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140 Forever a keeper

140 Forever a keeper
Now me I`ve never been a town boy, since I was a k** it was the open air and the woods for me. Thus as soon as I was old enough off I went to the nearest estate and got me an under-keeper now that really meant gun cleaner, dog washer, and general dogs-body, the absolute bottom of the estate staff list just above the keeper`s dog. However after a year or two I moved up to beat keeper, it was a place in Nottinghamshire, by the time I was 19 I was jack the lad, but I knew those woods like a road map.
The Estate owners up at the ‘big house’ held shoots regularly twas ever thus, all the big wigs for miles shooting dead all the pheasants we had spent month rearing “for sport.”
Now to have a good day they needed folk to beat the undergrowth and frighten the birds into the air in front of the guns and to do that we needed hands from the local villages. Lucky for me there were few men available regularly for the jobs so youngsters would be recruited to help, it`s safe enough if you keep the youngsters well supervised, and by youngsters I`m talking 16 or 17 year olds and above.
Anyway from one of the villages came some girls including a rather cumley young maid called Julie, a pretty and sensible, 16 year old. Only 5ft 6 tall, but shapely as she filled a jumper well long brown hair and a twinkle in her piercing green eye`s that spoke of fun to an old man 3 years her senior! She must have seen something in me as this 19 year old under keeper soon found him-self under her spell.
A long story cut short, we began meeting on days off, followed by months of sport for her as she steadily reeled me in like a fish on a line, the dreaded village dance`s, then meet mum and dad, and I was hooked big time.
Not that I was not willing, l found she was a real looker, she had a body to die for, she could cook, knew the country and the ways of the estates, and was not squeamish as some girls I had met. Best of all she was a very sexual being, and she was no virgin, though slowly I found I could trust her completely and she`s never let me down in any way since we first were together. As we were young and uninhibited we all used to mess around a lot fucking, licking sucking and watching your mates and girlfriends. We were very flexible about relationships in those days though we as a couple were always conscious of our partnership. We were soon engaged and as was the way of the time we soon got wed.
Julie took our Best man and fucked him, sorry I should say; She thanked the Best man on our wedding night, before I consummated our marriage even, by us both taking him to the Bridal suite and I watched him fuck her. I was fully aware and happy about it happening as I had already fucked his girlfriend [and later wife] with his and Julies consent and this happened many times over the ensuing years, if she was happy so was I.
I have never regretted my marriage, she proved to be a wonderful wife, in tune with me, of my desires and my needs, and adjusted to the strange hours of my job which can be erratic to say the least. We set up home in an estate cottage and I climbed the ladder to beat-keeper of a bigger beat, a while at that job and ever ambitious I felt I had outgrown the place, so I applied for the head keeper`s job at another estate, this one in Derbyshire. I went for the interview and was lucky enough to be given the post. It meant a move and for Julie to move from her parental home county, to her like crossing the equator. I was to be there for the remainder of my working life.
The keeper cottage here was more remote but bigger than the little place that we had had and she set about furnishing and decorating like a native. We settled to married life together like Adam and Eve, even having a couple of k**dies a boy and a girl, who never had any inkling about our sexual frolickings.
Work took a lot of my time; our sex lives were the antidote as with most young couples, we tried all sorts like most couples.
I soon had a best mate a married chap called Andy we were good friends with his wife as well, although we never partied or swapped with her ever and she had no idea ever about Andy and Julie. He once complained drunkenly one night that his wife Annie never gave him a Blow Job so we called home and I said to Julie, Annie never gives Andy a Blow Job; I think you should help him out. My Julie was reluctant at first because she said Annie had become a good friend of hers and she didn't want to cheat on her. I talked her into it and she blew him off and swallowed his cum, she would often give him a blow after that over the years but she would never let him fuck her in deference to Annie. He was a good lad, but has sadly passed away now.
We had dogs, all gamekeepers do, one we had was an Alsatian and he was a guard dog for Julie as the house was not in an area that was populated and I could be out at night for poacher patrol a lot. She felt safer with a large dog about the place and he was good with our k**dies.
He was a lovable if big a****l and quiet about the house, so one night when Julie and I were feeling a bit frisky we were having some fun on the rug, she was naked and sucking me off when the a****l stuck his nose into her cunt and as a reaction, she nearly bit my cock off and as he started to lick her juices, at first she squealed she then said “that was nice” and “she wished I had a tongue that long!”
We continued to let him lick her and I eventually asked her if she would like him to fuck her. She said “there isn't much we haven't tried!”So I took that as a big ‘yes please!’ it was awesome. That dog thought it was on a marathon, once she went down on all fours it got started there was no stopping it, it leapt up, thrust itself deep, and accurately into place then rammed home the bacon like it was a race. She began moaning heavily, then groaning that something was swelling.
A knot like a tennis ball stretched things tight and he slowed to a crawl then rested as she groaned “my god the heat, he`s filling me and its hot and there`s loads of it” she must have been in some pain, and there was no way I could disconnect him without making it worse so for over ten minutes she groaned and moaned as her belly got fuller and fuller.
His weight on her arms became more than even this strong country lass could bear, so I pushed our old footstool under her chest which she said helped a lot but squashed her tits.
Suddenly he came loose; it was a great relief to all bar our hearth rug which suffered badly from the doggy goo that drained from the unstopped maiden.
We fell to the floor together laughing and kissing one another as the a****l sloped away to clean himself. It was not to be the only k9 tryst we were to share belive me
I would like you to tell of our threesomes and more-some`s as we got on with our married lives, I could tell you of how I got her to fuck an under-keeper when I was the Head-keeper when we moved the estate where I eventually retired but that`s all another story, and do you realy deserve it?
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Wow, what agreat story! As a Gamekeeper myself I can fully relate to so much of that story and acutally my mind ran away with me. Well done and I'd really like to read more stories with a similar theme :)
1 year ago
Well done Eddy, but beware " if you go down in the woods today you will be sure of a big surprise ".
2 years ago
omg amazing
2 years ago
As always, fucking excellent.
2 years ago
hot horny read reminds me of some Keepers that I know, so this story is not untrue and could be based on fact :)
2 years ago