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222 CUCKOLD FARM 3 (see

Well the next few days passed as working days though neither woman mentioned to the men the experience with the a****l or each other the Saturday “lambing end party“ loomed close, Lisa was to return to her home on the following Monday, Joe agreed to have the Alsatian if she desperately needed a home for it, and Jay had slept with Lisa each night, so come the Saturday it being a nice dry night they all set off for the village pub together on foot.
The party was convivial, good friends in the company of ot... Continue»
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Sexual awaking 2. The cross dressing Journey.

Cont. from Sexual Awakenings

And then, there were my sister’s clothes. I’d always had an attraction for female clothes. Even as a boy I loved looking at the women’s and girls’ section in my mother’s catalogues. I mostly looked at the underwear. It was exciting to see girls and women in bras and knickers. I loved slips too. They looked so smooth and silky. Strangely, at that time, I had a fascination for directoire knickers and can remember dreaming about wearing them. I also enjoyed looking at all the outerwear and shoes etc. thinking how nice it must be to wear all those pretty things. A... Continue»
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My Boyfriends Dad

My boyfriends dad

My name is Petra, and I had been going strong with my latest boyfriend Tom for a couple of weeks now. We are both nineteen, and love sex.

I would like to relate to you what happened to me last week which involved his father. Now I should explain here that Tom had warned me that his dad enjoyed sun bathing in the nude, and not to be embarrassed about it if I ever came across him in the all together.

Well; one day I arrived at the house with my car to pick Tom up as arranged on a glorious day to go out for a ride in the country. What actually happened was that his dad ended... Continue»
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The Dominatrix


I am a nineteen year old lad who works out at the gym three times a week. I like to keep my body in top shape. When I have been sun bathing on the beach, girls would often stop and say hello, complimenting me on my physique.

I have this thing about mature women you see, and often fantasised about being totally dominated by one, but had never actually done anything about making this scenario a reality....until just recently that is, when I happened across an advert in a sex magazine that I happened to be reading at the time.

“Dominatrix requires young studs who are in need of corre... Continue»
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The Walking Couple

The Walking Couple

I just thought that you might like to hear about what happened to me last week.

The following encounter did take place.

It is so much easier to write about an event that actually happened, because instead of dreaming up a story line, all you have to do is tell it just as it was.

Let me first introduce myself, my name is Adam, I have just turned 19, and I enjoy going out for long walks in the country and beside the sea.

It was on one of these trips along a narrow path that I could see a couple heading in my direction, so I thought that I would sit on a seat nearby so th... Continue»
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The Cum Dump

It had only been an hour since Deacon sent out that E-mail hitting up the four guys he slept with that month inviting them all over to his house for a bit of fun, Deacon wanted to find out where his limits were, he wanted to find out just how much dick he could actually take. It didn’t take long for the first guy Dante; a 5’10 skinny light skin black guy with a 9 inch dick to show up at Deacon’s door with his dick already hard and poking against his jeans like it was going to burst through.

Deacon wearing just a bathrobe lead Dante inside to the living room where he had a couple of air mattre... Continue»
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I Crave A Loving Blowjob..

I've just gotten through a hard, stressful day at work. Another week has flown by, yet gone so slow. My drive home was enough to make we want to jump out and roll into opposite traffic just to be done with it all.

I call my wife to vent and bitch about something she normally cares nothing about when it comes to my work.

I get off the phone, and try to calm myself to deal with home life now.

I pull in, and find the house quiet. I make my way to the bedroom to change out of these disgusting office clothes. I find my wife smirking mischievously at the bedroom door. She grabs me by my ... Continue»
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Rideshare Driving seems to Have its Perks

I started giving the ride share thing a try on weekends because I wanted to save up for a nice trip this summer. Friday and Saturday nights are usually slow for me and I figured I may as well use the time productively, rather than out drinking and spending money on $4 beers and $10 mixed drinks.
I also figured driving the partying crowd around could be kind of fun. So far I’ve been right. I’ve met some interesting people. Most of them have had a few drinks in their system, but none have been so d***k they’ve been a bad passenger.
On my first weekend I’d picked up a couple that I was ge... Continue»
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A Craigslist Gangbang

My roommates just left for 3 days and nights, and I had the whole house to myself, leaving me to take full advantage of the situation before me. I hadn't used Craigslist before, but I've browsed around it, and looked like I could find someone to fuck me and use me. I posted on there that I was looking for anyone at all, any body type big or small cock, as long as they were disease free. I just wanted to get down and dirty, and didn't care who it was. I posted some pics of my ass that are on my xhamster profile, and waited for some replies, hoping they would get back to me soon, as I wanted to ... Continue»
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First Happy Ending Massage

This was my first ever time getting a massage, and I didn't get any tips or anything like that which led me to believe this would have a "happy ending". I was so happy when it did end that way though, and have been back more than once since. So, here's my first time there, hope you all enjoy, I have more stories on the way!

This past Summer, I felt super tense for like a week or so, and it was really bothering me. I hadn't had a massage before, but I felt it was really the only way to get this sorted out for good. So, I looked around some massage places and I really didn't know what was the "... Continue»
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Gracie 05 - A New Technique For Attracting Men

I had been going to clubs with the girls and on my own for a few years but rarely managed to pick up a guy. Sometimes the girls would help me with my makeup and my outfit and they'd make me look about as good as it gets but it wasn't so much my looks but my attitude that turned men off.

I would get nervous and anxious when a man came near me and I'd subconsciously deal with it by acting cold and aloof. That's probably understating it though. The girls were always telling me to stop scowling, that it would turn men off, but I never even realised I was scowling. They'd tell me to smile, the... Continue»
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Gracie 06 – Bruce and Kerin

Gracie and I went to Gizmos. I couldn't go back to LeStat after fucking Brad in the toilets there. I don't know if I can ever go back there. I wore another low cut blouse and I'm starting to feel much more comfortable showing off some tit now. Being with Gracie helps a lot. The first thing anyone notices about us when we go out is our tits. "Four great tits" as Gracie described us.

My d***k act works a treat and it's kind of exciting and kind of sad how many men are predatory enough to want to take advantage of a d***k woman. I have never had so many men show such an interest in me. Wel... Continue»
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First time Public sissy outing

First time Public sissy outing

I was actually doing it, my ear phones filling my brain with girl power motivation through my sissy playlist but still I’m nervous as fuck my little heart going a dime a dozen. I was certain the men in the pub could hear the sound of my high heels as I stopped to pull open the entrance door, no going back, I was about to ride this wave where ever it took me. The very second I opened the large class door a gust of wind swept my white dress up about to reveal my knickers and potentially my tucked little cock, quickly I pushed my dress down, one hand at my... Continue»
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Kyle's first time, part three

After telling Kyle about my first time with best friend Zack, Kyle promised to make me forget about that first time.

Standing up to face me, Kyle wrapped his arms around me and gave me one of the most affectionate hugs I’d had in quite some time. The mixture of the scent of Polo Black and his leather jacket already had my senses alive, but as he put his arms around me, my senses became aroused and were well on the way to what promised to be an unforgettable euphoric journey. Because he was nearly five inches taller than my five-foot eight body, his rugged frame fit me perfectly. With ... Continue»
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Story for a friend with a fantasy of being blindfo

I was talking to a mutual female friend of ours and we were discussing sexual fantasies when I happened to mention to her your one about being blindfolded in a room full of women.

"That is so interesting" she said. "I've actually got a bit of a lesbo crush on Sarah and so do my friends. What's even better is we are all going to a function in a hotel in a few weeks, so we'll have to set something up and you can bring your camera and video it all".

The thought of being present and videoing some lesbo action got my loins stirring and our mutual friend was giddy with excitement too.

The night o... Continue»
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The Replacement Maid Ch.06.

When I woke the next morning it was to find both jasmine and maria kneeling beside my bed watching me. I slowly rolled onto my back and levered myself into a sitting position as maria leapt up and poured out my ritual cup of tea, placing it almost reverently on the bedside cabinet before resuming her place. In silence I leant across and picked it up and began to slowly sip it while looking down at the two girls. I tried to read the expressions on their faces. There was a look on maria’s face that seemed to be one of nervousness with just a tinge of excitement whereas jasmine’s was harder to fa... Continue»
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Meeting Cathy

I met this girl in a cafeteria. I was there for a coffee break with a couple of friends. All tables were occupied and she came over and asked if we mind if she sat with us. We said no - how could you send away such a hot girl. She was slim with hot long legs and a small chest. Her long brown hair was held together in a bun. She was taking the chair next to mine, said her name was Cathy and we started to chat. She was really cute. I loved her sexy body. Her legs looks awesome and I was totally into her hairy forearms. It looks so natural and makes me dream of her pussy. I thought it would proba... Continue»
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Cuckold for Life Pt1

This is a series of true experiences I have had with my wife of twelve years. Let’s start off by saying I have been a cuckold for the past ten years. I have watched my wife suck and fuck hundreds of men. I enjoy watching and participating in these sexual encounters.

I will obey anything my beautiful wife tells me to do, in return I have had a wild sexual adventure that never stops. I can remember the first time my wife Amy took control of are sex lives. She told me that my cock belonged to her and that the only time I could cum was when she told me to.

She had been looking at nasty magaz... Continue»
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Bareback Party - Geschäftsfrau lässt sich als Stut

Vorab. ich fand diese Geschichte online. Die Autorin ist Scharmrot1.
Ich habe mir erlaubt einige Sätze umzuformulieren und gegebenenfalls etwas auszuschmücken. Die Grundidee zur eigentliche Geschichte gebührt allerdings der genannten Autorin.

Bei dieser Geschichte handelt es sich um eine interaktive Geschichte. Das bedeutet, die Handlung kann sich in mehrere Richtungen entwickeln. Von daher bitte stets den Teil weiterlesen, der der gewünschten Entscheidung entspricht.

Dann mal los :) ...

Eigentlich hätte es für Jana nur ein Tagestrip nach Berlin werden sollen. Z... Continue»
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Mother´s big jiggly ass 3

After all she was my mother and sensed directly what I was thinking . " Don´t worry , baby , it´s all good . I´m not mad at you . I wanted this too ! " She started talking to me . The look on her face changed into serious and intense . Something was going in her head . I wanted to know what it was , so I asked her , " What do you have on your mind right now ? " She hesitated answering but still kept looking at me . Again I tried , " Talk to me ..." At last she gave in . " Last night changed everything for us both . We can´t live together as mother and son anymore . You chose me as your first w... Continue»
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