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Coming Mother

Coming Mother

Chapter 1

Shellie lay on the small deck of the houseboat, the hot sun burning
into her already golden flesh.

She rested on the foam mattress, on her stomach, her bikini top untied
and her tits smashed beneath her. The bottoms of her bikini were so
skimpy that the luscious sweetness of her swelling ass was half
exposed. The sun heated her body, and she writhed sensually, opening
her legs to allow the rays to touch her inner thighs.

Shellie was slender, like a fashion model. But still, even though she
was slim, she had curves and hollows that excited the... Continue»
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Easter fun with Kellykins2u

It’s a lovely Easter morning in the park and everyone has come out for the yearly Easter Egg Hunt. I have been waiting for this day all winter. I see you across the park. You are in a thin sundress that clings to your body like a second skin. As the k**s run off to find the hidden eggs I work my way over to you and grab your hand pulling you aside.

I bring you in to a small stand of trees and bushes that no one can see us in. You stand in front of me as my hands move up you legs under your dress ... Continue»
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"You're making this all up, aren't you," Mom said, glancing over her shoulder at me.
"Why would I make up these stories?" I asked her with a little smile.
"Just to tease me," she said.
We were stretched out on a blanket in the middle of a forest clearing and she was on her belly with her head resting upon her folded arms, while I stroked her ass which glowed in the late afternoon sun. Anal sex was still a verboten avenue yet to explored but that never stopped from fingering her asshole, rubbing the tiny clenched muscles without actually penetrating.
"It's all true," I said after a ... Continue»
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Innocent ( Story of an Habitual Masturbator)

Hello my name is Innocent and I am a habitual masturbator. I can't help myself. It seems that's all I want to do anymore.
It all started at the early age of 14. I was bored one night and decided to get naked and explore my body. I let my hands roam over my budding tits and between my thighs. I took my index finger and traced the lips of my young twat. I did it slowly,I wanted to feel the sensation of a young man discovering pussy,for the fist time. So I closed my eyes,imagining a young teen like myself, getting his first time at eating pussy. I found my clit and tickled it with my index fing... Continue»
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Tonight it's my turn

It had been a small gathering in her studio apartment. We had been sitting on her large four poster bed. When the others left, I stayed behind to say my goodbye, because this was the first time I had met her. The four poster had been intriguing me. I had been looking at the carving at the foot, and I was intrigued. "Er---ropes?" I asked. "How did you know?" "The marks on the bedposts. Nice four-poster bed, by the way." "Thanks. You're pretty observant. You into bondage?" I hedged a bit. "Not exactly into it. I've read some, and I've always thought about trying it." She looked at me sideways... Continue»
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Karen Tells

Karen Toms is sitting at home worried about the talk she needs to have with Shelly her 18yrs daughter that is about to leave for school. Karen has wanted many times to have this talk but the timing was never right now it has to be time has ran out.

Coming home from the beach Shelly enters the house in a bathing suit that shows all her gorgeous features her long brown hair her 34C stand tall her long trim legs and perfect ass. Karen in all just looking at her then honey please come here we need to talk. Shelly sees the worried look on her mothers face sits and ask what's wrong mom? Well... Continue»
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Final Four Black Cock Whore

I love Vegas during March Madness. I'll admit it was a lot more fun as a single guy but I still look forward to going when I can. This year my wife arranged for the k**s to stay with my parents so we could go together. Not exactly a boys weekend but I figured it would still be a thrill. So by our second day there my brackets look like shit and I was less interested in the games. I've got one team left that could make the final four but it's not looking good. I decided to go hit the links the next morning and the wife said she wanted a spa day. Seemed like a fair deal to me. So I was a ... Continue»
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Black Couple in Power

Synopsis: A couple has to submit to a black boss and his wife after their
i*****l dealings are found out.
Joan was disgusted and tired of the evening guests. She and her husband
were financially in serious debt with possible jail time coming for some of
the i*****l transactions they had made in the past. John's boss, Don, a
black man in his late 40s had found out about the deals and made some kind
of agreement with him on how it could be paid back without any jail time.
John had came home early that day... Continue»
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Facial therapy

Jodi is a couples ther****t I have been seeing for several weeks my fiancé and I are having some issues we need to work through and she thought i would benefit by seeing Jodi. It doesn't hurt that she is an attractive women ,she is full figured ,shoulder length black hair, glasses. She always wears high heels sometimes I can see her toes I can tell she likes pedacures. Her tits are nice size she always wears professional clothes showing just enough skin to be sexy.
jodi-So why dont you tell me your turn ons ,what gets you aroused ,and we go from there.
Dave-you sure you want to hea... Continue»
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Barbaria Act 2 Chapter 5

Main Narrative

Two weeks later, the Barbarian fleet - or rather, the bulk of it - was on the high seas, heading East towards where this land of Sythia was supposed to lie. It was divided into two parts. A reconnaissance f***e and the main fleet under the command of Captain Varian. He, following the pleasures of his leave in Nexos, felt fighting fit. Flavia was certainly a memory to take away. When he got back - victorious - he planned to ask Princess Alexena if he could add her to his personal slave entourage. It would be a fitting reward for his services and she was unlikely to refuse.
Th... Continue»
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District Nurse

She gets middle stump

This is a true story from some years ago
I had always been an active guy, playing many sports and always played to win. No point in doing and sport if you just wanted to take part.
Well this story all began when I shattered my ankle and hence an operation to have the ankle removed. After quite a few stays in hospital I finally got to do the rest of my recover at home, unfortunately I needed help until I could be fitted with a prosthetic so I moved in with my parents for 3 months.
This was the start of what was to become a hot and steamy affair with a well stacked di... Continue»
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Dominated in Jamaica Ch. 01

I'd like to say it only happened because of the alcohol but the truth is that I have always been a freak. I had never done or even thought about anything like that before and that is where the alcohol came in.

My wife Kelly and I were at a well known adult only all inclusive resort in Jamaica to celebrate our 40th birthdays. It was our first night there and after far too many drinks at a number of different resort bars we met Dave and Sandy. They were about ten years younger than us and celebrating their five year anniversary. She was a cute curvy redhead with thick thighs, full hip a small... Continue»
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Dominated in Jamaica Ch. 02

"Is this what you want piggy," my wife asked sharply as she held Dave's hard cock in her small manicured hand.

I looked up at her pretty eyes pleadingly. "Yes ma'am," I replied softly as I hung my head in shame. Two day earlier in the heat of the moment during our first attempt at group sex I had sucked another man's cock. It was something I had never imagined doing but I was d***k and it just sort of happened.

I was no longer d***k and yet I had agreed to be a sex slave for the night. I was not only subservient to my beautiful wife Kelly but to Dave as well.

Kelly stroked Dave's big ... Continue»
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Bad Husband Learns What's Good For...

It's not that I hate my husband, on the contrary.

He does annoy me sometimes. His inability to stand up for himself at work, at home.

However, when we're out and about, amongst our friends, shopping, or amongst strangers, he has the tendency to put me down.

We've discussed before that it aggravates me to no end. That he should be respectful to me at all times, and not belittle me to try to make himself seem cooler or more interesting.

Those conversations don't seem to matter. Time and time again he's done it. Time and time again I attempt to correct him.

My husband, Matt, is by ... Continue»
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Missused Masseuse- A massage session turns into a

My wife and me used to own a massage studio in the center of New York. During the last months of 2005 business wasn't going very well and there was always great tension between us. This tension had a strong influence on our sex life, which had become a rarity. There were constant arguments between us and she would blame me for everything. The situation had reached a critical point and something had to be done right away. I wanted to save our marriage but she had completely different goals. I learned this the hard way...

It was my last appointment for the day. I was really tired and I couldn... Continue»
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Admitting My Secret Ch. 01

I heard the door open but the sound of foot steps was muted by the thick carpet covering the floor. I was hogtied and blindfolded on the floor of our apartment. It was a game Julie and I had played numerous times. She was my Domme and I was her slave, her pet and her filthy little piggy.

Julie was my beautiful 30 year old bride and I was her 38 husband. She was a foot shorter than me at 5'3" with gorgeous curves and a pretty face. Despite the difference in our heights our bodies fit together perfectly. Her natural 36dd tits made her look thicker in clothes than the splendor of her beautiful... Continue»
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Admitting My Secret Ch. 02

"Get on your fucking knees pig," the powerful Dom demanded.

I was naked in Master Steven's basement dungeon. My wife Julie was fully dressed and sitting in a chair in the corner of the room watching me submit to a man. I was not gay, but I have always been very submissive and I had recently accepted my bisexuality.

My eyes flashed at Julie and she smiled as I slowly sank to my knees in front of his bronze muscular body and awaited his next command. His hard 7" cock jutted out from his taught firm body and pointed toward my face.

I kept my head bowed in submission but my eyes were fixe... Continue»
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Big cock and a little cock for my wife

It had been my fantasy for a long time to share my wife with another guy.A guy with a big cock.The bigger the better.My cock was only 4 inches and although my wife Susan had never complained, I wanted her to have more.
I had been talking online to Jack for a while, and he had agreed to join us. I had sent him pics of Sue and he was well up for it. Talking Susan into it had been a bigger problem. I introduced the idea while we were having sex.Susan usually rubbed her clit to climax when we made love.I didn't think my little cock satisfied her enough.She was always crying "harder harder",when ... Continue»
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Cuckquean Fantasy Short Story Part 3

Hearing the sounds, clearly, of lovemaking coming from our bedroom--the thought of it being "our" bedroom breaking my heart but at the same time stimulating my mind and OMG, I'm dripping all over the floor as I crawl towards OUR bedroom where SHE is fucking my Master. I was hearing it...could I handle seeing it? I'm not I crawled into the room I could see Master f***efully fucking her, her legs up around his shoulders as He was taking her in the somewhat modified missionary position. My nipples were so hard, so I knelt there, her panties still in my mouth, the plug still in... Continue»
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Actions Moan Louder Than Words

He thought he would try his hand at writing some erotica. He wasn't getting it at home like he wanted, so he thought this to be a safe way to express his desires and fantasies through the written word. He was new to the world of domination. It was the rage, right? Everyone was talking about it, and the more he heard, the more intrigued he became. What exactly did that look like? How does one dominate another? Where does one find someone willing?

The writing began, and his character was bold and took a chance. Before too long, the man on the pages was living out the author's fantasies of... Continue»
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