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Valentine with Younger Hmong s****r in Law

Today with my younger s****r in law was the best day. She can really satisfied my manhood and I was very proud of myself. So bizarre for myself and wonderful. Wish I had taken pics and video the whole thing. but probably next time when I get another chance with her and my older s****r in law. Well it all begin about this afternoon. Her name is MaiLor Vang.

After I was finished with my work and came to my parent's home. That time was 2 pm in afternoon and they were already long gone over state to visit my mom's siblings and their families. I quickly got out of my car and unlocked the door w... Continue»
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In the dance floor darkness

Saturday night my loving husband told me he wanted to go on dancing.
Then he took me to a bar for some drinks and later we ended in a local disco near our home.
The place had a large dance floor and after getting a table, Victor and I went to dance for a long while.
Suddenly the floor got more and more dancers on it. I bumped into a lot of people while dancing and lost track of my loving Victor. I supposed he was tired and had gone back to our table. But I was feeling so fuzzy with all the margaritas I had consumed during the night and was very happy dancing out there.
A couple of times I... Continue»
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Shopping Spree with s****r in Law

“I would really value your opinion,” I said. My s****r-in-law looked at me in thought and said, “Well, tomorrow after work, I can meet you at that store, where is it again?” Very happy to hear this, I told her where it was and we agreed to talk after she was done with work tomorrow. I reminded her that I didn’t want my wife to know that I received help and to keep it hush hush. She agreed and we parted ways. I could not contain my excitement and as soon as I got into my car, I began to laugh to myself in a giddy sort of way.

I had been passing this store for a few years now to and fro... Continue»
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Enjoying some lingerie purchase

That afternoon I was home alone and then I decided I could go on shopping. I just needed sexy lingerie to receive the next night my loving Victor back home after his boring and stressing business trip.

Then I went to the local mall and when I entered the lingerie store, a seductive and impressive business woman approached me.
That lady greeted me with a warm welcome to her shop and enquired how she could help me. I was very impressed with the way that woman looked.

She introduced herself as Odette and then I was sure she was the owner. She was a sexy and beautiful mid-forties woman; lo... Continue»
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Kelly and Max

Kelly and Max

Kelly comes home from school and ends up with more
than just petting from her friendly f****y pet.

It was a hot June day and Kelly had just got in from
school, she was welcomed by her pet dog max who jumped
up at her as she came through the door.

Kelly fussed with him before she let him out into the
garden, he came running back inside after a minute and
followed Kelly into the kitchen.

Helping herself to a coke and a biscuit she threw a
piece to Max and then went upstairs to her room.

Kelly opened the windows and pulled the curtains... Continue»
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My Mother (part 2)

My Mother (part 2)

It was about 1978 after I divorced my daughter's mother. I was without a
place to live and had custody of my daughter.

My mother said we could stay with her because she was alone and had the
room. She had a small two bedroom place. She said we could put my daughter
in the one room along with a twin bed for her to sl**p in. She gave me her
room with the queen bed.

Most nights it was the same old thing take care ... Continue»
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Sex Education & Single Parents Part 7

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Interracial hook up while on vacation

I love my f****y but after 4 days of racing around Universal Studios with my husband and three boys I needed a break and a good fuck. Thankfully my parents saved the day. When they offered to take the boys for a sl**p over at their condo and we gladly accepted. While I was packing some items for the sl**pover my husband came into the room. He walked up behind me, rubbed his cock into my ass, wrapped his arms around my waist and whispered into my ear, “What are you thinking?” “I’m thinking of Julian”, I cooed back as I ground my ass into his growing cock. His hands moved under my shirt and... Continue»
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The Princess and The Guardsman

Princess Lauryn came from an old noble f****y. While they had been turned out of power in their small Eastern European country after World War 2, they still had a vast fortune and political influence.

The Princess was the only c***d in the f****y, coming late in life to her aging father who had unsuccessfully tried with 3 other wives before finally siring the beautiful blonde.

Unfortunately for the young Princess her loving father passed away just before she turned 13.

Sent away to boarding school in the Swiss Alps, she grew to womanhood under the watchful eye of Sergeant Hans Klaus, ... Continue»
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Love of a dog

I am the only son in a 3 girl f****y, born 1966 in a
small rural town in Australia. I did the usual stuff
growing up - school, sports blah, blah, until I hit the
ripe old age of 16 when I left home. My older s****r,
Joan, scored a hair dressing apprenticeship when I was
12, thereby passing on to me her part-time job with a
local gas station come corner store.

The owner of this enterprise was a lovely woman named
Carol, a mid 30's divorcee who was a happy-go-lucky,
loud, plump red head. I found out years later she had
divorced her husband after many infidelities on his
... Continue»
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A Cheerleader's duties

A Cheerleader's Duties
by Leah (address withheld)


Cheerleader Leah stays behind after practice to take
care of the team mascots, a pair of Bengal tigers. Her
sense of duty gets her into deep trouble. (F-
teen/b**st, reluc, ws)


Eighteen year-old, blond, cheerleader captain Leah
waved to the other girls as they got into Sandy’s car.
Kimberly rolled down the back window and asked, "You
sure you don’t want me to stay and help Lee?"

"No," Leah answered. "You know Brad will be waiting at
the party for you, just go and have fun. I’ll be along

"Okay,... Continue»
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chubby mom had sex fist time in 16 years

As far as I can remember, Mother was an obese old broad. She was like an oil
storage containers with legs and arms attached to it. A woman of 5'1 and weight
around 300 pounds. I had my share of all the jokes about your Mama so fat stuffs
in high school.

My father left us when I was 3, thus Mother worked two jobs to provide
a decent life for us but that come with a price, her health and weight. Thus, right
after I graduated from High School, I joined the army to help out and gain some solid
technical skills in pro... Continue»
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Snowed In

"Hi Uncle Tom", the voice coming from my cell phone greeted me.
This can't be good. "Kelly, I'm not your uncle, we're cousins", I corrected her with a chuckle to myself, as I did every time she called. Kelly was my cousin David's youngest, which made me feel old since she was now a very attractive eighteen year old. The question was, why is she calling me at 9:00 on a Friday night. "What's up?"
"Can I ask a huge favor of you?" She sounded upset.
Oh shit, here it comes. "What's up", I asked again.
She hesitated on the other end of the line before continuing. "My dad came home d***k and we j... Continue»
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Second taste of being a cuckold

In our first year of marriage, Tammy and I went to visit her f****y for the holidays. By this time I was beginning to embrace the fact that my wife enjoyed sex with multiple men. I had come to be aroused by that fact. I had yet to share her in our marriage, though.

Her f****y was very nice, but there was one man at the gathering, about 10 years older than her, who paid particular attention to her. In fact, they were constantly flirting. When we left, they had just a little bit longer than everybody else did, and they kissed on the lips. When she got in the car, I asked who that was.
... Continue»
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Must Love Dogs

okay so ive been having sex with dogs since I was young.

my aunt (I love her, she lives with us now) used to be a callgirl, and has all kinds of stories, but she told me about making love to a****ls

my aunt had three dogs and she fucked them regularly. she had a dog named Max. he was a great dane. he was enormous! there was billy, the mastiff, a big silly funny thing. and there was a St. Bernard named Wolf. he was the really a big push over, and he loved everybody

when I was young, my aunt would tell me stories. not long after that, she let me watch her with her pups, and soon thereaf... Continue»
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Kerri spends the night

Oh Kerri, oh she is a woman. After nearly getting caught having sex at work again, she switched up to blowing me. Even when I offered to lick her pussy, she was only up for blowing me. Kerri told me that the sight of my much bigger cock was like a k** to candy. So some weeks go by with allot of blow and go. My wife decided to have a game night party. We invited several couples. My wife invited Kerri and her we all hanged out couple times before.
The night of the party came. We had food, drinks and allot of games. The party went on and on. Slowly couple left. Only one left wa... Continue»
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The story of Erin Part 1

Behind a good fuck, there is always a beginning to it. My ex Erin was my beginning. I had not thought about her in years. Yet all that flushed back when I ran into her at the store. We went out to lunch and learned where we have gone since we were young. Erin aged amazing and was living a simple homemakers life. So the past came back and those times left me wanting share a story.
The story of Erin. If I am to do it justice, it starts before Erin was in the picture. It starts with Jody. Its with the first time I met Jody and how her past had me interested in her. Jody was hired at my job, an... Continue»
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Helping out a friend ?

Helping out a friend ?

I was in the pub the other night, drinking with my best mate, and I happened to notice that he seemed a bit down, so I asked him if anything was wrong ? As he had had a fair bit to drink, he eventually opened up to me.

It seems that his very attractive wife; “Jane” was not getting enough sex from him. She was a lot younger, and it appears that he had been leaving her wanting. So I very tactfully suggested that maybe the best course of action might be that she take on a lover, but someone they both knew, liked and trusted, to help save their marriage. I pointed o... Continue»
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My slutty wife in school with a classmate

This is a story about how slutty my wife was one day at school while I was at home with the day off. So a couple days ago she told me about how she had been lightly flirting with a guy from her class, lets call him Mark. Well I guess they started texting each other during that time and on this day he texted her commenting on how her cleavage was very distracting today and how she looked so sexy. She jokingly responded that she wishes she could see more of him, to which he replies with a picture message of his cock he has taken the night before. My wife, Katie, was taken back by the picture an... Continue»
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My Little s****r's New Job Part 2

Hey guys, I’m home. Anybody here?”

The front door of my house slams shut and I hear keys hitting the table. Normally I wouldn't care for my mother’s arrival but this time I panic, I was balls deep in my little s****r and was just about to bust a nut. My mother is walking around downstairs probably taking off her shoes and going through the mail before going to her room to undress. I completely forgot she was coming home early and I blame my s****r for it. She’s such a hot fuck for a teen girl, my little redheaded sex slave that I've been fucking for almost a year. I have to finish off a... Continue»
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