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Carmen's black day

After my daughter Carol and I had finished our little sexual encounter and I had said I was a whore for black cock, she got up, told me to dress in a sheer black top, black stockings and my ankle strap black stiletto heels. She then went off and after a while I heard the doorbell ring. The voices were male and I knew my daughter had a surprise for me. When she returned, "Mom" she started, "You will do exactly as you are told to do" then added, "No complaints, no refusing". Then added, "Is that understood?. I hesitated for a second, "Yes, honey" I finally said. Three black males now came ... Continue»
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Sexy Sarah's Seuctive Insemination

19 year old Sarah lies on her bed, wrists tied to the bed posts, her legs bound by rope as well, wearing sexy white stockings. Her young shaved pussy grows increasingly wet as she awaits her knight in naked armor. I walk in with lube and a butt plug and prep her cute clean ass, then insert the brand new plug inside her with a couple soft "oh's" slipping from her throat. I grow extremely hard while getting her ready, I feel my shaft pumping and throbbing, my head balloons up.

Sarah's nipple become very hard, her tits so sensitive and excited. I crawl onto the bed and hover over her. Lea... Continue»
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Mary Ellen Jakowski sat in her kitchen with her good friend Dana Carter having their usual morning coffee. The two women had been friends since the Carters moved into the neighborhood five years ago. Their husbands, Richard and Drew, had become buddies as well. They were "backyard" friends, as their privacy fences were connected. In fact, they rarely went to one another's house through the front door. It was a one-block walk around the neighborhood to get to the front door.

The two women normally shared a lively morning conversation but today for some reason, Mary Ellen seemed quiet. She h... Continue»
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How It Started For Me

I know this may seem tame compared to many things on here, but the following is a real experience shared with my wife, and this is what started my fantasies of wife watching and cuckolding.

It was Christmas Eve, my wife Ann and I were having a special night in, by special I mean getting dressed up, having a nice dinner, a few drinks and some fucking.

These 'date night's' have always been special to us, and have helped our relationship stay strong.

Ann was wearing her best purple basque, stocking, heels - the works, under a very sexy dress. She looked fabulously sexy.

We had finis... Continue»
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148. A Butcher`s maid PT 2.

148. A Butcher`s maid PT 2.
The door opened and Sylvester came in, he looked tired, his apron bl**dy, and he accepted the tea gratefully, dumping a bag of meat and a crusty loaf on the table and sinking into the armchair and saying “he was sorry to have had to leave her to her own devices all day but ‘Oliver’ had been off unwell!” She realised from that that ‘Oliver’ was an employee as well as a well hung stud in the films. The tea brightened him somewhat and he said he would shower and dress if she would throw a rump of steak in the pan for them both
She happily did as she was bid two l... Continue»
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149 A Butcher`s maid 3

149 A Butcher`s maid 3
A week past, things with Kenny had changed a little, she had returned to her home, and awaited his return; a new bravado had enriched her.
He arrived swaggered in and she met him in the hallway on her way to the kitchen, “oh your home”
“Yeh and knackered too that Susan was hot” he never missed an opportunity to rub her nose in his sexual exploits; she laughed, and said she “hoped he had enjoyed it!” She too had been out she said so he was not to expect any sex this week as she had had enough to last a lifetime!
He looked shocked and she swept away, calling ... Continue»
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Barb and Armond

This story was written in response to a request.

I am a 5’11’ black man named Armond. I met Barb when she and her husband were out for dinner and fun. She wore an unbuttoned skirt that showed a lot of her long slender legs when she walked to the bar. Her tits jiggled and screamed “Look, NO BRA” under her partially unbuttoned blouse. I sort of picked her up and later took her and Gene to a hangout of mine, where Barb got gang fucked by 2 white men (hubby included) and 5 black men and me. She thought she might get pregnant as it was near her fertile time and all of us came inside ... Continue»
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Sometimes in life we become so lonely that we are willing to do most anything to fill the void. Frequently we do things that are risky and foolish. Often our high risk actions come with unexpected consequences.

Clair Davis woke late that Saturday morning. As she sat up she looked at the digital clock sitting on her nightstand.

The red numbers displayed ten thirty.

"Richard?" She called out.

There was no response.

Clair remembered that her husband of fifteen years had left the evening before to play golf with his buddies.

Richard and his friends had been planning the weekend... Continue»
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Moni with her xhamster friend

I had another request from a internet friend for and evening out. I was not sure so I discussed it with my hubby Marc. He said I have enough friend already. So I showed him the many messages, from Dave my XHAMSTER friend. He is quite enamoured with you Marc says. Yes I tell him he seems like such a nice guy and saw no harm in meeting him and see how it goes. Ok he said but he has to come here to pick you up so I can meet him., Oh thank you dear you are a gem.

I was so excited I sent Dave a message shortly after explaining to him that it was ok to meet me and that he had to pick me up at o... Continue»
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The clouds hung low in the distance as Karen Parker rushed out the back door to bring in the laundry off the clothesline. The wind had picked up considerably in the last five minutes, and lightning was beginning to flash through the evening sky.

As Karen began to remove her clothes from the clothesline, a bolt of lightning lit up the sky.

Two seconds later a thunderclap caused her jump in fear.

"Damn storm," Karen snapped as she began to work faster. "I hope Benny gets here before that storm does."

Benny Mann is Karen's eighteen year old nephew. Marge, his Mother and Karen are s**... Continue»
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Doctor - She must pay well for treatment

Karl peered out of the window, casually enjoying the excellent view in the distance and the steady flow of people along the road outside his Budapest apartment. As he did so he clutched a tight handful of Serena's thick, black hair and rhythmically pumped his long, stiff dick into her throat.

With her cuffed wrists linked behind her back, Karl's firm grip on her head and the weight of his body pressing her against the wall, Serena didn't have the luxury of taking a break for air or trying to ease her strained throat for a moment or two. The rhythm and the air restriction were causing her to... Continue»
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Innocent s****r In Her Dreams Of Top Film Actress

Hi, this is Neethu again.

After reading my previous story one of the readers came to chat with me.

After few days of chat, he said he has one girl and she is also looking for some good deals to make some huge money in need. I initially don’t know who she was and I referred her to some of my known sources.

This went for a couple of weeks and she was there around for 5 nights in 10 days and I got a very positive feedback from all those who fucked her.One among the men who fucked her was my husband, the deals were to satisfy my husband in return of the sources I shared.

My husb
... Continue»
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Taking back my First Hot Friend. Part 2

This post is based on a dream I had about my First Hot Friend http://xhamster.com/photos/gallery/5862333/my_first_hot_friend.html A bit of backstory, she was a hot slut but a bitch. She told me to fuck off after her horrible boyfriend told her too. Part one was about how I would take her back if she ever decided to break up and ask for my forgiveness. Spoiler, I would fuck her brains out and make her work for it. This is what I would do to her so she could earn my forgiveness.

So, after fucking my friend for the very first time and not forgiving her she was a little upset. I had fucked he... Continue»
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If Only, Part 2

OK, quick recap to our story before I go on:
*went to bed after watching Weird Science on TV (glad to know someone else knows what it was), and you have to admit, some of us single guys and girls have always wanted to have a woman like that at one time or another
*woke up next morning to find this beautiful redhead Irish girl waking me up
*”accidentally” spilled water on the front of her nightgown ;)
*watched her, in secret, shower and lusted to myself over her naked body
*finally made up my mind over her name, Kerry, after a little “buttering up”. If you didn't get the name reference rig... Continue»
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Chrissy Male Teen e****t – Episode # 1

This is the first episode of a new series and a continuation of the ‘My Teen Hitchhiking Experience’ series:

It isn’t required, but it might help you better understand the series if you read the following:

Part I: http://xhamster.com/stories/my-teen-hitchking-experience-426344

Part II: http://xhamster.com/stories/my-teen-hitchhiking-experience-ndash-part-ii-nd-426879

Part III: http://xhamster.com/stories/my-teen-hitchhiking-experience-part-iii-602147


My First Super Chub

I had been out partying late Friday night and was not expecting what would happen wh... Continue»
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I often say this when writing about Christine - if you haven't previously read about my encounters with her then it will probably help to go back and read some.

Christine isn't a fictional character created for the benefits of these pages - she's 100% real and all my stories are completely true, told as accurately as I can recall and without any embellishment whatsoever.

Folklore would have you believe that there are women out there who guys can call on at any given time for sex and I'm sure that's true in some cases. You would imagine from the things me and her had done on that very fi... Continue»
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Orgasms by Machine

I had the opportunity to try a fucking machine a while ago and ever since then have been addicted to watching videos of fucking machines. If you have hot videos of women being fucked by machines (especially if they are bound) please send them to me. Makes me so damn hot to watch other women being fucked by machines.

Recently I had the opportunity to enjoy a fucking machine in person once again. What a night! So many leg shaking, mind blowing orgasms.

I was invited to a dinner party. There were about a dozen people there, an even mix of men and women. Dinner was great and there was plen... Continue»
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True account of my prison fuck

I couldnt believe it was stupid enough to fall for it, because it wasnt going to be a real offer… was it?
I was stood there outside the prison on a road round the corner on a cold wintery night, waiting to be let down.
Was I shaking because it was cold and I was just wearing a short mini dress to show off the stockings, suspenders, and thong, with high heels and large hoop earings, with my long hair swept down and round to one side….or was it because I had a slight chance that maybe, just maybe it was actually true, and was about to happen?!

My last text to say I was there as planned ha... Continue»
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Beginning With Younger b*****r Part 3

We started having sex on regular basis. Vacation was over. So whenever he comes during weekend , we used have sex all night. During day time we used to play with each other like pressing boobs or kissing when parents are not around. Once we were done having sex and lying naked and talking and we planned trip to goa.

The plan for goa was made.So started early in the day. Me and mahesh took a fligh
... Continue»
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How An Interview Turned into Smashing That Ass

Nikki agreed to meet at her house for a normal survey. But she didn’t know I really wanted to see her feet. Here you’ll see a perfect example of how to get a girl to show off her feet, with little effort. I ask simple questions and make my way to questions about her feet. I was able to distract her and get her to take her shoes off. She gave me a brief pause, but I said the right words to get her to do it. She leans back and puts her soles in the position that everyone loves to see. Her soles are perfect and soft. She’s wearing these really small panties that show almost everything. As I compl... Continue»
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