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Romance Comic Cover Stories - Chapter XL

Chapter XL – Air Orgy (based on Pictorial Romances No. 12 cover, St. John, March 1952)

Romance Comic Cover Stories - Chapter XL

I know what people think about us, stewardesses. People always rate us as the ones who care about the passengers, gently help them if they need something, serving our customers the way they wish, and so on. This is totally true, you know that. But there is the other side, the kind of thing you don’t usually share with anyone but yourself and your co-workers. The kind of acts that aren’t appropriate for ‘semi-virginal’ women like us…

As... Continue»
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What Happens In Vegas! (copy, I wish i was able to

Hi there! I'm Ann. I would like to share a true lifestyle story with you that has been permanently embedded in my memory and makes me cum every time I think of it!
Let me begin by giving you a bit of background about my husband, (Tony), and my swinging history. Tony and I are a happily married couple living in Las Vegas and have been in the lifestyle for over 15 years now. We have certainly enjoyed our adventures over the years and have brought every fantasy we have had to reality. Living in Las Vegas, we enjoy the fact that we have a constant source of play mates in the large number of tour... Continue»
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My name is John and I’m 32 years of age and married to a really lovely sexy wife who I adore,
Here name is Alice and she’s 28 we have been married for just over four years,
We have our own lovely home and I own a very successful real estate business life couldn’t be better until about 6 months ago,

You see Alice doesn’t have to work due to the success of my business but has on occasions helped me out when she stands in for me at the office at home,
Business lately has slowed down due to the down tur... Continue»
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Wild point in my life

I've always been a shy type of person even prude at first. Its really crazy how one person can change your whole....well rather bring your sexual side out. I met the guy that would forever change me as a sexual person at the mall one day. He was a good looking clean cut guy. The type of guy that females would consider a player. I reluctantly gave him my number that day just because I was in a hurry and wanted him out of my face.....

He constantly called my phone and I would answer, then make up an excuse to get off the phone like, um I'm busy or I'm about to go to work. I felt like I didn'... Continue»
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My girlfriend's adult daughter-and why I had

This (fictional-hey I have to say that) story starts with me moving in to my girlfriends house. At the time, her daughter, Savannah, was fifteen. All was fine the first year, on occasion her daughter used to sneak a peek through my door, but I was at worse in my undies and usually just in sweats. In the next year, I built a tiny gym downstairs, and started working out every day, while my girlfriend was at work on the second shift. Soon Savannah started hanging around my workouts, and we talked while I worked out. I worked up a sweat, and she even remarked that she liked the smell. I liked tha... Continue»
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Busload of Grannies

Three women in one night!!! How could this happen?
I work for the government and pulled into a Hilton Hotel in Oklahoma City for the night. I was checking when a large white tour bus pulled up and the passengers came into lobby for check-in. I could not believe my eyes there were about thirty-five women on the bus. I looked over the group and wow!!! I spotted some of the hottest looking, sixty and seventy year old women I had ever seen. I began talking to a cute little blond, who weighed about ninety pounds who was wearing white slacks that accented her beautiful petite figure. I jokingly sai... Continue»
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Ladyboys: Moving to Thailand and my first Ladyboy

After living in the Netherlands for 33 years I was ready for a big change. I had been toying with
the idea of moving to another country to get away from the stress of it all for a while.
I had girlfriends in the Netherlands. Wives.
I had one nighters and 2 nighters. I wasn't doing bad for myself.
But, there was something missing on the girl side. I love variety. I think I've been with
every kind of girl I COULD be with in the Netherlands. I started thinking about other countries.
Other girls. Other types of girls...
I had seen shemales in Amsterdam. Emphasis on the boy part. And they ... Continue»
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An outdoor anal experience (true story)

On a night out with friends in Ipswich I decided to go home with a girl had met and shared a couple of dances and passionate kisses with in Liquid that night. We were pretty dr*nk and the sexual tension was immense, it all got too much and we agreed to go back to her friend's flat where she was staying. We looked for her friend and couldn't find her, so we assumed she'd gone back herself.

We left the club together and called a taxi to go back to the flat, we were kissing and playing with eachother the whole ride there. Upon getting back to her friends we realised her friend was still out, w... Continue»
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Sexy Wife and the Resort

John had a very sexy wife. He could hardly keep her satisfied. She wanted sex all the time. He was thirty but had started taking viagara just to keep his cock hard to please her. Last night he ate her pussy and tongue fucked her for an hour and a half then he fucked her for two hours and she still woke him as he slept and sucked his cock then pushed it in her cunt to be fucked. He could not resist her triple D tits and the thick pussy lips and that sexy round ass. Last Saturday she stayed naked and sucked his cock four times. He doubled up on the pills and fucked her for three hours without st... Continue»
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My Sister's Horny College Roommate

I was just a year younger than my s****r was when she went off to college, she was 19 and I was 18, a senior in high school. After all the years of sibling fighting and scr****g, we began to get along pretty well by that time. Though I always thought I'd be thrilled when she left, the truth was I missed her. It was still nice having another k** at home, so my parents didn't laser beam in on me.

When she would come home on vacation we'd hang together, but I had my friends and social life and she had hers. Then I met her roommate, Diadra, DD for short.

DD lived in Clifton, only about a hal... Continue»
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Working the late Shift

Working te late shift
This is a true Story. I am a Security Guard and I was working late sitting in the lobby drinking my coffee with the ballgame on the radio. Before the game starts I make a round of the building to make sure everything is secure. I go up to the top floor where the executives work. I am walking down the hall and I see a light on in one of the offices. I walk in the door and I see Amy working late. Hi Amy working late I see yes Rick I am come in keep me company for a bit I walk in and sit down Amy has on a Black nylons a black skirt and a tight fitting withe shirt. I of cour... Continue»
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Anal With My Best Friend's Girl

Why was my best friend telling me this? God, why couldn't he keep his mouth shut?

I sat back against the hood of his car and sipped on a beer. On Javier's front lawn was a grill and flames were shooting up from the charcoal we'd just lit. We were both nineteen. I don't remember how the topic got started, but the sentence I've committed to memory was:

"She really wants me to fuck her in the ass. Last night was like the hundredth time she'd asked me. She's been bugging me a lot about it lately." Javier said, acting as if he had a problem on his hands. He opened up his can of beer and gulpe... Continue»
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Sexy games and finally sex with my African maid

My wife used to have a job where she would have to travel one week a month.
I would watch her dress and do her make up while I stroked my cock.
When she was ready to leave, she would sit down beside and rub and suck me for a few minutes to finish me off. According to her that would be me good till Friday night when she got back.
Actually that left me and the black African maid alone for a few days.
This maid had caught us doing stuff many times. In the morning when she brought coffee my wife was often cuddled up to me and rubbing me under the sheets so that was obvious to the maid. Quite a... Continue»
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Comforting My Neighbor's Daughter

It was four months ago when my new neighbors moved in. I was used to the neighboring house being empty since the previous occupants had moved out a few months earlier, which was no big loss because I never got on with them. That f****y seemed to think I was to blame for my wife leaving me, despite everyone else knowing it was my wife who had the affair and had left me. So it was good to have an empty house next to mine, but even better when the new neighbors moved in.

I went out to meet John and Debbie Russell when they first arrived and we seemed to get on well, although that wasn't too mu... Continue»
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She begs for anal

It's been nearly a week since that first time, when my eighteen year old daughter fucked me, but what a week!

We spent most of the rest of the weekend fucking in almost every room, and every position we could think of. Eventually we stopped filming it for her website because it was getting too difficult to make sure that people wouldn't be able to tell that it was me. We decided we'd still film it, but keep the vids for our own private use!

It was then that we started to make love. It's not just fucking anymore, though we do still do that, but now we make love to each other. We share a b... Continue»
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Finally, another girl gets involved

My eighteen year old daughter, Sadie, and I are at the supermarket - she's got an urge to stuff some fresh fruit and vegetables inside her, so we've come to find some specimens of various sizes to see how much she can take.

Since her first double penetration experience a couple of days ago, she keeps wanting to stuff ever bigger items into her hot cunt and arse. Last night, she got four fingers into her cunt and three up her arse. The desperation as she was trying to get herself off was exciting to watch.

We move to a checkout, and I notice the girl on the till. She's only tiny, and has ... Continue»
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Anal loving for him & her on the 4th.

My recently new girlfriend Marie & I decided for the Fourth this year we'd stay in, swim, barbecue, and ignore everyone else.

Marie and I for together about 6 weeks ago. Very short platinum bob spiky hair caught my attention, but her pert D cups and spankable ass made me fall in lust.

We met at the park while we were both getting in open air workouts. We laughed over some squirrels fucking and wound up grabbing an after workout Starbucks.

She drank the most obscene coffee beverage I'd ever seen. An iced eight shot espresso. It explained why she was wearing a weight vest

that mornin... Continue»
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Nancy teaches Rick some advanced Threesome skills.

Rick read the test message again.

Ready to try a 3some?

It was from Nancy. It seemed an odd text to receive from someone that was on a date. Rick slowly typed his response


His phone beeped when she responded.

Call me now.

Rick slowly punched her numbers into his phone... She had specifically told him not to put her on speed dial.

"Hello," Nancy said in a hushed voice

"Hi, It's Rick."

"Everything okay there? How is my favorite babysitter doing?" Nancy asked.

"Yea, everything is fine. Bedtime went very well, he is zonked. We spent a lot of time in the pool, so I... Continue»
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Keeping her wedding day vow with bro.

HALF TERM, DAY 9, SUNDAY - returning to the real world

I'll admit I'm concerned.

When I awoke, Emma wasn't in our honeymoon suite. She'd left her phone, keycard, purse... everything.

I had to be honest - she'd probably gone to fuck someone. In itself, that wasn't a massive problem, although I'd rather she'd told me, or at least left a note.

I don't know where she is, or who she might be with. I can't shake the fear that she might have gone back to find that dangerous DJ.

There's only 5 minutes left until we have to be out of the room. Emma knows this, so I decide to check out ... Continue»
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Daddy gets his cock between her lips

"That was fucking incredible." My eighteen year old daughter has just finished fucking herself with her stiletto heeled shoes, whilst I was filming it for her website.

She sticks a finger into her pussy one more time, again scooping out some juices, and sucks her finger hard, licking it with her pierced tongue. She moans.

"Daddy, you'd better go and take care of yourself." She points at my rock hard dick, which is making a high tent in my trousers. "Is it okay if I use your computer to order some toys while you're gone?"

"What kind of toys?"

"You know." She gives me an innocent and... Continue»
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