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locker room sauna guy

I had bought a membership at the volleyball court. I loved playing with my friends. I went to play one day and when I arrived, I was given a message. Ray wouldnt be available today. I went and batted the ball about for half an hour to get a workout but was getting bored. I went to the locker room and realized it was nearly empty due to the schedules of the courts. I took a shower and when i finished i went to the sauna and ast down with my towel laid across my lap. it was nice. I was dozing off when I heard the door creak open and glanced up to see a young k** around 18 walk in naked. His cock... Continue»
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Sara's Awakening Part 5

Mark sat across the table from his daughter and watched her eat. What the hell was happening today? It was almost as if she was playing with him. Like she was trying to be flirty but he knew that was crazy. His little girl knew nothing of those kinds of games and if she did she sure as hell wouldn't be playing them with him... would she? She looked up from her food and smiled across the table at him. There was something in that smile of her's. Something seductive and challenging.

"I'm going crazy.  I'm looking for things that just simply are not there" he thought. He f***ed himself to look ... Continue»
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OHGIRL: Crack House

The shooting pains in my knees brought my mind out of it's catatonic state. I had been smoking d**gs from the early morning until, apparently, I had arrived into the predicament that I was currently experiencing. I looked around to see that I was on my hands and knees in a narrow alley. There was a middle aged black man standing near my left shoulder and he was telling his friend to hurry up. His friend must have been the guy who's hands were gripping my hips and who's hard cock was banging me from behind. Each thrust was causing the loose asphalt on the alley to cut into my knees and my hands... Continue»
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Sex in the Fells Part 2

Greg and I never got to the top of Haystacks the weather again closed down before lunchtime and I decided to give it away as a bad job and headed home saying goodbye to Greg. The next time I went up the Lakes was in late June I was taking a break from uni and the peace and quiet of the fells always re-centered me. I was at the top of Coniston old man admiring the view when someone called my name, turning I saw Greg striding towards me, talk about surprised I couldn't say I had not thought of him I had usually when i was jerking off but I never expected to see him again. As soon as he was alon... Continue»
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Rose's fantasies- Volume I

The adrenaline is still pumping through my veins. And yet I am fucked. Literally.

As I lay on my bed in my torn skirt I can only imagine the colour of my arse cheeks.

My lips are swollen from where she bit me.

You see, I don't usually do these kinds of things. Even when Rachel had told me about this invite for a very exclusive masquerade sex party, I had made up an excuse. But she convinced me. She always does. She had been right though, even if she didn't know it and was only joking, I definitely did not want to miss out on seeing her naked.

Even as I got into the taxi and saw... Continue»
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Hot Holly - We meet again.

We meet again

I’ve seen Holly down the street several times since we first met but never got intimate. It was about a year later that she moved out of the yellow house and her husband stayed there.

Another few months had gone by and I went to the local supermarket to get some groceries. The weather was nice,as spring is in our piece of the country.

I walked into the store and went straight to the back of the store to get some milk and eggs. When I turned to head back to the checkout I saw this incredible slender woman in the isle. She looked familiar and then smiled at me. It was Holl... Continue»
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The History of Kim, Pqrt 12

Sunday morning came quietly. The units representatives were on hand for the changing of the guards, so we could pass on any new information to them. Everything was the same, except that I wouldn't be there for them after this. I went ahead and stopped be the Orderly Room of the "new" company, to see what I would need to do, tomorrow. I was told that Top was already there, and that Cpt. Walker had been in and out. First thing in the morning would be the Change of Command ceremony.

I went to the house to get a little rest before the party started. I saw one of the M.P,s at the gate and ... Continue»
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Is She seducing me 3

As she leans back into me so I can put lotion on her front, she nuzzles her into the side of my neck. At this point I don't know what to do so I am kind of just frozen as she speaks up and says, "its okay Mommy does it all the time." Her shirt pulled up and tucked under her chin as I pour some lotion onto my hands and start to work my way around her tummy.

As rub her tummy I take a hard long look at her budding girl breasts. They are not big enough yet to be in a bra but almost could. They are so cute, I could suckle them for hours. I start to smell her hair as it lays beside my neck. MMmmm... Continue»
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Sexual Restraint

(MMM/F, bondage, gangbang)

I worked for the city's water authority in customer service. My job was to answer questions about billing and scheduling service calls for blue- marking waterlines for construction companies or citizens who needed the service.

In short, at 25 I was board out of my mind. You know, numb with boredom, no direction, no special skills, condemned to a lifetime to tedious jobs and no fun in life. And worst of all I was still living with my parents.

Then one day all t... Continue»
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Naughty Girls

Women are nothing like men (as if you needed me to tell you that.) But not just in anatomy or in any carnal way. Women are unlike men in how they think and how they react to stimulus. A woman discuss her friend's body, in a conversational way, "Your tits look so great in that dress, i wish my tits looked so nice in anything i own." I have never seen men discuss their anatomy in such an obvious comparative way. Women will touch other women in very intimate ways without feeling awkward. "Feel my legs, this new razor is great." Have you ever imagined a man having his friend touch his face with th... Continue»
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My First Sex Encounter : Part 2

The black guy came there. He was 6'4'' tall and strong guy. I asked him that why had he called me there. He took his video camera out and showed me the videos of him fucking me. He had recorded secretly the every moment of him taking me in his bedroom. My body started shaking. I asked him why he recorded all that. He told me to come to his place if i did not want him he to show the recording to everyone. I got scared. I did not know what to do. I could sense that i was in a trouble and it would not be ending so easily.
I went to his place with him. He played the recording on his television. I... Continue»
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my night of being a sub with a sexy woman

i was at home one night reading a book i was all alone in the house and i was bored i put the book down and thought i really need to do something i feel so cooped up in this house i need to let my hair down so i decided to go and have a shower and go out whilst in the shower i started to feel a little horny so i slowly put my hand to my pussy and started to rub around my clit i realised that the warm water was making me horny so i played with myself for a little while then decided to wash and get dressed once i had put on my short mini skirt and a tight belly top that showed of my enourmous ti... Continue»
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Summer of 12

When I was 12 I began discovering girls and how much I liked being nude, especially in public places where I could be caught. I was a naughty boy, lol. This true story is about one of my experiences during the summer when I was 12, it was a great summer for me.
Nearing the end of summer vacation I started staying up later and later and eventually I became bored with just watching TV. My parents both worked in another city which required them to get up very early in the morning to make it to work in time. This also meant that they would go to bed and be asl**p very early. In order to curb... Continue»
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The icing on the cake

I made a sponge cake the other day. Unfortunately we ran out of icing sugar so it was a bit plain. We sat down to eat it when I said to my boyfriend "It's a bit dry without icing"

"I could help with that if you like" he replied with a cheeky wink.

"Go on then" I said. He looked a bit shocked. I was serious.

"You really want me to? It might taste a bit funny" He said with a smile on his face.

"Come here and unload over my slice. I want you to ice it for me. Do it." A stern look on my face.

Immediately he got up and came over unzipping his jeans and pulled out his cock. I wat... Continue»
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(True story)

Ever since i was about 12 my father was mesmerized by Otillia, a woman a little younger than him, she was a gorgeous russian fashion model. (my parents  have been divorced since i was 10).

Growing up i started seeing her as some kind of prize, an object of desire.
They where good friends but he couldn't have her.

When i was like 18 we talked quite open and he told me quite honest how much he liked her.

When i was about 20 i just had my first little apartment and ran in to Otillia on the street, i told her about it and she said she'd like to see it, so i said yeah an... Continue»
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Alex and Emma Watson - and some shades of Grey

“In here. Immediately!”

Alex's voice was demanding, determined, loud. Emma was standing in the lobby of her house, still with the handbag over her shoulder. She had returned from a photo-shooting in the city and was surprised about her b*****r’s wellcome. But without delay she put her bag down and went into the kitchen. Alex closed the door.

“Stay here. And not a word!”

He loved it to see his older s****r usure about what was happening. Because Emma didn’t move, he pushed her to the big kitchen-table. Now she was standing there in her thin white summer dress that ended just above her ... Continue»
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Friendship Gone Wild

We had been friends for more than ten years and one day I realised that I had the hots for him. Whenever we were hanging around in his pool and having fun by touching each other, I realised that I wanted him to touch my naked body. However, I thought that he just saw me as a friend, because he never tried to go further.I realised that my pussy started to go crazy in his presence. I started to masturbate at home while thinking of him and imagined his cock.
One day, we were hanging out in his pool, I tried to touch it and behaved as it was an accident. I apologised but feeling his cock made me... Continue»
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Mistress teaches me to take a cum shot

“Slave!” Mistress booms from the other room. I enter to find her pointing at cum stains on the couch. “Not only were you playing with my cock without permission, but you spilled your fluids on my couch! You’re going to pay for this. You’re going to clean those cushions. Once you’re done, clean yourself up, put on the attire I lay out and report to my chamber ready to face your punishment.

When I step out of the shower, I discovered the attire selected for me: a tiny, spandex bikini bottom and I note that read: “Mistress does not want to see any bikini lines. Shave it all off!” After I shave... Continue»
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Siblings Visit The Beach....

Eventually they got to their destination after a one hour drive, a twenty-minute walk and down a long, long set of stairs set into the cliff side. They had finally reached the secluded bay and the beach that John had found on the map.

John and Sarah were b*****r and s****r, he 21, she 18. Sarah had recently split from her long-term boyfriend and John was ‘free and single’. John therefore suggested that they have this sunny break on the island of Ibiza to “get away from it all” and Sarah had agreed. Just the two of them.

After two days on crowded beaches amongst the throngs, john had de... Continue»
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becoming the property of Miss Amelia pt 2

Miss Amelia always anticipates my phone calls and I receive a text each day on a task, which is normally well for the past few weeks since I was enslaved by her a form of meditation. I would have to kneel facing the sunrise a candle lit a dn her picture before me and recite for 15 minutes each day “Miss Amelia I am yours” all I could do really could not masturbate she took that delight away by locking me up. Today though I was summoned to meet her again this would be the second time we would be meeting. The text read ‘ come to my place, at 14:00 hours sharp not a minute late bring with you ALL... Continue»
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