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Double amputee gay guy with a BIG COCK.

AnalFetishGay Male

I have both legs amputated just above the knee and wear ;prosthetic ones. I used to love to wear pantyhose (tights) but due to the leg construction (metal pylons) no longer possible,, HOWEVER a friend has made me cosmetic covers and can now wear tights of all sorts..... I like to wear either jock straps, or lycra oanties under my tights for ease pulling them down. I am a bottom guy so speed is of the essence, If I wear tights under my trousers I dont need to wear socks or underwear to be honest.. pull my tights down and sit on the guys cock or whatever. A lot of men like to play with my stumps… Read more

Posted by prostheticleg 4 days ago 644 80%

Yes Sir

BDSMFetishGroup Sex

With my foot in his hand Sir begins to suck each toe seductively, licking in between them as he's looking into my eyes. This motherfucker is really trying to get in my head and yet the Dominant force within me won't submit, but I must. Sir tells me that he has a surprise for me and not to ask about it, now this excites you see my Sir likes using me and have others use me as well. When I'm in HIS presence, I have a heightened sense of anticipation because I don't know what to expect next. MY DOM tells me to stand up and I do so without a word. H… Read more

Posted by msyvette1970 4 days ago 2 490 100%

The Claiming of Steff Michaels


Introduction: Older burly landlord compels sex with hot young wife of out-of-work husband for non-payment of rent. Husband reluctantly accedes to wife's wish to participate and gets cuckolded when she gets addicted to landlord's ENORMOUS cock. Tale of marital infidelity that has no clear cut or happy ending. If any of that will disturb or annoy you, please pass on this story and move on to another. The Claiming of Steff Michaels, A Case Study in Landlord-Tenant Sexual Relations Pete, our landlord, was a big man. Six four at least, 240 pounds or so. He towered over me and was very st… Read more

Posted by hotteenme 4 days ago 1,108 75%

Some interracial evening action

MatureVoyeurInterracial Sex

I love my dearly parents, but after five days standing them at home hanging around, I needed a break and a good fuck. They had come to visit me from Buenos Aires, but now I could not stand them another more day around… That afternoon they both went out to visit some friends living in a near city and that was enough for me and my loving husband. While I was packing some clothes in our bedroom, Victor came inside and walked up behind me, rubbing his cock into my ass. He kissed my neck and wrapped his arms around my waist; whispering into my ear: “What are you thinking, babe?” “I’m think… Read more

Posted by Anitaslut44 4 days ago 1,470 100%

My first gay sex with my new GIGANTIC COCK


I am a 32 year old gay virgin, my cock and balls are SMALL, I mean my erection is 4" not much use to anyone. including me, cant even whack myself off properly and the guys are not interested. I hate being fucked I want to be a top, and show all those bastards what a real cock is like. I have a couple of really close mates and one of them, Thomas, has always been kind to me, we kiss and cuddle sleep together, and he plays with what I call my cock... when I cum its a pathetic dribble. A few weeks ago, Thomas said his pal who works in the hospital labs, were experimenting on growth serums and w… Read more

Posted by lycraguy 4 days ago 565 100%

My first gay sex with my new GOGANTIC COCK

AnalGay Male

I am a 32 year old gay virgin, my cock and balls are SMALL, I mean my erection is 4" not much use to anyone. including me, cant even whack myself off properly and the guys are not interested. I hate being fucked I want to be a top, and show all those bastards what a real cock is like. I have a couple of really close mates and one of them, Thomas, has always been kind to me, we kiss and cuddle sleep together, and he plays with what I call my cock... when I cum its a pathetic dribble. A few weeks ago, Thomas said his pal who works in the hospital labs, were experimenting on growth ser… Read more

Posted by lycraguy 4 days ago 835 100%

Teaching Her To Give Head and Fuck

First TimeHardcore

Ah, to be young again, getting high school tongue and mouth--the more inexperienced the better--from some braced-face, small-tits or no-tits sweet young thing. She's ever-so curious about all things sexual, ever-so desperate to please you and ever-so anxious to learn every trick in the book. So you coach her up, in between your own groans and moans, offering her a tip on how best to lick your dick or swirl her pink tongue all around the head, or maniacally flick the tip of it all over your shaft. "Sometimes you want to be aggressive," you explain, and other times "ever-so slow and ever-so… Read more

Posted by hotteenme 4 days ago 1,970 100%

The Replacement Maid. Ch.02.

Lesbian SexBDSM

When I woke the next morning it was to the sounds of industry from the kitchen. I was pleasantly surprised. At least she had come in as she had promised. I checked the clock, nearly nine. Would she remember her duties? I lay back on the pillows and closed my eyes waiting. I opened them when I heard her voice, almost a whisper. “Mistress?” I looked at her. She was carrying a tray with my best silver tea service on it and was, at first glance anyway, correctly dressed. She looked every inch the maid. I sat up in bed letting the sheets slide down to my waist, revealing my breasts. I noticed sh… Read more

Posted by Mistress_Christine 4 days ago 1,744 100%

Wife Under the control of another man - Part 3


Wife Under the control of another man - Part 3 Another Fantasy I am a fantasist regarding my wife. This is the continuation of the fantasy following parts 1 and 2 After the first few meetings I was formally invited to join my wife and Dave on a few occasions. However, as my wife didn’t know about the website, or that Dave informed me, I knew when she was visiting him without telling me. It turned out Dave had taken a shine to my wife, and saw her as a project. He wanted to completely turn her into a slut who would open her pussy to anyone. Soon after enjoying Dave’s company together… Read more

Posted by nigeltallguy 4 days ago 1 1,236 75%

Fucked a virgin while her friend watched [true sto

First TimeVoyeur

I dated this girl for a short while in university. My friends all hated her, but I thought she was cute. Redhead. Perky little tits. Skinny. She had this vibe like she might turn out to be a lesbian. But I was the lucky chap who got to take her virginity. We'd been fooling around for a few months, lots of sucking and licking, jerking and fingering. Full sex never really seemed on the cards for some reason, but it didn’t really matter because she could suck like a fucking goddess. And she was happy to swallow gallons of cum too. She’d never let me cum on her though. She always ate it all u… Read more

Posted by sure32 4 days ago 1 4,202 94%

Follando con un Extraño

First TimeHardcore

Hola, me he animado nuevamente a contar una historia muy reciente. y va así. La semana pasada estaba muy aburrida en casa y entré a un antiguo sitio de chat que solía entrar hace algunos años. Ahí use un nombre al azar, entré a una sala de gays y lesbianas (mi intención era conocer a una chica para tener experiencias) y comencé a conversar. Me hablaron varios chicos, lo normal: ¿de dónde eres? ¿cuántos amos tienes?. Hablé con dos chicas, pero ambas de fuera de la ciudad. Luego me habla un chico, muy interesado en conversar. En conversación llegamos a que somos de la misma ciudad y como el d… Read more

Posted by sexaholicgirl 4 days ago 151 100%

The Dance contest

HardcoreInterracial SexVoyeur

A bar we occasionally frequent offered amateur erotic dancing on weekends allowing both men and women in separate events to get as naked as they dared and dance for cash prizes. My husband Gene often wanted me to participate but I was too shy and straight-laced. One night we had a couple of dry martinis at home and I had a great buzz on when he suggested we go and watch the show. At his request I wore a front button dress, knee length, thigh high stockings and low heels. We arrived before the contests began and got seats right close to the stage and ordered more martinis. Anyone who signed… Read more

Posted by wtchswife34 4 days ago 3 2,219 83%

First Woman

First TimeLesbian SexTaboo

I was 19 when one of my regulars a 60 something year old man told me he would pay me a lot of money if I would come to his house and have sex with his wife. He said she was like 10 years younger than him and had wanted a young woman. He told me she actually wanted an u******e g-irl but he was afraid of them getting arrested so he wanted me to pose as an u******e g-rl for her. Little did he know I was close to u******e because I had fake ID saying I was 23 when I was actually 19. I had never had sex with a woman but was willing to do it for the money and thought it might open up other opportuni… Read more

Posted by rainbow_66 4 days ago 3,986 90%

Just Anita and I


 It had been quite a week both of us were looking forward to spending the entire weekend together with no interruptions , I got home about 6pm walked in the door  to find Anita wasn't home, ok I thought she must be running errands, I went into the living room made myself a drink and walked back down the hall to my office. I sat at my desk going over the days client consultation notes I had made, when I heard the kitchen door open up and Anita walking through the kitchen down the hall towards the living room, she called out honey where the heck are you? In the office baby I replied.… Read more

Posted by here2meet 4 days ago 913 100%

Comic Opera

HardcoreSex HumorVoyeur

Comic Opera My image in the mirror is mocking me at my feeble attempts at trying to do my Bow tie up. I have 2 tickets for The theatre, a treat for Halina . We have plenty of time so a visit to a traditional London Pub nearby will shield us from the rain while we wait for the que to die down. I say plenty of time as Halina has spent the last hour locked in the bedroom. All I can hear are zipping and unzipping from behind the door. I gently tap. "How are we doing?" "Nearly there" says Halina. The door opens and out she steps looking radiant! She is wearing a long black ele… Read more

Posted by cyborg456 5 days ago 3,588 83%

Scarlet Troopers Revenge

FetishLesbian SexTaboo

The Scarlet Troopers are proud female soldiers, highly trained, extremely fit and always well presented in their skintight red catsuits, black thigh boots and black cropped jackets. A normal trooper wears a black riding helmet the officers wear red to distinguish them from the girl soldiers under their command, all troopers are armed with batons to use as self defence. In recent times the Scarlet Troopers had suffered heavy humiliating defeats at the hands of their enemies, the Amazonian Warriors had overpowered several patrols forcing the terrified soldiers to cum in their uniforms before… Read more

Posted by Richintights 5 days ago 2 4,759 78%

keva i cerka


detinjstvo pamtim po kevinim jebacima koji su svako vece dolazili u nasu kucu i jebavali je,keva nije bas mnogo birala,matore mladje lepe ili neke rugobe samo ako imaju jak i veliki kurac.Cula sam iz svoje sobe njene komentare da ima ovakav i onakav kurac.Jedan od tih jebaca je i mene napravio ali ni sama ne zna ko bi to mogo biti.Kad sam ulazla u pubertet i pocele da mi rastu sise ona mi je govorila da cu biti prava sisata kurvica za koju godinu. Kad su me videli njeni neki jebaci govorili su da bi me rado tucali a keva je obecavala da cu im uskoro biti na raspolaganju. Jedno vece dok sam gl… Read more

Posted by jebac1991 5 days ago 879 100%



Zunächst mal: Es handelt sich bei Nachfolgendem um eine frei erfundene Geschichte, und ich bin kein Befürworter von Inzest. Eigentlich sollte es gar keine Story werden, war mehr als Fingerübung für den Starter eines Rollenspiels gedacht. Nach zweieinhalb Seiten wusste ich allerdings, dass es auch damit nichts werden würde. Kein Rollenspieler verzeiht einem eine solche Eröffnung, und ich war noch nicht mal halb durch die Geschichte. Als ich kurz vor Ende den Anfang nochmal las, fiel mir auf, dass ich nur ein paar wenige Worte ändern musste, um einen Kreis daraus zu machen und schon hatte ich… Read more

Posted by Drance1964 5 days ago 4 1,048 100%

C/D Teens Hitchhiking Adventure: PT 3


C/D Teens Hitchhiking Adventure: PT 3 [More of my memories to share, hopefully represented in a proper format as much as possible I take heart to what I write as they are from my adventures that I cherish, altho I'm no wiz at this computer or an accomplished writer I do write my own, hope you all enjoy these stories as some have] The days leading to months fell off the calendar as my life took a turn for the unexpected, chance encounters turned into something real and crazy loving, having the opportunity to live life to my bidding was rare but it has turned into something I will never forget… Read more

Posted by CDRomaFox 5 days ago 4 3,224 93%

Rooting the mates mum....

MatureSex Humor

Back in the day, I rooted one of my mates mum. I was in my early 20s and she was maybe, mid 30s to early 40s. Hot as though, well, I thought she was hot. Lol. Anyways, I used to play footy with her son. And when we had Saturday home games, we usually stayed at her place. Well, one of the nights that we stayed there, myself and a few other footy mates had been on the turps after our game. We were all smashed as!! After the pub had closed, we caught a ride to her place and the boys had headed downstairs to bed. I wasn't that tired, so I went up into the lounge to watch tv. There I was, laying on… Read more

Posted by Kutchang 5 days ago 11,169 100%