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Ms. Super Butt (Chapter 12)


Stacey called Mason over as he returned home. She was wearing a T-shirt and her assless underwear. Mason found her scrubbing dishes at the sink. “How was your day at school?” She asked without turning around.

“It was good…” Mason replied.

“I’m making a pot roast for dinner… Does that sound good…?”


Stacey froze suddenly. “…” Bfhohhhhhhffffffffff…. A bulky fart billowed quietly out from her butt. Mason walked over and spread her cheeks. Pvvvvvt! Pohhhhhhhhhhh… Air streamed out of Stacey’s anus in a whisper.

“…” “Mason, hand Ma... Continue»
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A day at the college gym

I use a gym at a college that's near my house, so close that I walk instead of drive. The shortest route leads past several dorms and I often pass many students to and from my workout. The university lets people in the community use the gym for a fee. It costs a little more than the other gyms in town, but it's worth it.

I use the treadmills by the windows that look out at the sidewalk in front of the gym. On warm days in the fall and spring, college women walk past on their way to class or back to their dorms. The hotter the day, the less they wear. The view is inspirational.

The view i... Continue»
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Trip to Charleston

Sissy Sandy Johnson Memories

Charleston Visit

I was on business during the week when I had the good fortune to visit Charleston SC. Great city and there is always a lot going on, for sissies who enjoy dressing sexy and being used!

On this visit I stayed in a downtown motel that had outside entrances for the rooms. I hate getting all dressed up and having to walk down a long hall and maybe getting made as a queer before I have fun. On this night I was wearing a black stretch mini skirt, 2” heels, black thi high stockings, bra with the center cu... Continue»
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Need for cock

Many years ago before there was the internet if you wanted to see porn you went to an adult book store. This one time I was there and an old man asked me if I wanted a blow job, I declined because I was afraid to do anything in a semi public place. Well go forward 25 years and the only cock I've had is jerking myself off and that nerve seems to be enough. I've had the urge to head to the nearest book store and try my luck, I've talked myself out of doing this many times but now the urge is so strong.
I put on my prettiest panties and drove into the city to try my luck. I paid my fee and ente... Continue»
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why I love swing clunb

I love to go swing club
If you don't know me yet, well I am an asian girl, married with an european guy. I am happy in my sex life, feel free to do whatever I want: my hubby is very understanding... His fantasy is a cuckold fantasy. He love to see me with other guys, and I am always happy to make him happy...
If you want to know me more and want to see how I look like, you can go to my profile; you will see this story is genuine like all my pictures and videos....
A woman can have a free sex life, like a men, and she don't have to be called as a bitch, a whore or anything... but I like if m... Continue»
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Vacation Trip

My co-worker told me about this nice vacation place, but he didn't tell
me everything. As I believed his stories I bought a trip there for me and
my girlfriend. He told me that he had found a club where you could watch a
special show that really showed everything. He told that it was worth of
every dime he spent on it. I didn't hear sarcasm in his voice, but I guess
I should have.

I paid the trip and we went there. The Place looked nice, the hotel was
awesome, the food was cheap and the locals were nice and polite. I found
that the club that my co-worker had told me about an... Continue»
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My Stint As A Call Girl And Porn Star

es, I was more than just upset. Fuming would be a good word. Why? Well because we were in Las Vegas, on our second day of a two week trip, and my husband had already lost close to five hundred dollars. And the asshole went back this afternoon to try to win it back! I did check on him, after about an hour or so, and he had already added another hundred to the total. In the negative! So yes, I was beside myself with anger, wanting some sort of release. I was sitting by the pool in the late afternoon sun, in the shade actually, trying not to get burned. At least by the sun anyway. That's when I s... Continue»
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Out For Drinks With My Co-Workers!

I always enjoy a night out with my co-workers. We have a group of about a dozen of us from different office branches that try to get together and go out for dinner and drinks a few times a year. Most times, the conversation is always centered around work... gossip, office scandal, promotions, etc. and as the night progressed we would move to dancing and there's always some light flirting until last call. Hangovers the next day were a given. On this particular night I was seated at one end of the table with Michael and Chris two of my good friends from another branch that I really only get to t... Continue»
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Spanking School #8: Sexy Shae -2

Sexy Shae second story in a short sub-series in my best brached series of my short sexy spanking school series.
Sexy Shae first story shall properly pop up below this one, if not I promise to give the link myself in my first comment.
Sexy Shae is build by quotes from our very recent private erotic exchange of many messages. I quote here below.
Sexy Shae is stubbornly refusing to believe she can get wet indeed, only reading some sexy stuff in a public story.

Sexy Shae is a pilot in public, in private a personal fine friend from long love at long distance of ten hours.
Sexy Shae is som
... Continue»
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My First Cottage Experience Pt 2

Hello Again, apologies for my tardiness in continuing my story, hope you enjoy.

About a week had passed since I last visited the toilets where my Cottage Experience began, and I was on my bicycle again heading to the same destination. I had spoken to Terence on the phone, and he suggested we meet up for some more fun if I was up for it, so here I was, not knowing exactly what to expect, but incredibly horny at the thought of what could happen.

I arrived at the agreed time, and secured my bike, and headed into the toilets. As I entered I saw Terence and another black guy stood at the ur... Continue»
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Holiday sl**pover at my friends house

In the holidays i would have sl**povers with my best friend Dan.
Dan and i were 14 at the time. He moved to France with his parents the year before, which was a 10hour or more drive. So i was going to stay with him and his parents for a week as kind of a holiday in the winter.

Dan and i were very similar in appearance, only i was a bit taller. Both athletic boys and big for our age. We hadnt seen each other for most of the schoolyear, so we were exited to speak about our experiences etc.

After a long day of fun, sports and games we were going to set up my bed in his room. We set up a ... Continue»
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Older man Takes Young Woman

There a young, somewhat inexperienced girl who has been flirting with me all evening at some sort of party and I decide to call her bluff. I pull her into an empty room, pull her close to me, whisper in her ear asking her if she wants to feel me inside her. Playfully running my fingers down her neck, lightly tracing her nipple with my finger. She responds with a yes and I ask if she's ever fucked an older man. She says no. I can tell she's nervous. I ask if her pussy is wet and before she responds I run my hand up her inner thigh and brush my fingers across her panties. I can feel her wetness ... Continue»
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Slutty Sarah wins a wet t-shirt competition. She w

She’s back, boys, and sluttier than ever. In this true story she tells me how she took part in a wet t-shirt contest, won it and got herself fucked afterwards.

I saw her in a bar a few days ago and we started talking. Her friend had to leave, so Sarah and I sat with a drink or two. I asked her what she had been doing recently. I won’t bore you with the other things, so let’s get down to the wet t-skirt contest she entered.

She’d been on holiday to America, around Spring Break time and seen an advert for a wet t-shirt competition. She told me ‘I’ve always wished I’d had the courag... Continue»
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Stella's sudden surrender [6]

Stella tells Saskia and our dear readers every erotic dirty detail of that mighty memorable she submits to me.
She shows Saskia and you three tasty private pictures of her during the course of that day in several positions.
Saskia envies her as she listens with red ears, hotly hopes she can indeed come along with us soon to Spain.
Stella learn a lot in a single long lasting day, every erotic teasing trick in the big book of love she needs to know.

Stella's prays and begs me to stop in her first ever flogging

... Continue»
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Alessandra #1

Alessandra is appearing, first as a virgin still:
Alessandra is appearing, freshly as a woman:
Alessandra is appearing, first fountain found:
Alessandra is appearing, first in my comment there: "Alessandra same sound, see how very wet she gets!"

Alessandra is appearing here in private pretty photos and pictures of her pussy play in awesome action.
Alessandra is appearing in the only videos I upload, all of them showing h
... Continue»
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More Interviews With Cuckold Husbands

(Once again, this is an interview I conducted with a cuckold husband by the name of "James", not his real name, regarding his on-going experiences AS a cuckold husband. I thank him for the time he took to share his thoughts, and feelings regarding this very interesting lifestyle.)

I've asked this same question to a large number of cuckold men, so let me put it to, as well: Are you 'happy', and not just 'resigned' to being a cuckold husband?

After being cuckolded now for almost ten years, I'd say that, yes, I AM happy!

Not just resigned?

I think a certain resignati... Continue»
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Cousin Freda

Ted got a phone call. It was from his cousin Freda. She needed help. The furnace was on the blink, Ted felt sorry for her. Her husband was in the Navy and she was all alone.
"Who was that?" ask his wife.
"My cousin Freda, she needs help"
Ted drove to his cousin's apartment and she let him in.
"I didn't mean to bother you Ted but I didn't know who else to call" she sighed.
"That's ok, I am glad to help"
Ted looked at the furnace. The pilot light was out. He lit it and soon heat filled the apartment.
"Thanks Ted, I appreciate it" said Freda.
"Do you have a beer? ask Ted.
"Lots of it. J... Continue»
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Deep in Mommys Ass

My mother has always been afraid of Thunder Storms, especially at night. For as long as I can remember, whenever there was a storm my mom would come into my room and climb onto my bed so she wouldn't have to be alone. Early on we would cuddle up in each others arms and hold each other. But as I got older this innocent behavior soon stopped seeming so innocent. So mother eventually stopped holding me and settled for just lying face down on the bed next to me.

Mom may not have been very attractive, which is probably why she was seldom asked out, but having her laying next to me in nothing but... Continue»
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Anal Training

Sex between my husband and me was wild for a while but, as I think happens to most couples, life, k**s and finances wore us down and we returned to a normal once or twice on the weekend schedule. After my oldest started kindergarten, I started to work part time to help with the finances to at least reduce that part of the stress in our lives. Because I had an MBA, I was able to get a temporary jobs helping with end of the year audits at a well-known swimsuit manufacturing company.

My boss was a guy about twenty-five years old, five years younger than me. His name was Tyler, and he looked l... Continue»
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What Happened After Shayne Kissed His Mom

All characters and terms including ‘boy’ ‘lad’ and ‘girl’ refer to people age 18 and over.

Shayne was walking home from town with his mom. They’d been out having a drink. He didn’t make a habit of going out for a drink with his mom. She usually went out drinking with the boy’s dad, but this particular night dad had gone on a stag do. Shayne usually spent his Friday nights with his mates at some trendy nightclub but this particular night he decided to take mom out instead. He didn’t mind sacrificing his night out with his mates. When he told his mom he’d take her out she told him to stop b... Continue»
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Sarah the first time

My wife left me three years ago; obviously she said it was my own fault but I’m still not altogether sure why. She said that there was no one else involved but it wasn’t long before she was shacking up with another bloke. Jen had won custody of my daughter Sarah; I was only her step dad but she didn’t know that. As far as she was concerned I was her dad; she comes round to stay over the weekends a couple of times a month; she’s free to come and go anytime though really.

I have had sex with a few women since I have been on my own but mainly one night stands although one lasted a couple... Continue»
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Holiday with my Daddy, and other things.

My cousin Sara, and I were ages with each other. During the summers we played and adventured as one, and at night, be discovered our bodies, responded to each others proximity, in a sexual manner.

As girls we shared a room and a bed. Always sl**ping nude and wrapped up in each other, we slept with our legs entwined, our cunnies touching, as each of our fingers, touched one, we touched the other.

'Lesbian' was a word we never heard of, nor would we have understood its meaning, in a sexual sense, but we loved the warm we generated, and feeling total nudity gave us, the deep seated urge wit... Continue»
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Hardware shop

Friday afternoon need Ironmongers before they shut !!! On way there in the van a notice one very tidy woman going in size 14 \12 who knows size 5 shoe with 5" heels fu**ing super sexy fashion tights and fluffy jacket long dark hair nice , hanging about couple mins let her go first. On entering a find her trying to explain what she needed, young Sean behind the desk ( head less chicken ) trying to figure out what she means looks as confused as she explains, making way round the shelf's so I get a better look Sean suggests ii help"John please can you help" on approach I notice manicured nail's n... Continue»
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Fucking innocent black teen

As I was getting past 40 my sex drive was still very strong. Unfortunately my wife began to lose interest. I wondered if it was because of me or because of her. One way of finding out, and also getting the chance of a new sex life while there’s still some life in the old body, was to ask for a divorce.

I felt free and happy after the divorce, almost ten years ago now. Soon a female colleague of mine, a black woman from East Africa, suggested I’d meet a relative of hers, visiting Sweden, hoping to find a husband here.

To make a long story short (and maybe return with more details in anoth... Continue»
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A (Southern) Redneck At The Glory Hole

Dylan came from a Southern f****y who had a long (and shameful!) history of slave-ownership; going back nearly a hundred years before the first shots were fired on Ft. Sumpter. In fact, Dylan's father was a big supporter of David Duke, and several of his uncles had been card-carrying KKK members! So, no one in his f****y would have liked knowing that Dylan, beneath the Southern redneck drawl, and the KKK spiced language he occasionally utilized, was secretly attracted, sexually attracted to (and had been for quite some time, in fact, had been for nearly as long as he could remember), to BLACK ... Continue»
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A Boy and His Mother

This work is copyrighted to the author © 2012. Please
don't remove the author information or make any changes
to this story. All rights reserved. Thank you for your

A Boy and His Mother
by Jones (


Albert is a skinny 11-year-old and very unhappy and
unfulfilled. That is, until he discovers masturbation
and that he is flexible enough to suck himself off. One
night his single mother comes home d***k and... Continue»
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Frankenstein"s cock Monster

It’s been six month since I took my complete transformation to Katie Moon. I Left my life as Man behind since I became this hot sexy, tight body and big tits. I set up a trust fund for myself with my company! Lita and Kelly were very sad to see me go but they knew I had to. I’m now in northern Massachusetts. I have taken up work as an assistant to a Doctor Frank Stein. He is the leading researcher in trying to figure out how to reanimate dead tissue. He is also really hot.

Anyways this story isn’t about him. It’s about our sexual encounter. It all started one night after I left the lab an... Continue»
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the Boss's Daughter

A long day at the office and the boss extends a meeting at his house. It's not unusual just that we don't get paid for it. I do remember his beautiful house though and his hot daughter. His wife left when she was young was all I knew.

Anyway, I'm a senior designer for retail marketing and I can't miss the meeting. My name is Derrick, I'm 41, slightly married if you get the drift, running is how I keep myself fit. I'm 6", tight body, dark hair

We finally got there, me and my colleagues, men and women alike. A big group. He had a room set up for us with projections about the new project co... Continue»
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Mowing Mrs. Peterson's Lawn

Mowing Mrs. Peterson's Lawn

By billy69boy

My neighbor, Mrs. Peterson, lived down the block from me in a small house that had a secluded backyard. One summer she hired me to keep her lawn mown, as her husband was going to be away for most of the season. She was a very sweet person and always seemed cheerful, despite being on her own for long stretches of time while her husband flew all over the world as some sort of sales rep. She told me her cats kept her company and besides, she was a Registered Nurse and she worked full time at the local hospital.

I actually enjoyed walking ... Continue»
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We Sat By The Pool My Wife And I

We sat by the pool my wife and I. The sun bathing her body in the heat of the afternoon. The sweat beading up and trickling off her flat belly and pooling in her jeweled and pierced navel. I watched her lie there breathing thinking how it would effect all the young men around us if I were to pull aside the tiny 2 inch wide black band that covered her pussy. Exposing the most beautiful cunt God ever created. Neatly trimmed. The pouting large labia she had between her shapely firm thighs for all of them to see. I felt my dick stir inside my trunks. I let my eyes wander up her body. Her nipples w... Continue»
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Mom's Surprise

Mom's Surprise

edited by Cantankerous Cal (11/22/01)


How an accidental encounter led to a fulfilling night of
sex with mum, including oral and anal sex. It was late
autumn and despite football practice being well underway
I was home early as coach had cancelled team practice to
concentrate on the forward play.

As I came down the drive I saw that mom's car was not
there so she was obviously out somewhere. The house was
quiet, as I grabbed a glass of juice in the kitchen and
headed upstairs to take a shower.

Stripping off I dumped my clothes in the laundry
... Continue»
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Alexandra #2 [1]

Alexandra only is a little bit brighter bare in showing herself as often on the beach near Santa Monica in California.
Alexandra only is a little bit brighter in short blue jeans:
Alexandra only is a little bit brighter in the setting sun:
Alexandra only is a bit brighter in slow motion:

Alexandra only is a little bit brighter blue in showing herself immediate intimately as soon as I ask private photos.
... Continue»
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boarding schools are best!

The Meeting (Part 1)

The interview was with the Beardsley School for Girls, a school in Hampshire. Beardsley was similar to his last school, a place for girls from wealthy, prominent noble or rich families that did not have the credentials to get into the elite schools that their parents expected from them. Most of the girls' problems were social, not necessarily academic, the ones who, it seemed, rebelled against their parents. In order to maintain its accreditation, the school had to take in a number of "charity" cases: girls with similar problems but without the f****y wealth.
In fact, ... Continue»
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Warm Me Up

Cindy swore the howling winds got stronger the instant the house was thrown into total darkness. The winter storm was not letting up and now she had no electricity. She knew from experience the old house would cool down quickly, and then stabilize at some ridiculously cold temperature.

She fumbled in the kitchen for the candles and matches she stored just for this occasion. She placed one lit candle in the f****y room and another in the living room. Later, she'd take one to the bedroom with her.

It was times like this the forty one year old woman almost missed her ex-husband—the only tim... Continue»
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Not Gay On the Job Training

Everybody's got a first time story. Being a 33 year old divorced guy, I thought all my firsts were long gone. You know, my first blowjob, my first fuck, my first older woman, my first three-way; I'd had some good times but I figured the rest of my sex life would be pretty run of the mill. On the downhill slide you could say.

That is until I decided to become a porn star. Well, not exactly a porn star. I just needed to make a little money and I thought fucking on camera would be a stellar way to make some cash. I'm decent looking, I work out regularly, I'm not exactly porn-big, but I've got ... Continue»
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D***k wife driven home parts 1 &2

About six months ago on a Saturday night, my wife Dee went out with some girlfriends. She has always had girls night but it seemed that it had become more frequent in the last year. But I really didn't think twice when she mentioned it earlier in the week.
Without my asking, she stated that her and her friends Irene, Sandra, Vanessa and her b**stie Monica were planning to visit a local bar that had dancing on weekends. I nodded in agreement.

Saturday at around 7pm my wife was in the shower as I layed on our bed reading online. I started thinking about my wife's night ahead and began to f... Continue»
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Neighbor catches me plowing his wife

I've been in Dallas for almost a month, haven't made many friends yet and have been pretty lonely. I was walking into my apartment when my neighbor stopped me and said hello.

Her name was Beverly. She's in her late 40s and said she had lived in the same apartment complex for 5 years and watched many neighbors come and go over the years. When she offered me a beer I figured I would stay a while. She told me that she got lonely and I said I did too. She made a comment about a young stud like me should never be lonely.

For the hour we talked she made no mention of having a husband so w... Continue»
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sucking a sweaty grandpas dick

There was a 68 year old grandpa that wanted to fuck me but he couldn't because his f****y was always around. I was 22 at the time. He knew about me letting other grandpas fuck me and he told me that he wants to fuck me when he gets the chance. He would often work out in the field or he would take the sheep out to graze. He would pee and shit behind the barn and then I would be able to see his dick sometimes but I would have to leave because there was way too many people around. His balls were gigantic and his dick was flaccid but it was very thick, the head of his cock was nice and round, it w... Continue»
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Watching My Mother Having Sex..

This is a true story about my mom.

My mom's name is Celina; she’s 45 years old and has a body that any woman would kill for. Though she is old, she has a very firm body with lovely curves. She has a nice round butt, but her breasts are of average size. Her hair is just starting to grey, but she is very beautiful.

Once, I could not resist, I peeped into the bathroom to watch her shower. And I masturbated for days thinking of her beauty.

My mom is very forward with men; she has a lot of male friends and is good friends with most of my dad's friends too.

This happened some time ago. W... Continue»
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A pleasant walk in the country

Here's a little short but sweet, real life tail you might like.

We used to live in a quite part of Essex, near the Cambridgeshire border. As we were both living with our parents at the time, play-time of a sort, meant having to find different ways to enjoy ourselves. We couldn't really get up to much in our respective homes, which normally meant the odd squeeze of the breasts and nipples, tickling of the, "Bud", rubbing Scott's cock or some finger fucking quietly in our bedrooms. Never being able to scream once you reach orgasm (I'm quite load) was a real disappointment. 

When we did wa... Continue»
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EX-Wife Revenge

I got the shock of my life when I woke up one morning. I found out that my wife had walked out on me. A short note lay on the kitchen table telling me that she would not be coming back. And I had no idea that she had been unhappy with our marriage. I was devastated I thought we had the perfect marriage I started hanging out in bars and honky tonks. Then one night I ran in to my ex-wife she was dressed like a slut and acted like a whore, she came over to me and started talking about how she had changed into a sex pervert and that she liked to fuck men and women.

This made my cock very hard t... Continue»
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Cunt Caning Carnival - Chapter 1

As soon as Master told her that they were going to hold a cunt caning carnival Sheila knew that she was to be the cunt. There was no other possibility. she had no idea what the carnival would involve and there was no way that she could ask, but caning was clear enough.

There was no doubt that she was to be caned. How much? By whom? A carnival sounded more than just Master. How would she be caned? Was it just that she was the cunt to be caned or was her cunt going to be the object of the caning? Sheila shuddered as she considered it. The shudder was fear, excitement, anticipation, even dread... Continue»
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Message to Massage to more -- [2] Juicy Jenny

Message my Memory ... I sought so long, longing to re-read my sweet sexy seductive hort series of short stories.
Massage my Memory ... I thought for many months of key-words to use in this sites search engine which primitive.

Mysterious Memory ... I miss my my Miss, my slow soft seduction her Hot Horniness to offer ME her Holy Hymen.
Mistaken Memory? ... Horny hot sorry series of stories, where are Thou? -- Mighty Mouse: cute cat clicks, cuts cunt

She ha teased me, asking me to kiss her down her spine and up at the other side to kiss her mouth. I responded ... And suddenly she... Continue»
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Consoling grieving Mother

Consoling in strange circumstances
Consoling friend’s grieving mother

Life is more dramatic than drama

Chapter 1

t was Sunday early morning, hearing loud noises from the Hostel corridor, I came out of my room and learnt to my shock and surprise our classmate Mohan was found dead in his room, obviously committed suicide. An empty arsenic bottle and a suicide note were found besides the bed.

He hails from a wealthy rich landlord f****y, the only son of his parents and doing well in studies. He married six months earlier Madhusmita. No one could imagine th... Continue»
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Home Run- Friend preys on hot mom.

I had just gotten done with baseball practice and I was exhausted. It was a strenuous workout, and I was looking forward to getting a good night sl**p. My teammate Jeff dropped me off at the foot of the driveway. I could barely step out of his dodge pickup truck I was so sore. We had lost two games in a row, so our coaches were pissed off and made us run like crazy.

I told Jeff goodbye and limped up our short driveway. We had recently moved into a new subdivision where all of the houses looked like something you'd see in a Disney movie. It was some new trend that was happening in the area w... Continue»
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A New Experience

I've always been an adventurer. I love to try new things and challenge social norms. Since I define myself as bi-curious, I want to try new stuff but because of the social pressure in my hometown I couldn't find a chance. That's why usually when I travel to other countries I feel more free and up for new stuff. This is a story about my first proper homosexual experience.

I was traveling to some central european country when I was 20 years old. Met with lots of hot girls and had really good time. But I always was curious about being with a guy, sometimes when I masturbate I play with my ass ... Continue»
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Biography of a Bull: How It All Started

(Note: This is the first in what may turn out to be a lengthy series of 'interviews' covering the topic of 'interracial cuckolding.' In this first interview, I'll be talking with 'Jamal' (not his actual name) about how he got started in this extremely fascinating lifestyle. I wish to thank Jamal for his willingness to answer my many questions, which took place over a period of three months.)

I suppose my first question ought to be: How did you ever get started being a 'bull' for married, and I think that all were white married couples, seeking some form of cuckold relationship?

... Continue»
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Fucked by co-workers husband

I was visiting my co-worker from out of town and after dinner and one too many I stayed over in the guest room. We had been out earlier for dinner and everyone was dressed up, his wife wore the sexiest pair of fuck me heels and black stockings. I noticed the garter bumps on her dress when she sat down at the table with just brief flash of stocking top. We went back to their place and had a few drinks and I felt a bit buzzed. I got the occasional glimpse of stocking when she would get up or cross and uncross her legs which made me really hard. I went to the guest room and as I was drifting... Continue»
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BATAVIA BAR BOOK #3 unveils how I first met Sasza in the net in an enormously erotic foxy Facebook.
BATAVIA BAR BOOK #3 unveils how I secondly met her nice naughty sexy s!ster, our noice nun Natalia.
BATAVIA BAR BOOK #3 unveils how I thirldy met their tight tiny tit tough terrific tanatalising teasing tasty teen.
BATAVIA BAR BOOK #3 unveils how I was offered by them two tasty seductive s!ster to take her holy Hymen!

Sancta Sara is a Sanctuary in the hills of Upper Sexonia. The nunnery is supervised by sexy Sasha.
Sasha is Superior Mother to the few nuns and novices. First nu
... Continue»
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It was a Restless night.....

It was a restless night, you of those nights were the imagery in your mind keeps taunting your imagination.... I kept tossing and turning in the warmth of the soft breeze coming through my open window. Images of her sensual body laying next to me kept pulling at my imagination as I drifted in and out of my slumber. I could see her beautiful full breasts rising and falling with her every breath... her long hard crimson nipples taunting...I began to smell her sweet mind begging me to taste her once again... Fuck... I so didn't want her to control me in the darkness of t... Continue»
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