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Tori has learned her role well and loved being her daughters sex slut, it was a Friday and the two were at a street side coffee shop her daughter now 18yrs and out of school for the summer thought now it was time to up the stakes. Handing Tori her phone she said call daddy Tori dials and hubby answers "Hello Tori says hey babe and her daughter grabs the phone daddy we are going away for the weekend see you Sunday night got to go bye." and hangs up. Tori ask where are we going? Mom you will go where I say and do as I please no ifs or ands.

In the car on the way her daughter says you ... Continue»
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Sheila Seduced By Her Son

Sheila Seduced By Her Son

Sheila Seduced By Her Son

While doing the laundry Sheila had noticed white stains on her panties everyday for past week. She was sure they were sperm stains. Her concern was, there was just one man in the house that could have possibly done that- her son Yash!

As she fought to understand the whys of what her son had done, her shock and disgust turned to anger. Her son had masturbated into her panties, ‘How many times had he done it?’ There was such an incredible amount of sperm. ‘Thi
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Dorothy alone

Dorothy was built like most women of that time that I had much to do with - slightly plumpish, with full buxom breasts. She was pretty and had thick black wavy hair. The dress code in those days was either blouse and skirt or a dress. The dresses were full and billowy and when it was warm, she would often sit and ease the dress up to her high thigh to cool down. Of course, I had seen up her skirts when the soft creamy flesh of her thighs, above her stocking line, came into view and that view from any of my aunts or older women would make my cock immediately erect.

Two weeks after my last v... Continue»
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A happy wife with a little help

My wife as far as I know has only had two cocks in her life, mine and one previous. Due to a host of reasons, my dick actually getting hard is a rapidly fading memory. I had gotten her some big vibrators and dildos, but she would usually get things over with before we ever got to them, or express her distaste. Besides, if 4 or 5 is the best I can manage, I did not want to use a huge cock on her and then be the Volkswagen in the airplane hangar.

One day she was being bitchy, a sure sign that she needed a good fucking. After the k**s were asl**p and we went to bed, I woke up to take a leak, ... Continue»
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Biggest Cock Ever!- Diary of a public Faggy Slut

It was just another day at work, selling cellphones , staring at people passing by and having them ask about phones and stuff like that. So there was this one guy that I kept staring at, he was one of the salesman from the store…but he had something interesting… and that was a big bulge between his legs. For some reason, each time I stare at it, he would look back at me like he knews what was I looking at. He was on his 20’s , average size, his color was brownish since most of the people here in Peru are brownish, some of them are white though…like me ~
So there he was… staring at me wh
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In Your Room

It's three am and I can't sl**p so I get up out of bed, go into the living room, turn on the TV and have a beer. Your mom is still in bed and I turn the TV down, but she had most of a bottle of wine before bed so it won't matter anyway. I flip through the channels and there are a couple of soft-core movies on. One has a young secretary sucking off her boss at work. I watch that for a while, finish my second beer, and glance towards the hallway that leads to your room.

I start thinking about how you had a couple of glasses of champagne at the reception last year after I married your mom and... Continue»
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Son Repaid dad's debt

I had all but given up hope of catching the train.

The water logged roads due to heavy down pour and traffic jams were forcing the taxi to go at snail's pace. Miraculously,though I reached station 5 minutes late, Train was still standing on platform, it seems its schedule was also delayed.

I thanked God, got into my A/C 2 tier compartment and pushed my suitcase under the my berth. I smiled at the couple and their son and sat in my seat. The k** was nagging his mother that he forgot to bring Tinkle magazines and wanted to buy.

"No, there is no time now,any minute train will start.Th
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My Missus fucks a good friend.

I have a true story to share. I'v only joined this site to get to my experience's out there hope you enjoy it guys. Feel free to comment or inbox me for a chat.

Well a friend of mine shagged my women infornt of my unexpectedly. For most people this is disgusting but it was the best experience I had. Iv changed the name of my girlfriend and friend to just protected them.

It was a saturday night at my local pub. Me and my friend Carl was having a quiet pint. Having a chat and a laugh. We were talking about sex and I told Carl how Sally my stunning girlfriend has been giving me some awesome... Continue»
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The best man

Sara and I was at the club looking for a hot guy. It did not take long for a hot guy to begin talking and buying us drinks. We soon all decided to leave and go to my house. We had one last drink and secretly slipped a relaxer in his drink. We then went out to my car and headed to my place. Once there we took him to the play room and began kissing him and rubbing his body. By now the relaxer was working and he was ready for anything we wanted to do to him. We stripped him naked and then we got naked and we took turns kissing him with our tongues in his mouth as the other licked his now hard coc... Continue»
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Another Night With Carol

So I was sitting on my sofa, playing the playstation and having a smoke, it was a sunday at around noon and it was a nice day out so I had the windows on and some comfertable but loos clothes on.

I didnt have much planned for that day except to fuck Carol again, she was coming round for an afternoon of smoking and chatting and of course good hard sex.

Some background on the situation is that Carol was my next door neighbor for a few years, she lived there with her long time partner and her two k**s. She was a BBW, thick legs, big ass and huge tits.
She wasn't a huge woman but definite... Continue»
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My first BJ also my first story, not very exciting but sure what the hell.

Was quite a few years back now, in the days when you stand outside the off license and ask people passing by to get your drink..
My friends and i (about 15 of us) heard about a bonfire party in the woods (deerpark for those from Dublin :D)
It was brilliant there was loads of people up there dozens of groups massive bonfire music blaring and plenty of babes My friends didnt seem to be enjoying themselves and decided to leave and head to McDonalds (how that seemed the better option i will never know).
Against all lo... Continue»
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My hearts racing, I'm so excited as I look for room 112. You told me that the door will be open slightly and to just come in.
I walk into your motel room and your not there but on the bed is a note and a few curious items. I pick up the note:

Strip off everything but your panties. Put on a strap on each ankle and wrist. Put the blindfold on and stand in the corner.

I'm nervous but do as you say because I know I must obey.
As I stand in the corner I think about the last time I saw you, before you flew home to your other life and your f****y. The last 8 weeks have been hell wit... Continue»
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Don't Ask, Don't Tell

My lovely wife just came in from an evening out. It's 3:30 AM. She nudges me to see if I'm awake. As I acknowledge that she awoke me, she has me roll over on my back, and as soon as I'm in position, I feel the heat, smell, and wetness of her juicy drippy and gooey pussy surrounding and almost smothering my upturned face. After a moment, I get my nose clear for proper breathing. I then immediately get busy licking and sucking the flowing and draining juices running and oozing from her very wet, and obviously very fucked pussy.

Tonight she doesn't provide me any hand pleasure to my aroused p... Continue»
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A Bride's Confession

Can you imagine how it feels 2 months after your wedding to discover that you've married one of the biggest sluts in town?

I didn't find out until she let me know that we were expecting our first c***d.

"Darling, I have a confession to make and it's going to test if you really love me as much as you say you do." My wife said to me after dinner one night.

"Cindy dear, you know I do love you very much. What do you have to tell me?" I asked inquisitively as I held her hand.

"Honey. I do love you very much. You're the only boyfriend I've had that's treated me like a lady. The only one ... Continue»
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Billy's Hot Mom

Billy's Hot Mom

Chapter 1

Donna waggled her ass, moving her hands up and down her body.

Billy sat watching, his cock throbbing inside his pants, his eyes big
and round, glittering with excitement. The very long, very slender legs
of his mother moved snake-like as she turned and danced slowly. Her ass
bunched and relaxed.

Donna wasn't really a dancer, but she loved to dance this way at home,
privately, with only her son watching. She had a natural sense of
rhythm that was sensuous and arousing, her movements more like fucking
rather than dancing. The sway of her hips... Continue»
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The Peeping Cuckold

An attractive 42-year-old mom treats herself by giving a bj to a classmate of her son. Dad and son watch from the shadows. Without realizing it the shapely mom fulfilled the fantasy of all four, which included her own.

Older attractive women are always hot topics for teenage boys, and Gary Darnell and his friends were certainly not exceptions. That the hot bodies were mothers, even their own, didn’t matter, if anything, it only served to fuel their fires of fantasy. Ever seen her naked? Seen her pussy? Does she trim it? Would you fuck her if she would let you? When the boys got toget... Continue»
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Son moves back in with elderly mother

Andy sat by the bed on the hospital ward reading the daily paper whilst his Mum slept in the bed beside him.
It had been a worrying 12 hours but things seemed to have settled down now. His 70 year old mother had called him from her home in the early hours of the morning, with pain and had subsequently been rushed into hospital where eventually she was diagnosed with angina.
With some medication the hospital could get it under control and with some rest she would be okay.

Andy looked up as his mother stirred and started to wake up. She smiled when she saw him still sitting there and then t... Continue»
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Spring time cuckolding

My wife wears the pants in this f****y , or I should say the garter belt and stockings , either way she has 100% of the pussy and she knows it. I work hard at my own business and this allows my wife the life of a stay at home wife. She has a closet full of sexy cloths and a rack of high hills from low to the tallest made. This woman loves being a woman... perfect nails on her fingers and toes a perfect tan and beautiful straight blonde hair. Her 34B cup tits are nice and round , they never need a bra. At 100 pounds she is a sexual machine. So much so that I can't keep up with her , that's why... Continue»
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"Dorothy! Dorothy!"
She could just hear Aunt Em calling her over the Scarecrow's heavy breathing in her ear as he was hunched down over her where was d****d over a bale of hay. His straw cock pumped quicker now.
"Hurry up, Aunt Em will find us!" cried Dorothy Gale.
The Scarecrow intensified his efforts and finally ejaculated a heavy load of corn milk onto Dorothy's ass and legs. He gasped for breath as he was a very old scarecrow now.
"You have to leave now," said Dorothy as she hitched up her jeans and tucked her work shirt down inside.
"Must I really leave?" he asked standing ... Continue»
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Fucking in the Snow

an experience
last week we were , my wife 34, very beautiful red hair , big hanging tits and a shaved pussy and I always 46, really nice big Fickschwängel and every day on my Fickfotze ….
we actually come from NRW, last week took my mum in law our daughter for a week and we went Stubeital to ski , relax down. on 2 Evening we were on a ski chalet, it was a great atmosphere and the waiter served and was a nice full , about 190 , very good figure and bald head , I saw that my wife found him cute . I admit that fucking many times in the head cinema we both had a 2 man or a couple.
Eswar about... Continue»
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