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Who Knew Renting out my Extra Bedroom would be so

This story is inspired by the an article I read about the online home rental business.

A few years ago the wife asked for a divorce. I had seen it coming. We still cared for each other but love just wasn’t there anymore. After the fairly amicable split, I just needed a change. I sold some stuff, quit my job and moved to Miami (well, not too far from it anyway).

I found a nice three bedroom place for rent a few miles from the ocean. I have a screened-in pool in the backyard, a nice patio, decent kitchen, etc. I set-up a home office in one of the bedrooms and used the other for vi... Continue»
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My s****r in law -part 1

I have the luck of having a s****r in law who is extremely fuckable. Luck and bad luck I would say. I guess 9 out of 10 men would fell in love with her just by talking to her and 10 of 10 would fuck her and would be dreaming of to fuck her again and again. She is about 165cm tall, blond, big boobs, and very athletic. She has a big mouth with beautiful lips which just tell me she is a big blowjobber. I envy her husband who fucks and does all the phantasies I do have 24/7. Anyways, lets come to my story. I began taking pictures of her with the bikini and masturbating when on business travels. It... Continue»
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A girl, a dog and two boys

A Girl, A Dog and Two Boys
by Gail Lewis (gdlewis@imcnet.net)

A young girl is 'playing' with an excited neighborhood
dog when she is 'caught' by two high school boys.

It's a warm July afternoon and Kathleen Karashevik is
walking though the park near her Colorado home. She is
on the way back to her house after spending most of the
morning and part of the afternoon at her friend's house
swimming in her pool. She is cutting through the park to
a trail that leads through the woods to her
neighborhood, and is enjoying the warm summer day. There
are not very many people i... Continue»
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Susan at work Part 2

Part 2
“What? I mean I can’t just go away like that”.
“Of course you can, these things happen now and then, something a secretary has to put up with”. Susan blustered and stammered and really didn’t get anywhere and was now worried how she was going to tell Nick. As it turned out he understood completely, knowing that secretaries often had to accompany bosses to conferences and things. Somewhat relieved she go through the rest of the week OK.
Monday arrived and she kissed Nick goodbye and set off with her overnight bag. Soon after arriving at work they left in Lee’s car. When they arrives ... Continue»
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From Bordeaux, we went to Biarritz, we stayed in a hotel by the seaside, we were very tired, we arrived in the evening and we went to sl**p until, the next day, we spend all day on the beach, around 6 o’clock we went to our room to have a shower, and to get ready for dinner, ( As we were going out, my husband told me that I look very exotic, with my short white dress on my brawn skiing, ) we were having dinner and watching people going by from the restaurant terrace, after dinner we went for a walk, along the seaside, not to far from the hotel we pass in front of a night club, nice elegant pe... Continue»
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Taxi Drivers whore

This happened to me a while ago, thought I'd share.

It'd been a nightmare of a month so I'd gone clubbing and had a ball. Worn my best stuff, my loveliest undies, looked a million dollars! I'd gone into town and danced the night away with friends. All was well! At about 3 am, tired and happy I left and looked for my keys in my purse. Oh no! they'd gone! Still had the house keys but lost my car key!

It started to rain and I stood there in nothing more than a little black dress and a short jacket. Looking about the street was empty. None of my friends had cars either so it was going to be ... Continue»
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Mother's new boyfriend

My mother had not dated much after she divorced my dad several years ago.

I had now turned 18 and my mother felt that she could start to date men and not worry about me so much. I had told her for years that I was OK with her seeing men. My father had already remarried and I liked his wife. So after my father got remarried and had told my mother not worry about me. She said she did not want other men around her daughter and that she could wait.

So when I came home after a night out with my friends and saw two wine glasses on the living room table, I hoped that she finally was seeing some... Continue»
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The Condom Alway's Breaks! Blacken

Hi my name is Tami, I grew up in a small town where there was never any real excitement. I recieved an academic scholarship to a major university, I was always good in school.

I'm a Brunette, 5'7" tall, 36C-26-36 athletic build.

My parents were a little upset that I would be so far from home during my college years. After all I was their little girl.

My mother took me shopping for new clothes for my first year of college. She thought that some of the skirts I chose were a little to short. She should have seen the lingerie I bought when she wasn't around.

My parents threw me a going... Continue»
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Room Service Waiter Gets Great Tip

Jeanine is a very sexy and hot looking woman. Her long legs, nicely toned ass, tight abs, incredible breasts and gorgeous face makes any guy think about what it would be like to get her in bed. Fortunately for the last twenty plus years, all of those other guys could only wonder, while I got to experience it firsthand what a sexy woman she is in and out of bed. That was until a recent trip to a beach resort a month ago.

Jeanine and I decided we were going to take a few days off for ourselves while our older k**s were home from college for spring break. It was a chance for us to get a few da... Continue»
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Helping a friend

Helping a friend

Where do I start?
Maybe with myself, and the truth is, I am Mrs Jones, Tina Jones, I am 48 and married with two grown up sons.
Throughout my life I have never been highly sexed, just not important to me.
As a teen and throughout my 20s I hardly ever masturbated and was a late starter in the sex department. I had a very sheltered upbringing, I was an only sibling, went to Church every Sunday with my parents and that is where I met my husband at the age of 25.
I must admit that I no longer go to Church and have not been since my sons were born 20 odd years ago but I still... Continue»
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Me and scott

Back when I was young I'd get up early during the summer brake and explore, most of the time it ment I got in trouble.
I was playing behind the school when I heard someone ask what I was doing. I looked around and it was a boy I knew from class. I told him I was bored and looking for something to do. He said he was too,and we played for a while.
It was getting hot and he said we should go swimming in the creek. I said okay but I had to get my swim trunks first.He said we can go to a spot where no one goes and skinny dip. I was nervous about it because I never did it before. He said he d... Continue»
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Living your fantasy

We had been sitting by the pool side sunning ourselves all day, a three day break for me, my wife Cate, and Lucy our daughter. Lucy had made a friend as soon as we had arrived, and at fifteen we were happy enough to let her do what she pleased as long as she stayed in the resort. Cate and I were spending our time rating the other residents of the hotel, between one and ten, as they passed us by. Most of the residents were young families and I’d guess the average age was around thirty, that meant that the two of us approaching forty, were on the older side. From the time we had married we had b... Continue»
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Teasing my Hubby

My husband and I, not having much alone time since our daughter is three years old and only being able to make love to each other once she's asl**p at night. This Saturday morning my husbands parents wanted to spend some time with their grand daughter and take her to the park to play. We were rather happy about the offer and shortly after 9 we dropped our daughter off by them. We invited them over for dinner that afternoon telling them to arrive at about 3pm giving my hubby and I some alone time during the day. We got home just on 10am and straight to the bedroom we went.

We kissed and str... Continue»
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Evil Auntie Marlette

Aunt Marlette sighed and smiled, it had been a long exciting day. She had just turned 64-years old and was happy how the birthday dinner with her only nephew, Ryan, turned out. She got up from the couch, then made her way to the bed and laid her 6'2, 340 lbs. body next to her young 19-year old nephew. The bed was so small that he rolled into her chest. His hands instinctively raised in defense of his face, and they grabbed breast flesh and he may have accidentally squeezed one of her nipples.

"Did I wake you, Ryan?" She strok... Continue»
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My Wife Jessica- Tricked into becoming a BBC Whore

This is the story of how my wife Jessica first had sex with a black man/men. My wife Jessica is 33 years old, 5’6 and about 120lbs with a very fit tanned frame complimented by her store bought tits and assortment of tattoos.

Over the past two years, my wife had begun cheating on me with various men because of all the cheating I had done over the course of our relationship. My wife had always been faithful despite being very wild prior to our relationship. In her teens and early twenties my wife had a very well known reputation as a slut in our small town. Jessica was semi famous for her ... Continue»
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Seduced by an o.a.p.

Seduced by an o.a.p.

My name is Martin. I recently turned 18, and drive an old pick up, because it's all I can afford at the moment. Last Saturday, I went along to my local car boot sale, and happened to notice an elderly lady interested in a wardrobe on one of the stalls, but she did not have anyway to get it back to her house. Sensing an opportunity here to make a bit of cash, I approached her, and offered to take it for her in the back of my truck for a small fee, too which she readily agreed.

It wasn't very far to her house, and it did not take long between us to get it into her bedr... Continue»
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She's gets pussy destroyed on vacation

So I'll start from the beginning,

One day me and my boyfriend had gone down to the shore for the weekend to get away for a little while for vacation just the two of us. We get situated in our room and Start unloading everything next door to us is this I guess you can say party going on being obnoxiously loud didn't bother me at all nor did it my boyfriend. We head over to the pool and Start to lay out and as I kiss him I start to notice someone is staring at me across he way "I like felt it" it's a Older Black gentleman With looked like his friends and wife and everyone, I payed no attentio... Continue»
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Weekend away from home

My mom is a single parent, it's just her and I as long as I can remember.
Mom did date,but never brought any of them home as far as I know. There were a few adult friends I knew about, and got along with them,as they me. One day mom received a phone call that upset her. She came in my room and told me that my uncle had died, and she had to attend the funeral. Taking me out of school for a couple of days was out of the question, so she asked me if I could stay with a friend of ours (I'll call him Jerry) for a few days. Jerry was an older man that was a widower we knew for years. He agre... Continue»
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I have had a girlfriend for almost 2 years now. I am 24 and she is 23. When I got involved with her I learned that she had had a black boyfriend previously. I was not so concerned, and then I found out that he had taken her virginity. Obviously this guy was special to her. About 6 months into our relationship he and she got together behind my back and hung out. I found out, questioned her, and she reluctantly explained to me that she felt horrible, but had made the mistake of kissing/groping with him that day. She assured me that no sex took place.

My feelings were very hur... Continue»
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stepdad's cock

On Saturday night my mom and stepdad went out for supper while I stayed at home doing a geography assignment as I was in matric. It was after 10 when I decided to call it a night and get into bed. Before falling asl**p I decided to play with myself, I rubbed up and down my pussy and clit, soon licking my middle finger making it wet, entering it in my pussy. I fingered myself and rub on my G spot, to make myself cum. I fell asl**p afterwards, but was woken up to my mom and stepdad laughing, obviously they had just got home and were a bit d***k.

Not long later I heard softish banging, and so... Continue»
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My Mum, the slut stripper

We parked the Mercedes in the car park, and walked up to the entrance. It was impressive. Looked the part of a country club. Linda welcomed us. She and I had been friends for…..well a long time. She poured us both drinks at the bar. I looked around. The interior was high end, leather sofa’s, worn, but chic. A log fire was made up, but hadn’t been lit. We sipped our drinks.
“You’re looking fabulous Kelly,” Linda said, “who would believe you’re Sara’s mother.”
“Come on, show us the rest of this place,” I said, taking her arm, and kissing her cheek.
It was all there, main bar, with booths fo... Continue»
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Life changing holiday

Some years ago when I was around my mid 30's, married with a couple of k**s. My f****y and I were on holiday in Cyprus. We had a ground floor 3 bedroom apartment on a quiet part of the complex. It was just off peak season so the place wasn't too busy.
The apartment had a patio overlooking large grassed area dotted with small shrubs and trees where people would sit during the day to sunbathe. This area had a path running round the perimeter and it ran past the patios of the apartments.
One night after my mrs had gone to bed, I fell asl**p on the sofa. I woke about 1am and it was very dar... Continue»
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My sist*r in law keeps surprising me :-)

If you read my previous story you’d know that I recently had an encounter with my SIL, I flashed my dick to her and she ended up taking a picture and graving it. That was last Xmas (2016) after heavy drinking. Nothing else happened and I am not sure if it ever will... (she is back in the UK and I am now in South America with my wife).

But every now and then I send her a text to ask if she still has the picture she took of my dick or even asked if had looked at it to do anything else. At first she was quite reluctant to go any further and even asked me to drop the subject just in case m... Continue»
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A Ramming for Hubby

A Ramming For Hubby
by Cest4u

This is a story about Ann, a lady who has a very strong
sex drive. She is also into doggie sex and gets even
with her hubby as she has the doggie fuck him while she
has him tied to the bed. Then both of then start to
enjoy him being pounded while the hubby is making love
to her. A little on the wild side.

The first time I shaved my pussy, I looked at it as I
was masturbating and loved the new look. I have a fat
little pussy and a wide ass. My labia has such profound
lips as they are quite puffy. I love to watch as I take
my toys o... Continue»
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Happy Birthday, Grandad!

Grandad was in a wheelchair when I was just 16, but that didn't stop
him from getting his dick sucked or driving around the house in that shitty
little automated chair of his. He was a real terror and the older he got
the meaner he got. My dad on the other hand was just the opposite. He was
gentle and kind and more like me, in the fact that I think he was afraid of
his own dad. He never said so of course, but I could tell in the way he
tip toed around grandad or did all the obscene things grandad told him to
do. He always made the excuse that grandad was just old and senile and
di... Continue»
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Summer job

It was summer brake and I wanted to make some money to get a motorcycle.
I went to the store and looked at the bulletin board for work. Painters and carpenters wanted mostly.
Then at the bottom an ad for summer help. Someone needed to cut and clear yard,clean out garage and fence repair. I pulled down the ad and went to the address. It was a nice house with a big yard. It was over grown and looking over the gate the backyard wasn't much better.
I knocked on the front door. A man looking to be in his fifties answered it. I said I was here for the job. He smiled and said to come in... Continue»
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i****tuous Glamour Photography Part 2(Cybering)


This is a follow up to my piece i****tuous Glamour Photography. In that, my eighteen year old son Peter persuaded me to pose for him in a variety of outfits and poses. These included nudity. We ended the session masturbating each other.

This is what followed.

Author's Suggestion

Read the first part before this.


It was early on a Friday evening that Peter had photographed me and had ended up cumming all over my tits. When I recovered from the orgasm he had given me with his fingers I was mortified. I went to my room and showered. I washed his cum from my ample ... Continue»
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Taking my daughter and her friend to work for the

In somewhat of a daze, I entered my bedroom and closed the door. My mind was reeling with what Shelly had done with me. My cock was still rock hard and my balls were aching for release. I had often imagined what those luscious breasts would look like, and now, even though so briefly I had seen them, they would be burned in my mind forever. Just as I was about to undress, a soft knocking on my door came. My first thought was, 'Shelly'.

"Dad, can I come in?" Amy asked from the other side.

"Sure Honey, come on in." I answered. In a way, I was disappointed.

She entered the room. She... Continue»
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I'd been having a crappy day in work and by the time I got home was fed up and needed to chill out. So I set about getting sorted! Into the bath, shaved the legs and had a close shave of the face. I moistourised and did my makeup. Then the next question, what to wear?

By now I was starting to get a little horny! I had the chatrooms open and was talking to a few guys and girls and had a few meets possibly sorted. While I kept a weather eye on the PC I picked out a pair of black panties and a matching lacy bra, teamed them with some seamed holdups and my black killer heels. Over this my fave ... Continue»
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Early Sunday morning

I had finally finished my period on the Friday night. My husband, daughter and myself had a rather busy Saturday as we had friends over for a late afternoon lunch. After the late lunch around 5pm our friends had left, my hubby was a bit d***k from the number of drinks he had and went upstairs to shower and soon was past out. I bathed our daughter and then first watched some tv with her, before she fell asl**p. I carried her to her bed and then went to have a shower and hopped into bed as well, falling asl**p soon afterwards.

I woke up to my husband playing with my pussy. He started to make... Continue»
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Summer of Cougars 1

I grew up in a small town. Raised by a single mother I always appreciated older women. Especially my moms best friend Judy. Judy and my mom were the same age but vastly different body types. I always called her Aunt Judy. She was widowed early. Now in her mid fifties she was still a beautiful woman. She worked for a local finance company and did very well for herself. I dated her daughter Sasha for a while in high school.
She was about 5‘5, a slimmer body type but more toned. She did a lot of yoga. Her grey hair was a shoulder length bob the really made her long face look young and ... Continue»
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Visiting Mr. Robertson

I could barely get to sl**p when I went to bed, Mr. Robertson kept running through my head.
After school I did my homework in record time, jumped on my bike and rode to his house. I knocked on his door, he opened it and smiled. "I was wondering if you were coming back, come on in " Mr. Robertson said. I went in, he put his arm around my shoulder and asked if I was hungry, yes I said. He made me a sandwich and poured a glass of milk. He said to come sit down when I finished. After eating I went to the front room and sat beside him. He rubbed my shoulder and asked if I liked what we d... Continue»
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On my period

It was Sunday morning and I had started my period on the Saturday. My husband was going away for 3 nights leaving the Sunday evening. That morning we went to the shops together with my daughter. While shopping we ran into our neighbours son Nick and his gf. Greeting them, and my husband and Nick got into a conversation about his sport and studies as usual. He then told them that he would be away for a few days again. Once they finished chatting we finished our shopping before heading home. Once home we made lunch and then my hubby went upstairs to shower and get ready for his flight. My daught... Continue»
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Soaking with a Mormon Gal in College

When I was a sophomore in college in Wisconsin I met a female sophomore named Ella who was raised Mormon. Ella attended Brigham Young University (BYU) and was visiting a friend for the weekend. Only recently did I learn (through reading sex blogs like this) that the sex act in which Ella and I engaged has a special name - "soaking." I did not know this term at the time, but I 'soaked' in 1996! Ella and I met at a fraternity party and I was genuinely interested in her upbringing, having never met a Mormon before.

Ella was pretty with brown hair and large breasts. She wasn't dressed all... Continue»
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The First Time I Let Our Black Neighbor Fuck My Wi

It was a Friday night and we had all gotten together to have a few drinks and play some games. After about and hour we started playing drinking games and listening to music we were all pretty d***k by midnight. Cheryl had gone back to bed earlier, and Stacy was passed out in the living room. Cheryl was d***k and tired. So I told Greg that I was going back in the bedroom and suck Cheryl's Tits so Greg followed me back there. Cheryl was already in the bed and was completely naked and uncovered laying on the bed under the ceiling fan. You could see her long hair flowing down her back and... Continue»
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A Beach Story

My wife and I recently got back from a holiday in the Bahamas, and since we returned our relationship has changed drastically. She ignores everything I say, openly flirts with other men in front of me and sometimes stays out all night without letting me know where she is.

We have been married for five years, and although at twenty-five, Sally is seven years younger than me, we have always got on brilliantly. When I started seeing her I couldn't believe my luck. She is not stunningly beautiful, but has an amazing body and a really fun personality. I used to try to encourage her to show off h... Continue»
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Sex Slave Application

I was very shy 20 year old when I was in my junior year of college. I still lived at home in my mom's basement to save money. I didn't have the highest self esteem at the time. The girl I lost my virginity to confessed she only had sex with me to steal my cherry. I had become obsessed with online porn. Everything was arousing to me, especially gay porn. I chatted with several guys online ...Exchanging nude pics, cam to cam, and roleplay. I usually sat nude on a towel masturbating while conversing. I got addicted to the attention older guys gave me.

One evening, I got into a chat with a man... Continue»
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Flying without wings

A smile appears on Anna’s face when I ask her about last night.
“It was great, that’s all I can say about it.”
I’m not satisfied with that answer. “Come on tell me more about it!”
Her eyes start to twinkle. “It was just so romantic, candles everywhere, red wine and red roses, it was like a movie.” I’m glad Anna finally found herself a boyfriend, she has been betrayed in the past and she deserves a sweet boy.
I smile at her. “I’m glad you enjoyed it.”
She stands next to me and looks at me in the mirror.
“So tell me.” she says when she lays her hand on my waist “when will you go ... Continue»
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Busted !

I was walking down Pryme St in Hull and noticed the recently built Travelodge Hotel . Momentarily stopping and thinking "that is one ugly building " . I carried on walking past the very small car park and noticed a couple kissing. I thought "That really looks like Helen and Steve" . Helen was my best mate Alan's partner of 8 years and they had 2 k i d s together . Helen had a 3rd k i d Lulu who was the eldest and was Steves. Helen at the time was 19yrs old 5ft 7 , Size 6 with 32b breasts , Lovely soft and long Blonde hair and a gorgeous face .Steve would come round to Alan and Helen's house to... Continue»
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The Day I Lost My Virginity

Hi Every Body,I Am Going To Tell You My Story In Full Details .

My Name Is Nancy,I Am 16 Years Old,Blonde With Attractive Body,I Look Older Than My Age.

I Live In Small Apartment With My Parents,One b*****r And One s****r.Our Life Is Similar To Most Of The American Families.

My Parents Spend Most Of The Day In Their Work Locations,M
... Continue»
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In the city I went to high school in there was three parks in walking distance of my home, I mean you could walk to the parks which was between one to two miles from my home. One of the parks is small with a basketball court and baseball, softball diamond and numerous walking paths.

Doing the weekdays this park is pretty much empty of people until about two in the afternoon. It was near eleven in the morning and I was bored at home so I went to this park to walk the trails and do a little running.

As I walked by the basketball court I noticed there was a basketball sitting in the cou... Continue»
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MY ASIAN HIGH SCHOOL WIFE, part 2: The first weeke

My wedding night was not what I had imagined it would be. I was now married to an 18-year-old Japanese girl, half my age and still in high school. I had known her less than a month but saved her from her evil stepmum and bad home situation. I picked her up at school, drove her to city hall and after two brief but very intense romantic encounters, I dropped her off for her friend's slumber party, her first one, which she really didn't want to miss. I didn't blame her but it meant I had to wait another day to have her to myself.

I didn't want to drive home and be by myself. All I could... Continue»
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A free night

My husband returned the Wednesday, after his trip away. Monday mornings anal sex with Nick was still fresh in my head. I was still on my period only ending on Friday. My husband had been invited to an awards evening the thursday night to one of his clients, with a free stay at the Hilton hotel the night. We organised with my hubby's parents for our daughter to spend the night with them. The thursday afternoon I showered and got dressed, wearing a sexy blue dressed. My husband picked me up and we left to fetch our daughter from crèche and drop her off at her grandparents house. We then set off ... Continue»
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Criminal minds

I was visiting one of my best friends, Mike. He was a skinny guy like me, with very long hair. We were school mates, nineteen years old tough guys. Problem was, he was a d**g addict and I went over to make sure he was ok once in a while. And usually he was fine. He shagged all the sexiest girls in school, and looked like prince. But a bit, or very androgyne ... I loved the guy.

As I arrived at his house, I spotted this perfect, big black Chevy Stingray outside. I thought it just was one of his d**g buddies and went straight for the door, knocked once and went straight inside. He used to be... Continue»
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Offering a lift

It was a Wednesday morning, hubby was away on business again, I got back from gym, and made myself breakfast. While eating, I went through my emails before going upstairs to shower. While washing myself my mind wonder, I started thinking about how my husband made love to me before her left, the way he ate my pussy and fucked me. Getting rather horny from the thoughts I started rubbing my pussy, soon leaning against the shower wall as I continued to play with myself. I moaned as I orgasmed from rubbing my clit. Still being horny I got out the shower and semi dried myself off before finding myse... Continue»
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Back to Wal-Mart I Go … or Cum … with a HUGE surpr

After my baptism with flashing in the changing room at Wal-Mart I was so taken by the experience that I decided it was time to do a little more shopping. We have several Wal-Mart’s in our area so I decided to check out a different one for my sophomore performance. This store, like many in our area, has recently changed to joint or unisex changing rooms.

Once I entered the store I grabbed one of those scooters and hopped on and headed towards the clothing section. Browsing thru the area I saw, as I turned down one aisle, a group of three cute looking teens. One looked at least 3 or 4 years y... Continue»
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At the Baths

If you are of a certain age you may remember the public swimming baths we used to have in the North of England , they were usually big stone built affairs with slippy floors and changing cabins on either side of the pool , you had to get a basket ,put your cloths in and hand them into the attendant.

Our school had our swimming day on Fridays as last lesson , I was one of the chubbiest k**s in the class and was always being ribbed about it , but in the water I was brilliant , shortly after the start of our second term a new lad joined our class from a different area , he too was a big lad ,... Continue»
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Getting along with a co-worker

Lacey, a former co-worker, was the object of my effect. She was a cute looking, if not stunning, blond. She was about five feet, four inches tall, and weighted close to 110 pounds. She was also the subject of many a fantasy of mine.

Reality met fantasy, and it involved a ride home from work. Her k**s were with her ex husband for the summer and she was lonely. I don't have k**s, so we talked about hers. She talked about how she accidently broke her sons favorite toy. Me, being pretty handy, suggested that I look at it, and see if I could fix it. I had to work a little, but I got her to stop... Continue»
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My Third Bi-Encounter With An Older Guy

I wont bore you with going over the same waiting scenario of the next week, all i can say was the level of anticipation was even greater, and unlike the week before this time there were no doubts in my head about meeting him on saturday, now that id had felt, and tasted a cock, i knew even though in nthe future i wanted a relationship with a girl, i could see me always wanting to indulge in manfun, and although i craved for my first piece of pussy, i would always need some cock in my life.

The next Saturday dave was on his own in the pool, so i dived in and swam to the side of him, and b... Continue»
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Jake has been fucking his mom since he was eighteen. It began when she came home d***k one night and he helped her to bed and when he stripped her to put on her night gown he looked at her huge tits and bald pussy and decided he needed to lick her he laid her on the bed and began sucking on her nipples and rubbing her huge tits. He put a finger over her pussy and rubbed it then he kissed down and began to lick her pussy and tongue fuck her. Even as d***k as she was he made her cum. He sucked her cum out and kept his tongue deep in her. His cock was rock hard so he mounted her and rammed it dee... Continue»
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