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Caught my wife in the act

It's no secret that my wife enjoys a cock on the side. It's just rare that I get to watch. She explains like it's for her enjoyment not mine. So the other night was a treat for me.

We where invited to a casual get together at one of my wife's co-workers house. It was warm and the dress code was wear something comfortable. I wore cargo shorts a golf shirt and tennis shoes. Since my wife has a hot little body she likes to dress to impress. She wore a short tan skirt and a white cotton tank top. I commented on the fact she was wearing a bra. She said I have to leave a little to the imaginatio... Continue»
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husband and wife used in St Martin 2

Husband and wife used in St Martin part 2
This is the completion of the story that began on a nude beach in St Martin, when my wife and I were vacationing at a clothing optional resort there. We met two couples who were visiting the beach while on a cruise, Sam a tall well built light skinned black man with a fat 8 inch cock, his wife Nancy a sexy blond with amazing natural tits, frank a handsome white man with a nice 7 inch dick and his wife Lucy a buxom Latin girl. We invited them to our bungalow and we spent most of the morning being used in ways I never imaged. After two hours of fuck... Continue»
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Alex's Craigslist Adventures Ch. 5

On the Soccer Field

My name is Alex, I'm a 29 year old bi guy who loves sex with other guys. This is the store of the first time I played with a guy in public/outside and my first facial (and discovered how much I love cum), I hope to share more of my true stories in the future.


This all started when this guy and I responded to each others ads. Josh (let's call him Josh, I don't remember if I even learned his name), was a much larger guy, he was 6'2" or 6'3" with dirty blond hair. Both of us were horny and looking and unable to host, what were two 23 year olds to do?

... Continue»
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Cumming home to panties

I walked into the house and closed the door behind me, expecting to hear her voice at any moment. Her car was in the driveway, the door unlocked, and I called out to let her know I was home.

I’m home. Where are you? I stopped as soon as I saw her on the couch. Curled up, covered in a blanket, breathing evenly, softly, she was sound asl**p and I didn’t want to wake her. She was on her side, facing me, and I sat on the hassock nearby for a moment, watching her. It wasn’t often I had this chance, she was always to busy, so full of things to do, places to go, it was nice... Continue»
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Facts about my cuckolding

It's absolutely true that my wife has sex outside our marriage. I'd like to think her stepping out is all due to my encouraging. Within a year of our wedding I noticed the sex wasn't all that. I'm not very well endowed and I'm a premature ejaculator. My wife was always extremely understanding and played it off that she was ok with it.

I begain telling her about how I would like to have sex with her after she had been made love to. She was a good wife and continued to play that off as it was only my hard cock talking. It was always hard from me to bring up the subject. Usually after a few d... Continue»
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Wife and daughter f***ed to pay off husbands debts

Part 3

Charles smiled. His tanned good looks, his white teeth, even his silver hair made him look very handsome. He wore a crisp light blue shirt, and chinos.
He handed Cindy and Michelle an envelope each. I watched as they opened them, Michelle was overjoyed with hers, Cindy, more cautious, but she didn’t hand it back. Three grand each…………………..

They’d arrived unannounced. We were enjoying the last of the day’s Spanish sun, drinking our second Tinto de Verano’s, trying to decide where to spend the evening. Charles changed our plans, or lack of them. He wasn’t alone, Dieter was with him... Continue»
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Giving the BBC to the rich man's wife

The following story is true. Some of the details have been changed to protect the guilty.

It was a typical Wednesday evening at my condo. I got home before my roommate and I started cooking dinner. Once he got home he said he wanted to run something by me.

He sat down and told me that he had met a girl online and they had been chatting for a while. She lived in the city and worked most nights. She had the night free and wanted to meet him. "I don't want to meet her alone, in case she is ugly. Will you go with me?" I explained to him that things typically get ugly when he and I went into... Continue»
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Our last stranger quickie

story shared by a friend.

This is a true story about a one off encounter I had with a man (let's call him Phil) hubby and I met at a hotel the other week.

We'd been in the bar enjoying pre dinner drinks when we got chatting with Phil. He was early 30s over 6ft with jet black hair. He really was tall dark and handsome and I took to him straight away especially as he had such a lovely smile.

He was a business man and on his own and hubby soon got the talk around to how sad it was for him to be away from home. After a few more drinks he jokingly confided that he was missing his wife and... Continue»
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Robbie & Eve - I’m right here if you want me

Traffic on I-95 wasn’t too bad as I headed north through New Jersey toward New York. Three days of meetings and property tours around Trenton had been very productive and I had just one last client to visit outside of Boston before I could head back north to Montreal. I could have flown rather than spending time on the road, but I love driving and it allows me to drop in unannounced on properties owned by the REIT (real estate investment trust) that I work for. My surprise visits help to keep our property managers on their toes.

It was an exceptionally cold Friday morning in January and the... Continue»
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a night away

I was on secondment to a local authority for 12 months and the team I was working with had a conference someone had to attend providing a promotion stand. For various reasons none of the permanent staff were able to attend as it meant an overnight stay, so Sarah my boss and I were the delegates.

We arrived at the hotel late afternoon, went to our rooms to clean up and agreed to meet in the bar for a pre-dinner drink.

Showered & changed, at about 5, I wandered down, Sarah arrived only a couple of minutes later.
“I feel better for getting the days grime off” she declared, as she sat down.... Continue»
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A pleasant walk in the country

Here's a little short but sweet, real life tail you might like.

We used to live in a quite part of Essex, near the Cambridgeshire border. As we were both living with our parents at the time, play-time of a sort, meant having to find different ways to enjoy ourselves. We couldn't really get up to much in our respective homes, which normally meant the odd squeeze of the breasts and nipples, tickling of the, "Bud", rubbing Scott's cock or some finger fucking quietly in our bedrooms. Never being able to scream once you reach orgasm (I'm quite load) was a real disappointment. 

When we did wa... Continue»
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After the talk

All day long I anticipated the talk from my Pops when he got home...I could hear him telling me of how he worked all day and I did nothing and he would not stand for me having my little girlfriends over. If he only knew the truth, I could imagine how his face would have looked if he had came in to break up the little fuck party he thought I was having.

How could I tell them that since my second year in high school their little boy had been turned into a fuck toy for guys. How could I tell them that I was introduced to this by three of the schools bullies who took my innocence and later ha... Continue»
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I Paid the Masseuse Extra to Fuck me.

It was Friday again, and as I sat sipping my coffee, my heart sank, my husband would about to get into his taxi for the start of his long journey north to Aberdeen to start his 3 week rotation, and I would return to our empty place missing him.

I felt it more this time around, I was ovulating, and feeling fruity, having had a hot dream, but awoke too late to really do anything meaningful about it, I had overslept, and left home feeling like a randy bitch.

Monica had come into the coffee shop looking as she always did, a sex goddess, she looked like butter would never melt in her mouth, b... Continue»
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Fuko (P-Chan) is impregnated by a white surfer

Story by Chen

Fuko is a Busty JAV idol who is known for her enormous beautiful breasts that could bring even the strongest of men to their knees. Like most Japanese women, she was tired of Japanese men and had a desire to go see the world and see other men. Specifically white men.
After a successful career of modeling in Japan, Fuko had decided to pursue her career interests in the United St... Continue»
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The kitchen is always a good place to start

I had just said goodbye to my friend Jo and walked back to my kitchen where my friend Ann was waiting for me to make her a cuppa. I made the tea and went back to sit with her at the island in the kitchen, having had to much alcohol last night and still feeling the effects I needed to sit somewhere soft so we went to the front room. As we was chatting I'd noticed Ann kept staring straight at me and smiling, which was making me feel kind of awkward as we had never been intimate yet I felt like she was trying to be with the way she was looking at me. I sat back and continued chatting as we wa... Continue»
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Warm Me Up

Cindy swore the howling winds got stronger the instant the house was thrown into total darkness. The winter storm was not letting up and now she had no electricity. She knew from experience the old house would cool down quickly, and then stabilize at some ridiculously cold temperature.

She fumbled in the kitchen for the candles and matches she stored just for this occasion. She placed one lit candle in the f****y room and another in the living room. Later, she'd take one to the bedroom with her.

It was times like this the forty one year old woman almost missed her ex-husband—the only tim... Continue»
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Watching My Mother Having Sex..

This is a true story about my mom.

My mom's name is Celina; she’s 45 years old and has a body that any woman would kill for. Though she is old, she has a very firm body with lovely curves. She has a nice round butt, but her breasts are of average size. Her hair is just starting to grey, but she is very beautiful.

Once, I could not resist, I peeped into the bathroom to watch her shower. And I masturbated for days thinking of her beauty.

My mom is very forward with men; she has a lot of male friends and is good friends with most of my dad's friends too.

This happened some time ago. W... Continue»
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Bowling and A Sex Sling

I belong to a Wednesday night bowling league of both women and men most of who are over fifty. Being 65, I am one of the “old guys” in the league. However, on my team there is Renee, a very hot forty-three year old divorcee. Renee does not look 43, she looks more like 35. She has a smile that makes her look younger, accented by a nice pair of 34C’s, and a really nice firm ass. When I first met Renee she struck me as one tough very raunchy girl which was the kind of woman that really turned me on. After a few weeks of bowling one night she bowled terribly and we needed fifty pins to win the ser... Continue»
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Passionate Picnic

"Well, I'm going to get up," she said, pushing the sheet back and throwing her legs out of bed onto the floor. She sat there for a minute, rubbing her nose and eyes, staring out the window at the day.

"Goodness, just look at the time. We've been in bed all day. I'm off for a shower".

He didn't answer, it wasn't necessary. Rather he lay there relishing the afterglow of what had been an extraordinary twenty-four hours.

They had met at a party and got on pretty well, right from the start. The talk had ebbed and flowed around a whole range of topics and opinions. This was definitely not y... Continue»
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New UPS Man

As usual Calvin our UPS man made his last delivery of the day to the Doctors office I worked at. Actually, it was two deliveries, a package for the doctor and about an ounce of semen for me. I have been fucking Calvin for months now. As a previously sex starved forty-three year old divorcee I was one happy MILF. As Calvin left he said “I got bad news for you baby, my route has been changed, but you’ll like this new k** “Arnold”.

Well Wednesday came and we were scheduled for a “late delivery”. The UPS truck pulled up and I looked at the driver when he got out of the cab and thought Oh my God... Continue»
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