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Valentine with Younger Hmong s****r in Law

Today with my younger s****r in law was the best day. She can really satisfied my manhood and I was very proud of myself. So bizarre for myself and wonderful. Wish I had taken pics and video the whole thing. but probably next time when I get another chance with her and my older s****r in law. Well it all begin about this afternoon. Her name is MaiLor Vang.

After I was finished with my work and came to my parent's home. That time was 2 pm in afternoon and they were already long gone over state to visit my mom's siblings and their families. I quickly got out of my car and unlocked the door w... Continue»
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"Sick Bastard"

Caroline was the quintessential hippie: long black hair, petite dancer’s body, and tan lines that were more pronounced on her cute, tight, little bubble-butt than on her small, sensitive breasts, indicating that she had spent more than a little time in the sun going topless. She had a daughter by one of the men she lived with, and when he took off, she set out to raise her daughter on her own. She got a good job at a telecommunications company, and did well. Her daughter was raised in a broad-minded and tolerant environment and grew into an intelligent and creative young woman. When she went o... Continue»
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After setting my girlfriend/future wife up now numerous times at our place and after swapping girlfriends, with Sergio taking my girlfriend and I taking his in separate rooms at hotels for a couple weekends now, Monique my girlfriend has become more receptive and willing to party with our new friend Sergio and others.. It really helped that whenever we made love and while i was licking her pussy I would always talk up and create erotic fantasy sex stories with Sergio or guys from her work or mine where they seduce and fuck her at a party, a bar, her work, my work, in bathrooms, in jacuzzis, po... Continue»
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You're my Bitch Now Chapter 4

Chapter Four

After walking unsteadily back to his room, Rick lay on his bed and tried
to sl**p. His mind was spinning with the memories of what had just gone
on, but the image that kept coming back to him was of Kittie kissing him
and pushing his own cum into his mouth. He lay there, struggling to come
to terms with what had happened over the past 24 hours. There was no
doubt in his mind that he had been turned on by it all. He had never
experienced anything like the high he had felt tonight, and the thrill
of what had happened with Kittie was running through his veins like a
d**g; ... Continue»
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Mom After Father’s Death

My father died when I was 12 years old and after that me and my mom were living in our house alone (my mom has a white skin curly hair she is about 5.5 and her assets are all very huge her boobs size is 38e and 34 hips and 38 ass are her sizes.She has a very calm face with beautiful black eyes)

My father when he was 34 years and then my mom was 32 he died in an accident.My mom was a nurse in a private hospital back then and my father was a real estate agent.Afte
... Continue»
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Threesome With My Boyfriend And Male Slave

I am a 20 year old girl,having a boyfriend for the last two years.
Me and my boyfriend after a year of our relationship started having couple swaps and threesomes,but my boyfriend couldn’t get excited during the fucking time.

We discussed it and finally knew that he couldn’t see other guys dominating his girlfriend and frankly I didn’t even enjoy it that much.

I had a secret fantasy of dominating
... Continue»
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Back to the bath house (ending)

Here it was, late Monday afternoon on Valentine's weekend. I was sitting pretty much alone at the bar at the Island house, sucking down a rum and coke while waiting for Marty to once again become Marti. It was her final day and she had been invited to a drag queen party in Sugarloaf Key she couldn't pass up. I had wanted to come along but she told me this was a "gurls only affair." What the hell, I was ready to go back to my apartment after a beautiful three days of fucking and sucking. John the bartender and I were chatting when I felt a pair of hands on my back. I spun on the stool and there... Continue»
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My friend Shauna

While growing up in my area there were a couple of people who went to both primary and secondary school as me, one of whom was my friend Shaun.

I was protective of Shaun, he was a thin and wispy boy, not athletic at all and very shy, and had a feminine face. Boys will be boys, and he was sometimes picked on in school, but I did help him out, one day I very publically beat the living hell out of a boy the year above us because he backhanded Shaun while on the yard, and that at least ensured that he was never physically struck by anyone in school again.

Sadly I didn't see him much after ... Continue»
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My First Time

My name is Jenni, I am 19 years of age, with black hair cascading down to my waist, long shapely legs and a cheeky smile. I often used to fantasise about being the centre of attention at an orgy, but had never had the nerve to do anything about it....until recently that is, when I answered an advert online for a “female who wanted to be taken by several males over the course of an evening, all limits strictly observed, and adhered to and safe sex of course”.

When I replied to this initially, I explained that I had never done in anything like it before, and was naturally very nervous and a... Continue»
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We Meet Priscilla

At this point in our publication of the Dr. Stanton files, we have to deal with a very different variety of materials and, consequently, we have chosen a very different mode of presentation. A word of further explanation is therefore in order.

Since we began publishing these documents, our picture of them has, in fact, continued to expand and change. The initial discovery of, and concentration on, Dr. Stanton’s own manuscripts included not only his instructional “lectures” on the practice of caning, but a considerable ... Continue»
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My Fantasy

It's been a year, Victoria and I are still together. I still work for the
school. Linda and Frank seems to be happy. Mary and Phil got a divorce for some
reason. Maybe it was meant to be. Mary still goes to Frank and Linda's for
threesomes. So does Phil.
Victoria had the second baby and decided to have her tubes tied. She is
still loving sex, sometimes I think she is getting wilder. She still only wants
me but will go to Linda's and ta... Continue»
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In the dance floor darkness

Saturday night my loving husband told me he wanted to go on dancing.
Then he took me to a bar for some drinks and later we ended in a local disco near our home.
The place had a large dance floor and after getting a table, Victor and I went to dance for a long while.
Suddenly the floor got more and more dancers on it. I bumped into a lot of people while dancing and lost track of my loving Victor. I supposed he was tired and had gone back to our table. But I was feeling so fuzzy with all the margaritas I had consumed during the night and was very happy dancing out there.
A couple of times I... Continue»
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Back to the Bath House - Part Deux

Marti (now back to being Marty) and I slept until early noon. The day began in his room with a couple rum and cokes and a truly nice 420. We chatted on the pleasures of the afternoon and night before and I told him of my prowling XHamster and getting turned on by pictures of uncircumcised cock. We started rubbing each others cock and suddenly, Marty backed off with an epiphany The hotel was loaded with Europeans. That meant there should be a lot of uncut cock on the hoof. We formulated a plan to begin in the downstairs shower.

In brief, The Island House is a male only resort. Nudity,fuckin... Continue»
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My Mind,Body And Soul

Mmmmm feeling horny right now.. jus wanted to share a romantic and naughty note to ALL LATINA BBW AND CAUSIAN BBW..OK here are my thoughts right now as we speak... I'd love let your lips connect with my lips, tongue kiss u with passion and as we enjoy our natural tongue flavors we teach each other instantly how to kiss each other with passion.. I would then gently grab u firmly around your waist and continue to kiss u. As we moan here and there.. I then pull your hair here and there jus enough pain from the pulling to let u know I am a strong man as I work my lips down to your neck. And col... Continue»
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Shopping Spree with s****r in Law

“I would really value your opinion,” I said. My s****r-in-law looked at me in thought and said, “Well, tomorrow after work, I can meet you at that store, where is it again?” Very happy to hear this, I told her where it was and we agreed to talk after she was done with work tomorrow. I reminded her that I didn’t want my wife to know that I received help and to keep it hush hush. She agreed and we parted ways. I could not contain my excitement and as soon as I got into my car, I began to laugh to myself in a giddy sort of way.

I had been passing this store for a few years now to and fro... Continue»
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Britney Spears Photo's

After a long and tiring show, Britney Spears was ready to collapse on the couch in her dressing room. Making her way to the back of the amphitheater, the screams of the crowd still echoing in the halls, Britney quickly snuck inside her dressing room and plopped down in a chair. Britney scanned the room. All of these dressing rooms had started looking the same – a bathroom/shower off to the side, a big couch in the center of the room, a table covered with all sorts of food and drinks. It was always the same and Britney was getting tired of it. She was a pop star. She was loved by millions of g... Continue»
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Bob T's Diaries

[1st effort at these diaries and has turned out longer than I thought. Had to cut a lot of the preamble about how we got here, but basically I am from a pretty small town in the north of England. Jess was one of two married milf friends in our town most of the boys fancied - both under 5'3 at most and were called the “mini-milfs” by the lads as they were younger and hotter than a lot of the m*ms around. Jess had dyed jet back hair, dark eyes and perma-tanned skin, she especially hung around our football team a lot as her h**band was a coach of one of the younger sides. She paid me no pa... Continue»
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The night we picked up Larry in DC at the playground and partied with him in our hotel room, something else happened to my wife and I that was so unbelievably delicious, it surily deserves a story entry of its own. It was after all, an entirely seperate experience. It wasn't planned. Maybe we shouldn't have...and a million other things, but the fact is we partied with a couple hotel bellboys after Larry left. There's no denying it and there's no denying how absolutely marvelous it was either. My wife sort of lost control and turned into cock loving slut right before my e... Continue»
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New York weekend.

My wife Caroline and i where spending a few days in New York. First we visited f****y for a few days  for so to go to Manhattan for a cosy weekend just the two of us.   We are both in our mid forties. Friday morning my third cousin Chris said that he wanted to go in to the city to meet a girl he met on line. My wife, polite as  always suggested that he could ride in with us in the afternoon.  We hadn't  really spoken that much with him during our visit, because he worked long hours  for a local  contracter.  There was a three hour ride in to Manhatten and the conversation flew easy.  Chris... Continue»
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Yummy 2

DISCLAIMER: All characters are fictional, no relation to anyone living or dead, all are 18 or older. If you do not like sexually oriented material, LEAVE NOW.

For all outward appearances, Jill was 'normal'. She was cute, gracious, young, attractive, respectful. But, inside, she was anything but! Ever since she could remember she wanted sex; hot, demanding, incorrigible hot sex from the first time she ran a finger down her pussylips! It excited her so much, like a burning fire that could only be satiated with the dirtiest thoughts imaginable! Didn't matter from who, either. Male, f... Continue»
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