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TOT Part 6 Cock watching

The boat tied up in the mooring, we walked back up the site towards Barry’s Caravan he had his oars over his shoulder, with his Grey boxers hanging over the end like a fuckin flag not caring who saw them, as we got to Barry’s caravan we met our Jamie, he was with Emma the girl that he had been sucking the face off the night before.

” My Da is Gonnay kill you Captain Pugwash, for going out on a boat.”
he shouted to me

” Fuck off”

I replied giving him the spin finger, when he caught up with us he told me I had better go and tell Dad I was back, as he had been down walking along the si... Continue»
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TOT Part 7 First Touch

After breakfast we met up with Barry and the twins and a few of the other lads for a game of football, then after a while it started raining so we went to hang around the games room for most of the morning, it was raining heavily by the time we headed back home to Glasgow about 2pm.

I now needed to convince my Dad to get me internet access, Barry and the twins chatted on MSN during the week and although I had a PC we did not yet have internet access, I needed and wanted it and I was going to get it no matter what, I just had to get Mum on my side.
It broke my heart leaving my new mates, an... Continue»
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My Husband caught me with my lover (pt 4)

Did that really happen, it couldn't have, could it?
He had actually got off on giving me that gift, a gift I was never going to have again.
Fuck, my head was a mess and I felt pretty used - worthless, but I had to get on with it, no point thinking about it now. Deep down I knew that he had something planned, a feeling that he knew, but just never really thought he would do that. Maybe strike me or leave me, but invite the guy to my home, ballsy to say the least.
I needed to get ready, things to do, people to see today - loads of plans for my future. Staying here was not an option anymor... Continue»
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My First Sybian Experience

I met a couple, Tom and Sue, through an online site that are into bondage and swapping. My main attraction was that they have a sybian and I really wanted the experience of riding one after seeing some videos of women on it. The orgasms seemed incredible. So after some back and forth discussion I agreed to come over for a demo ride. It was early evening, I rang the bell and was greeted by both and handed a glass of wine. We sat down and just talked a bit to get acquainted. They are very laid back and obviously very comfortable with their sexuality and being around others. I had on very s... Continue»
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"How It All Started..."

I was walking down a very busy street when I heard some one call out '...David...David Ross, is that you. Stop, wait up, this is Daryl S******ns...' I stopped, knowing that the name was a familiar one. Turning towards the voice I see a pleasantly young man about my age, walking quickly.

'...You are who?...' I asked and he replied '...I'm Daryl S******ns, we went to high school together. Think back man, we were in 4th period science together, Ms. Ramsey was our teacher...' Suddenly like a huge block had hit me, I remembered who he was.

Daryl quickly said '...let us go get a beer and ca... Continue»
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Todd Knowles, Camp Counselor

When i was younger during the summer i had to go to summer camp. Not the kind when you stay away from home but the kind that you go to during the day as your parents are at work. I enjoyed it, of course, but the boys acted kinda strange towards me. I didnt understand why, these were the same boys that i went to school with and discussed wrestling with. Many girls never understood how a girl could be so obsessed with wrestling, but that was their problem, not mine.

One Tuesday i came to camp asking the boys id they saw Monday night wrestling, Adrian and Jeff saw it but Drew, Patrick, and Sea... Continue»
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Ass Ambush pt 1

POV from a young athletic girlfriend
You are laying on the couch, watching TV. I come in behind you, silently, wearing only short white socks and sneakers, having stripped down to them after coming back from exercise class.

I'm hot, sweaty, pungently ripe. Your head is near the arm of the couch and I quickly grab it to pull it back over the arm, at the same time stepping over it and placing my muscular thighs to your ears.

You have been taken completely by surprise and can see nothing but the magnificent swell of my firm, round ass, and feel nothing but the intense crush of my pulsati... Continue»
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Smallgasm: The dicklette cums again! Small Penis H

So, Saturday came and went. Nothing happened, and for virtually a whole month we have had work, visitors and general life go mad. During this whole time I had not cum, any time where I could normally be alone for a wank, my wife would be with me. Or time was pressing, or a hundred other things that simply just got in the way.
I had promised myself that I would only be honest with these stories, and make nothing up. So, it has had to wait this long before I can write again, sorry for that - but imagine my frustration at not having to have been able to cum for virtually a month!

Last Thu... Continue»
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In the woods (fictional)

It was a warm day, she felt sweaty and hot, her jeans sticking to her legs. She still had a long way to walk before she got home. Her bike got stolen at the park, she forgot to lock it and she didn’t have a cell phone, her dad took it from her because of her stupid b*****r, it was his fault the lamp broke and now she had to pay for it.

She had to rest somewhere in the shade, she started towards the woods, did not look very inviting, littered with garbage, but at least it would be cool. And it was, she walked quite a bit deeper to get the most of the coolness and slumped down with her back a... Continue»
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The first time for a nerd like me

Hello all. This is the funny, but sexy story of my very first time. before starting i'd like to let you all to know that i was 14 when i first lost my virginity. and prior to my first time i had next to no idea about sex. i was raised kinda proper and didn't have any real knowledge of sex outside of a very small amount of porn. that and i was 5'6 so kinda tall for my age. OK on with the show!

It starts with around October. Heavily tired from both a long school day and long day of football practice i began to walk my way back home from the school. wearing the normal team jersey and some blac... Continue»
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Inner Freak Released!

I hadn't been back to my b*****r's house in 3 days. It was 3 days of nonstop fucking and I had to replenish my "Go" bag. Kels commented that after just herself for pleasure, the last three days had wore her out...a recovery day was in order...We kissed and I headed to my b*o's.

He was surprised when I walked in. "Where the fuck have you been? I hope you got laid!" I laughed and said, "Yeah, I did." His wife just broke out laughing as I proceded to tell the story of the weekend in detail. We all hung out for the day. I got my shit together and put it in my truck. "Who knows where I'll be ... Continue»
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Baby Sitter's first taste of PUSSY

HI, My name is Megan and I have a cool story to tell you and it's 100% true!
When I was in high school, in about the 9th grade and I believe I was around 13,

we had a neighbor named Lisa Kennedy that was a divorced single mom with a

really nice home and pool in the back yard. I would baby sit for her all the time

and watch her k**s, the house and feed the dog. One afternoon, she called up on

the phone and asked I could come over and just house sit for her since her ex

had the k**s that weekend and she wanted me to just to keep an eye on the

I told her I woul
... Continue»
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My First (and only) Milf

The following is a true story. I have been carrying it around in my mind for years. Married now with a f****y, it is something I have shared with nobody and it just feels good to get off my chest.

Admittedly I was naive. A small town boy at a major midwestern university living on my own. Being a mechanical engineer is all I had wanted to be. I wasn't a genius by any stretch of the imagination, thus school didn't come easy for me. Studying and going to class was all I cared about. But then I met Jodi.

I was in my first semester my Senior year when a couple of guys in my ap... Continue»
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My s****r brook

I came home from class and heard my mother and s****r, Booke, yelling all the way outside. Brooke was on one of her rampages again. She is so spoiled. All she has to do is pitch a fit and she gets her way with anything. She wanted an iPad for her eighteenth birthday last week, even though she knew the folks couldn't afford one, but she pitched one of her fits, and they broke down and got it for her. This time it was about her field hockey tryouts. She's supposed to go to tryouts at a college a couple hours away this three day weekend. Our parents aren't well off, but we're comfortable. They di... Continue»
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Forbidden Pleasure

It was Saturday 9th October and I had arranged to go away with some of my friends to London it was Cheryl's 25th so we had agreed to go to London, we are all big fans so seemed like the thing to do.

I have been friends with Cheryl since I was 13, she is a gorgeous girl with a sexy little figure and shoulder length brown hair. She has the most amazing hazel eyes, and cheek bones not to mention lips to die for. She is the kind of girl I would love to be, outgoing, strong and very sexy.

As much as I loved Cheryl I had not seen her for about 6-7 months as the last time we saw each other it d... Continue»
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Last Customer of the Day

It had been a long day, and Kim was looking forward to locking up and going home. She let most of the employees leave, and was about ready to lock up when a customer walked in the door. Kim scanned her from her black heels up her nylon legs to a short yellow dress that flowed in the air as she walked. This all leaded to the most amazing breasts Kim had seen, large and firm, nipples clearly erect. She had shoulder length vibrant red hair that d****d over the left side of her face. She walked over to some suede boots that were sitting on a table by the window. Kim sighed, this was the last thing... Continue»
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College Girl and Flat Tire - Oh What to Do!

I was driving home one evening after dusk. As I turned down a back road that was a shortcut to my home, I saw a car pulled over on the side of the road. There was a young lady, who I later found out was 20 years old, looking flustered and almost in tears. I asked her what was wrong and she said she had a flat tire and her phone was dead so she could not call for help. "Hmmm," I said, "we should be able to fix that". I looked at the right front tire and it was surely flat. I introduced myself to the young lady and she said that her name was Rebecca.

I couldn't help to admire this peti... Continue»
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My First Blowjob

This is the story of when I gave my first ever blow job to my then-boyfriend. We were both 16 and had been together for 3 or 4 weeks, and although I didn't feel comfortable enough to offer him myself, I certainly begun to wonder about experiencing the physical side of love.

We'd been in the park one summer's afternoon with some of our friends, just hanging out and having a fun time. Terry was 16 and a half, and I found myself becoming more transfixed watching him kick a ball around with his friends. He was about 5 foot 6 tall and of an athletic build, and I found myself staring at his slend... Continue»
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Power Shower

It was Tuesday evening and I had just got back from a very long day at work. As usual when I should have been working hard I had let my mind wonder and was texting away to all my friends on Facebook, which is fast becoming an addiction. I have been on for a matter of days and have become obsessed and a bit of a minx.

The conversations I have been having have been getting a little hot under the collar with some, which prompted me to get more daring so I asked my new best friends to vote on what I should do with my "Lady Garden". Now don't get me wrong I am not one of those girls who lets it ... Continue»
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Girlfriend from the 80's - Part 4

Memories of a girlfriend from the 80's - The birthday treat

It was time for summer holiday and my girlfriend had already planned to go to Rome in Italy with her mom. I went on holidays with some friends.
After the summer holidays we met up again and enjoyed each other 100%

Soon hereafter it was my birthday and I invited her out for dinner.

When I picked her up after work, she was wearing a red dress showing a little cleavage and mid-thigh.
She had black flat shoes on and her legs were bare and had a little sun tan from her holiday in Italy.
She did not look cheap at all, but just... Continue»
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