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Unexpected Facial (BiMen)

It was my second time that I went to an arcade to give a BJ. I went to at this place in downtown Atlanta that was famous for its buddy booths. I hung around the outside hallway for ten minutes or so, watching men cruise the area. I finally made eye contact with a striking and professional looking black man. He smiled at me and I entered a booth and left the door unlocked. A couple minutes later after I had gotten hard from watching the porn, he entered and locked the door behind him. I was sitting and he stood in front of me giving me a strong hint he wanted to be sucked. I star... Continue»
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New niehgbours

Well this is how it all started. the old guy next door was put into a home and the f****y sold the house to a couple , George and Sally, both late 40s. My wife was 23 and I was 25. They soon made us friends and Sally persuaded my wife Lyn to go out and play darts on a Thursday nite. George invited me to his house to play cards, as we were both on our own, which I readily agreed to. He was a really nice guy, got beer in and we got on well.
After a couple of weeks, one Thursday nite we were playing poker, and I had won every hand. He said im pissed off with this, shall we watch a movie. Ok wh... Continue»
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Preachers Daughter Chapter 2

About 2 weeks after pressing my hard cock into "Jaimie" at church, I played it cool and stood back. Kind of ignored her but could see her looking at me. It made me semi hard and I sat so she could see my buldge in my slacks.

Then the preachers lawn mower broke down and his car was not usable, nothing serious, just a starter solenoid on the mower and a alternator on his car. I told him I would be glad to fix them for him. Well I timed my arrival for when he was going to see folks at the nursing home, just his hot wife "Pam" and his daughter "Jaimie" at home. None of his other k**s were t... Continue»
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Me and daddy in the shower

Like just about every other teenager, I had never listened to my parent's warnings about doing things the "right way." I went about doing everything my way, and eventually suffered the consequences. I had been involved with sports, and I spent the summers doing manual labor to work on my body and all. As a result I ended up with a bad back at a young age.

I am sure that there are many who can relate and I have some serious periods of low back pain that make it difficult to stand up straight or to walk without difficulty. It is not something that happens all the time, but every now and then.... Continue»
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Football and the First BJ I Gave (bimale)

In the late 1990s I went over to my friends Josh's house to watch little football. Josh was 35 and I was 30. We had become good friends at work and now that I was divorced we were spending a bit time together.

Well were just chilling one day and watching football at his house. The game was a blow out and about halfway through the 3rd quarter he said he had subscribed to a hot porn channel and asked if i wanted to watch. I had a few beers in me and said "yes and it sounded like fun."

After about 10minutes were both squirming from the action on the TV. I started to rub m... Continue»
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The ladies restroom.

I was sitting at my favorite hangout on a Thursday night. It was a regular Thursday night with the lights low, Nickleback playing and only 4 other people in the place. I was Texting my friend Jen some Naughty stuff about how I wanted to fuck her and her boyfriend and the things I wanted to do to both of them. My cunt was already soaked from the texts. I had on one of my favorite real short mini skirts. I never wear panties so that was sure no problem. I was touching myself thinking about Jen and her husband when I felt someone sit down next to me in the booth. I looked up and there sat a very ... Continue»
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Preachers Daughter Chapter 1

She was 23, 5'3" brunette with a stunning smile and perfect young tight body. She had held her virginity through all those years, being homeschooled made it easier, but in college she almost broke down and she longed to be touched, tasted, used and to do the same.

Her long time boyfriend she never allowed to do anything other than kiss and one time when she was daring she let him finger her and suck her nipple, she was u******e at that time. He left for college where she learned he turned from his religion and is now married to another man, as a man slut.

She questioned herself, loo... Continue»
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It is just a fantasy - SO FAR!

She told me that her husband would be gone for at least 4 days. After giving me her address, she said the back door would be left open for me. It was a long drive to her house - 8 hours or more, but I thought it was going to be more than worth it.

I left Louisville in the early afternoon so I would arrive when it was dark, and on the long trip many thoughts went through my mind. Some of the thoughts gave me a hard-on, and some scared me. What if I got there, and she had several burly men to beat the dickens out of me? Then again what if I didn't like her? I had never met her, talked t... Continue»
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I so want you OUT of the beautiful outfit but let’s take it slow shall we? First, lets caress and kiss the shoulders and neck...left and right...right and some tongue...and some more. Oops, looks like the stockings are coming down...I am facing my thumbs roll over your nipples, ohh they like that! Then I see beautiful belly that is oh so, so sexy. My tongue circles your belly button and the piercing then probes for more.

My tongue moves lower...and I detect a... Continue»
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Anastasia Part 3

I grabbed her hand and kissed, then teasingly grabbed her ass, “I’m sure I will.” But not today, I was about to get into Ms. Ballet Mistress. Real talk. I walked back into class back at the front and put my ear buds back in. I can hear some of the reader’s voices saying “She let you finger her, now why aren’t you paying more attention to her?” I was paying attention to her but I wasn’t feeling the music. The only sound I was trying to hear up in my ear was her moaning while R. Kelly and 112 played in the background. I leaned back and clasped my hands behind my head and continued to focus on he... Continue»
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First time mutual jerk

I am predominantly straight, but had a few encounters with guys when I was in my teens.

First time was when I ran into a buddy of mine who was a year or two older than me, on the street, during Summer break. We hadn't seen each other in a couple of weeks, we did some small talk when he told me about his b*****r's porn cache that we should check out and that his folks were out for the day, so we ahd time to enjoy the pics.

We got to his place, sat in the kitchen. He left briefly and came back into the kitchen with a briefcase, that was the cache! We started leafing through the mags; th... Continue»
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Golden Mom chapter 5

Peggy floated about the house.
The changes in her, and in Johnny, were pleasantly surprising. As young
as he was, she couldn't get over how willing and eager he was to do things
many grown men would not do, or even think of doing. She was surprised at
her herself too. She found it intensely exciting to piss, especially with
her son close by. This thing about pissing didn't bother her, nor did it
bother her son.
She was no longer hesitant to let her son see her naked, see her cunt
and ass and tits. Johnny showed more interest in her cunt and ass than her
tits, but she didn't mi... Continue»
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Anastasia Part 2(read in order)

She looked me up and down slowly trying to get a feel for me and then lowered her eyes and went to teach her class.
“Ladies, since our gentlemen aren’t here, it’ll be a girls only class. Line up!”
I leaned back in my seat and closed my eyes again. To me girls only meant talk about other men and all that shit and that wasn’t my type of environment. The girls only I could really get down with were two girls fuckin in my bed or sliding down the pole at the gentlemen's club but I made a promise to Natasha to stay and watch. Anastasia swayed her way seductively to the stereo and turned on Swan La... Continue»
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Why do so many people want me to friend them?

Why is it so many people want to be my friend? I mean seriously. You don't have to be friends with somebody in order to be friends. Some of my best friends aren't my friends, but we're really, REALLY GOOD friends. Then on the other hand, some of my friends aren't friends at all. We're just friends, is all. It's a shame, but that the way it is sometimes.

So why do you want to be my friend? We don't know each other. Out of the clear blue you swoop down and say, "HEY! You want to be friends?" --I don't know you! For all I know, you could be an axe murderer! Or worse, you co... Continue»
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Golden Mom part 4

That night Peggy considered what she had done.
Searching her mind, she couldn't find any shame. It had been wonderful,
exciting, the ultimate rapture. That her son enjoyed it, she had no doubt
whatsoever. She was amazed at his behavior, though. He was so very young,
yet had washed his face with her piss-wet panties, sucked on the crotch
of them, and even pressed them into her mouth. Peggy felt even grown men
would not have gone that far without some sort of previous exposure.
Tossing in her bed, the events whirling through her mind, she found her
cunt throbbing, her tits swoll... Continue»
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The Nurse Practitioner, Linda McDonald rounded the edge of the exam table and motioned for her assistant, Shannon, a much younger nurse, to hand the penile response device back to her. She complied and moved back to her original position by the door. By that point, Sondra had taken up her position beside Sammy who sat on the bed with his swollen penis still wedged up inside the device.
Linda sighed and looked at Sondra for one last nod of approval before she proceeded. When she received it, ... Continue»
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Life changing

This started with a joke really that lead on to more serious conversation which went back meany years to when my wife Sally had an affair, it had coursed a huge upset with us we got near divorce at one stage but it ended up with forgive and forget situation
I have always been curious about her infidelity I only ever of the other man and the details like he was married he worked in the same building as my wife it was all miner things his name was Roger his age, Sally would never say any more
He ended up leaving his job and as far as I know moved away with out his wife knowing what he been ... Continue»
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One for the team

Bored, she began to flick through the radio stations. Where was he, the game had finished ages ago but there had been no sign of anyone. Most of the crowd had already gone home, just a few stragglers and the cars of the players remained. He knew she got horny watching him play, it wasn't fair to leave her frustrated like this. Eventually she could stand it no more, getting out of the car she began to walk over to the dressing sheds. As she got half way to the sheds she paused as she saw two guys emerge, but neither where her man so she began walking again. At that moment one of the two guys lo... Continue»
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Mayhaps We Arrange A Meeting

“Mayhaps We Arrange a Meeting”

We agree to meet in downtown Atlanta for a night of what we both have anticipated as the sexual encounter of our dreams. I arrive a little early and settle the hotel arrangements. We agreed upon a simple suite at a fairly comfortable Hilton. Using my wit, I convince the hotel patron to upgrade us to a presidential.

I go inside and make myself comfortable. Using the extra time I have, I set up the room to a more accommodating setting. I have laid out some sexsorries, various toys and vibes, lubes and condoms. In the center of ... Continue»
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My first time

*Please note this is a TRUE Experience*

I have always considered myself straight never really looked at a guy and said "He's fit" like i would a woman. But about 4 years ago that changed.

One day my mate came over and we sat watching some porn. after the porn ended we sat talking for a while and it got round to sex. and to cut a long story short i asked him if he had ever questioned his sexuality as we went to a all boys school together. I said i had but fancied women teachers so knew i wasn't gay or Bi. he said he hadn't thought about it and said he would try stuff with a guy.

I s... Continue»
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