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Housewives Nude Calendar, Oh So Wrong.

'OK so none of us are perfect, but what they get is Oh so AU-Natural'.

That brought a round of 'Cheers', and the glasses chinked, as we all contemplated on the task ahead.

We were going to do a nude Calendar for a local charity.

'Who's going to be the lucky photographer', asked Cheryl, as 35 divorcee, with a bit of a man eater reputation. That brought another round of feminine raucous laughter.

I sat quietly back and studied each of my girlfriends, all in our thirties, and still looking good, in a sexual way, most with c***dren and two divorced, eight in all, and all willing to sho... Continue»
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Old Man Porn Turns to Old Man Pleasure

When I was around about 19 my new favourite porn genre was 'old man and teen girl'. It all began one day when I was there jerking off and I began to imagine myself as the girl... Wearing the heels, dress and sucking a cock. I remember It made me super horny and I came really quickly. It was the first time I'd ever fantasied about anything sexual with another man. Over the following year, more often than not, when I was jerking off it was to older guy porn. Sometimes it would be straight porn, sometimes gay and I even liked older guys fucking ladyboys, but it was always older guys. The fatt... Continue»
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I found out my wife cheated.

I'm thinking why would she. We have sex often. I was her first and only. I guess our sex made her a little freakier. I was a few years older. She was in college. I was working. I know this for a fact because she wrote a couple of pages in her notebook about what she did. I never would have believed that she would do this. To read sexual things about her was disgusting and a bit odd. I was having thoughts of her fucking another guy.
She starts out saying, oh such a good time out drinking with friends. I like ro be a little tipsy at the bar. Of course he was checking me out for the second nigh... Continue»
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Kajal On Office Tour

This is Kajal from India. Little bit about myself. I am sexy and hot married woman of 26 years age who loves to enjoy a lot. I love to wear sexy and hot clothes. I love to tease men. I am working as a personal secretary in export-import Company. I am 5.8ft tall, sexy long legs, very fair look, long hair, dark eyes and sexy figure of 34-26-36 with Cup size “C”. As you know my boss has shared me with few ... Continue»
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How To Get The Business Done


This is Kajal from India. A little bit about myself. I am very sexy and hot married woman of 26 years age who loves to enjoy a lot. I love to wear sexy and hot clothes. I love to tease men. I am working as a personal secretary in the export-import company. I am 5.8 ft tall, sexy long legs, very fair look, long hair, dark eyes and sexy figure of 34-26-36 with cup size “c”. Guys who don’t have read my previous encounters, please read them to know more about me.
... Continue»
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A night to remember

Feeling down about the break up with my girl, I decided to go out to the local dance club and have a little fun. For the past two years I had stayed at home and focused all my attentions on her. She had become way to needy and controling. She was always calling me and asking where I was and who I was with. Now was time for me.
The club was packed and there were lots of hot women there. I found a spot at the bar and watched the people on the dance floor. The bar had changed a lot since the last time I had been there. In those days it was cowboy's and cowgirls having a good time. Now... Continue»
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A Panties and Pussy Birthday

I can't say that I saw it coming. I turned 50 this past weekend and my bride decided that she was going to make this a huge party. It's a bigger deal that a normal 50th...I had significant health issues around age 5 and at one point a Doctor told my parents that I might pull out of it but more than likely wouldn't see age 50. Jodi put together a bunch of invitations that said “He made it!” and rented a room in a local hotel for the evening. About 200 people showed beer will always draw a crowd. So... I can say I saw the party coming... but what she did afterwards is what too... Continue»
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Dare With Three Strangers Who Fucked Me The Whole

I am Sirisha.36 [increased ;)] 30-34…I am an exhibitionist. So now this time I am back with a dare in the movie theater. I don’t remember exactly when it happened.

I have to be alone at home for two days as my parents went to some village. So I got an idea to go to a movie by my own and do some dares there. So I went to a movie in the normal hall not multiplex. As there won’t be any
... Continue»
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Changed Neighbour To Lesbian And Did Threesome Wit

This incident happened with me some 9 months back. 3 years before we came to Mumbai from Kanpur because of my husband’s job and we came and settled here only. From first only we stayed at rented home my husband is in late 35 and he is a sr. Marketing manager. His sex stamina is... Continue»
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Me And The Manager With His Son

his is Gaggana Jodatti from Karnataka, writing my second sex story.

And thank you all for the responses on the previous story, and for most of you asking – Yes, it was a true incident and even the continuation.

I was wrapped in the urine-wet whale/dupatta going towards the lift of my apartment, got into the lift, pleasured by those fu
... Continue»
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Truckers delight

I’ve been chatting with Paul from PaulandHotwife and he wanted me to describe a fantasy he has of seeing his hot wife taking on all cummers at a truck stop from the point of view of one of the lucky truckers.
I was reaching the end of my driving shift and had to rest up for a few hours. I headed for one of the laybys I knew around Birmingham. I pulled in and got in the back of my cab and started to read a book to unwind.
Then I noticed this car pull in behind the trailer ahead of me. This woman got out, blonde hair, a fair old pair of tits on her, a short skirt and high heels. Must be on the... Continue»
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The Rose Effect

DISCLAIMER AND NOTICE: This story has multiple elements from other works of fiction (videogames to be precise) This was done purely for story flavor, and in no way do I claim ownership of things that do not belong to me. SECONDLY: This story took a long time to write, so as a fair warning, it's quite long in it's current form, I reccomend planning ahead if you wish to read it all in one sitting. THIRD AND FINAL (I promise): After several inquires, I decided on a better story title. I also plan to continue on with this story a while longer. I'm thinking of how I want to map out the rest of it.
... Continue»
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Out for a nice meal and then on to an adult sex club
There are a few but we will go to Cupids after we have wined and dined
You are wearing seamed nylons and suspenders with slutty fuck me now high heels and tight short skirt barely covering your stocking tops
The fun begins in the restaurant when you inadvertently but knowingly give senior gentlemen a glimpse of what they might be
You pull your skirt up higher and display your little thong which you have pulled to one side to expose your cunt
The expression on one guy's face is brilliant and you notice he touche... Continue»
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surprise gang bang

well this started by my guy friend, that i play with, bought a spanking chair that you get on doggie style, and your hands and feet are tide to the side of the chair, giving you full access to your mouth and ass!! so he calls me up and wants to try it out, so i come over and he has it in the basement, we talk for a few and i strip naked and get into the chair, he then staps me up and i am stuck there!! he walks around me once teasing me then he pulls out a big paddle and wacks my ass pretty hard, it hurt but not more than i could handle! after a few more wacks he pulls out his cock and pu... Continue»
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Weeknight Visit to Swingers Club

It has been a while since I have posted any tales of our adventures. If you have not ready any of the past postings, we are a married couple that started swinging when we first met. My wife is 5’ tall, 120lbs., 34B with blond hair and blue eyes. This adventure happened in 2000.
We live in Dallas at the time. We were uptown having an early dinner and drinks with business friends on a Thursday night. We finished dinner around 8:30PM and we had a few drinks before and during dinner. As usually happens my wife’s need for sex increases with her consumption of alcohol. When we got in the car a... Continue»
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La Rose D'Amour Chapter One

Or the Adventures of a Gentleman in search of Pleasure. Translated from the French.
"Thus every Creature, and of every kind,
The sweet joys of sweet coition find." -DRYDEN.
At the age of s*******n, through the mistaken but paternal fondness of my father, the Count de L-, I was still immured in an old chateau, on the coast of Brittany, with no society but that of my tutors, an eternal round of daily lessons, to be gotten only by poring over some dozens of musty volumes. Naturally of an indolent disposition, I became ennuyed to such a degree by the monotonous routine of my life th... Continue»
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Once Upon a Time at a Swing Party

The craigslist post read:

Bi-sexual Swing Parties
Every Monday and Thursday 11:00 am to 3 PM and Saturday's 1 pm to 5 pm.
No Alcohol allowed, food and sodas provided, towels, lube & condoms provided.
Men will strip upon entering (can wear towel); women will strip or be in lingerie.
Anything goes (with consent) inside house, no sex outside house or in pool or hot tub, nude sunbathing allowed
"No" means "No" will be strictly enf***ed!
$20.00 donation for couples
$20.00 donation for single men
Single women free

You have to give credit to the Internet; you can truly find anything on ... Continue»
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Ana and my boss' agreement

Ana and my boss’ agreement

The following Monday after that party at my boss’ house, where Ana had been wildly gangbanged by more than twenty guys, she and I went to meet my boss at his office, as he had asked.

Mr. Lassitter was in a good mood that morning. He shook his hand with my wife, although he had fucked her wildly at the Friday’s party and offered us some drinks. He went directly to the point.
“Ana, would you like to be in the “swinging list” of our company?”
My wife understood the meaning in just two seconds and she nodded.
"Yes Sir." She replied meekly.
"You could earn s... Continue»
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An Afrikaan experience

An Afrikaan experience.

Victor had to make a quick business trip to South Africa. It could take just three days and then I suggested him if he would invite me to go with him.
On the second night we were in the hotel’s lobby and the weather was really warm, or better it could be said, hot… very hot…
I was wearing a light top and mini-skirt; no panties as I was longing for a cool breeze to waft up between my legs and cool me off. I was getting bored as my loving Victor was sitting at another table talking with his colleagues.
Then a very handsome black man came over and introduced himsel... Continue»
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A party at my boss' house

A party at my boss’ house

One Friday evening we had been invited to a barbecue at my boss' house.
Late afternoon, after sharing a warm shower; Ana threw herself on the bed, spread her lovely legs wide open and begged to me to fuck her…

I just dived on top of her lovely little wide open body. It was the best fuck we had for years. One hour later, when we couldn't do it anymore. I crawled off the bed and begged Ana to shave her pussy. I loved the way her sweet mound looked freshly shaved…
Later that night, when we arrived at the party it was well underway. As we entered the main lounge... Continue»
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