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Chris 5

DISCLAIMER: All characters are fictional, no relation to anyone living or dead, all are 18 or older. If you do not like sexually oriented material, LEAVE NOW!

"Hi, I am Chris, age 35. These are my fantasies about other guys I meet. I am married with k**s, but, as with most couples, k**s stops the sex life and I jerk off a lot and fantasize a ton............"

'MMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmm.....' I thought. I have a 'grandpa' syndrome and there are 3 nice specimens right there in my livingroom! Tom, Jerry and Nick having a beer, relaxing as we all watched the fights on TV. The wife and k... Continue»
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double penetration with grandpas+89 y/o grandma

I was 22 years old, it was winter time, I was really bored so I just went to the bar. I didn't really like alcohol, I just went to the bar to hopefully find myself a grandpa. This was a village bar so there is mostly old people here. I wore tight sweatpants, my ass was pretty big so there had to be someone that wanted to look at it. I ordered myself a glass of wine and sat on the stool, my ass was really wide so it looked really sexy on a stool. There was a couple of grandpas that were staring at my ass and eyeing me, they were giving me signals for sex. There was an old man that sat in the co... Continue»
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Workout Sex With Scarlett Johansson

I use to work across from a High class Private gym in Los Angeles; I won’t mention the name but its open 24hrs a day. Now I tried to be professional when I worked out there, but it was extremely difficult with the Celebrities working the front desk running around in their tight tee shirts, sports bra and yoga pants. Now Scarlett Johansson is this sexy blond headed little gal who was always friendly but professional. She was my shake girl, she always wanted to make my protein shakes after my work outs. We always chatted about stuff, like her ex’s and other crap. I worked up the courage to ask ... Continue»
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My Wife's Interview

The Interview
The night had been quite a success. My wife, Wan, and I had come to a major hotel in the centre of Bangkok for a job interview. Why did my wife come when it is me when it is I who is the candidate for the job? Well the company has the policy of interviewing both the candidate and their spouse to make sure they fit the company culture.
We met the HR Manager in the lobby and we went through to the bar come coffee shop. We ordered a meal and chatted as we waited for it to be delivered to us. This was to be a high profile interview and I made the decision to wear a suit, shirt and ... Continue»
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Make a Little Wager I win, you let me Seduce your

Recently my wife Tracey ran into an old college friend of mine, actually a girl, and the two of them hit it off. While that in itself might not seem bad, I've tried to distance myself from college and some of the friends who knew my girlfriend and I at the time.

Lynn and I started dating in the last semester at N.C. State and after graduation we both stayed in Raleigh. I was from there anyway and Lynn was from Charleston. I was not Lynn's first lover nor was she mine, but neither of us was extremely outgoing sexually. Lynn was and still is a gorgeous honey blonde with piercing blue eyes and... Continue»
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My tranny girlfriend Kim and I had a nice encounter with a elderly hot lady in a classy hotalbar a week ago and she had left her businesscard.
See my blog for that story.
The whole week we had been talking about her, because she was so hot so snt her a few emails.
Yesterday we got a reply.
She wrote she had a booked a room in that hotel and that we were welcome to see her.
Kim put on het black silk skirt, and white blouse, making sure her cleavage was OK and we sat ourselves at the bar.
It didn't take long till the lady emerged from the elevator, this time dressed in a burgundy dress whi... Continue»
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After work

Out of time and you're tired of all the fuss was sitting in a chair. In the office, no one is left and you will enjoy the silence. From Ineta already all gone, and the house did not want to. It was stuffy and you dreamed about the soul. Overpower yourself you went into the shower (it was in office). Dress with a quiet rustle slipped your feet. For a moment you are admiring her reflection in the mirror, she smiled and stepped under the cool spray of water. Easy groan burst from your chest when the first drops touched your body. Water flowed for you, taking from each drop of all your fatigue by ... Continue»
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Her Hands Are Tied With a Little Squirt

I guide her down the stairs to the basement, or my dungeon. She's blindfolded and eager, excited, horny. She wears a gorgeous black lingerie set revealing everything. It's barely covering her nipples and pussy. Lynn has been waiting for this. She knows what is gonna happen but doesn't know exactly how which makes it even hotter. We land at the bottom and I steer her to the spot. Pushing Lynn to her knees I keep an arm out and tie one wrist, do the same for the other. Her arms raised, wrists tied to a contraption that I've rigged up. I pull a crank that lifts her wrists up higher maki... Continue»
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Pay Day


We were lying in bed snuggled up together spooning. Zelda gently stroked my cock through the sheer panties I wore and I felt my erection growing. Turning around my hand drifted down to her warm wet pussy that I wanted to suck and lick “not yet lover” she said, “have you forgotten what day it is?”, then I remembered “pay day”

What’s pay day? – it’s the day the milkman, paper boy and lawn man come to get paid for the month and I organize the payments. “If your quick you’ll just be ready for the paper boy”

I groaned as her hand left my cock just on the edge of spurting its loa... Continue»
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Wife gets a Thanksgiving creamypie

Wednesday evening my wife and I were talking about what tomorrow will be like. She was going to Charles's house to have sex and I was going to be allowed to watch. As I was laying out her outfit she was showering and shaving her pussy nice a smooth. Let me describe her, she is five foot four, weighs exactly one hundred pounds, she has shoulder length blonde hair and blue eyes. Her breast are thirty four B cups. We spent the evening relaxing while I asked her how so feels about tomorrow.

She said her pussy is already wet and she is so horny that she could fuck all night. I offered to try bu... Continue»
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ceva de neuitat 2

Buna .. ma numesc ELENA si dupa am promis revin cu partea a doua... contiunarea primei partide in care am facut i****t cu tatal meu..ce a sa petrecut in duba lui de marfa in drum spre Romania
Ii mangaii usor pula si apoi o bag in gura... observ ca aceasta da semne sa se ridice, o sug suav .. tata geme usor si scoate un ooooohhooo prelung... sug pula tatalui meu ce mai are cantitati mici de sperma ... pe canal, de la actul anterior... o inghit fara sa ezit, gustul acesteia nu este rea chiar este aparte si nu face decat a ma incinge mai mult, tata ma asalteaza cu mangaieri pe sanii,coapse, buci... Continue»
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Into The Trees

I first met Nancy online, by chance we were both logged onto the same website. I had just had a major argument with my partner and decided that I would hide away from all the flack in my small office.

We chatted through the messenger for over an hour, which was frustrating as it seemed an eternity before I received a reply.
Nancy surprised me as she came across as a lady who knew exactly what she wanted. This seemed to go against the pictures she had posted on her profile. The pictures were not like most of the other ladies typical nude pictures. Nancy's pictures showed a very beautiful ... Continue»
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I Tit Fucked My Wife While She Was On The Phone An

my wife, Anna, and I have always enjoyed watching porn. We have recently started to act out some of our favour scene. My favourite is a titty fuck scene with Naughty Allie. Her husband titty fucks her when she talks on the phone. I have always love titty fucking and since my wife had perfect double D breasts it is something I love doing to her all the time.

One day I was horny as hell and notice that my Anna was talking to her friend Becky on the phone. I though this was my chance to act out my fantasy so I grabbed some lub from the bedroom. As I approached my wife I could hear he talking t... Continue»
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double penetration with grandpas + fucking a 89 ye

I was 22 years old, it was winter time, I was really bored so I just went to the bar. I didn't really like alcohol, I just went to the bar to hopefully find myself a grandpa. This was a village bar so there is mostly old people here. I wore tight sweatpants, my ass was pretty big so there had to be someone that wanted to look at it. I ordered myself a glass of wine and sat on the stool, my ass was really wide so it looked really sexy on a stool. There was a couple of grandpas that were staring at my ass and eyeing me, they were giving me signals for sex. There was an old man that sat in the co... Continue»
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A perfect day in myriann's whore life

hi guys,

just wrote down my ideal day in my whore life! enjoy!


waking up with a smile on my face, knowing that today will be a nice day for me. i get out of bed wearing my catsuit and my soft hot pants (mostly in pink or white, i always sl**p in this outfit), sliding in my morning heel mules (4 inches), walking to the bathroom. getting my hair straight, brushing my teeth, washing my face, put over a tight top. going to the kitchen to get a nice big coffee.


catching my notebook and going back to bed. getting out my smaller buttplug and softly put it in my ass. it's the ... Continue»
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Car Sex and Free Hand-Jobs

Female confession time, I love to watch a good public hand-job, as long as it's i*****l, with a good 'Shoot', at the end.

Hi, I'm Emma, a 36 something Scottish girl, who loves to watch men have a public wank-off, with a good shooting at the end of many long strokes.

I would not refer to myself as a compulsive obsessive, but this has been a lifetimes observance, for nigh on 24 years, since I was curious enough back then to stare, when formality, was calling for me to scream and run for my life.

Well I did not, and I am glad I did not, because of my inquisitive mind, I watched and obser... Continue»
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The First cock I sucked

Sadly the first cock I sucked was the only one I've ever have.
Luckily I got pictures to remember it by . It's a funny story actually.
My buddy Jim whom I've known for at least 10 years went out with me for a few drinks after work and ended up back at my apartment. Like I said I've known and worked with him for about 10 years and before I got divorced, Jim had hung out with me and my wife a few times over the years . We ended up talking about my ez wife and we are a little d***k so the conversation goes astray . Out of the blue Jim tells me that he always thought my ex wife was sexy as hell... Continue»
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D***k wife driven home parts 1 &2

About six months ago on a Saturday night, my wife Dee went out with some girlfriends. She has always had girls night but it seemed that it had become more frequent in the last year. But I really didn't think twice when she mentioned it earlier in the week.
Without my asking, she stated that her and her friends Irene, Sandra, Vanessa and her b**stie Monica were planning to visit a local bar that had dancing on weekends. I nodded in agreement.

Saturday at around 7pm my wife was in the shower as I layed on our bed reading online. I started thinking about my wife's night ahead and began to f... Continue»
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Bath House Bi Fun

I had a day off work last week so I decided to make the 45 minute trip to the nearest bath house. I got there for 10 am, just as they were opening. I paid my fee of $25 for a room with a single bed. The attendant told me I was the only one there and that guys usually didn't show up until noon. I went to my room, stripped down, threw my towel over my shoulder and made my way to the showers. I took a nice long steamy hot shower and soaped up my cock, balls & asshole really good. Then I decided to sit in the wet sauna for a bit. The Bath House has both a dry & a wet sauna, but I prefer t... Continue»
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The Taylors

The Taylors Chapter 1

A year ago I married a beautiful black woman. She was every thing a man could want smart, funny, very sexy and sexual. Just how sexual I later found out. But first I must give you some background on my f****y.

This is not my first marriage I was married to a lovely white Russian woman and we had an even lovelier baby girl who now just turned fifteen years old. Her mother went back to Russia leaving me and Beth to fend for ourselves. Beth was just 10 at the time and I watched my baby grow up to be quite a stunner 5'4 inches tall and 105 pounds with just th... Continue»
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