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Sex Education & Single Parents

Ron Taylor was walking down the hall toward his bedroom. It had been a long day. He was just passing Elly's room when he heard something that sounded like a moan. As a single parent for the last dozen years; he had always had a sixth sense when something was out of the ordinary.

He placed his ear next to Elly's door and now he definitely heard her groan as she sounded restless. He was concerned that perhaps she was sick. He slowly opened the door and as he did his heart froze.

Elly was on the bed with her nightie pulled up to her head and in fact was over her face. Her left hand was on h... Continue»
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Sex Education & Single Parents Part 2

This is part 2 of a story of taboo sex being discovered by some and encouraged by others. Stop here if that is a problem if not enjoy. Here is a link to Part 1

The next evening was the first opportunity that Elly and Ron got to talk.

"Honey, are you feeling ok?" He asked as they sat to watch TV.

"I'm feeling fine. Dr. Monica said I might be little tender for a day or two but that would be about it. I'm sorry I scared you last night." Elly said.

"Yeah I was scared but you looked terrified but I sup... Continue»
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Sex Education & Single Parents Part 3

This is part 3 of a story of taboo sex being discovered by some and encouraged by others. Stop here if that is a problem if not enjoy. Here are links to the earlier parts

The next day Ron picked Elly up from school. Neither of them had talked much since their mutual masturbation episode. Ron felt like he could no longer trust himself around her. In his mind he constantly saw her naked and fucking her pussy with her vibrator. Even ... Continue»
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Me and Mum watching tv

Mum and I have always been close, particularly since dad decided to run off. Mum was hurt at first, then the pain turned to anger. Surprisingly, though, the divorce that followed was amicable. Throughout that first six months I stayed as close to her as possible to be supportive. Even though she seemed ok I still didn’t want her to be alone.

Around nine o'clock one evening mum and I headed upstairs to her bedroom to watch tv as in was warmer up there,where I knew she would want to be. We switched the lights out and crawled onto her bed and lay there watching a film in the silence. The light... Continue»
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Sex Education & Single Parents Part 4

This is part 4 of a story of taboo sex being discovered by some and encouraged by others. Stop here if that is a problem if not enjoy. Here are links to the earlier parts

Ron was called into Monica's office where he found Elly already there.

"Hi Ron! Please come in and join us." Monica said as she closed her door.

"Is everything ok?" Ron asked as ... Continue»
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Taking My Daughter and Her Friend to Work for the

My wife decided to take our youngest daughter with her to a seminar she was going to. That left me with our oldest daughter Amy. Amy was in her late teens and quite a looker. Not that I really looked at her that way, but, she had inherited her mothers best assets.

At five foot four, with an exceptionally well structured female body, she looked much older. Her red hair, freckled face and hot teen body was extremely exotic. She had perky 34-B cup breasts, I knew this, because I always took the girls shopping. Her ass was just right, nice and firm and really looked good in either her bikini,... Continue»
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Sex Education & Single Parents Part 5

This is part 5 of a story of taboo sex being discovered by some and encouraged by others. Stop here if that is a problem if not enjoy. Here are links to the earlier parts

Ron followed Elly into the house and even as he did his mind returned to the instructions from his sexy neigh... Continue»
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Sex Education & Single Parents Part 6

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Sex Education & Single Parents Part 7

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Truth or Dare for the Conservative wife

Truth or Dare for the Conservative wife.

I always like to start with a little about myself, so here goes.
My name is Tina Jones; I am 48, married with two teenage lads.
I was a late starter in the sex department; I was 24, married at 25.
My husband being the only man I have known as sex has never been important to me throughout my life.
I am what you would suppose call a conservative wife and mother, always covered up, never one for showing too much cleavage or leg.
We have friends that moved away many years ago, we would take turns to visit each other; they had one son, the same age a... Continue»
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All about a Boy's lust

The boy was a typical teenager. Though in his last year of school, instead of worrying about what he would be doing next year in term of going to college or going out to work; ever since his hormones took over, most of the time, all he could think about was sex. In the last year, he had found that he was growing like a beanstalk and was rapidly approaching the six-foot mark. Though still thin, he was starting to fill out but not just his body. His cock had somehow turned from a small worm into a fat slug overnight. And that was when it was soft. Fully erect, it stuck out like some curved pole.... Continue»
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On the bus with mum

It was a warm day. Warm enough for me to be wearing shorts and a t-shirt. Mum was a wearing bright sundress that stopped about 5 inches above her knees. All day out shopping I had been catching glimpses down the front of it when she lent forward, as the top was low cut with a couple of thin shoulder straps. She had big creamy white breasts and her bra barely contained them.

We had finished the shopping and we made our way to the bus. We had to make a bit of run for it as it was already waiting at the stop. We managed to make it and I took the bags from mum while she paid for us. I wandered... Continue»
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A Happy School Life 3

I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Sweet innocent Heather, well not so innocent it would seem.

"What are you thinking?" I ask Heather, "and you?" I glare at Mr Edwards.

"You saw nothing here Josh!" He tried to tell me off, with a serious look on my face.

I burst out laughing, "oh I saw plenty Mr Edwards! I can't believe what I saw but I did!" I reply in disbelief, stepping into the classroom and heading over to my table where my book is. There was silence in the room.

As I head towards the door Mr Edwards spoke again but he was quieter and more timid "What are you going to ... Continue»
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First Time

I was always a shy boy, scared of girls and brought up in a strict Catholic household that held sex as the greatest sin ever, well sex outside of marriage in fact. So it was that I spent the first 19 years of my life in a sheltered environment. Although I had a guilty desire for such things. I did learn how to masturbate, self taught I should add, and really enjoyed it. I also found that I had a bit of a thing for looking at cocks in the toilets and sports showers.
I left school at 16 and became an apprentice Telephone Engineer, after my apprenticeship, and at the age of 19, I became a teleph... Continue»
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My Mother

My Mother

Introduction: This is a true story after years of watching my mother I was able to get her

It all started in 1968 when I came home from the navy.
A few years later I got married. She wasn't the greatest but she did in a pinch. We had this
apt. downtown and I was the manager of this little place. Only had 12 apt. but it was home.

My mother came to stay with us because she had lost her apt. We gave her th... Continue»
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Sex Education & Single Parents Part 9

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by samslam

"What happens in this apartment, stays in this apartment," my s!ster said, not meaning what I wish she had meant.

"What I mean is... I'm not going to change my lifestyle for you, okay?" Her tone softened slightly as she adjusted to my reaction. "If I want to bring someone into my bedroom, I will." She paused as if waiting for my agreement. I nodded so she went on. "If I want to parade around in my nothingness, I will. This was my apartment first." I didn't really expect her to parade around with nothing on but I wouldn't stop her if she wanted to. My... Continue»
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The wifes neice

So my wife's neice was having a bad day a few weeks ago and asked if she could come over and talk. I told her that her aunt was at work tonight. She says that's ok just wanted someone to talk to. So I told her I would be home in a few.

My wife's neice is a very pretty ssbbw. She is over 6ft. Very strong. Very sweet and a sexy voice. She is 19.

I get home and jump in shower to clean before she comes over. As I'm in the shower I hear something but figured it's the dogs. I get done walk out to the kitchen to grab a drink then to bedroom to get dressed. After I get dressed I com out to livi... Continue»
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The MILF Next Door 3

And stopped. For several seconds, I heard the outside world, but nothing else. Then... She closed the door. She still had her back to me.

"Ronnie, are you sure you told no one about this?" she asked.

"Yes, Mrs. Coleman. No one," I replied.

"And I have your word that you will never breath a word of this to anyone, even Amy? Especially Amy," she continued.

"Yes Mrs. Coleman. You have my word," I nodded.

"No one but us knows about any of this?" she added.

"No one, Mrs. Coleman," I smiled, hoping I was right about what she was thinking.

She rested her head against th
... Continue»
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Fucking my SIL....

For years I've fantasized about my SIL. She's pretty, not gorgeous or anything, but very pretty and she has a huge set of natural tits. She's always been very modest, one piece bathing suits etc. The first time I realized I wanted to fuck her was when she was pregnant for the first time...she was about 8 months pregnant and we went to her house to pick up something and she was wearing a gown type pajama. I quickly realized she wasn't wearing panties when she got up off the couch and flashed her beautiful pussy accidentally. She didn't notice I saw but I kept that image in my mind later than ni... Continue»
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Daughter cheats with BBC introduces Mom

My middle daughter who is 20 called me in such a state. I asked her what was wrong and she said she had been unfaithful to her boyfriend. He graduated this past May and got a job in Pittsburgh so they were in a long distance relationship. It had been bothering Nikki and she was having a difficult time with many boys trying to get her to go out with them especially a black guy at school.

She told me that she had finally decided to go out with the black boy dancing. She said she had a great time and when he brought her back to her apartment one thing led to another and they had sex. She said... Continue»
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A girl, a dog and two boys

A Girl, A Dog and Two Boys
by Gail Lewis (

A young girl is 'playing' with an excited neighborhood
dog when she is 'caught' by two high school boys.

It's a warm July afternoon and Kathleen Karashevik is
walking though the park near her Colorado home. She is
on the way back to her house after spending most of the
morning and part of the afternoon at her friend's house
swimming in her pool. She is cutting through the park to
a trail that leads through the woods to her
neighborhood, and is enjoying the warm summer day. There
are not very many people i... Continue»
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A young and old encounter

My name is Maggie, I am 19 years old, I have long legs, blonde hair down to my waist, and large breasts. I would like to tell you of an experience that happened to me not to long ago. You see, I used to help out an elderly o.a.p gent by getting his shopping for him. Well; one day I came back from the supermarket with his supplies for the week, and thought that he was out in the garden as I could hear someone talking outside. I just wanted to freshen up from my exertions in town, so I slipped into the bathroom, and to my embarrassment, there he was just drying his hair completely naked, the to... Continue»
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Bookstore Surprise!

One of my favorite adult bookstores was just outside of the town I grew up near. There were two of them, one on each end of town. This was the one that was most active [usually] and, I considered it the best. There was a low end motel across the road…no big surprise there and, another about two miles away. It – this bookstore - was the cleaner of the two choices and, if you’re gonna spend part of the night on your knees, a cleaner floor is a good thing…

Bookstore surprise.

This one seemed to have a better range of clientele; teachers and other professional people went there. I’d ... Continue»
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My wife's s*ster

My first attempt at a story. Please don't be too harsh...

We knew that things hadn't being too well between my s****r in law and her husband but it was still a surprise the day he left her. While my wife and her s****r were very close, I didn't really know her that well as we weren't a particularly close f****y.

It was the first time Karen had been alone after many years of marriage and her ex had done nearly everything, so she was in real need of help and support. My wife, Laura, asked me to go round and do odd jobs for her and to help her sort her finances. They had been mid way throug... Continue»
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Sex Education & Single Parents Part 8

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My Vacation With Mom Part 1

I had been waiting nearly six hours before they announced the arrival of my mother's plane. It was late, it was hot, and I was tired, and the last place on earth I wanted to be at the present time was the San Fernando airport. My flight from New York had come in earlier, and rather than take the long cab ride to the resort, then have to come back to meet her, I figured I'd just stay at the airport. Of course, her flight was delayed. And delayed. And delayed. At last, I saw her as she entered the terminal.

It had been over a year and a half since I'd seen mom. With me in New York and the re... Continue»
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Making Mom Happy

Making Mom Happy
He was sitting on the couch playing Madden 2005 on Playstation 2. His 18th birthday was last week and the game was a gift from his parents. He had been playing it nonstop since he got it and was now in the Super Bowl playing against the Green Bay Packers with the Pittsburgh Steelers. He was trailing by five points and needed a big defensive play to keep his hopes alive. On the next play, he got what he needed. Joey Porter intercepted a pass and returned it to the Packers’ 35 yard line. He heard a door slam and keys crash onto the table. Turning to look at ... Continue»
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A Love Fulfilled

Helen heard moans coming from her son's room, she began to get concerned and decided to peek in and see if her son was ok. Helen walked to her son's door and pushed it open just enough to peek in and gasped in surprise at what she saw. Her son was laying on his back on his bed, naked, his eyes shut and stroking his hard cock. Helen stood in the doorway unable to take her eyes from her son's hard penis. She was locked in a trance watching as his hand slid up and down his cock. She knew she shouldn't be watching but she had been without a lover for years. Her husband had run off when her son was... Continue»
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Must Love Dogs

okay so ive been having sex with dogs since I was young.

my aunt (I love her, she lives with us now) used to be a callgirl, and has all kinds of stories, but she told me about making love to a****ls

my aunt had three dogs and she fucked them regularly. she had a dog named Max. he was a great dane. he was enormous! there was billy, the mastiff, a big silly funny thing. and there was a St. Bernard named Wolf. he was the really a big push over, and he loved everybody

when I was young, my aunt would tell me stories. not long after that, she let me watch her with her pups, and soon thereaf... Continue»
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My Wife the Model Slut

When I first met my wife she was very reserved mainly
due to her catholic upbringing. We also live in New
Zealand which can be a very conservative country.

My wife is a very beautiful lady who is tall with a nice
proportioned figure with large firm boobs. I often
caught guys staring at her. Slowly she came round to the
fact that she turned guys on and they loved looking at

She was starting to become a real cock teaser after
about 2 years of marriage cause she knew it turned me

She started to come out of her shell and become more and
more open with her sexual... Continue»
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Meeting the Neighbour

It was mid-morning and I was just arriving back home from the shops, as I got out of my car and started to walk towards my house I heard a soft female voice call out “Excuse me, excuse me” I looked up and there was the lady from number 9 walking towards me. We hadn’t really ever spoken before just the usual neighbourly acknowledgements and even then, it hadn’t been for long as we had only moved in a few months ago. She introduced herself as Jane and then asked if our electric was off? I opened the door and flicked a switch to check, the light came on there was no problem. Jane then went on to... Continue»
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Who Knew Renting out my Extra Bedroom would be so

This story is inspired by the an article I read about the online home rental business.

A few years ago the wife asked for a divorce. I had seen it coming. We still cared for each other but love just wasn’t there anymore. After the fairly amicable split, I just needed a change. I sold some stuff, quit my job and moved to Miami (well, not too far from it anyway).

I found a nice three bedroom place for rent a few miles from the ocean. I have a screened-in pool in the backyard, a nice patio, decent kitchen, etc. I set-up a home office in one of the bedrooms and used the other for vi... Continue»
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In the Bath with Mum

I hear comments constantly about the short comings that go with being raised by a single parent , and I can't for the life of me determine where these know-it-alls get their information. I qualify as one of those poor unfortunate victims ( NOT).

In my case, my parents split up a long time ago because they couldn't get along with each other. c***d custody was not an issue; I'm 17 years old and at the local university. One of the main issues for the divorce was that my mum was more successful than my dad, and he was too macho to accept that fact. I'm sure they had other differences leading u... Continue»
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Once You Go Black ...

I was a 40 year old woman with a very successful husband, Bob, and two girls, 18 and 16, when my saga started, and it has been going on for three years. I love my husband very much but at that time our sex life had been reduced to about once every two weeks or so. I love the closeness of our sex but I sure wished we did it more often. Then a very fortunate thing happened to change all that.

I was driving in our town about ten miles from where I live and suddenly the car heated up and red lights came on. I was almost directly across the street from an auto parts store and so I stopped and en... Continue»
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Mum's Help with her panties.

A small gasp escaped from my mother as she stood in the doorway with her hand over her mouth. She had just opened my bedroom door and was surprised to find me sprawled on my bed with my extremely hard cock in my hand. More to her surprise, I had my hardness wrapped in the pair of white nylon panties she had worn yesterday. I had just pilfered them from her hamper and was having a grand time trying to pump the dirty musky crotch full of my 1... year old nuts.

I lay there like deer caught in headlights, staring at her beautiful 44 year old face, my turgidness deflating rapidly in her nylon pa... Continue»
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A Happy School Life, Part 4

Last night was a great success I thought to myself as I lay in bed. I checked the time on my phone and it was just after half nine. I had work at the store today but didn't need to be there till eleven. I decided to kill some time and phoned Marc, after a few rings he answered;

"Sup man?" I asked

"Nothing much b*o just getting ready to head out." He says down the phone.

"Where you off too like?"

"Mums dragging me to see ma nan, fun times I know!" He complained.

"So what happened last night??" I a little excitably asked.

"Aww man it was amazing!!" He perked up "she wanted to s... Continue»
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My Little s****r's New Job Part 2

Hey guys, I’m home. Anybody here?”

The front door of my house slams shut and I hear keys hitting the table. Normally I wouldn't care for my mother’s arrival but this time I panic, I was balls deep in my little s****r and was just about to bust a nut. My mother is walking around downstairs probably taking off her shoes and going through the mail before going to her room to undress. I completely forgot she was coming home early and I blame my s****r for it. She’s such a hot fuck for a teen girl, my little redheaded sex slave that I've been fucking for almost a year. I have to finish off a... Continue»
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Shopping Spree with s****r in Law

“I would really value your opinion,” I said. My s****r-in-law looked at me in thought and said, “Well, tomorrow after work, I can meet you at that store, where is it again?” Very happy to hear this, I told her where it was and we agreed to talk after she was done with work tomorrow. I reminded her that I didn’t want my wife to know that I received help and to keep it hush hush. She agreed and we parted ways. I could not contain my excitement and as soon as I got into my car, I began to laugh to myself in a giddy sort of way.

I had been passing this store for a few years now to and fro... Continue»
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You're My Bitch Now

Chapter One

Rick stifled a yawn. He had just come off a double shift on the IT help
desk at the company where he worked and he was dog tired. It was a
thankless job; he was constantly being yelled at by executives so inept
he wondered how they managed to switch on a kettle. They possessed a
seemingly infinite capacity to screw up their computers, and then blame
it on the equipment, the network, or more frequently, Rick. The help
desk had acronyms for these idiots, such as PEBKAC - Problem Exists
Between Keyboard And Chair, or Rick’s favourite, FBPC - Fuckwit Behind

To be hone... Continue»
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Sarah's farm adventures pt2

Part 2: Curiosity

This part took place sometime in May, I was sure of this because I had seen the flowers blooming and the crops were at their peak for the season. I also recall summer being near, due to the warmer weather and I had just turned fortein a few weeks back. I still seemed to be very much addicted to masturbation, and for a while I had thoughts of what it would be like to have sex frequently crossing the back of my mind whenever I did it.

You see... At the time I had only heard of the pleasures men and women experience during sex. I knew it felt something like when I touched... Continue»
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I can't believe I am writing this but I felt I had to because if I can become enslaved to black cock anyone can. I was about as conservative as they come, raised properly in the chritian faith, and active in the church and well versed in the sinful ways of the unrighteous and looked down at the immoral ways that society has turned. Thats all changed now and Im one of them and loving it. Billy Joel was correct when he said he would rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints. This my story.

I'm 34 years old, married and have 2 beautiful girls and lived what is considered to be a h... Continue»
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******VERY TABOO*******

Matt was just fifteen the first time he fucked his younger s****r. It started as he walked by his mom and dad's room and the door was ajar and he watched them fucking. His dad was licking his mom's cunt as he twisted on her nipples then the dad pushed his cock deep in mom's fuck hole and fucked her hard as she moaned and said harder. Matt's cock was rock hard and he went into his s****r's room and pulled the covers back and pulled her gown up and her panties off and he began to lick her pussy and push his tongue in her cunt. She did not stop him and he then got on to... Continue»
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My Mother (part 2)

My Mother (part 2)

It was about 1978 after I divorced my daughter's mother. I was without a
place to live and had custody of my daughter.

My mother said we could stay with her because she was alone and had the
room. She had a small two bedroom place. She said we could put my daughter
in the one room along with a twin bed for her to sl**p in. She gave me her
room with the queen bed.

Most nights it was the same old thing take care ... Continue»
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Growing Pains

I wrote this story a few years ago. Sadly, it is just a story, a fantasy.
I think I posted it on XHAMSTER at the time, under a different (fake) username, but I can't remember. Anyway, I thought it deserved an audience instead of languishing on my laptop.


I was ten years old when I first became aware of my older s****r’s interest in what I had between my legs.

As very young c***dren, we had bathed together in total innocence, our genitals so unformed as to be almost unnoticeable. But as she had gotten older (she was my senior by four years), Mom had taken to bathing and dressi... Continue»
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Deb my horny coworker

A friend of mine wrote a story on here about a sales conference he had gone to and his experience. He encouraged me to share it with all of you. I had not thought about Deb for a long time, but his story got me thinking about her. Sorry for the long story the end is worth it

A fw years ago, I was involved with a direct marketing company, where we sold items at home demonstrations. The sales f***e was comprised of 98% women. I know, sounds sort of feminine. I can assure you, I am not feminine at all, as a matter of fact, I did quite well in my little business. I out sold ¾ of the women in my... Continue»
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My little b*****r

Names have been changed to keep privacy.
Hi my name is Brenda.I was23 years old when this story took place 5 feet 4 inches tall long brown hair an I am in my 4rth year of college. I have 3 younger b*****rs.
This story starts when i was on my winter break.
I went home to spend time with my f****y my next younger b*****r was moved out maried .
Doug was 18 he was still in High school and Jeff was 6 years younger than Doug.
Anyway like i was saying iI was home an this incident took place one friday night when my parents and Jeff was away on a weekend trip.
Doug stayed home and I just didnt... Continue»
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New Town and My First Stud Lover

Back then times were great. I was 26 years old, just landed a nice paying, easy job at the local lumber mill as a scale operator, and I was a lot like any other 26 year old American male. A healthy appetite for young ladies, and loved the local bars, and playing the bar sports. I also worked out, and unlike my small home town, the new one had a nice fitness center with an indoor pool, and the whole nine. I joined up, and started working out, and in about the third week there my life changed. Mitch was the local tennis pro at the club, and he also coached tennis at the high school, and he also ... Continue»
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You're My Bitch Now Chapter 2

Chapter Two

Except, that's not how life works. Rick walked into the kitchen where
Chris was eating breakfast.

Chris said, ‘Hi, Rick, sl**p well? No bad dreams I hope?’

Rick nearly choked as he remembered the dream he had about Kittie last
night, and as he looked at Chris, all he could see was Kittie stroking
her cock.

‘You alright?’ Chris said as he munched a piece of toast. ‘You look a
bit pale, are you coming down with something?’

‘No, no, I'm fine,’ mumbled Rick.

It was Saturday, and both of them had the day off. Chris looked up and
said, ‘Fancy doing something togeth... Continue»
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Kelly and Max

Kelly and Max

Kelly comes home from school and ends up with more
than just petting from her friendly f****y pet.

It was a hot June day and Kelly had just got in from
school, she was welcomed by her pet dog max who jumped
up at her as she came through the door.

Kelly fussed with him before she let him out into the
garden, he came running back inside after a minute and
followed Kelly into the kitchen.

Helping herself to a coke and a biscuit she threw a
piece to Max and then went upstairs to her room.

Kelly opened the windows and pulled the curtains... Continue»
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