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Neighborhood MILF

I lived in a small conservative town as I was growing up. We had a MILF who lived in the neighborhood named Sandy. Every teenager in the town wanted to fuck her but we all knew we couldn't. I was a senior in HS and ditched school one day and drove to a Strip Club several miles away. The doorman barely glanced at my fake ID and I was let in. I was enjoying watching the dancers, they introduced Bambi to the stage, Imagine my surprise when Sandy came on stage wearing midriff shirt and short skirt. She had on thigh high boots and her hair was flowing down over her shoulders. Everyone in town knew ... Continue»
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My First b**st

It was 9:30 am, and I had to go home to get some papers I’d left there. I entered quietly, because I didn’t want to wake Scott. Exactly why I didn’t want to wake him was a mystery to me: we had been dating for several months, and he’d moved in with me a couple of months back. He had been looking for a job since I’d known him (except for a short-term stint helping a friend out with his yard business), but he didn’t rise early enough to find one, it seemed to me. He assured me that these days, everything is done online, and he was really busting his ass to find work, but it was really hard since... Continue»
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Maya, my housekeeper

For over the last two decades, I've had many housekeepers and cleaning ladies. Most of them working either part-time every day or just a couple of hours a week. My (now ex-) wife has never been aware of my mindset regarding the ladies. She'd even recruit them, most of the time. Not that I didn't want to be part of the selection process but I just wanted to let odds decide, in a way.
Did I treat the ladies wrong? Never. Did I pay them well? Always above market standards. But I did play a game with them. All of them. And that game was pretty simple: finding out what their sexual fantasies were... Continue»
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It Began at the Doctor's Office Ch. 02

Leah knew that they needed groceries, but she was overcome with exhaustion. All she wanted to do was drive home and curl up in bed for an afternoon nap.

She parked in the garage and went in the house. Her son followed behind her.

Before heading upstairs, she wanted to touch base with her son. She needed to make sure he was able to deal with everything that happened that morning.

"I'm exhausted. Come on upstairs with me, honey, and let's talk things over quickly before I lay down."

He followed behind her to her bedroom. He remembered with a pang of guilt that her bedroom was planted... Continue»
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Touching my s****r-in-Law

Two grown adults who should know better cross the line and have an
intensely erotic experience./

I had fantasized about my s****r-in-law for years. There was nothing
wrong with my wife but the thought of doing something naughty and taboo
with my s****r-in-law was such a turn on for me. I did wonder when I
first met her if she found me attractive; there were a few signs but it
turned to nothing. My wife and I even had sex one night while she was
sl**ping downstairs on the couch. It turned me on so much and I'm pretty
sure it turned my wife on too, as the sex was amazing. When I came
... Continue»
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Caught Bonking the Mrs by her Mom.

Caught Bonking the Mrs by her Mom.

I’m Dave (28) my wife Jo is the girl next-door type (26) brunette, 36B tits, long legs, pussy with a small landing strip and an attractive face. I married her some may 8 years ago. She loves sex and, comparing her with my earlier experiences, she is fantastic in bed or anywhere else. Her parents John (59) and Samantha (46); John is something in banking and only has time for spread sheets. Samantha is an older version of my wife but doesn’t have time for me or anyone who earns less than her husband. I have taken the hint and avoid them whenever I can but C... Continue»
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Spying on her after a swim.

The year is 2003. I only remember this because it was the summer after graduation. My parents had a pool and friends & f****y would always come for a dip during the steamy Midwest summer months. That summer my parents had some plumbing work done in the downstairs bathroom which many guests would use to change. The plumber had forgotten to replace a trim ring around one of the water lines, leaving about a half-inch hole exposed. I had noticed this earlier in the week. Behind the bathroom was the laundry room and storage closet. There were no windows so it was always pitch black at all times of ... Continue»
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s****r in Law and s*s

s****r-in Law and s****r .

Over the years, I had often laughed and flirted with Rose, my s****r in law. She would often confide in me over different thing. She said she could talk and feel quite at ease with me as my b*****r, who was a bit strict with her. When I would see her on her own I would whisper “Lately,” she knew what I meant, asking if she had been fucked!! She would always answer, “Not recently.”

One Christmas I told her I had a special present for her, but we would have to be on our own for her to receive it! She was really intrigued about this.

I lived quite a w... Continue»
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the camping trip

Joey and I had been friends since pre-school, we did nearly everything together. We graduated from the seventh grade and his father said he was taking him camping and wanted to know if I'd like to come, I asked my mother if I could go and she said yes. I packed some clothes and grabbed my sl**ping bag. Mr. King pulled in the driveway and spoke with my mother while I climbed in the van.
Soon we were on our way to the mountains and setting up camp. Joey asked if we could go exploring, his dad said to stay close. We ran down a path to see where it led to, and found a stream. I stripped down to ... Continue»
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My Wife Talks About her Night Out

Normally I waited up for my wife whenever she went out but I was really tired tonight and so got into bed early. Also, we had, had a fight before she left and so I wasn’t really in the mood for a d***ken ‘round 2’.

I was drifting off to sl**p when I heard a car pull up outside. I listened as the car door opened to reveal sounds of giggling. It was my wife returning later than I had expected. I was too tired to make an issue of it and so decided to pretend to be asl**p.

I heard her stumble into the house and eventually make her way upstairs. She came into the bedroom and slipped herself u... Continue»
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Wife fucks right in front of me

So Friday night my buddy Jack and I where out in my shop working on my old hot rod. It's a 51 Pontiac Chieftain, I clipped the frame with a S-10 frame so now it has modern steering geometry and disc brakes. I could wite a full story about it but this story is about what my wife did that night.

I know Jack has had the hots for my wife for a long time and that night he kept bringing her up. He asked where she was and why hasn't she come out to the shop bringing cold beers like she has before. I said she had gone to the mall and should be home soon.

It was just after nine o clock when I h... Continue»
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Watching wife get fucked

So I've had a fantasy for years of watching my wife get fucked by a stranger, anyone would do, I didn't care...I just wanted to watch someone fuck her. Watch someone else crave her body and use her for their own pleasure. What I hadn't realised was she had the same fantasy, until one night on holiday in Hong Kong.

We had been out all day and on the way back to the hotel we found a street with several cocktail bars and decided to head back here later in the evening. We went back to the hotel to get showered and changed, now my wife used to have an amazing body...flat belly, little pert tits... Continue»
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late night with wife's new friend

So one night while getting off work, I get a call from my wife about some ladies hanging out. I dont pay no mind when I get home. But my wife had to have me meet the new girl, Torrie. Kinda not in the mood to meet someone, that is only cause I am a cook, so I am smelly and dirty. I do the shower thing, and get dressed. I normally don't like to wear a shirt, but usually when the ladies are over, will for my wife. This time, I didn't grab one, so I popped out of the bathroom shirtless and quickly heading back to the bed room for one. I didn't think much at the time, of me being shirtless would ... Continue»
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Double penetrated wife

This story is 100% factual and happened just as I'm telling it.

My wife fucks outside of our marriage. She has several regular guys that either come to our house or she will go to their place for sex. She always does this while I'm at work and I only get to hear about it afterwards.

One Saturday she and I where setting out by our pool having a few adult beverages when Eric ( one of her regulars ) came by. He and I talked very little but he and my wife talked quietly about something that wife apparently liked. And after several more drinks they became more open to what they where talking... Continue»
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Wrong glory hole :(:(

Me (Faye) and my husband (Dave) regularly frequent the porn shop about 10 miles away and make use of the video booths in the back. We are both late 30's live in a nice house and have no k**s. Neither of us were to bothered about k**s so Dave had the snip a couple of weeks before our latest trip to the glory hole. This way we never have to use condoms anymore. Dave is average build with a decent size cock which satisfies my needs, I am tall slim and busty, natural blonde hair and completely shaved downstairs.

So on the Saturday night of our visit I happened to be in my fertile part of my cyc... Continue»
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So, when i got home from my trip and i realized all my man unders were gone replaced by thongs i was shocked and dismaid. Then my girl came in and said don't worry baby i thought you looked so sexy in those panties on your business trip i knew I had to have you in them everyday, saying dont you want me to be happy and satisfied. I asked her what about the gym and work and and and. She just looked down at my dick and stated playing with it, she said look how cute it looks in satin with a little lace on it. i got extremely hard and she started to lick the outside of my panty covered dick. so awa... Continue»
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Her step son was standing naked with his huge thick cock hard and pointing straight at her. Eve was fucking him daily as she could not get enough of his huge dick. She untied her robe and let it slip to the floor showing her naked body. She had a hot figure. Nice big full tits and a great thick round ass. She reached out and grabbed his dick and began stroking him. She pulled his face to one of her nipples and loved how he sucked hard and needed more. She took his hand and put it between her legs and he shoved two fingers in her cunt and began finger fucking her as he sucked harder on the nipp... Continue»
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My Time With A Black MILF Part 02

Story by Latisha

I had my flowers ready in my hand as I knocked on the door to Ms. Jackson's house. The night was a bit chilly so I had my blazer jacket on with my grey khaki pants. The last time I had seen her was a month ago; when I first met the black 38 year old MILF while spying on her from my backyard. I was lucky enough to fuck her poolside. It was certainly an amazing experience that I have be... Continue»
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Breaking In....

I am not entirely proud of what I did, but put yourself in my shoes for a minute and maybe you shall understand. See, I have been working overtime at the managerial aspects of my work lately, so my sl**p schedule is completely broken. But at least that night I am getting a nice, relaxing sl**p. It is the first one I had had for weeks, in fact. Or at least, it would have been, were it not for the fact that I was rudely jolted out of sl**p by a sudden, loud crash coming from downstairs. Here is what happened that night.....

Hesitantly, at that moment, I gaze over at my alarm clock, barely mak... Continue»
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An unexpected night visitor

An unexpected night visitor

I had been home alone for a full week, my loving Victor out of town on a long business trip.
I was really tired that Friday night when I came back home from my office.

After pulling my car into the driveway, I failed to notice that some of the lights I had left on earlier, now were off. Only when I got close to the front door, key in hand, I had a sense that something was wrong...

I opened the door and stepped inside. Then I felt a hand close to my wrist. I gasped, but I was quickly yanked inside and a damp cloth smelling strange was placed over my mouth a... Continue»
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Summer Job

I got hired one summer, being a cook in a mom and pop type restaurant. It was only open in the summer for tourist's and summer traffic. I had known the owners for years and even helped clean and paint the place when they bought it. So, naturally, they thought of hiring me to work there. Mostly as a cook, but I also served ice cream and made shakes and malts too. The owners never came around to check on me. They had a daughter, who just graduated high school check in every so often.
Her name was Mary Ann, she was quite attractive even being a plus size gal. She had nice big tits, big round a... Continue»
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Jerry's Huge Cock

When I met Jerry at work I knew there was something different about him he was average in looks and was about 5 foot 7 140 pounds he was all skin and bone but what was special about him is that he was hiding a huge package in his pants the first time I noticed it is when we took a shower and I noticed that his flaccid penis Was well over 7 inches long and look to have a circumference of 6 inches to say the least it was impressive he was soaping up his penis as he was taking his shower and I couldn't help but stare I started to get an erection and he looked at me and smiled he said don't be... Continue»
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The boy next door: part 2

The days seemed longer now for some reason. It seems that ever since I met those boys next door I just can't seem to get them out of my head, especially Kevin. Unlike lil Josh who I thought of more as a nephew, I thought of his older brothrr Kevin in a more attractive way. I hadn't thought of any guy like this in a long time and really it caught me by surprise, that I was reluctant enough that Kevin actually wanted me in that way too.

That night when I watched over the boys, I almost couldn't sle3p thinking about what Kevin and I had done in the bed I was given, by his own mom! Even thou... Continue»
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Beep Beep Beep

Beep Beep Beep
"What the fuck", I groaned to myself as the door chime startled me awake, who just came into my house?
"Fred, come here Fred", I heard a young girls voice call from downstairs. I heard another series of beeps as she obviously let my beagle out into the backyard and it started to make sense. That had to be Chrissie, my friends daughter. I had hired her to take care of Fred while I was out of town for the week and I forgot to let her know that I had come home early. Oh well, it'll do Fred some good to get out and take care of business while I get a little more sl**p.
I rolled... Continue»
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A cold winter night

"I want you....."

I whisper softly to you in the back of my car. A cold winter night in
the middle of February, but the heat from both our bodies kept us warm.
I watch as you run your delicate nails over my bare stomach tickling
and pecking at the curly but soft hairs. You look up at me with a
teasing smile, knowing full well that I am at your mercy.. My willpower
sapped from me by your sweet strawberry lips.. Will you spare me and not
leave me unsatisfied this time ?... Will you finally fulfill my desire
and let me have you tonight, or will you be the cruel but clever girl
leaving... Continue»
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I was only supposed to watch!

For the record.. when I travel away from home for my job I don't spend a lot of time in bars. I don't have anything against them. It's just that the people who go to local bars tend to know each other and stick with their group. I do however, like to hit up places that are restaurants with bars in them. One in particular is a place that is f****y friendly and right in the middle is a well appointed bar. Their Italian sausage sandwich is one of the best!

Whenever I'm in that town I head over there.. place my order... grab a cold one and watch the locals. On this evening my plan was to g... Continue»
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Exposing Cindy - Bound to be Fucked

At my request, Jim invites my anonymous lover back to service again, and he brings his wife!
Two weeks ago, my husband tied my wrists to the headboard of our bed, blindfolded me, and allowed someone to fuck me while he watched. My anonymous lover made me cum while holding my vibrator against my clitoris before penetrating me with his huge erection. He drove me to a series of powerful orgasms as I struggled against the straps binding my wrists while I moaned and panted shamelessly.

It was sexy. It was wickedly naughty. It was wonderfully exciting.

After my lover ejaculated inside me, pu... Continue»
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A husband doesn’t mind his wife getting fucked by

3 months ago we moved to another city due to my new job. I was assigned to a new department, and we, my wife and I, rented a new apartment, just in downtown. It was a quite nice place, with lots boutiques, shops, cafés, and galleries. Although we were new people here and didn’t have any friends or relatives, we soon got used to a new beginning and started spending most of our evening walking, meeting the sites of interest, etc.

Just a couple of weeks later I found an adult video shop a few miles form our block. When I first got in, I saw long shelves and stand with erotic books, XXX movies ... Continue»
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A b*****r's Debt ( Happy Birthday to Me)

Another Saturday I thought to myself as I settled down at my computer with my coffee. As had been my routine for the past few months, I opened up an in-private window and typed in my favorite porn site. As usual I searched for new videos of redhead teens, searching for one who would remind me April and the weekend that we had shared. I could never find just what I was looking for but still, the memory got me hard. I finally found a video of an old guy and a sweet young redhead with a passing resemblance to April, her tits were a little bigger but her face and shaved pussy were pretty close. Le... Continue»
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GROPED AT THE NEIGHBOURS Part 2 ( More than groped

GROPED AT THE NEIGHBOURS. Part 2 ( More than groped )

It has been over a month since I was groped and manhandled by the 5 lads next door, and I keep having flashbacks, dreams and erotic thoughts of what more might have happened if I had stayed a little longer.
So far none of the lads has said anything to me and as far as I know, not to anyone else about that night and have also been quite nice when some of them had seen me which makes a very nice change around this area and that is how I wanted it to stay.
For the last few months my husbands frail and very old mother has not been well an... Continue»
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masturbating while admiring

Ok, finally I have gotten down to writing one of my secrets down and get it off my chest.

This tale started many years ago and continues till today. Even through the times when the girl has a boyfriend. Right now she is studying in Australia, living with her Singaporean boyfriend so I can only lust after her s****r.

I knew her in poly when she was doing her diploma in c***dcare. I was also studying life sciences in the same institute and was really looking out for a hot poly girl to have flings with.

Now many of our bros have one time or another gone online and chatted up stranger gir... Continue»
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Who Do You Want

My wife told me she always dreamed about me fucking one of her
girlfriends, then she made it happen.

As soon as I met Donna at a party, I knew I wanted to be with her. I'm
pretty tall, six-five, and she was five-eight, so we are at least in the
same part of the stratosphere. She was bubbly and fun with wavy blond
hair down just past her shoulders and her body, well, she's slender and
curvy with beautiful long legs and a nice figure. Really she's got great
boobs and likes guys to notice them.

Well, the night of the party, I certainly did and I left with her phone
number and email a... Continue»
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Mr. A watches wife cheating with BBC.

After making it to work I found out I wasn't needed and headed home to spend the night with my wife. As I was driving down my street I noticed a beautiful black Lexus parked in my driveway. I had no idea what to expect as I quietly opened the front door. Instantly I realized what was happening. The sound of my wife moaning and screaming filled the whole house. I took a moment to listen to the sounds of passion my beautiful wife was letting out before I silently made my way upstairs. As I made it to the top of the stairs I paused and heard the incredibly nasty comments she was making between mo... Continue»
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Horny Sex Starved Mother In Law and Wife

I can only tell you my wife's labia was once petite. When this woman was 20 her labia and pussy was sweet and smelled perfect enough to adore and marry. Through the years of fucking Jen's pussy became so fragrant that her panties would smell up the closet and all my clothes smelled of her fragrance. People would approach me on how well I smelled on a daily basis as my clothes smelled of her scent in a very musky and good way. Then she turned forty...her pussy turned from sweet to musty and sweaty...not good. She would walk with her friends then want me to fuck her and as she took her panties o... Continue»
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The Gardener

By the summer after my sophomore year, I was getting to be pretty experienced with other guys. With my mom working nights, I was used to having the run of the house. I would come home from school, finish up my homework, eat some dinner, and be free to entertain myself however I saw fit. Aside from the occasional trip down the street to my neighbor's house, my evenings typically consisted of movies, video games, and profuse masturbation. Sometimes I would jack off 3 times in an evening, while other times I would abstain to save up a bigger load of cum. Regardless, I would usually end up na... Continue»
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My First Time Story

I was s*******n and very popular. I mean I had girls begging me for it. I don't know why I was scared but I was. Maybe I was afraid I would knock somebody up or that they would find me funny at fucking and make of me. Or maybe I felt the bar was set so high that I could not meet it on my time. Any way I did want to fuck and it was on my mind. I did have a girlfriend, Molly, that we were working our way towards fucking, slowly.
Molly and I both worked at this fancy seafood restaurant. This place was huge and very busy. Molly worked on one side and I on the other. My teammate was Linda. She... Continue»
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Christine's Daughter

If you read my last entry, you know that Christine was dominated and tamed by our f****y's best friend, Rusty. Since then, she let's my b*****r Jason and I do whatever the hell we want with her.

On Sunday, the two of us headed over to Christine's apartment for another Testicular Drainage Segment. She opened the door with a smile on her face, which immediately turned to despair when she saw who we were. We walked in without another word. She knew better than try and stop us, and as soon as the door shut, she undid the white bathrobe she was wearing and let it fall to the floor, exposing her ... Continue»
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Latest story of the mother in law

This happened last week I was home working from my office and wondering about her since I have not mess around with her in long time.All I could think about was her big boobs and the last time we did it which was like month half ago.The last time was good one she stop by to drop off some homemade pies for us as I came out of my office she was in the kitchen and I just stop and look at her god she was hot with her sun glasses on and yoga pants and she had zip up long sleeve shirt that look like a spandex bra because they looked huge I could see little peak of her nipple through the long sleeve ... Continue»
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Marine Dad and King

Marine Dad and King
By Buck Jones

Note: This story is based on real events that occurred nearly 60 years ago, and is another story in my series of how seduction can be perpetrated with a degree of ease, even though the emotional effects can last a lifetime.

The small three bedroom house was oppressive. Two growing boys shared one bedroom; the parents shared a bedroom whenever the husband decided to come home; the third room was a sewing, storage room… all within 900 square feet. And this Marine Tech Sergeant Dad wasn’t getting what he wanted at home. The Marines had been the only choice... Continue»
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Downtown YMCA

When I was still a teenager and unable to drive I met a older black man on America Online. He asked me how far I lived from the downtown YMCA in Cincinnati. I told him it would take me about 25 minutes to walk across the bridge from Kentucky. He sent me a picture of his Big Black Cock and told me that he would be waiting outside for me. At the time I was probably 5'5" and 100 lbs. with brown hair and blue eyes and only a few chest hairs and pubes. I walked and jogged to get there as fast as I could, when I arrived he was outside waiting like he promised.

He took me by the hand and into the... Continue»
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Penny's hairy pantyhose pussy

Penny is an interesting girl. I say girl but she is probably about 40. I see her nearly every day. She is not what most people would call beautiful but she has something about her, she always has bright red lipstick and wears sexy glasses. She mostly wears trousers to work which show her beautifully rounded bum but occcasionally wears a pleated skirt which shows that her legs are quite good too. Her tits are not big but just right. Our conversations sometimes hint at the possibility of a bit of fun so I finally invited her for a drink. Having hinted at my liking for sheer pantyhose I wasn't di... Continue»
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The Tutor and Jenny (Part 2) by Claude van Feinbod

The Tutor and Jenny (Part 2)
by Claude van Feinbode

"Help me," Jenny said. She was crying silently.

"It's all right. Let me help you…." I said.

"Oh…god. I didn't want…I mean, what….your hands are cold."

"Yes. Let me help you stand." I said.

Jenny still had not noticed that her skirt was above her waist. The cold air in the room had made her cock smaller than when I saw it in the briefest of flashes when she toppled backwards in her chair. Now I got a good look and saw that she had no pubic hair. She took care of herself as meticulously as her long nails. If I ju... Continue»
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Nice visitors!

Had 2 guys (Vietnamese) show up late one night last week looking for a girl to fuck. I don’t keep a list here at the hostel so they were out of luck. They were probably in their mid 20’s and not bad looking so I offered my ass (and mouth) to them. I hadn’t had a good fucking in about 2 weeks anyway and was horny.
They turned me down…that night…

Monday night they came back about 10 pm and asked again, this time about doing me. Of course, I’m a slut, so they weren’t paying to fuck me, it was all just mutual enjoyment.
Since I’m almost always ready for some cock, I locked-up and agreed to ta... Continue»
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Pub car park gangbang for my slut wife

My wife is an attractive, mature, busty blonde. She's size 12 and 5'6" tall. She wears stockings and suspenders, short skirts and high heels when she is feeling horny and has the kind of slutty look which most men seem to find attractive. We were both feeling horny one evening recently so I told her to dress to please and we went to a local pub to see if she could pull.

We sat in an alcove by ourselves and were looking out onto an area of the bar. Nothing much happened for a while but then 3 men came and stood by the bar and carried on drinking there after their beer was served to them. My ... Continue»
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Too many black dicks for mr

Too many black dicks for me

This time Victor and I had chosen again the warm and sunny Jamaican beaches to spend a nice week, far from the cold NYC winter.
Victor had rented a nice little cottage close to the beach.
On the first afternoon, after sunbathing during the morning, my loving husband told me he was going to a golf club that somebody had recommended.
I stood there relaxing, sunbathing a little more; reading a good book and enjoying the view of a black gardener working at the back yard. He was a young man with a huge bulge in his shorts that I would have shagged at the drop of ... Continue»
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how i became a fucken slut

my name is lynn I met my man about 6 years a ago he is 25 years older than me he treats me very good at first he would fuck me all the time and I loved that I love sex very much one day his black friend wayne came over and we talk and drank a few drinks wayne kept looking at me I had a very short sexie dress on and no panties and a sexie bra as I sat down on the couch he could see my pussy and he smiled I sat next to my man he stared filling my legs and I got nervous wayne smile and said let me see more so my man spread my legs out more and stared rubbing my pussy he knew that got me hot way... Continue»
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first cock suck

I'm married, but I was curious about what it would be like to suck a cock. So I placed an ad. After screening through all the replies and exchanging some pics and very hot and naughty emails, I met this married man at his house while his wife was away. We were both kind of nervous, but I had told him about what turned me on. So we went into his bedroom and he took off his pants, exposing his cock, which was already starting to stiffen, and asked me to take off my pants too. I was a bit unsure about how to start, so he put his hands on my shoulders and pushed down a bit, and said, "Be a good ... Continue»
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All night bareback orgy

I have been a cock loving guy since high school, well at that time I did not want any one to know how much I crave cock, the three school bullies, thugs, Juvenal delinquents, trouble maker, what ever you wish to call them had taken mu innocence away.

They took me by forc3 and when I did not report the act they decided to have their way with me so many times that I started to get addicted to being their fuck toy. By the time I reached College, I was a down low cock whore, sucking cocks getting fucked bareback and craving being used like a fuck toy.

In College, I had a room mate for tw... Continue»
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Nice Indian Girl

Being a semi-pro photographer I often get asked to photography parties.
On this occasion it was a 40th party in a large detached house in its own grounds.
I arrived early so I could get a good look at the rooms, the place was palatial !.
The guests stared to arrive so started to click away as is my norm, believe you me there were some stunning women of all nationalities. As the evening progressed I was mingling quite happily when I caught sight of a rather delicious looking Indian lady wearing a rather short red dress with pl... Continue»
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Cheating On My Husband : If You Want It Do, Anoth

I was shopping out and about when I ran into an old friend, by the name of LO. We hadn't seen each other in years. Yet he didn't look it at all. Seems like he'd been taking care of himself. We walked and talk, and purchased some hot-dogs and a coke. I told him I was married and with three k**s. He told me he was seeing women, and paying there bills. I found it funny, but I didn't knock the situation, hell, doing my college days I was in the same boat. I found this man sexy as hell. We'd only fucked once since I'd known him. He damn it all to hell, but it was worth it. The way he licked the cli... Continue»
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