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Mom's Surprise

Mom's Surprise

edited by Cantankerous Cal (11/22/01)


How an accidental encounter led to a fulfilling night of
sex with mum, including oral and anal sex. It was late
autumn and despite football practice being well underway
I was home early as coach had cancelled team practice to
concentrate on the forward play.

As I came down the drive I saw that mom's car was not
there so she was obviously out somewhere. The house was
quiet, as I grabbed a glass of juice in the kitchen and
headed upstairs to take a shower.

Stripping off I dumped my clothes in the laundry
... Continue»
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Abused Stepdaughter - Part 1

Abused Stepdaughter - Part 1 Sample

This work is a fictional story….it’s a little more intense than what I normally write, and is intended for adults only. This is a Sample……My Stories can Only be Posted for Friends to read….so send me Friend Request, and I will consider adding you to my List of Friends.

--------- Chapter 1
Her Parents surprise her……..

December 8, 1989, Friday night
Little Rock, Arkansas

Sandra Knight was sitting in front of her bedroom mirror brushing her long silken blond hair. She was tired after cheerleading practice an... Continue»
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My first night with a man

This is the true story of how I lost my virginity. It happened a few weeks ago.

It was Wednesday morning and I was sitting in my car after having purchased a new bottle of nail polish at my local Walmart. I nervously hit submit on my phone, reserving a hotel room for later that day. I had made up my mind that it was time for me to truly live out my sissy girl fantasy to the fullest, and to me that meant being with a real man while I was as feminine as possible. I could hardly think of anything else that day, and mostly just counted down the minutes until it was time to leave and check i... Continue»
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The Summer of Losing My Virginity

My parents divorced while I was just a toddler. I mostly lived with my mom, and I would spend my summer breaks from school with my dad, who lived in another state. My dad had a long term girlfriend, Susan, that in all respects was like a step mom to me. She always treated me very good, and cared a great deal about me as I was growing up; I was really the son she never had. I was always polite and respectful to Susan since she always treated me fairly and lovingly.

Things changed a lot for me in the summer after I graduated from high school. It was the last summer break before going off to... Continue»
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Once Upon a Time at a Swing Party

The craigslist post read:

Bi-sexual Swing Parties
Every Monday and Thursday 11:00 am to 3 PM and Saturday's 1 pm to 5 pm.
No Alcohol allowed, food and sodas provided, towels, lube & condoms provided.
Men will strip upon entering (can wear towel); women will strip or be in lingerie.
Anything goes (with consent) inside house, no sex outside house or in pool or hot tub, nude sunbathing allowed
"No" means "No" will be strictly enf***ed!
$20.00 donation for couples
$20.00 donation for single men
Single women free

You have to give credit to the Internet; you can truly find anything on ... Continue»
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Growing up in a house full of women, part 3

Chapter 3
In a one-week period, I had two sexual encounters with relatives. One of them totally produced better results than the other. It was another month or so before my next REAL sexual encounter. This time, it did not go very well.
I just got done mowing the grass (we had an awesome John Deere tractor, and I could mow our 3 acres in about an hour or so. I would have my shirt off, and get a tan doing it. Then I would take Granny's electric weed eater, and do the trim. After that, it was shower time. Just a normal day, right?
Aunt Judy barged into my room when I was dre... Continue»
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-Lexi- chapter 01

-Lexi- chapter 01

I thought I had been so careful, but all it took was one slip up, leaving the curtains a little too open. Now here I was, looking at pictures that had been emailed to me - pictures of me dressed up like a schoolgirl slut. That particular day, I had cuffed one hand to the headboard and was wearing a bright red ball gag, as I used my free hand to fuck my own ass with a medium sized vibrating dildo, my fishnet clad legs splayed up in the air, and 6 inch black pumps with ankle straps pointed toward the ceiling as i worked to find my g-spot over and over again.
There wa... Continue»
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One story of many

I had been dressing as long as I could remember...high school presented some interesting encounters. Two of my friends and I had an on-going oral gratification club going for several years until I was caught wearing a lovely black cocktail dress with crisscrossing front shoulder straps that plunged deep down to the small of my back and sporting sexy black 3 1/2”heels. I had a hard cock in my mouth and another in my hand when my father walked in... so then I was homeless. A friend of the f****y took me in and let me stay until I finished high school. During that time she encouraged me to explor... Continue»
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Two nighs in a row

After my last night at the gloryholes, I didn't get much sl**p. I kept waking up with hard-ons that required my attention. From what I read online, the busiest times were lunch, right after work, and late at night. I decided to hit the right after work crowd and stay there for the night. I took a long, hot bath and dreamed of all the kinky things one could imagine. I thought of all the times I watched my wife get DP, loving seeing a cock sink into her holes. I loved seeing the frenzied look on her face as she was fucked without mercy, then see cum oozing from her ass and pussy and a few times ... Continue»
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Mother in law resisted

If you've read my previous stories you'll know I was sl**ping with my mother in law several years ago. After a few months we decided it was wrong and put a stop to it. Although hard cos she was amazing in bed we managed to stop fucking,

Fast forward a few years and me and my wife are having problems in the bedroom department after giving birth s year ago she went off sex completely I tried my best to be faithful but after several months I ended up fucking a local slag I confessed to my wife and she was surprisingly understanding she got that we weren't having it and it must have been hard... Continue»
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A Panties and Pussy Birthday

I can't say that I saw it coming. I turned 50 this past weekend and my bride decided that she was going to make this a huge party. It's a bigger deal that a normal 50th...I had significant health issues around age 5 and at one point a Doctor told my parents that I might pull out of it but more than likely wouldn't see age 50. Jodi put together a bunch of invitations that said “He made it!” and rented a room in a local hotel for the evening. About 200 people showed up...free beer will always draw a crowd. So... I can say I saw the party coming... but what she did afterwards is what too... Continue»
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Anal Unexpected

Anal Unexpected

By billy69boy

When I was in my late 20's I met a young nurse who worked at the community Crisis Center. I volunteered there one night a week, after my regular day job. We dated for a while and got along well enough. Neither of us was in a relationship at the time, so the arrangement was very convenient. She ended up moving out of her parents' house and getting her own apartment, which worked out great. I started staying at her place a few nights a week, and eventually our friendship turned sexual, as sometimes happens when two young adults end up naked and sharing th... Continue»
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Weeknight Visit to Swingers Club

It has been a while since I have posted any tales of our adventures. If you have not ready any of the past postings, we are a married couple that started swinging when we first met. My wife is 5’ tall, 120lbs., 34B with blond hair and blue eyes. This adventure happened in 2000.
We live in Dallas at the time. We were uptown having an early dinner and drinks with business friends on a Thursday night. We finished dinner around 8:30PM and we had a few drinks before and during dinner. As usually happens my wife’s need for sex increases with her consumption of alcohol. When we got in the car a... Continue»
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Preachers' Daughter

Easter time in the north usually meant snow on the ground and this year was no exception. This was the time of the year I committed myself to a visit of the church for midnight mass to share with f****y and friends, a local tradition. Parking was always a challenge on events like this, fresh construction made it more and more difficult each year. After some searching I parked my white NSX behind the church and as I placed it into park I noticed her. There was a blurred figure watching me from the window of the church, from the silhouette I could guess who it was. This was the preacher’s daught... Continue»
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surprise gang bang

well this started by my guy friend, that i play with, bought a spanking chair that you get on doggie style, and your hands and feet are tide to the side of the chair, giving you full access to your mouth and ass!! so he calls me up and wants to try it out, so i come over and he has it in the basement, we talk for a few and i strip naked and get into the chair, he then staps me up and i am stuck there!! he walks around me once teasing me then he pulls out a big paddle and wacks my ass pretty hard, it hurt but not more than i could handle! after a few more wacks he pulls out his cock and pu... Continue»
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Older men are such fun when Hard

As a girl growing up I was met with many challenges. My life was vastly different compared to boys, boys and men saw girls differently, we had what they wanted, and strangely, we enjoyed the attention, whilst denying them of that singular pleasure. They labelled it as 'Teasing', perhaps our coyness, masked with a subtle, will I or won't I, indifference added to the sexual intensity.

I was never more in my fantasy when my b*****r's friends were in attendance, at my beck and call, and I played on it, agreeing to go only so far in their hastily arranged games.

I liked the odds, four to one... Continue»
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My secret crush on JJ/CD fantasy

I have been thinking about this for some time and thought today was right. I have a friend and neighbor JJ. Good looking man with attractive wife. I have known him for years and have a secret crush on him. Sometimes i just look at him and imagine what his cock would look like. I sometimes wonder what it would be like to hold it, smell it, put his balls in my mouth and just feel him deep inside. I am a CD for many years with a good body. 5 10, 175, great legs, ass and know i am passable. I dress about once a week usually when traveling on business. I am a virgin but crave for the right guy to t... Continue»
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Grocery Store Tease

Grocery Store Tease

Abigail was performing her nightly routine of getting the coffee maker ready to brew for the next morning before going to bed. To her dismay, she discovered that there was nowhere near enough coffee to make the usual 10 cups her and her husband Jim consumed each morning. Needing a few other things from the grocery store, Abigail set out on her own knowing full well Jim would balk at the request to go with her or for that matter, probably wouldn't get the other items anyway.

Earlier she had put on her pajamas as she was already in bed reading as she did every evening w... Continue»
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Our Honeymoon, Every Woman Should Have – Part 1

I am Garima. I am going to narrate my honeymoon experience with you.Even if I say that it is true, most of you will not believe. So it does not matter.

I am youngest of three siblings. The eldest one is s****r and there is one b*****r Rahul between two s****rs. Our f****y was / is very rich.

Though my father was a reputed successful real estate developer and builder he was very conservative.

... Continue»
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Cottage Time

Anna has fun at her cottage with her b*****r's new friend, Jeremiah.
“My God, could it get any hotter?” Emily complained as she picked up her magazine and started to fan herself with it.

“It’s only 83 degrees” I exclaimed.

“You frickin' Americans and your Fahrenheit. What is that in Celsius?”

“No,” I chuckled. I picked up my lemonade and took a sip savoring the sweetness as I sucked up every last drop with my straw.

Emily was my longest and best friend, but it wasn't like one of those friends where you guys slowly separate. Emily and I have been best friends for 21 years n... Continue»
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A Thanks Giving Pie

"Fuck me harder" she said as she grabbed my balls and pulled me in deeper inside her creamy pussy...

It all started in school…

There I was, sitting in class, by the door, when I saw her passed by in the hallway; 5'8", tanned, beautiful oval face, long fake blonde hair, slim figure, with a fitted pair of white pants squeezing her beautiful set of tight ass cheeks. As she walked by, I couldn't help but stare at her ass in them jeans! The swing of her hips only put me into a trance deeper and deeper.
All I could hear was a distant "yo LP...LP!" as my friend tapped my shoulder - "sorry man... Continue»
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gloryhole suprise

Barb was what you would call a classic beauty,, she was 52 but kept herself in very good shape, long dark hair, dark yes, full lips, since her husband died 7 years ago she had gotten many offers to date from men but never took any up on it, It never seemed to feel right
after almost a year of coaxing she decided to take a vacation with 2 co workers,, Bev who was a few years older but very heavy set, but also the life of the party and Maria, who was 60 and nearing retirement,
they decided to go to the Dominican republic, a place Maria loved but the other s had never been
they spent the f... Continue»
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Mrs A gets a surprise.

After a night of celebrating a friend's birthday I invited a buddy over for some late night drinking at my place. I expected Mrs. A was sl**ping so we headed to the basement and poured some drinks. As we were chatting about the night I got a text. "Aren't you going to come fuck me?" I showed my friend and told him I couldn't pass up that opportunity. He agreed and boldly asked if he could join. I was more than happy to offer up my wife's pussy to him. I explained that I had a fantasy to surprise her with a strangers cock and thought it would be fun to blindfold her and let him fuck her. He was... Continue»
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going underground

Going underground


This story is about a young Mom named Becky and her Son Tommy,
Becky was now 36 and she had devoted her life to her son when her partner left her when she became pregnant,

She always made sure that tommy would never loose out with not having a Dad,
Tommy became a bit of a mommy’s boy as he got older Becky knew she would always have to protect him,
The k**s at school always thought he was a bit of geek and would tease him about him being a mommy’s boy,

As Tommy got older he became aware that his mom was still a good-looking woman and that she still tur... Continue»
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After School

it was about 3 months into the school year, It was one of those days when everything went bad, so I decided to blow off a little steam, called down to the phys. ed. dept and they told me there was a drop in badminton games so I thought that would be fun,
I had been teaching for about 10 years now, It was a great job but like every job, has its good and bad days, some of the studets were great others a challenge but I did like the new students every year, helped break up the momotiny of the job
so I grabbed my gear and went into the women teachers change room, pulled on my shorts, sports b... Continue»
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Changed Neighbour To Lesbian And Did Threesome Wit

This incident happened with me some 9 months back. 3 years before we came to Mumbai from Kanpur because of my husband’s job and we came and settled here only. From first only we stayed at rented home my husband is in late 35 and he is a sr. Marketing manager. His sex stamina is... Continue»
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Moni my hotwife

I think it is time for me to tell a bit about Moni. She has many stories here and she asked me to write something from my perspective
She is just an amazing sexy woman still at her mature age. Still is fit and slim and very active.
I would like to describe the time I brought her to a party where she was to be the entertainment for the night. You see I have friends that have had her and known about her for quite a while and they know I enjoy sharing her. This was a while back when she was around 45 and my buddy's friend was having a bachelor party, second marriage. He asked if she would... Continue»
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What's Gotten Into You - Xmen fan fiction

Emma Frost sat pensively as she made the final adjustments that prepare Cerebro to interface with her mind. Dr Xavier's technological marvel amplified her psi powers and enabled her to reach out and find...well everybody. But it was tuned to track mutants. She'd been sent here by Storm on an premise that was as preposterous as it was terrifying. Storm had received word that the Phoenix f***e had somehow resurrected and bonded with Professor X. Everyone knew that was impossible, but having cheated death and... Continue»
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I grew up learning about sex from a young age. My step dad raised me when my mom walked out when I was just a baby. Dad never sexually abused me but we had a one bedroom house and I slept in his room on a cot and was there when dad brought women in at night to fuck. He did not care what I saw or if I watched. In fact I think it turned him on more. He liked big tit and a big round ass on his women. He would undress them and then he would get naked and he would stand them facing my bed as he got behind them and ravaged first their tits then their pussy. I watched him fi... Continue»
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Mina's Muse - A Companion Story to Ethan'

Mina's Muse
MINA's MUSE – by lstorywriter

A companion story to ETHAN's RELUCTANT JOURNEY – by Mina24


I'm Ethan and this story is about my relationship with my friend Mina from my point of view. She told her story through her eyes in the audio version of Ethan's Reluctant Journey. If you haven't listened to that story I highly recommend you do so before reading further. In her sultry and erotic way she includes all the proper disclaimers and warnings and if you're not at least hot to the touch by halfway through then this story may not be for you.

I'm writing... Continue»
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The Sweetest of Office Temptations - diary entry 1

Being the relatively new girl in the office, Camila presents a demeanour of shyness that is tantalising alluring. There is a mystique about her that beckons to be discovered. I would guess her age at mid to late thirties and although I am some fifteen to twenty years older than her, I do look much younger than my actual age, so many people tell me. For that reason I live in hope that she might still consider me as mate material.

Oh how I long to hold her in my arms and feel her slender hips press against my body and to feel the firmness of her breasts cushioned against my chest.

Today C... Continue»
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INDIAN SISSY HUSBAND 1 - Mother in law initiate

it is been 3 years i lost my job , i slowly started contributing to house. i love cooking and giving massages to my professional wife ,which has become a regular duty.our sex life as usual great. We planned not to have k**s till she reaches 35 .ours life is simply awesome.
Tonight as usual i preparing candle light dinner to my hardworking wife, she usually prefers dinner to be served at backyard .After few minutes later wife came ,very delighted hugged me,pulled me towards her, given a demanding lip kiss, also bite my nipples, giving two beatings to my bum. i asked what is reason. she told, ... Continue»
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Message to Massage to more -- [2] Juicy Jenny

Message my Memory ... I sought so long, longing to re-read my sweet sexy seductive hort series of short stories.
Massage my Memory ... I thought for many months of key-words to use in this sites search engine which primitive.

Mysterious Memory ... I miss my my Miss, my slow soft seduction her Hot Horniness to offer ME her Holy Hymen.
Mistaken Memory? ... Horny hot sorry series of stories, where are Thou? -- Mighty Mouse: cute cat clicks, cuts cunt

She ha teased me, asking me to kiss her down her spine and up at the other side to kiss her mouth. I responded ... And suddenly she... Continue»
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true story d***k wife

OK , this story was relayed to me by someone i know very well,we had a few drinks one night and he shared it with me, I also know his wife, Ill do my best to describe it as acurately as I can, obviously Im changing the names
Jim and his wife May were well into there 40.s, been married a long time and never had c***dren, now May was the smartest woman, you would say a bit of a ditz, but she was in amazing shape, 5-6 very toned, flat tummy, she had a very high metabolism so she never gained weight ,she was just lucky in the gene pool, she knew she looked god but wasnt something she really care... Continue»
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there is nothing more delicious than sex orgasms.

I am a Muslim house wife.My name is Feroza. My husband's name is Qaiser. We have two grown up daughters. They are single and want to enjoy sex life before marrying. They live in the upper story of our house and we have given them full freedom in sex jubilees. They get cousins and boy friends visiting them and as for them, they also visit their girl friends and enjoy life with their b*****rs and cousins. We share some mutually liking sex movies and my daughters have made me their friend and confidante.
We couple din't have any more c***dren, though we cherished having a son. We still mate on ... Continue»
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We are dining alfresco in a lovely beach side Mediterranean restaurant
Beautifully and seductively lit with romantic background music
The temperature was so perfect that I had no hesitation in wearing a loose floaty dress with no underwear at all
My husband knows I am naked under the skimpy dress and is making sexual overtures as to all the rude things he is going to do to me later
I am feeling quite moist and sticky and pleasantly relaxed from the wine.
I am sitting somewhat provocatively, in that a strap has dropped of my shoulder so I know I... Continue»
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A Nice Surprise

*Comments are welcome - thanks!*

* * * * *

My name is Karen and I am guilty.

Completely and without a doubt, I am guilty of seducing my father-in-law, Tom.

This September, we had a f****y reunion, of sorts, in northern Vermont. Tom's father (my husband's grandfather) had rented out an entire wing of a small Inn nestled on the slope of a plush green mountain. Most of the f****y arrived on Friday night. My husband, Rich, tried to keep me up to date on who was there and who wasn't, but even he got lost in some of the names. All in all, there were over 20 people there all related in o... Continue»
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La Rose D'Amour Chapter One

Or the Adventures of a Gentleman in search of Pleasure. Translated from the French.
"Thus every Creature, and of every kind,
The sweet joys of sweet coition find." -DRYDEN.
At the age of s*******n, through the mistaken but paternal fondness of my father, the Count de L-, I was still immured in an old chateau, on the coast of Brittany, with no society but that of my tutors, an eternal round of daily lessons, to be gotten only by poring over some dozens of musty volumes. Naturally of an indolent disposition, I became ennuyed to such a degree by the monotonous routine of my life th... Continue»
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d***k Girls Become Valentines

Let me dive straightaway into the sex story now….


This story has its roots in the December of 2013 though the actual events happened two months later in February 2014. I am Charu, an 18 year old quirky and enthusiastic girl.

After fetching a good rank in IIT
... Continue»
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Dare With Three Strangers Who Fucked Me The Whole

I am Sirisha.36 [increased ;)] 30-34…I am an exhibitionist. So now this time I am back with a dare in the movie theater. I don’t remember exactly when it happened.

I have to be alone at home for two days as my parents went to some village. So I got an idea to go to a movie by my own and do some dares there. So I went to a movie in the normal hall not multiplex. As there won’t be any
... Continue»
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Give Him The Wife

I had always had the fantasy of sharing since I was a teenager who read the wife stories in magazines. I have always been keen to fully explore sexual experiences so when I got married to my hot wife, I of course wanted to share this with her.

I shared my sexual wants with her and she was reluctant at first but agreed to give it a try. The thought of seeing my wife fucked by another guy was just the hottest thing I could imagine, being helpless as she was inpaled on another mans cock being pleasured just filled me with mind blowing sexual desire. I searched the internet and found a guy wh... Continue»
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Our Little Secret

It was almost nine PM. She was asl**p on the couch. I could see her nipple poking through her night gown and her dark areolas were visible. Such a nice supple pair of tits on her. As my eyes wandered down she moved her legs and to my amazement she spread them open exposing her panties. Her black pubic hair peeked out the sides of her sheer panties. I could see her black hairy muff through the fabric. My cock began to throb. She mumbled something but I couldn't tell what she said over the sound of the television. We were in the great room and she usually fell asl**p on the couch like t... Continue»
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The search for our love

The short version of this ad is simple, we are looking for a bisexual or bi curious woman to be our girlfriend/wife to share our lives with the both of us for a long time in and out of the bedroom. We just celebrated 14 wonderful years together and we want to find our wife to join us for the many years of happiness still to come ;). This is a long ad so please read all of it so you can get a good idea of who we are and who we are looking for and you will get to know what we are looking for in this relationship.

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Rest stop fun

I was driving back late one night in the middle of nowhere. As I was driving I began to play with my cock through my pants to help keep me awake. This edging made me more and more horns as I continued to drive, so I figured I would look to see if there were any abs's along my drive. To my disappointment, I couldn't find any, so I decided to stop at the next rest area to relieve my worked up cock. As I pulled in, I noticed alot of trucks parked for the night, but thought nothing of it at first. I parked my car and then made my way to the restroom. First I stood at a stall for a minute to releas... Continue»
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My Wifes new lover

I am sitting naked on the low leather sofa in our sauna room, the leather is cold against my skin, the handcuffs you have just clipped onto my wrists are uncomfortable, I try to ease my arms but the way you have clipped them behind me makes it difficult to move. My cock is standing out hard in front of me, you have just left the room, oh so much expectation........................

Your new lover comes into the room, he's carrying a bottle of champagne and two glasses, he puts them down. He checks the cuffs on my wrists and I see the smile spread across his face, as he realises that he reall... Continue»
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The Best Present Ever: Pegging my Man

I was working from home, stuck with a sick c***d, when my whole world changed.

My work laptop died and I realized I'd left the plug-in charger at work. Still having research to do for tomorrow, I went to my husband's office and grabbed his, as my sick c***d wouldn't let me leave him alone and go to my office and use my desktop.

I logged in and went onto Chrome. As I started a search, I was surprised to see the archival searches that popped up when I started typing the word praxis.



Pegged by wife

Pegging positions

Pegging toys

I stared at the options... the... Continue»
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Calling his Bluff

If your not gay then stop reading now. I lived in a small town when I was in my early thirties I drank and partied there and worked there
It was quite a close community which meant I knew a lot of people and I was easy recognisable, so hiding a massive secret like my love of sucking cock and getting fucked up the arse was extremely difficult to the extent I just wouldn't search for any gay activities in my town which at times became very difficult, you see there was a lovely set of public toilets that were situated under a large department store and the access was via a subway so when I say l... Continue»
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Truckers delight

I’ve been chatting with Paul from PaulandHotwife and he wanted me to describe a fantasy he has of seeing his hot wife taking on all cummers at a truck stop from the point of view of one of the lucky truckers.
I was reaching the end of my driving shift and had to rest up for a few hours. I headed for one of the laybys I knew around Birmingham. I pulled in and got in the back of my cab and started to read a book to unwind.
Then I noticed this car pull in behind the trailer ahead of me. This woman got out, blonde hair, a fair old pair of tits on her, a short skirt and high heels. Must be on the... Continue»
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The Young Stud Cock

It was a long day at work. As I walked in the front door, I took off my black converse sneakers and went up to my bedroom and took off my tight white spandex top and my tight orange short shorts. With only my pink sports bra and pink thong on, I step in front of my full body mirror looking over my 37DD-26-36. With my slightly tanned skin, I just dyed my hair blonde because I wanted to be admired more and thought It would work. Which it did, Guys at work would always stop and look at me. I loved it every time it happened.

As I stood in front of the mirror, I started to think about the guys ... Continue»
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Working Wife Trapped And Humiliated

Let me introduced first I am Amruta 32 years working wife with loving husband and blessed with a baby boy. I have maintained myself well with a fig of 36-28-35 and glowing fair skin, many people try to hit on me but till now I haven’t given any chance as being a chaste woman. I work in private company and my husband owns a business. Now I shall tell some incident happened with me a few months back.

... Continue»
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