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Poker Game

My wife a tall slender, Greek looking goddess. She has an olive complexation skin, its soft, smooth, without blemish. Her hair is jet black; it falls just below her sculptured jaw. She has dark thin eye brows that cap devilish hazel, green eyes that sing please fuck me. Her legs, long slender, soft but firm, not muscular   come to a er legs part, a smallish, tight ass. Yes, my wife takes good care of herself, runs and plays tennis. She beautiful and doesn’t really know it, naïve, church going, God fearing. Her pussy is a mass of black curly hair, soft, and shinning but I hardly ever get to see... Continue»
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House of Repentance.

Sr,Concepta loved her life. She always had a smile on her wizened face,she always felt a deep happiness inside for the life she was leading as a nun,she always said she would not change anything,everyday brought new excitement and deep contentment. Sr.Concepta often reflected on her inner happiness when alone,she knew the reason for her happiness only too well;not a day went by without Sr,Concepta spanking a bare bottom or bringing her cane down on the bare bottom of a repentant person for Sr. Concepta was a member of the GOOD s****rS OF PERPETUAL REPENTANCE.

Paddy and Aisling were in a ... Continue»
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Femdom Training 101

Quick and simple guides to help turn that selfish and controlling man into a loving affectionate slave

Training his mind is just as important as his body. He will need encouragement. Constantly remind him how he's given himself to you and how you cherish the sacrifice -- but he needs this training to really become yours. Associating arousal with pain and frustration is vital.

There are some things that are mandatory tools to train your mate. These fall into the core categories below. These are the things that truly get into your mates psyche and allows you to dominate them thus making t... Continue»
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Harvest Time

As he rode home later from having concluded business in Atlanta, he had a sense that something hugely significant had occurred, but what it was he couldn't say. It was just a 'hunch', a gut feeling, but it persisted the entire way home.

Upon arriving home, as he got off the horse, and as the stable hands took the reigns in order to lead the horse to the barn, he looked out over the fields surrounding the main house, and could see the teams of workers harvesting. And seeing the harvest still going on, he suddenly thought of his wife for some reason, and of Samuel, the field-hand-turned-his-w... Continue»
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me as a sex toy

There is an adult cinema near my place well it’s a room with some couches chairs and a big screen I like to visit every week or two to great place to suck cock.
I don’t know if I’m like most people but I like it when a guy hold my head and pushes down while I am sucking I can usually get my gag reflex is under control and really go deep I love feeling and tasting that pre-cum in my mouth especially when I’m being pounded sometimes I forget that I’m so into what I’m doing that I forget to look up into someone’s eyes when they have their hard rod in my mouth.
Although I do like getting my mout... Continue»
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Cocksucking Caz's First Interracial Gangbang

I was out with Caz in a bar, hopefully getting her wasted enough for her to let me fuck her in my car while people watched from outside. For what felt like forever I had dreamed of finally getting to fuck Caz. She always flirted with me but was always just agonizingly out of reach. She was the sort who enjoyed attention from guys, but as soon as a guy thought he was getting somewhere with her, she would back off.

She was the epitome of a cockteaser, although I had heard stories of how often she ... Continue»
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My wife introduces me to submission and cuckoldry

He was busy cleaning the taps going over in his mind what had just happened when above his head he heard the unmistakable sound of heels on an un carpeted floor, then he heard her voice calling down to him to get himself upstairs immediately. It was more of a shout than a call and he quickly put down the cleaning cloth and made his way to the stairs and started up them.At the landing he was faced with four doors and another set of stairs which he assumed would lead to the attic. He knocked on the nearest door and hearing no reply moved to the next one and knocked again. Enter came the voice o... Continue»
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b*****r and uncles

Part 1

It's a while ago now since my b*****r Brian and I started doing the wild
thing together, but I remember the first time like it was yesterday -- it
was the best birthday present I've ever gotten! Brian is almost two years
older than I, and when we were teenagers I just about worshipped
him. Physically we were opposites: he was stocky and really muscular and
grew dark curly hair all over his chest, forearms, and legs really early,
while I took after mom's side of the f****y -- long and lean and lighter
coloring, and not as much hair, except on my legs. And where he was
natural... Continue»
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When my b*****r Joe called from college to say he was moving out of the dorms and needed to borrow Dad's truck for the move, I eagerly volunteered to drive the truck up to the school for him. I was just 17 and jumped at any chance to drive -- especially if it was Dad's big, brand-new, dark-red pickup. Getting behind the wheel of that truck always made me feel like a real man.

'Course, I was starting to look like a real man -- at 6-foot-2 I was taller than most of the adults I knew, and wrestling team workouts had really had an effect on my bod, which was rapidly filling out with muscle but ... Continue»
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First handjob

When I was younger my best friend was a guy called Kenny. We'd known each other since we were 5. Kenny had an uncle called Dave and most days wed hang out at Dave's house. We all thought Dave was kinda cool. He was always joking and always happy and when we were round there he treated us like adults which we really liked. Dave was 35 and single and let us do what we wanted within reason. One day I went round to Dave's looking for kenny, Dave said he hadn't seen him but I was welcome to come in and wait as he was expecting him later. I said ok and went in. Dave told me to go through to the li... Continue»
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Thanksgiving Cock

One of my most memorable encounters was eleven years ago on the day after Thanksgiving when I hooked up with an older man at an almost deserted state park restroom. I was out this year two days after Thanksgiving at an even more deserted state park, and couldn’t get that hot time out of my mind. Unfortunately, nothing happened at the park, but I felt compelled to visit an adult book store that was just a bit out of the way on my homeward journey. It paid off.

I stopped at this place where I’ve had a number of good times in the past, and I was encouraged to find a parking lot with more ca... Continue»
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Bestfriend Experience Pt 1

I've never been with a guy.

I'm a regular college student with a healthy sexual relationship with females.

I was invited out by my best friend (Aaron), his girlfriend (Sarah), and her girlfriends on a Saturday night which is nothing out of the norm. We all out went out to popular spot in the city and got pretty wasted. Aaron was pretty d***k but wanted to make sure that Sarah got home safely. Sarah asked me if they could stay at my place as they had done on previous occasions. Sarah and Aaron enjoyed coming to my place since I was the only one of our group of friends that had their on p... Continue»
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First time with a transsexual e****t

True Story about my first experience with a transsexual e****t.

Where I live there isn't many options or chances to meet a transexual. I'm from a small city in a small state that just to be honest is behind the times still. I had always wanted to experience being with a transsexual but could never find any on websites in my area. After several years I just so happened to come across a ad on a website for a transsexual being in my city for a few days in between traveling. She was beautiful! Tall with a gorgeous body, long blonde hair but the one thing that concerned me was the size of her pa... Continue»
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Deep in Mommys Ass

My mother has always been afraid of Thunder Storms, especially at night. For as long as I can remember, whenever there was a storm my mom would come into my room and climb onto my bed so she wouldn't have to be alone. Early on we would cuddle up in each others arms and hold each other. But as I got older this innocent behavior soon stopped seeming so innocent. So mother eventually stopped holding me and settled for just lying face down on the bed next to me.

Mom may not have been very attractive, which is probably why she was seldom asked out, but having her laying next to me in nothing but... Continue»
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It was a Restless night.....

It was a restless night, you of those nights were the imagery in your mind keeps taunting your imagination.... I kept tossing and turning in the warmth of the soft breeze coming through my open window. Images of her sensual body laying next to me kept pulling at my imagination as I drifted in and out of my slumber. I could see her beautiful full breasts rising and falling with her every breath... her long hard crimson nipples taunting...I began to smell her sweet mind begging me to taste her once again... Fuck... I so didn't want her to control me in the darkness of t... Continue»
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A New Experience

I've always been an adventurer. I love to try new things and challenge social norms. Since I define myself as bi-curious, I want to try new stuff but because of the social pressure in my hometown I couldn't find a chance. That's why usually when I travel to other countries I feel more free and up for new stuff. This is a story about my first proper homosexual experience.

I was traveling to some central european country when I was 20 years old. Met with lots of hot girls and had really good time. But I always was curious about being with a guy, sometimes when I masturbate I play with my ass ... Continue»
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Park after Dark - part 3

After I got my pants back on and settled down. I left the dressing room and helped Andy with customers. I couldn't help looking at Andy differently. I was amazed how calmly Andy was when he spoke to me as if nothing happened. I wanted a chance to talk to him about what happened but there was a steady stream of customers the entire afternoon. It wasn't until about close when the last customer left. Andy had me straighten up the font of the store while he started going over the receipts by the register. I locked the front of the store and started to vacuum. Thoughts of Andy sucking my cock race... Continue»
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Kandy's Panty Show

Date: November 26th, 2016

(There may be enough sexy things in this story of mine to make you happy!)

"Get yourself changed out of those clothes you have on sissy. I want you in those panties, anklets, maryjanes and wig in less than 5 minutes or otherwise you'll get 100 hard fast smacks!"

What had led me to this point? Oh my, it is a long story but as a sissy who keeps digging deeper into it, I kept finding newer and naughtier ways to express myself. For some time I had been a Pantyshow Princess who dressed in pink too-short little girlie dresses so my panties would give a... Continue»
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Feeling Inadequate: The Antebellum Cuckold's

He had no idea just how long Nancy had been 'carrying on' with Samuel, but she had begun to turn somewhat cold towards him about a year earlier; and so it had been probably at least that long! What was more, though he was worried (on the one hand) that she'd end up with c***d by Samuel, yet on the other hand, the very thought of that out-come, often sent a shiver of---what could only be called 'exhilaration'---running through him!

Nancy becoming pregnant by Samuel was by no means an idle thought. The possibility of it grew more and more likely each and every time Samuel went into Nancy's re... Continue»
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Not Gay Natural Cocksucker

You never know someone until you live with them... or in this case spend a few days in a hotel together.

And even if you think you know yourself, situations will test that knowledge and even redefine who you are.

To explain what I mean I'll tell you my story of a few days in Seattle that changed everything.

Tyler was married, with a couple of k**s, like me, although his were younger. Well, truth be told, he was ten years younger than me, and had a ridiculously hot blonde wife... although she hadn't lost all the baby weight from having two k**s in 27 months.

He was a very good looki... Continue»
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