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Story of Erin Part 3

With Erin, we and I had some firsts. She was the first pussy I eat. Jody was the second one lol. I fucked Erin with Jody in the room and she as the first in basic threesome. It turned out that Erin had more experience then I thought, but that increased my excitement for her. With all the sexual stuff, we were hot for each other. Us being a couple made things more interesting. I had fall for her, and she for me. Things were going to go a bit further then I thought it be. When the holidays hit, we spend allot of time with f****y. Trying sex at her parents house was too much of a risk. The same ... Continue»
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Old mother in law (found in the Net)

Old mother in law

I had never thought of my mother-in law in a sexual way, but for some reason on January 28th everything changed. I’m a 36 year old guy, skinny with short brownish hair and green eyes. And I had the most amazing experience. It was on my 36th birthday this happened.

As far as I can remember my mother in law was a bit eccentric and forgetful (she was 87years old). But one day I rang her and asked if she needed anything and asked her what she had done that day. She said she had been up since 5am (the time was 1pm) and she had a problem lighting the fire so I said I w... Continue»
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My Daughter’s Sweet Sixteen

Hi my name is Randy Johnson and I’m 42 years old and my wife Sue Johnson is 39 years old and still look like she 18 years old and I had two c***dren well not c***dren anymore my boy is 23 and half and named after me and the girl my daughter is 20 now and her name is Sarah and she giving me a blow job as I'm typing this story about my f****y “come on daddy I want you so bad stop typing and come fuck me” sorry I have stop for a bit and fuck my daughter. “Ok sweetheart here I come get ready for on the chair” Sarah says” I’m waiting dad we haven’t got long before that bitch comes back with that as... Continue»
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Dear Diary #1

Dear Diary #1

You will never believe what happened today. Jimmy Johnson actually tried to kiss me. I was so disgusted that I almost hurled on him. I mean come on, if you are going to try to kiss a girl, at least take a shower that week and use a breath mint or something. I was pushing him away, and thankfully my br0ther was watching out for me, so he dragged the jerk away before he got anywhere. Thank god, I want my first kiss to be something special, not some gross jerk f0rcing himself on me.

I looked down at the page and smiled. The wide, flowery handwriting covered the e... Continue»
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Older White Women

I liked to swim and I was good at it. But being from the poor side of town and black it was not working out for me. I got on the swim team at my high school but I needed to practice. I ended up getting a job at a high flu tin very exclusive private country club as a life guard. That was great! I got to watch over a bunch of spoiled old white people during the day after school and on weekends and then after the pool closed I could swim all that I wanted. I was one only a few paid people at this club. Most of the people working here were doing it to get some of their dues or membership paid. I... Continue»
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Doing the f****y part II

Cindi and I hit it off great. She was always in the mood and loved taking chances. She would slide her skirt off in the car, foI gotrget her panties when we went out. She even told me she would try dancing at a strip club if we went out of town
I got as much asex as I wanted, still got it form her s****r Jeannie once a week
I decided I needed to marry her and we invited the extended to a fancy meal for the announcement
Everyone was excited and the eveinging was a hit
AS we were leaving I felt Laura (mom) slip a note into my jacket
I read it later by myself
Derek I'm excited to hav... Continue»
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Jims Discovery - 1

Jim was halfway through his afternoon in the office. He hated his job. Well he didnt really hated it, it was just too boring. Especially on such a nice friday afternoon. He tried to concentrate but he couldnt, the job was just too boring, but then was saved by the bell. Or rather the ringing of his phone. He looked at the display and saw the number of his mother.
"Hi mum, how are you?", Jim answered the phone. "Hi Jimmy, im fine, how are you?" "Great mum, but im at work, so i dont have too much time. What can i do for you?" "Ohh im sory to interupt you honey! I just have a favor to ask. John... Continue»
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Inspired by this video (you may have to be his friend to view but it's a great page and worth it for this video alone):

It was almost noon and I was finishing the last of the morning coffee when I heard feet on the steps and someone out of breath. She stood there in the living room, a petite Japanese girl in a high school uniform. My wife.

I said, "you know if you would learn to drive you wouldn't have to run the half mile home from school ever day at lunch." Seniors were allowed to leave campus for ... Continue»
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Gang Initiation. A motherfucker option 3

Brazil is one of the most economically unequal countries in the world with the top 10 percent of
its population earning 50 percent of the national income and about 34 percent of all people living
below the poverty line. This is where our story and conversation begin.

"Mom, As you know, We live in ghetto, gangs infested city." I explained

"I am keeping myself safe by joined our neighborhood gang at 13, I will be 18 in couple
weeks and so now I have to initiate in to a full gangs members, a soldier for them. "

" The option that I select for my initiation will also determine my ne... Continue»
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******VERY TABOO*******

Matt was just fifteen the first time he fucked his younger s****r. It started as he walked by his mom and dad's room and the door was ajar and he watched them fucking. His dad was licking his mom's cunt as he twisted on her nipples then the dad pushed his cock deep in mom's fuck hole and fucked her hard as she moaned and said harder. Matt's cock was rock hard and he went into his s****r's room and pulled the covers back and pulled her gown up and her panties off and he began to lick her pussy and push his tongue in her cunt. She did not stop him and he then got on to... Continue»
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Catching Chinese Cuties #1

Peters ponder for fertile hot hunting ground to grind down dear cute Chinese cunning cunnies in camping comfort
Probably you all know both Peters very well as they are as famous for writing as seducing any tasty teasing teens

Peter Dyke and Peter More share a love for sunshine, warm water, some seductive slits with warm open orifices
Planning a proper pause from frolic and frantic fornication and eroticism in Europe, they take the train to Teenolia

Together they trail the randy route, seek silk tease trial through the Ural into Siberia to the muddy Mongolian mist
Their taste is f
... Continue»
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Every part of this story is 100% true. Names have been changed to protect the guilty.... lol

The movie started before I had an opportunity to sit and get comfortable. I had pulled my pants and underwear down to my knees. IN my haste I forgot to lock the door or perhaps I didn't want to lock it....who knows at this point....

L. came in and locked the door. I was a little surprised but not really. I wasn't sure what to expect. I had been caught with my pants down and my dick in my hand stroking it softly. L. walked up to me and nodded in approval. I am well endowed but not humongo... Continue»
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Abused Stepdaughter - Teaser

Abused Stepdaughter - Teaser

This work is a fictional story….it’s a little more intense than what I normally write, and it’s intended for adults only. This is the continuation….be sure to look through My List for all the other parts. Also, check out my other stories. My Stories can Only be Posted for Friends to Read….so send me Friend Request, and I will consider adding you to my List of Friends.

The characters in the following chapters are fictional….whether real or not, it’s a fictional setting with fictional characters, not intended to be interpreted to be an actual incident
... Continue»
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Jenna from the club ch 6

I set my empty glass down on the table and took her hand in mine. We had only known each other for about thirty minutes, and I have to admit I was still feeling a little uneasy about how quick this was going. I didn't know who she was, other than her name and that she was a sexy goddess. And then there was the other part of me that thought fuck it, we will get to know each other later!
> We got to know each other a little bit more as the night went on. We moved from the bar to the dance floor. I spotted Mandy with her hands around a guys waist as he gyrated his cock against her pussy. S... Continue»
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Jenna from the club

I never imagined myself being as outgoing as I was last Friday night. In fact, many will tell you that I lead a rather dull life. Oh, I have friends, lots of them. But when we hang out I am usually the last one on the dance floor and the first one to sit back down. I must admit, reading my own description of my social life makes me want to fall asl**p.
> "Come on, Claudia," my friends would say. "Have a drink, hook up with someone and forget where you left your thong in the morning," They were party girls alright, and last Friday night I decided I would take a journey through their worl... Continue»
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Jenna from the club ch 2

We sat at a booth that faced the DJ booth on the other side of the dance floor. The girls were chatting away about the latest episode of Big b*****r. I didn't watch it so it made me feel a little out of the loop when the girls were deep in conversation and I was left to think of a new topic of conversation.
> Mandy sat to my left. She was my most recent friend. She was really beautiful and had a reputation of being rather gender blind after she had had a few drinks in her. I saw her once give oral to a girl in the car park of a night club, and then later saw her bent over the hood of a ... Continue»
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The Dominant Widow and her Young Neighbor

The Dominant Widow and her Young Neighbor

By billy69boy

I had known full well that marrying an older gentleman was a risky proposition. It opened me to the distinct possibility that I would eventually become a widow before my time. But I married Morgan Mount nonetheless. I just couldn't resist: despite the fact that I was just twenty two years of age and he was almost twice that when we wed didn't matter to me at the time. I was totally in love with him and to this day, I am still. Morgan was always the perfect gentleman, and he treated me like a princess from the day we firs... Continue»
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Wife Becomes a Mistress

My full name is Simran Kaur Ahluwalia. I am a house-wife from India, aged 31. I live with my husband Balwinder Singh Ahluwalia, in a four bed-room apartment in one of India's largest cities - Mumbai. I have known my husband, since my school days, as both of us lived in the same locality during our c***d-hood. We fell in love at college and got married after graduation. We have two c***dren. A son, aged seven and recently, we have been blessed with a baby daughter, three months ago. We led a happily married life. An incident that recently occurred in our life, dramatically changed our married l... Continue»
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Playing in the woods

My father died when I was very young, so I never met him. Mom said he was a good man, and a good provider. Mom had to work long hours to pay for the home and car, as well as all the bills, so I was alone most of the time after school. As I grew older I went father from the house to explore.
One day after school and doing my homework, I hopped on my bike and rode to the other side of the neighborhood where a wooded area was. Walking around it looked like no one had been there for a while. I seen what looked like a huge mud puddle, with what looked to be a large tree limb laying across it. ... Continue»
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Tropical Vacation

Mayan Riviera was beautiful. There has been a perfect weather with no cloud in the sky, no drop of rain, delicate breeze from the sea over wonderfully silky smooth sand under the feet. The resort they were staying in seemed half empty, but that was probably due to the more mature crowd occupying it than the usual mix of k**s, young drinkers and rowdy forty something crowd, celebrating their freedom from work, households and stress. Maggie and Pete were waking up early every day, walking down to the beach area and selecting the most promising looking palapa for the rest of the day of tanning, s... Continue»
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