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Head cheerleader Mikki part 2

[Head cheerleader Mikki part 2.

Mikki goes home. Last night was one crazy night. I spent the night dressed femme and being used like a slut by my girlfriend. It was a wake up call for me. I guess wearing my mothers panties from time to time should of given me a clue about how much I liked being a femme boy. So here I am sitting in my room looking online for dresses and lingerie that would make me as pretty as possible.

So many dresses it's hard to decide on just one. There is a knock at my bedroom door. Michael what are you doing in there. Shit it's my mom. I shut off the computer just ... Continue»
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Head cheerleader Mikki part 3

Head Cheerleader Mikki part 3 To understand this story you must read the previous chapters
It's Sunday morning and I'm just waking up. I'm in bed alone. As I get up I see myself in the mirror. Still dressed in powder blue lingerie and a blonde wig. I wonder where the girls are. I leave the guest room and go into mine. I strip down grab a towel and head for the shower. While the water in running over me I start daydream about last night. Being in bed with my girlfriend and my mom was something I would never forget. I can't believe how amazing they both were. I love being a girl if those two a... Continue»
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Rebecca's New Position

This story features: f***ed babying, consensual M/F sex (epilogue), consensual F/F sex, masturbation, diaper humiliation, and Wet and Messy diapers.

Last night Rebecca had diner with her boyfriend and felt a little funny, so she went to bed early, when she woke up she was aware of many strange feelings, her arms and legs were immobile, something was filling her mouth, there was strange damp thick bulk between her legs, she was cold. Two figures stood above her in each other's arms. She realised that she was restrained and she tried a cry for help but realised that it was a dummy in her mout... Continue»
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Annemarie #1: All Of Me!

Annemarie is an awesome attractive blonde beauty sexy student of only twenty, when we meet for the first time.
Annemarie is as well slightly submissive, I assume at first sight: short, sturdy and shapely, searching superiority.

Annemarie is well built with wonderful big BOOBies as her main pride below her shy seductive smile and a hide.
Annemarie is proud of her pussy, beautiful blonde foxy furry for ferocious fine fumes after any awesome orgasm.

Annemarie is only a dear dirty dream to me, as we rarely meet and if so, she is always with her big boyfriend.
Annemarie is always on m
... Continue»
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A passion play with my father in law

When living in Atlanta, my father in law came to visit us and stay at our home for a while. Ernesto was now a brand new widower; her loving wife Ofelia had passed away six months ago.
After a week of Ernesto´s nice company at home, Victor had invited the both of us to have dinner outside. I was all dressed up to go out to dinner when my loving husband called from the office, telling me he had to stay there to finish some paper work.
He also suggested that his father and I could enjoy the dinner instead; since we had already booked reservation. And so we did…

On the way back home in a tax... Continue»
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Made for loving

I approached her from behind. She had no idea I was home form school

Tip-toeing up to her, I caught her completely off-guard as I slipped one hand over her mouth and the other round her waist. Pulling her back against me, I allowed her to twist round and look at me. Her eyes turned instantly from fear and shock to relief and love at the sight of her son.

“Mark you silly bugger!” she yelled, “You frightened me to death.”

We laughed and hugged. The hug was quite prolonged.

She stepped back to look at me. God your growing up quick. Mum why dont we go out for dinner tonight.

She fe... Continue»
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A black Mistress at Helena's house

My sweet loving Anita had been gone for a long week end out of town, to visit some friends some three hundred miles away.
So; I was home alone very bored, no paper work to complete; just a little bit of sun in the back yard, enjoying my favorite whiskey…
On Saturday late afternoon Helena called me; she said laughing:
“Hi, bitch… I know your slutty little wife is away from town now… She must be enjoying a huge black dick between her hot legs right now…”
Then she asked me to pay a visit to her. Jorge was not home and she told me she had a nice surprise for me.
I told her to wait for me ful... Continue»
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Liam and Amanda

Before reading: Please note this is a work of pure fiction, none of the events of this story happened, I was asked by a friend to write it. All characters are above the age of 18. It is just a fantasy.

Liam sat on the edge of his parent’s bed. He was glad they would be gone all week so he could be himself, if his bitch of a s****r was out most nights like she was tonight. He looked in the big standing mirror in the corner, one that revealed his whole body, that showed who he really was.

He looked at the gorgeous blonde standing in the mirror. She was wearing all black ling... Continue»
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A very wet pool party for Ana

Friday afternoon I came back home early from my office.
I found Ana was sunning by the pool at our back yard. She was topless only wearing a tiny string between her nice round buttocks.
She was lying on her back with her eyes closed so I leaned down and kissed her on the lips. Then she sat up and asked me how my day had gone. I told her just fine and I asked if she had been a good girl today...
That was my way of asking if she had been fucking with another man during my absence. But my loving wife replied she had only gone shopping and later had cleaned the house. Then decided to catch so... Continue»
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A Night In The Car

Based on a true story.

Once Me and My Ex wanted to meet secretly to enjoy each other. So we thought of possible ways how to do that. I came to the idea of taking my stepfathers car and drive somewhere hidden, after I picked her up. Said and done. We chose a saturday night to it. I had to be the first one to leave the house, so she just waited for me to start leaving. Until that time we texted.

When my parents and s****rs and b*****r finally slept, I slowly and silently started to leave my bed. Putting on more than my pyjama and my socks would have been too loud cuz my room is underneath... Continue»
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My wife's s*ster

My first attempt at a story. Please don't be too harsh...

We knew that things hadn't being too well between my s****r in law and her husband but it was still a surprise the day he left her. While my wife and her s****r were very close, I didn't really know her that well as we weren't a particularly close f****y.

It was the first time Karen had been alone after many years of marriage and her ex had done nearly everything, so she was in real need of help and support. My wife, Laura, asked me to go round and do odd jobs for her and to help her sort her finances. They had been mid way throug... Continue»
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The Nextdoor Neighbours son and his friends

Im sorry for my english! :P

On a warm saturday morning i was busy in the garden, and since it was hot i didn't feel like wearing to many clothes so i just put on a tight tanktop my string and a hotpants just cuase it was so warm today. While i was busy in the garden i coudnt stop notice all the noise coming from the nextdoor neigbor's garden. It was the son and some of their friends just being busy and making alot of noise there so i decided to take a look across the fench, they k... Continue»
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Sarah and I; Part 3

It had been 2 weeks now since Sarah had suggested trying anal and it hadn't left my mind for a second. We did have a few quickies over those weeks, when mum was late from work or nipped out to the store. When I say quick, I mean quick - which barely gave time for oral; but it wasn't less hot, and certainly wasn't getting old.

It was a Friday evening and our mum was busy making dinner in the kitchen. I was spread out across the sofa and Sarah was sitting in her usual spot on the arm chair. She had her long brown hair in a hair bobble and let it fall down her right side. She was wearing on... Continue»
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Kavita In Lust Part 1

My name is Kavita and I am a 30 year old married professional woman living in Delhi, India. I work in an MNC and Raj, my husband, is a fairly successful businessman. We have been married for 3 years and you can say we are as happy as an average married couple. We have our ups and downs, good days and bad days, so to the words I am a typical Indian woman taking take of her husband and household. However, the truth is far from that.

I have always been a fun loving personality. I was and still am outgoing, not the shy types, and always enjoyed interacting with people. Social events like partie... Continue»
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Mom fucked hard by lover

I remember a couple of years ago when I was home alone with my mom. My dad was gone for the evening, I cant remember why.
My mom kept getting textmessages that she was trying to ignore.
Suddenly her phone rang. My mom g****d it and went outside. Curious I opened the window slightly to listen to the conversation.
"No, not tonight, Its too late" The window made a noise and my mom noticed me. "I got to go" she ended the call with.
"was it dad" I asked, knowing that was not the case. "It was from work. Isnt it time for bed"
I went to bed, but could not sl**p. I kept thinking about the phonec... Continue»
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Sarah and I; Part 2

It had been a week since Sarah and I had our fun on the sofa and I hadn’t forgotten about it. There was still a deep burning desire inside of me. I had tried to relieve myself multiple times during that week but nothing was working, I needed her. Don’t get me wrong things didn’t get awkward between us but more a lust for each other and wanting to get our hands on each other.

Just our luck though that when our Mom arrived home after our passionate night, she announced that she had taken the week off work. No fucking way, I thought to myself, how the hell can I get to Sarah again now. That... Continue»
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S*ster in law (flashing, she took some pictures)

I have been married for about 6 years and have recently moved back to Colombia. My wife and I bought a flat and decided to refurbish it in order to move in. We came to stay here for a few years so my s*ster in law came to visit to spend christmas with us.

We don't really get along too well, but we try our best so that my wife doesn't get upset with our arguments. They are both really close and I have always had to make an effort to keep a good relationship... but the truth is that, I can't stand her more than a few days. However she is 2 years younger than my wife and although a bit hea... Continue»
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Under your skirt

... Is where I want to put my hand, but slowly and secretly... so that no one will see what you are feeling?

I want... to feel your naked flesh under your dress or skirt while you stand outside, facing a busy downtown street and your back close to the wall, where there is an inset of a lesser protruding wall about 30 inches in width, enough for me to sink in and be flushed among the wall, and what's more important is I can move back even further so that I am not seen and I pull you against the wall so your front side is flushed with the wall... we are both in the inset.

I hold the back... Continue»
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Sarah and I; Part 1

I was ***teen when my adopted dad died, it happened so suddenly and our f****y was never quite the same. My "s****r", named Sarah, was ***teen at the time and we had grown close over the 10 years I had been with the Smiths. I don't remember my real parents, I was taken off them when I was young and passed around until I settle with the Smiths. They were awesome. Treated me like there own and loved me. I never held a grudge against them for not being my real parents.
After the passing of our dad Sarah and I grew so much closer. Mum had to take up more hours at work to help make ends meet so a... Continue»
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A hot quickie with Helena

That slut Helena sent me a message me that early morning, when I was having breakfast with my loving wife Ana, before we both got ready to leave for our offices.

I read she was horny, because she had not been fucked during the last two weeks and she needed a dick deep inside her wet cunt; so, she suggested we could meet up before she started her work in the same office with Ana…
I wrote back if she was crazy, because my wife was there right sitting close to me. On the other side I loved the idea of a quick between Helena`s legs.

Then I offered my sweet Ana to give her a lift to her offi... Continue»
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