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My first encounter at gay sauna, Dundee.

I was at Jock's sauna yesterday, lost my virginity to 2 guys. I had about 8 guys suck me, kiss me, alot of guys following me everywhere, wanking and sucking me in the steam room and sauna before I was led away by a really big cocked guy around 40 years old and his friend to a room where thet lay me down on the couch and started kissing and licking me all over. I was nervous but they said they would look after me. We were kissing each other and exploring each other's bodies. The guy who led me proceded to fuck the other guy, watching his cock slide in and out of the other guy's ass was hot an... Continue»
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This is my confession so help me God!

I am a 19 years old college student porn addict virgin boy. I live with my fam*ly in (…..) in a three stories house. My father is a tough man. He is the pastor of the neighborhood church. He raised seven ch*ldren although the look in eyes says that it could have been better if I had only one, two, or none at all. All of my elder br*thers and s*sters are married and live as far as possible from us except my predecessor "Jacob" only. My younger br*ther and I are the last of this chain of miserable sons and daughters of such a dominating father.

... Continue»
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Wife delivers my secret fantasy

Living as a cuckold took some very careful planning. I've always thought my wife could attract just about any man. I never could just come out and tell her my fantasy of her having sex with another man. So I did the next best thing. I sat up scenario after scenario and finally it happened my buddy Jon fucked my wife on a trip back from Tennessee. I had arranged for her to ride with him and they took two hours longer to get back than the rest of our little group.

She showed me his cum in her panties and explained how he had fucked her with his hard cock. As she described it his length is ov... Continue»
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A humiliating orgy.

This is my first story. I don't claim to be much of a writer, but I find the act of writing down one's fantasies to be a great cock tease during the day.

Plus it's safer to write porn at work than draw porn at work ;)

It's cold outside. I come home from work, chilled to the bone. I drop my keys in their usual spot, shed my coat, and head for the kitchen. I'm stopped by sounds coming from the living room. Soft mewling, and some sort of rhythmic thumping. I sigh, any number of my friends have the keys to my flat- if someone's brought me another stray kitten they just couldn't let b... Continue»
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Craigslist fun

A little while back I answered an add on Craigslist in the casual encounters section under MW4M. I was hoping to find a sexy couple to join. I had been replying to ads & posting adds looking for MMF hook ups on Craigslist for while with zero luck. Finally I got a response to an add I replied to looking for a guy to come over and suck my cock while my wife watches. The couple, Brent & Lynda invited me over for drinks to see if we hit it off. When Lynda answered the door I was blown away. She was stunning. Lynda is 26 years old, blonde hair & blue eyed. She was very short and had all th... Continue»
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Used by my nephew

I was so excited for a weekend alone. The Mrs. was going to see her
mom for 4 days. I dropped her off at the airport and I kept thinking
about the fun I was going to have alone. I got home and ran a bubble
bath. I got in and had a beer to relax me. Afterwards I did a cleansing
enema to get myself all cleaned out. I walked to the bedroom and looked
through my wife's underwear drawer. I picked out some pink frilly
panties. I slowly put them on. I was getting harder just having them
on. I grabbed one of her old bras and put that on too. I looked in the
mirror and thought not b... Continue»
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now i:m a tranny cook sucker


Its my own fault for being a horny little sissy slut now i know why god put me in a mans body well my friend was having a dress up party girls was dressed as men and men was dressed as girls well me being the slut that i so crave to be i decided to put my red and black bra and thongs plus my garter and black fishnet stockings on then i got my short mini skirt out which ad loverly ripples going down then my black thight top from morgan then i rushed to my wardrope got my thigh high boots whith a 7 ince heel now i was ready i got my bag and of i went feeling like ... Continue»
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The Stock Boy Fucked Me

I’ve been work at the themed restaurant for about two years now and I became a manager after about 6 month there. I really enjoy working with my co-workers. They are really fun to work with. One of our biggest policies is not hanging out with co-workers unless they are on your level of management. Well a lot of guys hit on me all the time. Many of them get fired for harassing the girls.

Well there is this one employee who never really hits on me and I thought he was gay. But boy did I find out he wasn’t. He is overweight but that never bothered me. His personality is fun and that’s what ... Continue»
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The Young Stud Cock

It was a long day at work. As I walked in the front door, I took off my black converse sneakers and went up to my bedroom and took off my tight white spandex top and my tight orange short shorts. With only my pink sports bra and pink thong on, I step in front of my full body mirror looking over my 37DD-26-36. With my slightly tanned skin, I just dyed my hair blonde because I wanted to be admired more and thought It would work. Which it did, Guys at work would always stop and look at me. I loved it every time it happened.

As I stood in front of the mirror, I started to think about the guys ... Continue»
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Working Wife Trapped And Humiliated

Let me introduced first I am Amruta 32 years working wife with loving husband and blessed with a baby boy. I have maintained myself well with a fig of 36-28-35 and glowing fair skin, many people try to hit on me but till now I haven’t given any chance as being a chaste woman. I work in private company and my husband owns a business. Now I shall tell some incident happened with me a few months back.

... Continue»
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My Sluttiness Revealed

My name is Nisha (not my real name), a telugu girl born and brought up in bangalore, fair colour, 5 feet 3 inches and stats of 32b-24-34.

I had sex for the first time when I was 18. Till now, I had lot of sex experiences which includes ffm, mmf, group, threesome lesbian, group, submission and much more. I used to share this only with my friends and while sex chat on fb. One of my boyfriends gave this
... Continue»
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My teen hitchhiking experience part III

(It has been 3 years since I used to fool around with Mark, but I still hitchhiked every now and then even if I wasn't going anywhere hoping for some fun).

I was walking home late at night and a man pulls up and asks me if would like a ride. It is cold outside, I am wearing just shorts and a t-shirt, plus his car is super nice so I say yes. I get in and the leather seats have a heater and I feel better instantly.

“Where you headed?”, he asks me.

“Home, 4 miles straight ahead on the right” I tell him.

He starts making small talk and asks me how old I am, if I have a girlfriend, st... Continue»
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Private Parking (Nooph part one)

I'm a conductor on a commuter railroad in North Jersey. You get to meet a lot of people. Some of them young ladies. I met a real winner years ago from Bangladesh. Spoke with a slight, almost English sounding accent. In that brash, English girl who swears a lot way. She went by the name Nooph. Regular rider from out in Hackensack. She was flirty with me. Still I was a little surprised when she slipped me her phone number. It was printed out on register tape. I knew from chatting with her that she was going to collage and helping out at her uncle's f****y store. What I didn't know was that she w... Continue»
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The morning after with a new cummer

The last time all my friends got together to play I had an interesting experience the next morning. I had put on my panties after play time, and like usual we all crash and normally the next morning one by one they all leave. This time I was awaken by the feeling of fingers gently caressing my panty covered cock. It was Marty, he was staring at my growing cock as it filled up my panties. He said he didn't mean to wake me but couldn't help seeing what it was like to play with a cock that's not his. You see I play the girl in our little party sessions. I asked him if he wanted to try on so... Continue»
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A Thanks Giving Pie

"Fuck me harder" she said as she grabbed my balls and pulled me in deeper inside her creamy pussy...

It all started in school…

There I was, sitting in class, by the door, when I saw her passed by in the hallway; 5'8", tanned, beautiful oval face, long fake blonde hair, slim figure, with a fitted pair of white pants squeezing her beautiful set of tight ass cheeks. As she walked by, I couldn't help but stare at her ass in them jeans! The swing of her hips only put me into a trance deeper and deeper.
All I could hear was a distant "yo LP...LP!" as my friend tapped my shoulder - "sorry man... Continue»
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The Taylor's Chapter 2

The Taylors Chapter 2

Hop in baby lets go we need to get dinner. Beth jumped in the shotgun seat of my SUV

"Daddy?" Beth said you were the special person I always wanted to pop my cherry and now you have and I am so happy.

Beth you have no idea how long I have wanted you and now my beautiful girl you are my secret lover forever and ever.


Yes baby?

Can I suck your cock on the way to the store? Before I could answer Beth took out my hard cock and started sucking me like a pro, baby I said unless you stop your going to me cum again.

OOOhh she said.

... Continue»
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A chance meeting.

I had just finished work after a long and headed to my oh so lonely hotel again. Another week and I will be going back home to my wife.
I went into my room and had a shower to refresh myself. I got out of the shower and dried myself..
Sat on the edge of the bed put the TV on. Aggghh no fucking soaps need to do something else.
So I got dressed and went down to the bar. Got myself a beer.
It was quite in there another man and his " girlfriend maybe. I liked to people watch and thought he was the boss and she the secretary and they was having an affair.
I was sat at the bar the 1st beer ... Continue»
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This is my confession so help me God!

I am a 19 years old college student porn addict virgin boy. I live with my fam*ly in (…..) in a three stories house. My father is a tough man. He is the pastor of the neighborhood church. He raised seven ch*ldren although the look in eyes says that it could have been better if I had only one, two, or none at all. All of my elder br*thers and s*sters are married and live as far as possible from us except my predecessor "Jacob" only. My younger br*ther and I are the last of this chain of miserable sons and daughters of... Continue»
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First time cheating .. (nearly...)

I am going to share my experience with my friend (Rashida) and……..
Rashida is not only my colleague but a very good friend with whom I can freely open my heart (and.. ). Although she if from Pakistan and I am an Indian, with both of us from the same religion background help us understand each other better. We know ALL our personal details. She is aware that I am not fully satisfy with my husband and even though her husband is satisfying, she is not getting enough from her hubby.

One day at work, she told me about a new toy she bought for herself, which provides double satisfaction (front... Continue»
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First time being cuckolded

This is a story of my cheating ex-girlfriend (gallery on my page "cheating ex girlfriend" is of her) that turned me onto the cuckold lifestyle. It is 100% true, with only the boring extra details left out:

It started when I was dating a girl about 2 years ago. She was 22 and I was 21. We had been dating about a year when I discovered that I was her cuckold.

To give some background, I was off at college at the time and she had decided to take a year off out of college and got an apartment on her own. We would spend most weekends together, but we were both very busy during the week to see... Continue»
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