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Despite their enthusiastic response and the immediate effect on their sex
life, Ben and Jeff needed some time before they could discuss what had
happened with Craig. It had been an old fantasy they were happy to have
realised but it remained dangerous, given how close friends they were with
Craig. At least, this is how Jeff, more rational than Ben, saw things.

Later on the same week, they met Craig by coincidence when eating out.
When Craig left his table to use the restroom, Ben followed him as he
didn't want to miss the chance to have a quick chat with him.

- Listen, I just w... Continue»
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walkin my mate

There we were, me and Stephen both naked, sitting on the bed wanking each
other's dicks when his Dad opened the door. We were both dead embarrassed,
me and my mate -- my mate more than me. The second my mate's Dad realised
what he was looking at, he shut the door and went downstairs. My mate was
sitting on the bed with the duvet wrapped around him. He was mortified that
his Dad had just caught us wanking each other off.

I bumped into my mate's Dad a week later in the street. He said he wanted
to talk to me. I was just concerned about my mate. I hadn't heard from him
since we both g... Continue»
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brothers friend

At 24, I was still a virgin. My youngest b*****r was 17, and I thought his
best friend was very attractive. He was leaning towards the skinny side,
but not too skinny. He had dark blond hair, and a smile that gave you an
impression that he was up to no good. I had often fantasized about being
him, but never let my feelings be known.

When he turned 18, he joined the Navy and got married. That told me that I
would never have a chance with him, but then about six months later, he and
his wife started having trouble with their marriage. She started spreading
rumors that he was m*... Continue»
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my brothers friend

I was at home watching a soft porn movie on cable. Someone knocked on the
door. It was Steve, a friend of my b*****r's.

He said, "Hi, Pete, is Harry home."

I said, "No, he probably won't be home for an hour and a half. You want to
come in and wait for him."

He said, "I don't want to bother you."

I said, "No bother, I'm just watching TV. It just started."

Steve is about 5 years older than me and I have had a crush on him as long
as I remember. He is tall, about 6'3"and lean and wiry and very good
looking. He was wearing a blue t-shirt and jeans and wearing an open
sweater.... Continue»
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watching my mate play footie

I'm watching my mate playing footie. He plays for a Sunday League football
team. I'm on the touchline with his Dad. Mr Shaw is well proud of his
son. Who could blame him? Aiden's the best player in the team. And the
fittest lad by a mile. I have the greatest admiration for him.

"He gets better every game, doesn't he?"

His Dad agrees.

"I'm well proud of him."

"He gets better looking as well."

I didn't mean to say it out loud. I'm proper embarrassed. His Dad gives me
a funny look.

"What did you say?"

"I mean...he...he's proper good-looking, the bastard. That's why all ... Continue»
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boyfriends horny brother

When I was just out of college I went on a trip with Joe, my boyfriend at
the time, to the mid-sized Illinois city where he grew up. Most of his
f****y still lived there including his b*****rs Mike and Lee who, on our
first night staying at Joe's parents' house, came over for dinner.

His b*****rs were a total trip – loud and funny, constantly cracking
jokes at everyone's expense, but so charming and good looking that you just
didn't care.

Both of them were confirmed bachelors and they shared an apartment together
a few miles out of town, which I gathered was something of a love d... Continue»
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the doghouse

I’d been running out of ways to casually pass by Mom’s bedroom when, finally, I saw that she was open mouthed and snoring. The bedside light was still on and her romance paperback was splayed out in her hand. I crept out the back door and crossed the silent dark streets in the direction of the highway.

Dad was in the doghouse. Specifically, he was staying at the motor lodge on the edge of town since Mom kicked him out of the house.

Mom knows that Dad and I are close – in fact, she’s always been a little jealous of our relationship. It was a big risk, sneaking out to see him, but I di... Continue»
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dad`s best friend

My Dad's Best Friend

After I had graduated high school, I used to make extra money by
house-sitting for my Dad's best friend when he and his wife were out of
town. Don was his name. He was an incredibly sexy man. Don was about 6'3"
with huge broad shoulders, a tiny waist and huge hands. He was a long haul
trucker and would be out of town for- a-couple-of- weeks at a time -but-
when he was in town he and his wife would get out of town and I would end
up house sitting feeding the dog and cats.

Don was a handsome guy with red hair and blue eyes and a rich, masculine
voice... He... Continue»
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roommate guest

When he left work that Friday, Matthew Davis had the firm intention to not
leave home until Monday morning. It was one of those rare occasions where
he would be himself in the apartment he shared with someone he had known
through a mutual friend, Patrick Mitchell.

He had stopped by the gym and then the superPatricket before making his way
to their Brooklyn place. He was looking forward watching some movies after
dinner, the weekend had to be as lazy as possible and social interaction
were to be avoided.

Yet, as he climbed up the 4 floors, he had a feeling that things would not
... Continue»
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bad boy next door


hi my names peter, pete to my friends and petey to my f****y. i am 30 years
old 5'11 short blond wavy hair emerald green eys and what people would call
a swimmers body. i'm a gay single dad to an almost two year old his mum
walked out on us when he was only a baby. she couldnt handle the fact i was
gay we only got together to plaese my mum it would kill her if she knew she
belives your one or the other and if your the aother you need shot. so i
got with this lass had to get d***k to sl**p with her though one and only
time we did it she got knocked up. but am glad ... Continue»
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Kate Fantasy #11

I sit at my kitchen table watching my neighbor, Frank, working on the fence. Jimmy is away so I had to ask my friend, Marcie, if I could borrow her husband and she sent him over. Now, I sip my wine, getting a little light-headed, and watch the muscles in is back flex and release as he lifts and hammers. Another sip and I am letting naughty thoughts take over my brain. Marcie has told me on more than one occasion that Frank’s cock was “extra-special” and I find myself wondering if it’s true.
I see that he is close to finishing so I quickly go to the bedroom and change into my shortest jean c... Continue»
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underwear housemate

Underwear Housemate

Will woke up to the smell of French Toast wafting up from the kitchen
downstairs. He had slept in and spent longer than he intended to with
Ben from the night before. All that intense fucking again and again
had left him ravished, and he hoped he could score a delicious bite to
fill him up for the drive home. Hoping to tempt Ben into sharing his
breakfast, Will only dressed in his tight black jocks before heading

"Morning, sl**ping beauty." Ben cheerfully greeted him as he handed him a

"Thanks." Will replied as he leaned against the bench, eat... Continue»
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mistaken for my son

A chance overnight stay in my son's flat leads to me being mistaken for him
by his d***k boyfriend


It had been a great Festive period. Though my son Ricky hadn't made it for
Christmas due to some wild party with friends, he had come home for New
Year and, as always it was good to see him. Ricky was at university in York
and with us living just outside London he had moved up there and with our
help. Susie and I had bought a little flat for him which would hopefully be
a good investment for us in the future. It had two bedrooms so Ricky let
one out to a friend of h... Continue»
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Sperm storage with mom help part 1

It all started when i was a teen. I was living with my mom and my older s****r in a quiet small town. My dad was dead for a year now. I discovered masturbation a couple of years ago and I enjoyed it a lot like any boy. I had one girlfriend but it did not last very long. My only concern at this time was girls and women. I was having erection 5 times a day without any stimulation and I was jerking 2 or 3 time per day. We lived in a small house but very decent. I and mom got separate room on the 2nd floor and my s****r had her room in the basement. We had a pool outside the house in the backyar... Continue»
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Tony's Story

I was in my mid teens and going thru the same thing that most men on this have gone thru at that age. I was very horny and looking to score my first piece of ass. I would spend hours at the rec center sitting around the pool or in the work out room scoping out the women. One that kept getting in my cross hairs was Manda Kerns.
Now Manda was my friend Joe Kerns mom. Well, Joe was in my class and maybe he was not a friend because he was a major dick, just like his two older b*****rs and his dad. I maintained a friendly relationship with Joe because it is good to keep your friends close and... Continue»
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Tarzan and Jane

Jane was on a expedition deep in an African jungle. She studied lions, rhinos, apes, etc. She crossed nearly half of the safari and decided to search the deep wooded areas of the jungle. She came across a river flowing with pure clear water. The water algea matched the green in her eyes. Jane was a strong woman. Not muscled but fit and athletic. You have to be exploring terrain where you must constantly move. Jane prepared for the heat, by wearing short khaki booty shorts, and a sleeveless button down shirt. She wore no bra, nor panties, and kept her first few buttons unbuttoned in order to k... Continue»
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Three's Company

She'd been watching me all night long. Could have sworn she'd known me from somewhere. I playfully smiled and thought nothing of it. Laughed and joked with my boyfriend like it was nothing, I ordered another sex on the beach as music played in the background. We never go out so trust & believe I was going to enjoy myself tonight! I didn't even notice my dress had started to rise, my thighs were completely visible, I pulled it down because I didn't want my bf to start trippin. He told me he was going to the bathroom and As soon as he walked away the mystery woman who'd been eyeing me started w... Continue»
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the barlady...

After a long day at work and a meeting with my boss that ended badly. I decided to dive into the local pub the young guys at work always talk about. I walk in and plat myself by the bar. Greeted by a young black woman. I pay no attention with my head down. Whiskey on the rocks.. Make that a double!!
She slides my drink over asking.. Rough day? as I take off my tie. I reply with a negative voice.. You can only imagine. And that's when I make eye contact with her.. A pure beauty. Tied up hair in form of dreds. Yellow bone complexion. Short in height judging from sitting on the bar stool.

S... Continue»
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My aunt seduced me!

I am a 19 yr old Indian boy, currently in college. This story is based on my hot sexy aunt Shilpa. She is one of the most gorgeous women I've seen in my life. She was 5'6" tall, 34D breasts, bubble butt, shapely hips and a wide waist. Whenever she was around me, i couldn't help noticing her body, and to be honest, i always felt like she was intentionally teasing me. The way she talked with me, the way she used to sit beside me always made me horny. Now my uncle is in the Navy and he was always away. So my aunts sex-deprived life always made an impression of an estrogen charged MILF. I always t... Continue»
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Tutto in gola.

Il ricordo di Quell’anno ( il 1988) era così intenso e vivido che mi pareva ancora di sentire in gola il sapore dello sperma , provavo la deliziosa sensazione di sentirmi colare dalle labbra e sul mento la sborra che ieri mi era stata iniettata con abbondanza da Peppe.

Tutto era successo con molta naturalezza e quasi per caso: avevo litigato col mio amante Pino, il mio datore di lavoro, confessando il tutto alla mia amica di cuore Antonella che Pino mi aveva lasciata, lei mi invita ad uscire con lei insieme a due calciatori, e aveva anche aggiunto che uno di questi Peppe come tu sai t... Continue»
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