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Ch 6 surprises and fun

Ch 6 surprises and fun
Now as I got checked in later than I wanted i took a shower and got all nice and clean if you know what I mean. Then took an incredibly long time doing my make up before sliding into the white corset and panties. So when I got the text for Joel I was sitting at the table drinking a glass of wine I ordered from room service. When he got there he had another bottle in his hand. The look on his face when I opened the door was priceless. His mouth fell open and all he could do was scan up and down before I grabbed his hand and guided him back to reality.
"Damn baby" was al... Continue»
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Prison Punk Gay

I was sent to a max prison, for 10 years for robbery, I was 18 year old, a small white boy with blues eyes, white pale soft skin and a body shape that was more on the female side, then on the man level, already the other inmates had told me, I was going to have problems once I get to prison, some saying "you look like a girl" that I had a phatass!!

That black guys like forcing white boy to preform homosexual, I say I will never do thing like a that, I'll fight to my death before I became a punk in prison, me and 15 other guys were on the prison bus, going to prison, I just sat and listen ... Continue»
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EX-Wife Revenge

I got the shock of my life when I woke up one morning. I found out that my wife had walked out on me. A short note lay on the kitchen table telling me that she would not be coming back. And I had no idea that she had been unhappy with our marriage. I was devastated I thought we had the perfect marriage I started hanging out in bars and honky tonks. Then one night I ran in to my ex-wife she was dressed like a slut and acted like a whore, she came over to me and started talking about how she had changed into a sex pervert and that she liked to fuck men and women.

This made my cock very hard t... Continue»
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Kolkata Business Trip - Part II

Read part I here


After the long session of sex we ordered food. I was sitting there on the sofa sipping my drink and having a smoke wearing my padded bra n lace panty only. Saurabh was lying on the bed nude and facing me. We were chatting and then he told me he is a sports trainer and works out. Thats where he got his stamina i guess. The room service told us that food will take about 20 mins so we were watching tv and after i finished my smoke i got up
me- i should change to normal, the food will be in shortly
Him- OK
but wear your t shirt over the lingerie
me- OK, you als... Continue»
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A Master Talks - Chapter 3

I first heard the word 'dogging' a few years ago when a well known footballer was convicted of some public order offence as a result of having sex in a public place. I don't know if this is just a British term or used in other parts of the world, but what it means is that people go to known car parks and other places under a pretence like walking the dog to have sex with strangers or watch others doing it.

From time to time I let close friends use my wife at times and in ways that I approve and always with me present, but I had never put her out for public use. The dogging case raised my in... Continue»
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More of Penny's hairy pantyhose pussy

After that first session in the woods with Mark and Penny, things with Penny got hotter. At work she would often find a way to be alone with me, maybe in the lifts for a quick feel of her often wet pussy in pantyhose but no panties. Our conversations were more often about sex now and after telling her about the times Mark and I had met up with a group of like minded guys in pantyhose she said she would like to join in with that. I asked exactly what she wanted and she said she would like a group of nylon clad guys to fuck her and cum in her pussy. I got in touch with Mark and we put out the in... Continue»
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I was having a shower when I heard keys in the door, and knew my husband had come home from work. I dried myself wrapped a towel round my hair put my dressing gown on going down stairs to see him. I asked him how his day had been liked we normally did to each other and he said it could of gone better I told him to go sit down. I then asked how I could make it better. He said in his normal not to charming way, that me having my mouth around his cock might help, I think he was just joking tho,but what he didn't know is what happened earlier. Let's begging there. I was in our bedroom when I came ... Continue»
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After the talk....continued

I was trying desperately to get back into my room thinking some one would hear me retching up my guts and come to see what was going on. Or worst call my folks to tell them what was happening in the backyard. No matter how I tried all I could do was to raise my head up and give Daniel more access to my butt.

As I raised my head up I had to stiffen my legs trying to balance myself and push with my hands at the window sill. Daniel took this opportunity to grip my hips and ram his cock into my tightly clinching bung hole. My sphincter muscle tube must to have been gripping his huge monster d... Continue»
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Shaving your Package

Have you thought about shaving your cock and balls but weren't sure how to go about it? Maybe your partner is pestering you to shave them but you're too scared to try it, let alone have someone else do it for you!

Although there are people who prefer their man hairy there are millions out there who love to see a man make an effort to shave himself especially if he wants his partner smooth all the time!

Well, fear not, as I've been doing mine for a long time and I'm quite an expert at it! I thought it was high time to sit down and share all I know about the art of shaving yourself without... Continue»
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Creampie cuckold

I see you walking around the store with your boyfriend, but I catch your eye anyway. You keep looking at me as we both continue to shop, the only people in the store. Your beautiful tan legs are on full display in your mini-skirt. I slowly work my way towards you so we're both in the same aisle, trying not to look like I'm following you. Your boyfriend is occupied on his phone, not paying any attention to you. You look me in the eyes again and then turn around, knocking a shirt off the rack. You bend over to pick it up, giving me a full view of your white panties stretched over your full lips.... Continue»
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The New Cuckold

My wife is turning 34 and I had a big surprise for her. She loves Broadway and there was a showing that she has always wanted to see. I booked a hotel for 3 nights and bought admission for the show.

It is about a 12 hour drive to the hotel and when we arrive we shower and go right to sl**p. The next day we walk around the city seeing the attractions, killing time until the show.

Back at the hotel we started getting ready for our night out. I put my suit on and waited for my wife to finish getting ready. When she was ready, she came out of the bathroom wearing a red dress and hee... Continue»
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My First Semester at College Ch. 01

Hey it's me, Suzy, again.

If you've been reading my prior stories, you've already read about me giving my first blow job, eating my first cum, and my first time going all the way. While I probably wouldn't have admitted it at the time, by the time I graduated High School I WAS a total cum slut.

Like you've also likely already read, after that first time I gave head to my boyfriend, I realized that I loved cock. Within a few weeks of that I'd eaten my first load of cum, and I took to it like a duck to water. Like I said, after I swallowed that first load I couldn't help myself. I had to ... Continue»
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Coming In Out of The Rain

Today I was out running errands, and it started to rain. I made a few stops and manage to avoid getting soaked. It looked like the rain wasn't letting up, so I decided to make one more stop, then head home.

I pulled into the d**gstore and went in to pick up a few things. Our local d**gstore is like a huge convenience store with all sorts of things, so I pickup up a few snacks, some vitamins and the allergy medication I came for. I checked out and headed out the front to where I had parked a good way down the line. I wasn't sure why there were so many cars, since it didn't seem too crow... Continue»
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Ana and her stained panties

Ana and her stained panties

Ana and I had gone on vacation to the Rocky Mountains that year.
There we had met a guy from our home town named Ronnie. He hung out with us during a full week end and I noticed my wife had been paying a lot of attention to him.

It was warm that summer and Ana usually wore a pair of very short cut off jean shorts that barely covered the bottom of her ass cheeks. With her tan it was definitely an attention getter.

One night when we had all retired to our hotel rooms, Ana was getting ready for bed and she told me that Ronnie made her pussy wet.
Then I as... Continue»
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A Master Talks - Chapter 2

As humans we are all different, but there are generalities that apply to enough people to make them worthwhile general principles which will be beneficial if applied wherever possible and appropriate.

The generalities that concern me here are that men are naturally dominant over women in their sexual relations and that women like to submit to men who are strong enough to take them. The press are reporting that after forty years of Women's Liberation women are no happier. Women have just as much right as men to have careers, take part in politics and do whatever else they want. The problem i... Continue»
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Sci Fi Fuck

Shly Ukha floats in the cargo hold, eyes closed, very relaxed with her arms and legs out. She's still alive, just resting. Her face is smooth and soft, hiding her true age. She's tall, natural blonde hair, unnaturally large tits just bulging out of her lounge suit. Small beads of sweat sparsely decorate her brow, cleavage and neck. It's warmer than she'd like it to be. No windows in the cargo hold, all the doors to the compartments are latched. Two main storage areas are both locked. Everything is labeled in Russian. Her name tag pinned to her left tit says Shly Ukha and indicates her... Continue»
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The game

As Diana lost more weight she was becoming increasingly more and more rampant. I did think that I would not be able to keep up with all her cravings for cock.

We visited the cinema one afternoon and we were the only ones in there. She had on black tights a long black skirt and some high boots, which looked fantastic. She also put on a black top and wore a lacy black all in one underneath. As we sat waiting for the lights to go down I slipped my hands down and pulled up her skirt. The lights went. She parted her legs for me and I began to rub her vigorously. She panted to me that I would ha... Continue»
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Now we both can Share Gay

I was so excited to tell my wife about what happened as I walked into our apartment. We had been living together for a couple of years and during that time she had told me about her black experiences. It became a ritual that once a week she would describe how she fucked and sucked black cocks both in the town we lived in and when she lived in San Francisco.

Finally I would share my story with her. I was driving home from a business trip and pulled over in a truck stop for a pee. It was around 1 am in the morning and only a few big rigs were in the parking lot and one other car. I had been h... Continue»
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Fucking my Buddy's Wife

I'm 43 year old divorced guy, I'm 6.4 tall carry a few extra pounds short hair and goatee. Was out one Saturday night with friends at a pub, we were playing pool dancing as the night was winding down my buddy Ken was really d***k, his wife Judy asked if I could give her a hand to get him home. We took a cab back to their house then we managed to get Ken up in bed where he passed out, I walked back down stairs where Judy offered me a drink, I was feeling no pain already but said sure she poured us a bourbon & coke we sat in the living room together, I had been friends with Judy & Ken for many y... Continue»
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Time to clean your wife Up Cuckold

I know it will be black when it's born, there can be no doubt. For the last year, Michael, our lodger, has been much closer to my wife than I have. And when I say close, I mean close. Mona won't let me anywhere near her since he moved into our spare room. Although his tenure in that room didn't last very long at all.

It seemed like a good idea at the time. I was working all hours and my wife, Mona, was at home all day by herself. We are a c***dless couple (I am considerably older than she), and we thought that a nice, polite young college student like Michael would add a little life to our ... Continue»
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