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Chance Encounter

Chance encounter

As I round the corner to the elevators, I see you standing there in front of the doors with a luggage cart and a cart with boxes loaded on it. As I step up near the doors, you look at me and half smile. You are dressed in business attire however I have to admit your shape is very attractive, not to mention your half smile.

The door opens and you try to drag both carts into the elevator, the bigger cart gets caught in the door so I help you get it into the elevator. The door closes and you look at me and smile then say “thanks”. I notice you are wearing a wedding ba... Continue»
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Eat It, Then Feed It

“That is one flawless cunt,” Henry said, breathlessly. His hands gripped her ankles tighter, as he held her legs open, pushing them back toward her shoulders so he could get a closer look at it.

“Thank you,” she said, also breathless. She was dripping wet inside, though Henry had yet to touch her there. He had touched her everywhere else, but seemed to be waiting to touch her there, as if it was the last, most delicious ripest peach left on the tree, the one he’d been saving until the very end. It was entirely up to him when and how he would consume the peach, as her hands were tied to the... Continue»
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1st Affair

Saz had been working part time at the pub in the evenings and at weekends for a while now.

She was now 51 married with c***dren who were growing up.

Whilst working she knew she was being chatted up each time this man was in. He was called Stuart and was 11 years older than her. While she was a professional having been a teacher he was a bit of a roughneck really having done numerous jobs over the years despite being fairly intelligent. He had just finished working on the oil rigs so was in the pub almost every time she was working. She did not know this but he had been in prison for var... Continue»
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Author's note: I have based this lightly on one of my favourite stories.
Sharp eyed readers may spot the references which intend homage. Oh, and
it's back to basics...
Thanks again, of course, to Robyn Hoode for giving it the once over. Any
faults are mine and mine alone.

I did the decent thing in college when I got my girlfriend pregnant and
we were married in the fall. She dropped out and got a job with a very
understanding company whilst I finished my degree. Her maternity leave
was short because she had to pay for our apartment but I got a good job
straight after ... Continue»
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Night of lust

Night of Lust

I'd had a crush on Mac for about five years and had often fantasised about fucking him.
You could tell just by looking at him that you knew he would fuck you long and hard.
Hubby was well aware that I would love to have Mac slide inside me at the drop of a hat; he even offered to set it up.
We'd teased each other in our local pub but always in a banter kind of way.
When I had my most recent breast op, I was in the pub with a deep plunging dress revealing my new huge tits.
Mac whistled at them and Hubby offered him a feel of the goods.
Macs wife was in the pub that n... Continue»
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The Beardsley School for Girls Chapter 2 - Justine

the Meeting (Part 2)

"Come in," Michael commanded. He looked up as the door opened, pleasantly surprised to see Meredith. "Good morning, Chancellor."
"It's Meredith, Michael. No need to be so formal when we aren't in front of the students." She smiled at him.
He watched as she walked over to the chair in front of his desk, his eyes gazed down at her legs as she crossed them, her short skirt rode higher on those gorgeous thighs, a quick glimpse between her legs making his cock hard.
"So good to see you, Meredith. What I can do for you, today?"
"Not for me, for the Board of Directors."
... Continue»
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Sharing my sister part 7


This a continuation of Sharing My s****r stories, although neither of my s****rs are involved in this episode. It contains my s****r Sharon’s best friend Tina, me and my 3 best friends at the time, Phil, Martin AND Mike.
It was now the first Saturday of September and near the end of the school holidays we had spent the afternoon watching West Bromwich Albion (English football team) thrash Swansea 4-1.
It was near 7.10pm we had made our way home across town, stopping for some chips on the way. We were now outside Phil’s house deciding what to do for the rest of th... Continue»
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Michelle's Big surprise repost

My Surprise Encounter
This story is fiction and did not really happen and was only a dream

Hello My name is Michelle I live in upstate New York.
I am a 42 year old Female and ,I am Bi-Sexual which means to some of you that don't know that means I like Women and Men. I am 5'9 160 brown hair and brown eyes with 40 DD breasts. I am half Dominican and half Irish.
Well any way here is what happened in My dream last night.
I started out like any other night seriously boring. So I talked My boyfriend Mark into going out to eat At My favorite ... Continue»
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I'm Going to Fuck You

Just thought you should know: I made this up - all of it. None of this ever happened that I know of, even though it would be really hot if it did. Also, I may continue on with the story, but I'll figure that out later. And please, for love of all that is sexy, don't steal this. I spent too much friggin' time on this for someone to get zealous with the copy and paste buttons. Onto the story, Julia out!

"Hey, you... in the green shirt with the tits," the girl with the brown, swirly hair said to me from a couple seats over at the bar. I looked around, confused. Bars weren't really my kind of p... Continue»
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Night at the park

I was on a business trip and I was horny for cock so I decided to put on a white, almost see through, button down blouse and a short black skirt. The skirt swirls around me as I walked at just above knee length. I also put on a very sexy light blue floral bra, and slid into a white garterbelt. To these I added my silk black nylons and my 5" black heels. Then I put my sissy cock in a chasity cage, locked it and left the key in my hotel room. I finally slipped on a nice floral matching blue with lace trim panties. I put on some whorish makeup so i would look like a tart sissy slut. I sneake... Continue»
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Alien Abduction (and how they gave me a huge cock)

I was sl**ping one night and I had kind of a nightmare, well, strange thigs happen in dreams but I never could have seen this coming, I woke up the next day with a 9 inch dick! After weeks of enjoying my new member and giving my girlfriend breathtaking orgasms, I decided to see about how this happened to my penis. After investigating I came to the conclusion that I might have to go to extreme measures to see how this happened, so I did what people with no more options did. I went to go get Hypnotized to try and remember what happened.

I all started one night when I was woken up at night by ... Continue»
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Michelle's Big surprise part 2

Michelle's Big Surprise part 2

We then laid back down and he put his arms around me and we both went back to sl**p. Here is what happens next in my dream it continues from when I get back home from the taxi. When I got home Mark was already asl**p so I crawled in the bed quickly and quietly after I stripped off my dress and removed my bra. I awoke to my cellphone ringing it was Claudia. ”Hola lovely Michelle it's Claudia I really enjoyed making love to you last night. I talked to my two girlfriends and they too wanna make love to you. I told them how gorgeous
... Continue»
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A receint trip to the strip bar

So the other day I went to Emperor's in Holiday, FL. It was day shift just hanging out having a few beers. The place was not very crowded about ten guys and at least a dozen girls. I didn’t know any of the girls working that day except for Holly the bartender. Now when I go to the club I tip everybody who gets on stage, a buck for getting up there and two if you get nude, FYI all the clubs in Pasco county FL are full liquor and full nude. I had been there for about an hour, the girls were doing three song sets, so on the third song I'm up there tipping even if you got bullet scars, bad fake ti... Continue»
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Making Of a HuCow Jenny

The employment want-ad in Sundays Daily Mirror caught Jenny's eye:

Medical supply at S.F.L. in need of energetic, enthusiastic individual for
immediate part time opening. Flexible hours, excellent salary. Will train, no
experience necessary. Some travel required, company vehicle supplied. Please

She had been searching for a part-time position since quitting a full-time stint as a legal assistant three months ago. The experience had left a bad taste in her mouth, and she was hoping to find a more
flexible, independent position that would g... Continue»
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My Ex-daughter In Law (Part 1)

This is a fantasy which I have played over, time and time again in my mind! In fact I dream about her every night and in every way........

Since my son split from his ex-partner, (For this story I will call her Debbie) I have fantasised about her daily, nightly and even when I think I'm not thinking about her, my brain and cock tell me something completely different!

I'd not say she is a petite thing with model looks, she is an average looking BBW in her late 20's and proud of it! She likes to flirt and flaunt it with her low cut tops showing off her ample cleavage and legs in... Continue»
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Keenum sat on the couch, reviewing the images that he saw just moments ago. Not just his cum shooting on Ashley’s pretty face, but also that gorgeous, tanned ass of hers. The way it shook when she walked away from him made him lust for her yet again. In just a few minutes, he had himself so worked up that by the time she emerged from the bathroom he was fully recovered and a little turned on again. He stood up and walked her to the door, his long penis hanging between his legs.

At the door, he slipped his arms around her waist, and she put her arms around his neck. He kissed... Continue»
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O.J. was over early the next day, but all she could think about was the screwing that she got from Keenum the night before, and the good hard fuck that she would get later that night. She wondered how many times that she would get that giant dick inside her that night. At least two, she thought.

She couldn’t wait to be on her back with her legs spread wide that night, as Keenum mounted her. Ashley was so horny that she was about to fuck her boyfriend – just to take away the itch! She managed to hold out, though, but O.J. couldn’t go to sl**p soon enough! He eventually did, ... Continue»
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My Third Baby Isn't My Husband's

My husband and I have been married for 7 years now. We've been through a lot of ups and downs and having k**s really changed our relationship.

I kept working after the birth of our 3 year old daughter, Ashley, and then went back to work with the same company after our second daughter arrived 12 months later.

I never realized how hard having two little girls so close in age would be on our relationship. Although I really love my husband, I felt so lost and confused when I went back to work just 12 weeks after our second daughter was born.

The only thing that really got me through was m... Continue»
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Ashley spent the weekend fucking the shit out of O.J. while he was down.

It didn’t help.

She didn’t know what has come over her, but ever since her night with Keenum she has been absolutely insatiable! By Tuesday she was dying for a fuck again. O.J. wasn’t coming back until Friday.

Wednesday arrived and she was horny while at work. She f***ed herself to drive a different route home. She could not handle the temptation of Keenum’s place. Thursday was a different story. Ashley was working again. She was wearing a long navy skirt and a white sleeveless shirt. Her dirty ... Continue»
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Hungry Blonde

Hungry Blonde
It was a regular pitch-black Saturday night in Ohio during the middle of February. There was snow on the ground, and freezing cold air all around. I was on my way to a party not far from the nearby college, and I was walking rather quickly because it was so cold out. I was wearing my white North Face coat, as well as black Michael Kors boots, and my long strawberry-blonde hair was capped neatly with a soft pink and black hat which protected my rather tiny ears.

I kept my hands in my coat pockets as I walked; standing 5’7 feet tall and feeling the cold ai... Continue»
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