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Dancing fuck the wifes story

My husband had recently moved jobs and was just getting to know his new workmates. One of them, John, suggested that we might like to go to a club he knew. He said it was a quite club with a small dance floor. I was doubtful but Ann said we should go to bond with her new workmates so I agreed. My wife decided to wear something conservative as she didn’t know what the form would be. She dressed in a long flowing skirt zipped up the back, a blouse and normal bra and panties and low heels for dancing.

When we arrived John was already at the bar with a couple of mates so we went across and join... Continue»
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Drive in Mom pt 4

I was on my knees on the floor of the back seat. Inches from my face was the most beautiful pussy I had ever beheld and it belonged to my own mother. It seemed so large and intimidating. Peering down between her legs, mom smiled at me as she watched me study her amazing muff.

"Would you like me to open it up for you, sweetie?" She asked.

I nodded and mom used two of her fingers to splay apart her large fleshy cunt-lips. Mom's twat opened up like a shiny pink blossom coming to full bloom.

"Wow." I muttered.

Mom smiled at my reaction.

"Lots of peeping boys might get a good look at... Continue»
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Drive in Mom pt 5

I gazed down at my cock. It was sticking straight up, still bone hard and coated with mom's saliva.

"So, son of mine...still upset that your date stood you up?" Mom asked.

"No way." I signed.

Mom smiled, her big tits giggling, as she ran her fingers through my hair.

"Top or bottom?" She asked.

"What?" I asked.

"Time to cash in all those points, sweetie-pie. Top or bottom?" She smiled.

"Bottom." I said.

Without hesitation Mom threw one of her long legs her leg across my lap and straddled me. I gazed up at her enormous chest as it hovered above my face.

"Scoot down to ... Continue»
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Sharing my girlfriend and her mom pt4

And so the next day I began work as usual. Amy said she was out with some friends, although I expected her to be back in her room in a few minutes. We had worked out a plan the night before after she snuck over to my room for some midnight sex. That time I had taken her over the window sill, our bodies bathed in moonlight. Susan was in the kitchen, wearing a skimpy sundress. I was finishing up Amy's room when I heard the rustle of the tree and then saw my girlfriend climb into her window.

"Hello," I said.

"Hi," she said brightly. "Almost done?"

"Just pulling off the tape around your m... Continue»
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A day at the river.

anal, s****rs

A good day fishing lands one hell of a catch./

A day at the river.

I'm an ordinary guy in my thirties to whom nothing real dramatic has ever happened, but one particular afternoon drive in the car put an end to all that.

I was sick and tired of looking after the k**s while my wife worked and
needed a break from them, so I decided to take a drive in the country to
clear my head. Having the k**s on your own all the time tends to drive
you fucking nuts. Just ask any single mum. To pretend that I was
actually entitled to some form of freedom I just had to get out as ... Continue»
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Birthday Celebration

Birthday celebration

To give you some background, Kate and I married 3 years ago, she is a very sexy 33 year old curvy blond, 5ft 7, looks wise she is stunning and has always had a lot of attention, 38g breasts that create a cleavage to die for and a lovely tight ass She always dresses very smartly and sexy. I am 32, 6ft 2, quite muscular build dark brown hair, I don’t think a lot of my looks but Kate says other wise. We met about eight years ago and a one night stand later here we are, she has a bit of a past that would brand Kate a slut, to be honest that is one of the things that turns ... Continue»
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Drive in Mom pt 3

Mom smiled as she still lay on top of me. We were alone at the drive-in and she had just agreed to help me score enough points to have sex with her.

"Let's switch positions." She said.

Mom unstraddled me and got in the same position I was in, laying on her back, with her ass at the edge of the seat. I started to straddle her as she had me but she stopped me.

"No...get between my legs." She said.

She threw her legs back and I climbed between them. Again our genitals met and she pulled me onto her chest. Her soft breasts melted against against my chest as she wrapped her long legs an... Continue»
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Snow Storm (bisexual)

Three nights ago there was a severe snowstorm, huge flakes of snow were falling from the sky covering everything they could. The ground was becoming white very fast and the roads became slick as well. Tommy and his friends were going to be stuck in for the night and needed something to do to keep from getting bored. So Ali suggested they watch one of her porno’s, Ali was that type of girl who liked watching porn with her friends and trying to get them to reenact what they were watching whether her girlfriends were over or her boy friends.

So Tommy and his other roommate Josh decided that t... Continue»
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A Birthday Treat

Anal, bisexual

I strolled into the hotel lobby and looked around. John was no where to
be seen.

“Hmmm, now where is he?” I muttered to myself.

It was my forty sixth birthday that day, and I wasn’t feeling too great
about it. I was sure I detected more lines on my face that morning.

To help lift my spirits, my husband had suggested that he take me out
for lunch, so we had arranged to meet in the lobby of the Tiffany Hotel,
before going into their excellent restaurant.

As I stood there, John was sat in the far corner of the lounge. He was
observing me from behind a pillar. H... Continue»
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A Camping Trip

First time
Tags: outside sex, college sex, fucking
A bunch of horny college students go camping in the southern Appalachians

After the weekend on the lake my friends and I organized a camping and fishing trip in the north Georgia mountains. Chip and Brittany along with Vic and Kelli from our excursion on the lake came on the trip. My friends Katie with her so called “serious” boyfriend from back home, my life long friend and fraternity big b*****r, Nick, brought a hot girl named Tiffany, frat b*****r Sid showed up with Arlene, and another frat b*****r Bob came with a red-haired girl none ... Continue»
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A BIG night out

First, stranger

Night out, turned quiet night in... until a stranger comes to the door.

Walking home alone one warm, humid evening, after a few drinks at the
bar with some girlfriends, I could feel him following me as I walked
down the alleys and back roads. I could see no one but a stray cat and a
few birds returning to their nests for the night, but could hear distant
footsteps and the fading noises of the city... and someone a little way
behind me. I knew it was a man, as the steps were far apart and heavy,
and there was no clacking noise as though from high heels on shoes. He
... Continue»
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A Birthday present for a virgin

First time threesome

A girl gives her b*****r the perfect present – Her two lesbian friends.

Peter sat on the bed and pulled off his black socks one at a time. He
wasn’t in any rush. He was in his boxers now but nothing else and he was
leaving them on till the very last moment. Peter was a virgin. I say
was, because at the time of writing, he has had his nuts well and truly

Aisha and Gemma had almost no experience with guys at all. Gemma had
sucked a cock once. Aisha had sucked a couple of guys off a few years
back and had had a single messy experience, on a different o... Continue»
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How A Dick Feels

Not as squishy as you would think.
Not as hard as described either. Penises are very smooth. They have very good skin too, you never see a zit on someone’s dick.
At least I haven’t.
Thank god.
When something is weird about a penis you aren’t sure what to do or say. I have a tendency to overcompensate because I would feel awful if I was making someone feel anxious or alone for something they can’t help, like how their body is. So I don’t say anything. I’m not sure if that’s proper protocol. I also figure if it is something like his dick goes to one side a lot he has probably had a lot of p... Continue»
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Shortcut through the park. pt i

I had originally started cycling to work after I inherited a bike from a house-mate who had moved on and left it behind. It wasn't long before I realised I could be wearing skin tight spandex with drivers staring at my buttocks wobbling up and down in front of them as I made my commute for an hour every day.

By winter, the stitching on my cheap tights was coming loose and the thin material was really not leaving much to the imagination. I had been working late and was the last to leave after changing into my cycling gear. The light was vanishing and then as I swung my leg over the saddle t... Continue»
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Bhua's daughter Pinky with Raja

Bhua told us that her daughter Pinky is coming to India in 3 days.
We should pick her up at the airport.

Bhua and I and Pari went to airport to pick Pinky.
At the airport we huged pinky and bhua introduce us to Pinky.
We were happy to see Pinky. She was 5.8” tall with nice figures.
Her breast were nice size and looks full figures. I looked at Pari she gave the sign
of aprovel by touching her breasts.

We talked in the car on the way to home. Pinky was not shy. She talked very nicly.

By the time we reached home Pinky was tired from long trip on plane.But we did introduce... Continue»
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Turnedon seeing wife with small dick orential

It was after I had been sharing my Mrs with some of our guy friends, so when she started talking about the assistant that had worked very hard for her and was due to go back to China. She knew he has no social life, and was very shy and was fairly certain he was a virgin. After I joked that sex would be a good going away gift and bonus.She hinted, and joked about how I would feel if she gave him a hand job. She would have just given him one hand job, but I kept talking her into thinking about doing more, like a few hand jobs, and a few blowjobs during the last few weeks he was still there. I ... Continue»
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Meeting My New Friend Part 1

Okay, I will admit, I met Jennifer on a popular chat site. At first, it was just innocent chatting. We shared some laughs, talked about our lives, and eventually we traded pictures of each other. Believe me, she was not the best looking woman but at least she was honest about her looks. She stood about 5 feet tall and would be best classified as a bbw with dark hair and glasses. At the time I had no intention of meeting her but to only chat with her online as a friend, seeing as she was 37 and I was 24.

One Tuesday night, I had just got home from hanging out with friends at the bar. ... Continue»
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Sean and Kris

Sean goes to McDonald's several times a week to piggyback the wifi. Kris is an 18 year old girl working there. She is about 5'8', and skinny with a cup breasts and black hair which stops at the length of her face.

Sean is also 5'7" and is also skinny though somewhat muscular. He's not too bad to look at but he's no Brad Pitt. His hair is a dirty blond color. He is 23 years old but still can only grow scraggly patches of hair on his face.

With him being there so frequently the two of them eventually exchanged words a few times. Sean was very attracted to Kris and would often stroke himsel... Continue»
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wife used as BBC toy

We had been playing with being Dom and Sub to each other. She recently tied me up and put a chastity device on my cock. It sucked! She would take it off only if I was completely restrained. She would tie me up, remove it then take me close to cumming, but never let me go. She once tied me up and instead of servicing me, she had one of her black bulls come over and fucked him for a few hours. She had me clean her up, but no boom boom.

One night I was able to restrain her. I was still locked up, but I decided it was time to act out like a good little subby. I tied her hands behind her back. I... Continue»
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Cocksucker P2

The weeks that followed our first, brief meeting in the car park were filled with frantic sexual contact between Rob and I. I recall lying totally naked on my bed and stroking myself until I came all over my chest and stomach as he told me over the phone of his desire to be inside my mouth.

Then came the day we were chatting online. Both of us at home on a work day.

"Come over to my place. Now." He typed.

My heart raced and my cock swelled. Could I be about to fulfil my fantasy? Could I? Should I?

"I don't know. Are you sure?" I replied.

"I really want you to suck my cock," h... Continue»
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