julia was set against the idea of fucking her boss. Her biggest argument was that by doing it, it could make things
incredibly awkward for her at work. But he was much older than him, and she wasn’t attracted to him at all. I dropped the idea for a few weeks,
but decided to ask her again. Persistence paid off. I guess she could see what this was something I really wanted, so she reluctantly agreed.
We decided to do it after her next staff party. She’d have a few drinks, get him to drive her home, and then invite him in. When they go... Continue»
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Becky Made Me Do It

Becky Made Me Do It

(MF, MM, BI, MMF, 1st-gay-expr)

Hello, my name is Jason, and I'm gay. This story is essentially about a gay experience I had, or more accurately a Bi-sexual experience that I had a couple of years back. I thought it was unusual enough to share, so here it is...

It all started when I met Becky Anderson. She was a real hotty! She had a body that a guy might dream about while masturbating, you know the type; big innocent eyes in an exceedingly pretty face and a body that would be at home naked on any tople... Continue»
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Fuck My Bitch

I had exchanged emails and photos with Jennifer. She quickly answered the door and I noticed her plus size shape peeking through a sexy black teddy as she guided me in the room. As I stepped in the suite I saw the focus of my attention, Alexia. She was sitting on the hotel couch I was floored by her beauty. She looked a little Hispanic and Asian with blonde hair and black roots peaking through. She looked to be in her upper 20’s with a smooth face covered in a bright orange tinted foundation, light pink lips, light charcoal colored eye shadow all the way around her eyes with dark black eye bro... Continue»
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Paulettes Passions

Darren went in to the bar and saw a willowy blonde with an amazing figure, sat across from Darren she started to cross and uncross her legs showing flashes of her pussy; as usual Paulette wasn’t wearing any underwear and was enjoying getting the attention shown to her.

Darren went to the bar to order another drink and was stood next to Paulette, with a straight face he said to her wonderful view here and offered to buy her a drink, for a while they made small talk and drank until Darren asked Paulette if she would like to go for a walk along the beach, once they reached an empty part of t... Continue»
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Marion worked for one of the large Pharmaceutical companies selling their products to Doctors and Hospital’s etc. to call her beautiful was an understatement she had legs to die for, breasts that took your breath away and the face of an angel, and dressed accordingly wearing clothes that accentuated her best features, stockings and shoes that showed off her legs to perfection, Blouses that gave just a hint of what they were hiding and suits with trousers or skirts that made for one hell of a package.

Early in the morning Marion woke up after a good night’s sl**p feeling excited because she... Continue»
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Just the tip

Sorry I haven't been writing... Here's something I whipped up, with a help of a wonderful person <3 You know who you are *Tickles*


I was working a 6 day week for the past 3 years and needed a break.

So I decided that being an introvert, and my past experiences with travel(read other stories), that I would get ready for a getaway alone. I was leaning towards going towards heading to Greece again but I couldn't find a good travel agency with a good price. After constantly looking for d... Continue»
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How to get your wife to cuckold you with Black Men

I saw this very good article on another site and am reposting it here to help wannabe cuckolds get their wives to go Black. enjoy!

My name is Ella. I have helped a lot of guys, both on-line and in real life, get their wife, girl friend, da.ght.r,, or whatever, to go black. Sometimes it is fairly easy, if she is already open sexually, and sometimes it is very difficult, and sometimes it is impossible. But, you do not know which it will be until you actually try. NOT trying is the biggest crime.

The steps below are designed to be fairly subtle, so that it allows the opportunity ... Continue»
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Not Your Average Delivery Boy Story

An unusual cold snap brought an even more unusual snowfall to our small beach town. We decided to have an evening in, making some poor delivery boy drive through the snow, while we lay curled up in each others arms on our bedroom floor in a cascade of pillows and blankets.
Headlights streaked across the walls through small slits in the blinds. “Food’s here,” he said excitedly.
“Thank you for calling it in and getting up to answer the door, you’re so sweet.” He added affectionately.
“Aww,” I said, grinning from ear to ear, “You’re welcome, honey.”
“I just want to make sure that you know h... Continue»
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Mother's little secert

This is all non-Fiction non of it Is real just an idea came in mind.

Alex hadcame home fromhisday of school, he knew his mom has been home for a while, since he had known her routine since she had been working as a nurse in the Hosptial. Alex had also known that she would sl**p for half of the day then make supper for him and her. His father was out of town for business for about a mouth and a half no. They get by with so much that his father could just retired right now, but it wasnt the best time to do that yet.Everyone had knew what his mom looked like, she stood at 5'7 nice rack of trip... Continue»
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