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148. A Butcher`s maid PT 2.

148. A Butcher`s maid PT 2.
The door opened and Sylvester came in, he looked tired, his apron bl**dy, and he accepted the tea gratefully, dumping a bag of meat and a crusty loaf on the table and sinking into the armchair and saying “he was sorry to have had to leave her to her own devices all day but ‘Oliver’ had been off unwell!” She realised from that that ‘Oliver’ was an employee as well as a well hung stud in the films. The tea brightened him somewhat and he said he would shower and dress if she would throw a rump of steak in the pan for them both
She happily did as she was bid two l... Continue»
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149 A Butcher`s maid 3

149 A Butcher`s maid 3
A week past, things with Kenny had changed a little, she had returned to her home, and awaited his return; a new bravado had enriched her.
He arrived swaggered in and she met him in the hallway on her way to the kitchen, “oh your home”
“Yeh and knackered too that Susan was hot” he never missed an opportunity to rub her nose in his sexual exploits; she laughed, and said she “hoped he had enjoyed it!” She too had been out she said so he was not to expect any sex this week as she had had enough to last a lifetime!
He looked shocked and she swept away, calling ... Continue»
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First Time In Panties With Room Mate

Panties have always been a love of mine, the way they feel and look against a nice round ass just drives me crazy. They were the first thing I ever masturbated with, stolen from a female relative of course, and they were even part of my first sexual experience with a woman, it wasn't long before i was wearing them while jerking off. I loved the way the tight material clung against my stiff cock, the way they shaped my ass and the thrill of doing something most people considered strange or wrong.
I kept up my love for wanking into and wearing panties into my college years, as most people know... Continue»
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MILF B and B (Spanked with a Friend)

You can read the earlier stories but it’s not that important. Jill is the B and B Milf I’ve had the great fortune to have been making love to for around six months. She’s six years older than me, I’m 44.

When I’m up for the week I have to work, so I have little time for imaginative sex. Come Friday night and I’ve finished my work, it’s time to play. Sunday I go home but not before Jill has ridden me to exhaustion. Fridays night/Saturday she wants to play and this weekend I’m taking charge. This stories starts on Friday night when Jill wants to play submissive.

The twenty something... Continue»
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If Only, Part 2

OK, quick recap to our story before I go on:
*went to bed after watching Weird Science on TV (glad to know someone else knows what it was), and you have to admit, some of us single guys and girls have always wanted to have a woman like that at one time or another
*woke up next morning to find this beautiful redhead Irish girl waking me up
*”accidentally” spilled water on the front of her nightgown ;)
*watched her, in secret, shower and lusted to myself over her naked body
*finally made up my mind over her name, Kerry, after a little “buttering up”. If you didn't get the name reference rig... Continue»
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True account of my recent fuck in a lorry

Even as I pulled up to the agreed location, I just didnt expect him to be there.
I had only seen a photo of his penis, that had been enough to get me wet to go and meet him, but I just wasnt sure how genuine he was.

As I pulled up and saw the lorry markings he told me to look out for, I started to feel relieved.
This must mean he’s real? Right?

As agreed, I parked in front and facing the lorry, and I adjusted my hair and makeup in the mirror before I got out the car.
Just as he had told me to, I slowly made my way over to the lorry.
In my highest heels, my shortest dress, my seam... Continue»
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How An Interview Turned into Smashing That Ass

Nikki agreed to meet at her house for a normal survey. But she didn’t know I really wanted to see her feet. Here you’ll see a perfect example of how to get a girl to show off her feet, with little effort. I ask simple questions and make my way to questions about her feet. I was able to distract her and get her to take her shoes off. She gave me a brief pause, but I said the right words to get her to do it. She leans back and puts her soles in the position that everyone loves to see. Her soles are perfect and soft. She’s wearing these really small panties that show almost everything. As I compl... Continue»
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Step*isters spied, groped and tasting sperm part 1

In a previous post I mentioned the wonderful voyeuristic period of my teens when my dad remarried a chick in her late 30's. She was a f****y friend who I had known for years and had fancied her 2 daughters since puberty.

I am a massive fan of voyeur activities so the prospect of 3 hot girls in the house and potentially their mates was a dream come true. My dads house was big and old with a huge garden and plenty of peeping locations. I already had a good grasp of the houses spying opportunities having researched thoroughly targeting my older b*****rs girlfriends and house guests with... Continue»
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Mrs A gets a surprise.

After a night of celebrating a friend's birthday I invited a buddy over for some late night drinking at my place. I expected Mrs. A was sl**ping so we headed to the basement and poured some drinks. As we were chatting about the night I got a text. "Aren't you going to come fuck me?" I showed my friend and told him I couldn't pass up that opportunity. He agreed and boldly asked if he could join. I was more than happy to offer up my wife's pussy to him. I explained that I had a fantasy to surprise her with a strangers cock and thought it would be fun to blindfold her and let him fuck her. He was... Continue»
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147. A Butcher`s maid.

147. A Butcher`s maid.
Mildred, a lady of middle years, tidy but no great beauty and well shaped for her age though she would be the first to tell you no hourglass! She had been married for 15 years 10 of them loveless to a sexual nomad, that now slept with whatever woman he had a fancy for, regardless of any vows or her feelings. They had no k**dies so that was a blessing and 2 years ago she had in frustration taken a lover, a chap she met at the local park with his large dog.
The dog took a fancy to her as she sat in the sun and they began chatting. it went from there. Perhaps it... Continue»
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A Boy's First Piss Enema

The Saturday before last, I had an amazing watersports threesome in Hong Kong with a regular fuck-buddy of mine and a "Boy" (only 19) that he'd met. The next day we met up again (just for Yum Cha) and we talked about what we should do for our next session. They were both very much wanting to be able to try piss enemas and so they proposed that we should go bareback next time.

I contacted my partners back in Australia and asked how they felt about me not using condoms with Jonathan and Julian if the three of us got tested first. They know I'm very careful, so it wasn't a problem for them. We... Continue»
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A Panties and Pussy Birthday

I can't say that I saw it coming. I turned 50 this past weekend and my bride decided that she was going to make this a huge party. It's a bigger deal that a normal 50th...I had significant health issues around age 5 and at one point a Doctor told my parents that I might pull out of it but more than likely wouldn't see age 50. Jodi put together a bunch of invitations that said “He made it!” and rented a room in a local hotel for the evening. About 200 people showed up...free beer will always draw a crowd. So... I can say I saw the party coming... but what she did afterwards is what too... Continue»
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Diet - Caning & cum eating for weight loss

Having fixed her tits very firmly with a length of 4mm diameter, nylon rope, Jason completed his preparations for the weigh in by slipping the scale hook behind the tight rope strands above her breast bone. Slowly he pulled the pulley chain until it took up the slack and the pounds started to show on the scale reading.

Fatcunt, for that was her only name until she earned another with the completion of her weight reduction programme, winced as her body weight started to cause her tightly bound tits to stretch and discolour ever more quickly.

Before the weigh in, Fatcunt had been prepared ... Continue»
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Older men are such fun when Hard

As a girl growing up I was met with many challenges. My life was vastly different compared to boys, boys and men saw girls differently, we had what they wanted, and strangely, we enjoyed the attention, whilst denying them of that singular pleasure. They labelled it as 'Teasing', perhaps our coyness, masked with a subtle, will I or won't I, indifference added to the sexual intensity.

I was never more in my fantasy when my b*****r's friends were in attendance, at my beck and call, and I played on it, agreeing to go only so far in their hastily arranged games.

I liked the odds, four to one... Continue»
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Office training

So the intern wants for promoted.

The last two week's the sexy little Lou has been hands on hard I mean hands on chest, arm's, hands and brushed tits on passing must say big tits she knows there a chance of a job and she wants it. So on Thursday night I call her into the office to discuss how much she wants the placement "Lou you want the job ,yes!!?" She looks around at my dark office and answers "Yes definitely, no way I would pass this up" sitting back deep breathing mulling it over "Well I have noticed your more touchy so ,?" She jumps in "John I don't mean to"Then angary face from me ... Continue»
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The Best Present Ever: Pegging my Man

I was working from home, stuck with a sick c***d, when my whole world changed.

My work laptop died and I realized I'd left the plug-in charger at work. Still having research to do for tomorrow, I went to my husband's office and grabbed his, as my sick c***d wouldn't let me leave him alone and go to my office and use my desktop.

I logged in and went onto Chrome. As I started a search, I was surprised to see the archival searches that popped up when I started typing the word praxis.



Pegged by wife

Pegging positions

Pegging toys

I stared at the options... the... Continue»
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Open - Vikki f***es her new cuckold slave boy to

Vikki drives. Vikki always drives. Partially because Josh doesn't know how, but also because it's his place as a submissive to sit in the back seat. He's only dressed because he's allowed to be, but he's still wearing his collar (with his name tag, address, and home phone number) and he's holding his wound up leash in his lap. Oh, that and the chastity cage and butt plug he always wears. They're a bit uncomfortable under his jeans, which Vikki chose for him just as she chose his flannel shirt. Vikki chooses all his clothes. She chooses what he eats. She shops for him. And Josh prefers it that ... Continue»
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Grocery Store Tease

Grocery Store Tease

Abigail was performing her nightly routine of getting the coffee maker ready to brew for the next morning before going to bed. To her dismay, she discovered that there was nowhere near enough coffee to make the usual 10 cups her and her husband Jim consumed each morning. Needing a few other things from the grocery store, Abigail set out on her own knowing full well Jim would balk at the request to go with her or for that matter, probably wouldn't get the other items anyway.

Earlier she had put on her pajamas as she was already in bed reading as she did every evening w... Continue»
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INDIAN SISSY HUSBAND 1 - Mother in law initiate

it is been 3 years i lost my job , i slowly started contributing to house. i love cooking and giving massages to my professional wife ,which has become a regular duty.our sex life as usual great. We planned not to have k**s till she reaches 35 .ours life is simply awesome.
Tonight as usual i preparing candle light dinner to my hardworking wife, she usually prefers dinner to be served at backyard .After few minutes later wife came ,very delighted hugged me,pulled me towards her, given a demanding lip kiss, also bite my nipples, giving two beatings to my bum. i asked what is reason. she told, ... Continue»
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He want's it BAD! Pegging

He wants it. He wants it so bad that he’s facedown on his mattress with his legs spread waiting for me to give him what he wants. He’d be telling me exactly what he wants but he can’t, cause I strapped a gag around his mouth. I lock his hands up most of the time so he can’t touch me.

He wants it; he’s never wanted anything as bad as he wants this, at this moment. And I am going to give him what he wants — I always do — but first I’m gonna make him wait. I know that each second feels like eternity for him but he loves it and he’s getting harder and harder by the second. He always likes me to... Continue»
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