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It Began at the Doctor's Office

Jack, get ready! The appointment is in ten minutes," Leah called up to her son's room.

While Leah waited for her son, she took a look in the mirror. She was critical of herself, but she had to admit that she looked good for 40 years old. She had red hair, a big bright smile, and rosy cheeks dusted with freckles. Her ample breasts created a substantial shelf, and her loose flannel shirt hung down over her small round belly. Her tight jeans hugged and accentuated her toned thighs and butt.

"You coming?" she yelled again.

Jack rolled out of bed, cursing his mom for making a doctor's ap... Continue»
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My day off:

I have a rather odd work schedule and once a month I have a Friday off from work all to myself while the k**s are at school and the husband is at work. Sometimes I just stay at home and relax, sometimes I go shopping, but this most recently I went to get my nails done and then decided on a whim to go get a small tattoo touched up at a local parlor by an artist who had done work for me before on my back.

I shoot the tattoo artist a message and ask if he has any open spots and tell him what I am wanting. He said he happened to have a cancellation and that I could stop in at any time and he... Continue»
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Just fucked my VP of HR story and pics

SEPT 27 2016 Just busted a huge nut up in my 52yo VP of HR. I've always just wanted to see how that pussy was. A gallery with some pics of her are on my page please view them. Here's what happened.

We are in Chicago the next 4 days interviewing candidates for the Chicago office. She and I ended up at lunch to discuss a few interviews and share our notes. Halfway through lunch she gets a text or email on her phone and is clearly pissed after reading it. I see her whole demeanor has changed and ask whats wrong. At first she says she doesn't want to talk about it then tells me that her h... Continue»
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My new cuckold wife 1st fuck backstory to video

This story takes place Vegas Wed Oct 5th 2016 at Aria hotel Casino. This is the back story to the Video "My New Cuckold Couple 1st fuck video". Its best if you read this then watch the video.

I just finish work and go to my room wash up and go to the tables and play blackjack. I have a hour and 45min until my poker game starts. So I start playing and I'm sitting in the 5th spot out of 6. To my left in the last spot is this bad bitch who looks Colombian with a huge rack and beautiful face and great thighs that I can see as she is sitting down. I want her which is why I sat at this spo... Continue»
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Caught Shaving

Caught Shaving

True Story

My Norwegian wife, Karoline is the stereotypical Scandinavian blond bomb shell, great body, sense of humour, just pure sex on legs. Her 18 year old daughter, Astrid is an absolute stunner. With long shapely legs, an unblemished firm body, she is a mirror image of my wife 20 years ago. No guys, I was never been tempted to touch. Look yes, touch no. Sex with my wife is so great I wouldn’t jeopardise our relationship for an attempt that is sure to fail. I’m twice Astrid’s age and she is fighting off younger more hansom guys, richer and probably with bigger equipm... Continue»
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Gran, Pat and ME

Several years ago…13 actually, my grandmother started me on the road to perversion in a direction I had never thought of before. It all started innocently enough right after my divorce from my first wife and… well here is what happened.


Gran called me and said that her friend Pat was going to be calling and needed some help. I remembered Pat. Growing up, Pat had often gone on vacation with Gran while Grandpa Jim was off making his fortune. Pat was more my parents age and I always thought she was just a fox!... Continue»
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Will and his mothers trip to the Ryder Cup

Wills lucky adventure with his Mum Chapter 1

Will was suffering another boring day at work when he received a call from his father. He informed him that the planned trip to America his father had planned for his mother was in jeopardy as his father had to work, despite booking the time off a number of months ago. He asked Will if there was any way he could take his father’s place on the trip in place of him and all expenses would be covered by his father.
As Will had always fancied his mother, even to the extent of secretly filming her in the shower, he jumped at the chance. Not only was i... Continue»
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My favorite sitter.

When I was quite young, my Mom wouldn't leave me at home without a sitter. She got this young college girl from the neighborhood to stay with me on weekend nights so she could go out partying with her friends. I thought I was a big boy and could stay by myself, but she wouldn't have any of it.
Anyway the girl watching me was named Heather. She didn't really look like an adult but Mom trusted her because she was really mature and trustworthy.
We usually got pizza delivered, watched tv, and I usually fell asl**p on the couch with her next to me, and wouldn't remember anything until, she woke... Continue»
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In the field.

When i was younger and hadn't quite hit my teens yet i used to enjoy going out by myself in the nearby farmers fields and masturbating in the open air, being naked outside was always a turn on and the thought of someone watching made me unbelievably horny.

One morning i'd made my mind up to go out, get naked and play with myself in one of my favourite spots not too far away so i wandered down the lane and jumped the big white fence into the fields. i wandered a while till i found my spot just off a footpath and made my way just inside a group of trees, i stripped off slowly feeling the air ... Continue»
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My Second Bi-Encounter With An Older Guy

After my first bi experience i didn`t really know how i felt about what actually happened, but knowing that if i met up with dave again i could at least get another human being to touch my cock made it very tempting to meet up with him, especially as girls that i knew were not giving out.

I was o.k Sunday/Monday going about my business but by Tuesday i was thinking about daves big cock and how he could help me out, and then by Friday i was thinking all sorts, how it would feel to be touched wanked, sucked by another guy and even fantasised about returning the favour, to the point i ended ... Continue»
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The peeping tom

(Fictional story)

I was 18 at the time, sitting at home doing my homework for math, who I had the WORST teacher for; Mr. Mason. Old, and mean but that's not the point. I let a sigh out from being so frustrated
"If he would just teach correctly I wouldn't have issues doing it myself" I say to myself in a fit of rage.
"Whatever I'll take a break" I say picking up my laptop and logging on.
"But what could keep my mind off stupid math? Hmmm.. Facebook? Noo.. not enough.. OH! I know!! Porrnnn" Now for everyone wondering. YES girls like porn. But me, I lovvveee porn!! Funny seeing as I'm ... Continue»
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Dog Sitting Boner

I work at a large bank in the accounting department and we had a new employee join us and she looked really nervous so I tried to befriend her and help her adjust and fit in with everyone. I took her around and introduced her to all my friends at work and had her join our hen fest at lunch to listen to everyone’s gossip and news. She seemed nice and had just moved to our city but she was kind of vague as to why she left home just saying that she needed to move from her parents because of personal reasons and this was the only job that paid enough for her to be on her own she could find. While ... Continue»
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It Began at the Doctor's Office Ch. 02

Leah knew that they needed groceries, but she was overcome with exhaustion. All she wanted to do was drive home and curl up in bed for an afternoon nap.

She parked in the garage and went in the house. Her son followed behind her.

Before heading upstairs, she wanted to touch base with her son. She needed to make sure he was able to deal with everything that happened that morning.

"I'm exhausted. Come on upstairs with me, honey, and let's talk things over quickly before I lay down."

He followed behind her to her bedroom. He remembered with a pang of guilt that her bedroom was planted... Continue»
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Watching A Mom and Her Danny boy.

Watching A Mom and Her Danny boy.

***This is a work of fiction that is taboo****

If you are not REALLY into Taboo, then please do us both a favor and skip this. This story is based loosely on a role play that I shared with another person on here not too long ago. I cannot emphasize enough that this is FICTION and that I am writing it because they wanted to know how my mind would work the specific elements they gave me into a story.


I hoped that I had not just wasted $60. Abbey had seen me in the adult store looking at a magazine on f****... Continue»
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Mom's Kisses

Part 1

"I'd really like to give you something extra special
for your 18th birthday," said Mom, as we stood in the
kitchen in the early evening, "but I don't know what."

Well, I could think of something extra special that I
would like to have my mother give me, but I wasn't
foolish enough to say it. For years, ever since I had
begun to have the slightest inkling of what sex was, I
had had a tremendous craving for Mom's big luscious
body. Thousands of times I had fucked her and licked
her and fondled and kissed every part of her anatomy in
my fantasies, spilling gallons o... Continue»
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Panty Fetish

My husband is more than 10 years older than I, and a whole lot more experienced sexually.
I had heard stories from a co-worker who was dating him at the time and years later found out for myself.
Although I am still not as kinky as him, He is slowly bringing me around to things I would never have done before...
You know, like posting nude and sexually pics and videos on the internet for strangers to masturbate to.

This brings me to my first story, and this one relates to the panty fetish. It started with him taking a pair of my dirty panties with him on an out of town trip for work. I t... Continue»
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Making Mom Happy

Growing up on the outskirts of Philadelphia, Graham had always looked forward to spending the summer at the beach with his f****y. The Jersey shore may mean big hair and Guidos everywhere else but for him it meant the boardwalk and miniature golf, pure f****y fun. Ocean City, Wildwood and Cape May were indelibly burnt into his c***dhood memories. However, this year it looked grim for any f****y fun.

Sitting on the couch, the evening news played in the background as he ran things over in his head. His father had told him over his winter break from college that he was divorcing his mother to ... Continue»
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Fist time Bisexual experience

I can't believe that I, the consummate heterosexual male, am writing to you about something that I never would have thought even remotely possible.

I am married (happily) and enjoy a great sex life with my wonderful wife. We do all the "normal" sexy things that two people of the opposite sex can do together. We have even gone so far as to have sex in the car while driving (oral only, thank you), and had intercourse in a public park at night, and a few other risky activities, but never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that I would have done anything with another guy.

My wife and ... Continue»
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Kimmie & Tim, OUR life together womb to prese

Hi, Kimmie and I have written our story before on here but it has vanished some how.
Please have patience with this first part of our story. We want to give you the background
information that will make the followup sections of our life much easier to understand and
enjoy what is told. The "juicy" stuff that everyone on here enjoys will be in the later parts.
We are going to attempt to retell what our joint life has been like, be it the GREAT times
or the really bad times. At this present time we are approaching our 28th birthday.
Our parents and f****y are the very best. Kimmie and... Continue»
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Pub car park gangbang for my slut wife

My wife is an attractive, mature, busty blonde. She's size 12 and 5'6" tall. She wears stockings and suspenders, short skirts and high heels when she is feeling horny and has the kind of slutty look which most men seem to find attractive. We were both feeling horny one evening recently so I told her to dress to please and we went to a local pub to see if she could pull.

We sat in an alcove by ourselves and were looking out onto an area of the bar. Nothing much happened for a while but then 3 men came and stood by the bar and carried on drinking there after their beer was served to them. My ... Continue»
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The Gardener

By the summer after my sophomore year, I was getting to be pretty experienced with other guys. With my mom working nights, I was used to having the run of the house. I would come home from school, finish up my homework, eat some dinner, and be free to entertain myself however I saw fit. Aside from the occasional trip down the street to my neighbor's house, my evenings typically consisted of movies, video games, and profuse masturbation. Sometimes I would jack off 3 times in an evening, while other times I would abstain to save up a bigger load of cum. Regardless, I would usually end up na... Continue»
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My Mother in Law's 40DDD

My mother in law she is 5ft 2 about 140 pounds very good looking blonde I have always wonder about her boobs I will see her in clothes and could tell she was busty but hide them under clothes.She came over to our house to go swimming with the grandk**s I was in the pool and she walk out I about drowned when I seen her walking to the pool her boobs where bouncing everywhere in her swimsuit.I watch her get into the pool and swam over to us all I could do is look at her massive cleavage her tits where so dam full and wide.I was thinking to myself where the hell did they come from I new she was bu... Continue»
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Tammy Goes Black After the Prom - Part II (Tammy&#

Tammy Goes Black After the Prom – Part II (Tammy's version)

My husband is a great guy and I love him very much. He uses his seven and a half inches pretty well so he's not too bad in bed. He's a good provider, husband, father to our daughter and he farms. We have sex sometimes once a week and most of the time he satisfies me unless I have something else on my mind. Sometimes when we would be having sex he would ask me if I would like to try a black cock and I would always tell him no. That I was fine without it, but I think he would have that on his mind while we were screwing because he wo... Continue»
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Taking advantage of a girl and first cumshot

I hit puberty hard! Subsequently doing some highly immoral things in terms of peeking touching etc. The stuff i feel worst about is groping when going through puberty - i couldn't keep myself away from spying or groping

My first was pretty intensive, when i was about xx, my girlfriend at the time was a year older and came to my house with her mate one night when my parents were away. I had fancied this girl for ages and all i had glimpsed was an amazing camel toe one night when we were both clubbing, i had fantasised about her body so much. She was hammered and could barely stand. We had to... Continue»
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Thirteen Inches

My name is Brenda Shynes and I’ve been married to my husband for about three years. We’ve known each other seven years and we’ve never had a single argument. It seems like the relationship that people say doesn’t exist but, we have no issues. With us being so highly attracted to each other, I assume that makes it easier, as well as both of us being kind and easy going. I have no problem satisfying him in every perverted way he’s ever thought of, and vice versa. I swear I love him with all my heart and I would never trade him for anything, but one day last year I made a mistake. I was caught of... Continue»
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Graduation Party

It was my high school graduation party. All of my f****y and friends were there and we were really enjoying ourselves. It was also one of the first times I had been allowed to drink, and I was really taking advantage of that. I mingled and socialized with my f****y friends, men and women who had watched me grow up from a young girl. There were a couple of my father's friends who kept inviting me back to chat more and give me more elongated hugs and congratulatory kisses on the cheek. I didn't mind and chalked it up to them just being excited for me.

Fast forward several hours into the party... Continue»
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Masturbation in the woods

I've done this on and off this since I was a teenager. I started almost as soon as I discovered masturbation. I enjoyed the mixed feelings of pleasure and fear of doing it outside; the idea of it being doubly naughty. Originally I would masturbate when I walked the dogs. I lived in a semi-rural area near woods and open countryside. We also had a local country park and were surrounded by managed forestry so there was plenty of scope. I remember so clearly the first time I did it naked. I'd set off from the house as usual to walk to school but instead went through some woods to the edge of t... Continue»
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The REST Of The Story: Watching a Mom and Her Dann

The REST Of The Story: Watching a Mom and Her Danny Boy

Many of you have asked about me waking up with my s****r after having a perverted dream of a man watching a woman deflower her son. What would have led up to that? What happened with the s****r? Give us more!!!

So this is the story AROUND the story. It tells you what was running through my mind to seed my imagination with such taboo thoughts. It also then tells of what happened then with my s****r… At least some of it!!!


My s****r and I fooled around as we grew up. I am two years older than she i... Continue»
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Cultural Barriers

Story by Alhena

Mala is a 21 year old Jordanian Muslim woman that moved to the United states a year ago. She moved to a place that was generally quite suspicious of Muslims. Her f****y decided to move to the mountains of West Virginia; where she attended college while her father worked as a paralegal and her mother worked as a housewife.

Mala believed that the true reason people anywhere were suspicious of outsiders was because they refused to assimilate into t... Continue»
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Sex Survey: Females Firsts [1]

I invite all my fine female dear readers to respond to this sweet sexy survey of their first time erotic experiences.
I take my inspiration from a very successfull short blog, in terms of the ever growing number of responses it gets.
I try to be a bit more precise in my private intimate inquiry, stating several sets of questions related to this subject.
I hotly hope we will get to read loads of cunning comments from warm women wanting to share some sexy secrets!

I often wonder how much women differ in erotic experiences, some start early, lots of them sometime in their teens.
I... Continue»
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Sucking my PC engineers cock

My husband has written a few of our naughty adventures on his profile, but he hasn't been on here in ages. So thought I would have a go and tell you what I did last week :)

Our office isn't a busy place, we only have four girls and one guy works there, and my desktop pc has been really slow and backing up everything on a night. So we had to get a pc engineer to come and service it, and remove stuff that we didn't need in the hope it would help.
We use the same company we have always used, and the guys are really helpful.
The pc engineer they sent to us was a new guy, never seen him before... Continue»
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Mother In-law Helps Out

Shortly after I turned 32 my wife and I found out that
she was pregnant with our first c***d. We had lived on
our own for a few years, and we lived pretty far from our
parents. We had a decent sized house, since I had a good
job, but with myself working full time, and her being
tired all the time from the pregnancy, there was no way
for us to keep the house up to where it needed to be. And
she didn't feel like cooking either, and one can only
live on so many pizzas.

We both realized that something needed to be done, but I
didn't make enough to hire a housekeeper, especial... Continue»
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Bighairyharleybiker Road Trip. part 1

I have spent a few hours (probably days) reading these stories and recently thought people may enjoy reading about a few of my experiences. To start off with I’m no writer but I do my best to use spell check punctuation and complete sentences, but you may find a mistake or two.

A little about me, I’m no wonder stud! Just an old biker. I’m 50 with a belly, shaved bald head long beard and an average cock. I can’t “pound” a woman for hours, but I will always make a woman cum before I do and I live to eat pussy.

I hope to tell so of my biker experiences that I have lived, these are real st... Continue»
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Mai, StepMother

Little Jimmie!"

Twenty year old James Middleton ignored his stepmother's call. He had one more kill to make on his X-box game and he could advance to the next level.

"James Middleton! I know you can hear me!"

James groaned loudly, put down his controller and stood. He knew when his stepmother called him by his first and last name she meant business. He left his room and walked slowly toward the kitchen.

"Yes, Mai?"

Her voice softened. "It's been ten years since your father and I married. And you still won't call me 'Mom'. Why?"

James glared at the small oriental woman standin... Continue»
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How my wife rescued our sex life

I met my wife while I was serving in the National Guard. She was the best friend of my best friend’s wife. His wife insisted on setting me up for a date for me with Jen. From that first blind date, I knew I wanted Jen more that anyone I had ever met in my life. I fell in love with her red hair and her green eyes and her fantastic body. Short and petite with just the right size tits and ass. She was a work of perfection. She was so deliciously beautiful. I was under her spell from the very start. I always thought that she was a little overly serious about her Southern Baptist religion, but I co... Continue»
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]The Last Weekend before School Sample

The Last Weekend before School Sample

This work is a fictional story, and is intended for the enjoyment of adults only. This is the beginning of a new story….be sure to look through My List for all the other parts. Also, check out my other stories which will be posted soon.

--------- Chapter 1
Early Friday Evening
Pamie and Billy wrestling……

The last weekend of Summer had Kim feeling good; school would be starting on Monday….Yeah! She hadn’t waited to the last minute to prepare for the first day of school like she had so many times before….she had their schoo... Continue»
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My First b**st

It was 9:30 am, and I had to go home to get some papers I’d left there. I entered quietly, because I didn’t want to wake Scott. Exactly why I didn’t want to wake him was a mystery to me: we had been dating for several months, and he’d moved in with me a couple of months back. He had been looking for a job since I’d known him (except for a short-term stint helping a friend out with his yard business), but he didn’t rise early enough to find one, it seemed to me. He assured me that these days, everything is done online, and he was really busting his ass to find work, but it was really hard since... Continue»
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Spying more hot neighbours undressing - part 2

New property

I realised I was a voyeur at a young age and ever since have been chasing those fleeting glances of ladies changing or slipping a nipple. The rush from a new 'spot' is incredible!

We moved house recently to a spot with potential, my attention has been focused on the houses to the back of the garden with some success until I got busted by one of the neighbours (no consequences yet but I am pretty nervous).

After a fruitless couple of hours waiting for any bedrooms to go live (lights turning on or movement) on a Saturday night I decided to go and scope out the other sid... Continue»
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the Anklet, the wife, and the flight delay........

We were enjoying our rare evening out and stopped in for a cocktail at a swank little lounge in our hotel. It was nice to be dressed up and able to cut loose with some drinks without worrying about the usual elements of daily life. "So, here we are," Jim said.

"The fabled hotel lounge," Lisa replied coyly.

Jim clarified, "I mean, in another city, just the two of us, relaxing. It's nice."

Lisa took it in for a moment and sighed with relief, "yes."

"But it is funny to be in a real hotel bar after all those nights of pillow talk imagining different scenarios," Jim added.

"Well,... Continue»
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A real DICK

A Real Dick

Sometimes I write just because…. I want write something different. Like this story:


Something told me it was time to get up. I did not want to. I was warm and comfortable in the dark, all curled up and nestled into my special place to rest. Why couldn’t they all just leave me the fuck alone?!?! I did my best to ignore them. I really did not care if they thought I was a Dick. All I really wanted to do was rest!

It was no use. I opened my eye and looked around. It was still dark, but I knew it would ... Continue»
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From a virgin T-girl to a Tranny slut in one fanta

My name is Stephanie-Abigail Cumming and I'm a part time CD/TV who, until recently had a virgin ass. Over the years I've given blow jobs to several guys and a couple of other T-girls but that was as far as I'd ever gone. Recently I'd been chatting online with Geoff and Mike (names changed to protect identities) who are a couple of very good looking hunky guys and also happen to be a gay couple. They had expressed an interest in meeting Stephanie as both had always fancied the idea of inviting a T-girl to join them for some fun. In due course it was arranged that Stephanie would... Continue»
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Movie Night

It was just a regular Wednesday night. Me and Sarah were round at her boyfriend Jake's flat watching a movie in his room as he lived with two other guys using the living room. We did this fairly often, all under the covers, Sarah in the middle curled up with Jake and me on the other side.

The conversation had stopped about 10 minutes ago and we had settled into the movie. For the the life of me I can't remember what it was, we would choose something random from a huge library he had on his computer, but I guess the movie doesn't matter now. What I do remember is feeling bodies moving next ... Continue»
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Long weekend. Part 1 of 3 ( Fiction ) Bi, Trans,

Long Weekend This contains Bi male and Transsexual. ( Fiction )

It was Friday night and I needed to get out for a while. I headed to the Rave bar in town. It had been a long time since I had some Strange. When I got there the place was jumping and packed full. The night had a wild energy in the air and these people came to party. The dance floor was packed and every time the club opened another section, it was quickly filled. All four of the speakers were loaded with dancers. The lower speakers were lit from the top and the girls dancing there had light shining up through their ... Continue»
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Saskia's Sweet Seduction #3

Saskia surely shows submissiveness to me, offering all her tasty tight hot holes to my proud probing pole. For her final test I blindfold her. She hears someone else entering. She fears for a moment I will present her to be used by some other guy. However, she can not really imagine I would want to share her like that. I grab her by the back of her neck. On all fours she crawls forward until her face feels furry. She smells some sexy snatch! She has no time to ponder more, as she hears my wish to eat our great guest out and make her come hard.

Saskia shyly starts to lick all along t... Continue»
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how i became a fucken slut

my name is lynn I met my man about 6 years a ago he is 25 years older than me he treats me very good at first he would fuck me all the time and I loved that I love sex very much one day his black friend wayne came over and we talk and drank a few drinks wayne kept looking at me I had a very short sexie dress on and no panties and a sexie bra as I sat down on the couch he could see my pussy and he smiled I sat next to my man he stared filling my legs and I got nervous wayne smile and said let me see more so my man spread my legs out more and stared rubbing my pussy he knew that got me hot way... Continue»
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Story by Maria

The Year: 2040 A.D.

When I was growing up; each year around Halloween, my friends and f****y would gather around a campfire in the dark of the night. There we would each tell scary stories to see who could tell the most frightening. It would always be a great time, with us freaking out at the slightest sound in the woods at our backs. I was pretty good at telling ghost stories; but my friend's uncle Raul would always be the best. One story in particular that he always told always stuck with me growing ... Continue»
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the massage

Jenny adjusted her hair in the mirror before popping a fresh piece of chewing gum into her mouth , her belly was filled with a thousand butter flies as she waited for her client to get ready for his massage in the next room .
At 19 she was on her first attempt of university and after discussing it for weeks with her friend Shirley she had decided to do massages to help cover costs . He was only her third client and she had surprised herself how easily she had taken to it and even enjoyed it . For someone who enjoyed her own company a lot she still considered herself a people person and enjo... Continue»
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First time gay

When I was younger 18 my friends told me about getting guys to suck there cock at the cinema.
So I went think this will be fun, anyway I went to the back row it was almost empty. After a while a guy came in and sat at the side of he said hi after a few minutes he opened his coat there was his cock not hard but big. I reached over and touched it, it liked the attention as it got hard it was was getting larger so I started to wank it moving up and down as I usually did with mine.
It was impressive a full 8" and thick.
He then placed his hand on my head and pushed my head down, I didn't know ... Continue»
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My wife Chloe gets 2 trucker cocks

This is another true account of the fun an older couple can have. This happened today around 1.30 near M9 Stirling Motorway Service Area. For this particular adventure, we were travelling along a motorway with lorries passing by when Chloe decided to lift her top, remove her bra and flash her titties at the drivers.

Chloe's tits are an amazing, sag but still gorgeous. The drivers were all looking on in amazement at a sexy 40+
years-old blonde flashing at them as we drove along. She did this for around ten miles before we
decided to take a break at the service area.

I pulled in and par... Continue»
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Caught Bonking the Mrs by her Mom.

Caught Bonking the Mrs by her Mom.

I’m Dave (28) my wife Jo is the girl next-door type (26) brunette, 36B tits, long legs, pussy with a small landing strip and an attractive face. I married her some may 8 years ago. She loves sex and, comparing her with my earlier experiences, she is fantastic in bed or anywhere else. Her parents John (59) and Samantha (46); John is something in banking and only has time for spread sheets. Samantha is an older version of my wife but doesn’t have time for me or anyone who earns less than her husband. I have taken the hint and avoid them whenever I can but C... Continue»
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